10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos

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Mykonos” – island of winds, is a famous island located in Greece. A typical Mediterranean climate where the sun shines for about 300 days of the year.   Mykonos is famous for vibrant nightlife and the best beaches in the world.  The most Popular island of Aegean sea. So presenting you 10 Best Things to Do in Mykonos, Greece or know about best places to visit in Mykonos with full 2 days Mykonos itinerary. 


10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos










  • Sunset Drinks at Little Venice.
  • Delicious Greek Food in Mykonos.
  • Dance Like No One’s Watching.
  • Explore the Island on an ATV.
  • Catch a Movie at Cine Manto.
  • Visit Other Islands.
  • Explore Mykonos Town (Chora) Mykonos windmills.
10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
Oldport of Mykonos

Average Yearly Weather of Mykonos

Mykonos Yearly weather | temperature in Mykonos


10 Best Things to do  in Mykonos – 2 Days Mykonos Itinerary

Little Venice   

Buildings are built right on the edge of the sea with the waves of sea kissing the balconies.  This island was once a Pirate island in the 16th or 17th century.  So this place was used for quick loading and unloading of goods. Now, these buildings are turned into antique bars, cafes, and restaurants. Lunch here is preferred for pretty views and to enjoy the sound of waves and winds.

Little Venice
Little Venice
Bars in Little Venice
Eating out
  • Matoyianni Street (Mykonos street) 

 Matoyianni street in the old town is a maze of narrow streets. The network of the streets was laid to confuse enemies coming from the sea. Very interesting to walk on the streets as you may find some dead-end. The town is filled with unique shops which are any shopper’s delight. The small shops sell a variety of products from cheap souvenirs to artwork, jewelry, and branded fashion items. The white-washed houses have terraces and brightly colored doors and windows. You will see Bougainville trees in bloom as you walk the cobble-stoned streets. Also, there are many boutique hotels in the area. Enjoy the walk and get lost to find something unique.

Street of Mykonos
Street of Mykonos
10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
Streets of Mykonos
10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
Streets of Mykonos
10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
Streets of Mykonos

10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos

  •  The Windmills (Kato Myli)

These iconic 16th-century traditional windmills overlooking Little Venice and the Aegean Sea are spectacular. These windmills are not functional today but were used in the 16th century for generating power to grind grain.  They are in total 16 spread all over the island.

10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos

Paradise Beach 

Party beach with loud music and beach dancers.

Paradise Beach
  • Super Paradise Beach

 Beautiful turquoise colored waters beach. The most Hippest beach. 

  •  Psarou Beach

Psarou Beach is famous for attracting celebrities from all over the world. It has a beautiful sandy beach and clear waters. Water sports facilities such as scuba diving are available at Psarou. The beach is located at 5 km from Mykonos and can be reached by local bus. For ideas on what you should take check out this beach trip packing list.  

  • Ornus Beach

 Ornos beach is situated in front of a small fishing village, 2.5 km south of town and is the closest beach Mykonos city, with fine sand and sun beds and umbrellas for rent. Many water activities can be found here on rent. 

Ornos Beach
  • Agios Stefanos Beach 

 Agios Stefanos Beach is sandy beach next to the new harbor, Tourlos, of Mykonos which is located 3.5km from Mykonos town. Many restaurants and hotels are there for staying.

agios stefanos beach
Agios Stefanos beach
  • Kalafatis Beach 

 Kalafatis is known for its water sports and so it is very much an active beach. In the left corner of the beach of Kalafatis, one can find a hut with hire facilities from a snorkel to diving. There is also a windsurf center, where you can rent board by the hour, and a watersports center for a jet ski.

Kalafatis Beach
  • PlatysGialos Beach

Beautiful blue, clean and clear waters with antique style hotel on a bay.

There are many other famous beaches like Panormos Beach, Elia Beach, Lia Beach, Kalo Livadi, Paraga, Korfos, Agia Anna, Agrari etc.  and famous churches like Delos and Folk Lore Museum. 


Scooter ride in Mykonos is very popular to visit different attractions. Also, quad bikes and car on rent are available. 

colorful scooter
scooters in Mykonos

Sunset from lighthouse away on the hilltop is very enchanting. Though many people don't go there from here you see the whole island. An isolated place and before heading towards it, check your car has enough fuel.

10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos

10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
sunset across Mykonos

Where to stay in Mykonos?


Nature on Island while going on roads through different attractions 


  • For Internal commuting hire a car, bike or scooter. There is not much public transport. Or you can book guided tours. Click here to book Mykonos half day tour with the guide.  Or you can book to historic sites of Delos to the nearby island by boat. Book 8 hours 4WD jeep safari in this beautiful island to explore some idyllic beaches and rural villages with many stops for swimming and lazing around. Also, you can take 40 minutes cruise which runs from Mykonos to Delos. Delos is an uninhabited island and was a center to the ancient Greek world.  Delos is a historic island.
  • If you are not looking for expensive options then plan your visit in shoulder season like April and September. From May to August Mykonos can be expensive as it is a peak season there. 
  • You will get vegetarian food as Greek cuisine has Stuffed Capsicums with herbs and rice, Fava Beans ( a type of lentils), Bread, Spinach pie, Roasted Eggplant, and Greek style pizza.
  • Stay with a view of windmills & ocean or in the narrow streets of authentic white houses. 
  • Sunset is worth here and even you can book a cruise for sunset. But the best point is to watch the sunset is from a higher point like near the lighthouse or from some hilly top. Drive down there and wait for perfect timing.  
  • If you find Mykonos expensive to stay then choose nearby islands for staying in the night and do Mykonos as a day trip cruise from your stay location.  You can also stay at Naxos island nearby and visit Mykonos as a day trip. Click here to book Naxos to Mykonos day trip. 
  • As it is a party island lookout for some of your favorite DJ's nite or theme parties. Favorable for a Destination party. 
  • Mykonos is a windy island and therefore carry some coat or jacket for evenings. 
  • Apart from Mykonos if you want to do know what other places are in Greece to visit then read my other post on Glorious Greece.
  • What to do in Athens click here.
  • Click here to book your Mykonos trip from Athens for 2 days and an overnight stay.
  • Carry loads of suntan cream to enjoy in sun.
  • Indulge in blue waters.
  • Have Evenings full of Party.
  • Get lost in the maze of streets.

Check Best stays in Mykonos ...



Can we do Mykonos trip from nearby islands?

Ans - Yes, You can do Mykonos day trip from the nearby island - Paros, and Naxos. As Mykonos can be very expensive during peak season, you can have your stay at Naxos or Paros and can visit Mykonos as a day tour option. 

Day trips from Mykonos to nearby islands

Best Beach clubs and Bars (Mykonos Entertainment / Nightlife options)

Do we get Vegetarian food in Mykonos? 

Ans - Yes a lot of Greek food is vegetarian-friendly. Some of them are Vegetable fritters, Greek Salad, Fava beans, spanakopita (or spinach pie), Spinach rich, stuffed Capsicum or tomato with herbs infused rice, Gemista, Ladera dishes, Briam (made of baked eggplant), Gigantes, Melitzanosalata, and Greek-styled pizza. You can read more about Greek dishes - Best restaurants in Mykonos with top things to eat and drink.  

We landed in Mykonos from Santorini, by Super Jet Ferry on Old Port and left Mykonos through Blue Star Cruise on New Port. Ports of Mykonos are also worth visiting. 

Read about Interesting facts on Greece.

Oldport of Mykonos

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10 Best things to do in Mykonos

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