Perfect 5 Days In Paris – Paris Itinerary (With Disneyland day trip)

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Paris capital city of France in Europe and is also known as the Fashion capital too. This vibrant city has a great taste in fashion, food art, and culture.  Let’s read the perfect 5 Days in Paris – Paris itinerary or what to do in Paris for 5 days. Save this Paris Itinerary 5 days for a wonderful Paris tour.

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5 Days in Paris | PARIS ITINERARY 5 DAYS | Things to do in Paris France

1st Day – Eiffel Tower Tour | 5 Days in Paris

The wrought iron lattice tower designed by Engineer Gustave Eiffel is an iconic tower in Paris since 1889.  To purchase tickets for going up on Eiffel tower check their official website here. Pre-book the tickets from the official website as there is a long Q on the ticket window during peak season. 

PARIS PASS does not include entry to the Eiffel tower. Take a separate ticket for viewing the whole of Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower from their official website or onsite.

Visiting Switzerland with Paris, France trip – then click here to read Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days.

There are many views of the Eiffel tower, which you can enjoy from Trocadero Gardens across the rivers and behind the Champ de Mars. Read more about the best Eiffel tower photo spots

As you must be knowing that French Cuisine is famous worldwide, read some of the best food tours in Paris. 

5 days in Paris

Eiffel Tower

2nd Day – Louvre Museum, Arc De Triomphe and Notre-Dame-De-Paris, and Love Bridge. | 5 Days in Paris

Buy Paris Pass, which covers almost entry to 60 attractions of Paris with free tickets to the metro also.  Louvre Museum, Montparnasse Tower, Palace of Versailles, Notre dam Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Wax museums, Picasso Museums, and many more entries are covered in this PARIS PASS. Click here to purchase or know more about the Paris Pass.

Check the opening times of the Louvre museum before heading towards it as they are closed on specific days, like Louvre -Paris is closed on Tuesdays. Know more about Louvre Artworks and must see masterpieces.

From Louvre Museum you can have a nice walk to Arc de Triomphe. If you love art museums then read more about best Paris Art Museums

Read more facts about Notre-Dame-De-Paris.

3rd DayWhole day in Disneyland | 5 Days in Paris

There is accommodation in Disneyland for 2 nights’ stay as some people prefer to stay there. Don’t miss the Disneyland character parade at 5:00 P.M. (check the timings) and the fireworks at night.  Avoid weekend /school holidays due to the huge rush.

If there is a huge rush then take a VIP entry pass or else you have to stand in Q for 2 hours for 1 ride. Purchase a ticket online before only, to get a good discount and for skipping the Qs.  Go and experience some of the best Disneyland Paris rides and attractions.

4th dayPalace of Versailles | 5 Days in Paris

Half-day tour and if you book entry tickets in advance then you save a  lot of time due to the heavy rush in all seasons. The tickets for entry to the palace are included in PARIS PASS.

At the entrance gate also there is a huge rush so be prepared to stand in Q for entry for 2 hours approximately. Again avoid weekends or public holidays. Start in the early morning to avoid the huge rush. Click here to book tickets of Palace of Versailles in advance

Evening time – for shows and evening walk seeing fairytale city of Paris.

In post afternoon you can go for river Seine cruise tours and during the evening time, you can adore the beauty of the setting sun in the romantic city of Paris and also Paris under the moonlight with the city lit up all over. 

Evenings of Paris is always very magical and famous too. Read more about Perfect Evening in Paris. 

5th day – Shopping and city sightseeing or you can take a Day trip to Vaux-le-Vicomte and/or Fontainebleau | 5 Days in Paris

Paris is famous for shopping and so you can indulge in shopping for the whole day here.

Day trip to Vaux-le-Vicomte and/or Fontainebleau are two castles which are at about 1 hour from Paris. A masterpiece of elegance and architectural beauty surrounded by beautiful nature. Many local tours can take you there or you can drive down.

Shopping Recommendation – Champs Elysees and Galeries Lafayette
5 days in Paris
Galeries Lafayette

Staying Recommendations | Where to stay in Paris? | Paris itinerary 5 Days

Near Champs Elysees as this street is very lively and has many eating options.  Know more about best hotels in Paris or where to stay in Paris according to neighborhoods and tourist attractions nearby. Click here to know about my stay in Paris.

And if you love quirky hostels which are budget-friendly too then read about 15 best hostels in Paris for solo travelers. Are you looking for a house sitting in Paris then read about House Sitting in Paris and valuable tips to get a great Gig. 

Famous Cabaret shows

The world famous Cabaret shows of Paris which are for adults only are at MOULIN ROUGE, The LIDO and The CRAZY HORSE. Click here to book your Moulin Rouge show in advance with a sip of sparkling Champagne. 


5 days in Paris
Moulin Rouge – Famous Cabaret of PARIS

Tips for Best 5 days in Paris | Paris itinerary 5 days

Read about Many Day trips from Paris.

Read about Reflections of 5 Trips to Paris ……

I hope you loved reading about Paris 5 day itinerary and till then, au revoir(‘See you’ in French)



So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Paris is one of my all time favourite places in the whole world. There is so much to see and do and even then, I could do it over and over and see something different every time.

  2. Paris is such an amazing city, i always love traveling new places, Paris is already on my list! And your pictures look so beautiful, i wanted to check out those places you mentioned, thanks for posting this amazing trip with us.

  3. I would absolutely love to be able to spend a few days in Paris! It’s been top on my list of places to go since middle school. Never seem to have a good chance to get out there though… maybe next summer.

  4. Great advice for people visiting. I would love to go again but will need to save up in order to take advantage of your shopping recommendations!

  5. Paris is a dream destination for most of the people I know. A premier city with so much to offer in terms of culture, food, fashion and architecture. One day I will definitely visit the city and I will definitely say thank you to you for listing out the destinations that should not be missed.

  6. I live in Paris, and I think you’ve made a nice guide to the city for first timers visiting Paris 🙂 Personally I avoid Champs-Elysées and Gallerie Lafayette, but that’s mainly because I find it too expensive and too touristic 🙂 but it’s definitely a must see for someone who’s visiting for the first time 😀 And Château de Versailles is amazing!!

  7. I’ve never been to Paris but I would love to go one day. I can’t believe credit card hacking is such an issue there. Thanks for all this great advice.

  8. I see you got a wonderful shot of Moulin Rouge on your city tour. Do they have much Toy Story at Disneyland, Paris, I’m thinking of going and my daughter loves Toy Story. Versailles and the Palace are beautiful, I went in winter when it was freezing so fortnately there weren’t 2 hour queues.

  9. Paris is such an amazing city! There’s so much to do there and this is a great itinerary for people, especially with the information about Disneyland Paris for those people who might want to go. 5 days seems like a good amount to time to go.

  10. Paris is wonderful, and am glad I stumbled across this blog post, As I will soon get a chance to visit Paris in the coming months.I would love to explore the city over 5 days, rather than a hush hush affair.

  11. I like how you’ve kept this itinerary fairly slow paced rather than rushing all over the place. Versailles is worth a whole day to see! And even if you don’t like shopping the interiors of the malls are beautiful!

  12. Credit card hacking it awful and it happened to you three times?? Yikes!!! What a pain! Was it all at the Disney or in Paris in general. That can make traveling more complicated for sure.

    1. Everywhere even tickets vending machine at palace of Versailles and hotels too. Disney ticket we purchased online before several weeks from my house.

  13. I never tire of things to do and see in Paris and I could hang out all day too. You did a great job on 5 days of sightseeing. 🙂

  14. I have not yet been to Paris but your pictures look so beautiful that I might have to book a trip there soon. I love the film Moulin Rouge so would definitely try and catch that show as well as seeing the Iconic Eiffel Tower

  15. A very brief over view of the fun things to do in Paris. Looks like you had a lot of fun in five short days. I loved visiting Versailles. By far my favourite.

  16. That’s a lovely itinerary and it covers almost everything. I;d love to also visit the chocolate shops of Paris! have heard so much about them! Palace of Versailles looks so majestic with its gorgeous architecture. A trip to Disneyland is a must! No matter how tight the schedule 🙂

  17. Paris, you just keep coming back. You seem to have done a lot of the good stuff in a few days. Too bad your credit cards for hacked, such a hassle. Love the photo of the Eiffel tower with the flowers, picturesque.

  18. Paris is a dream destination! I’d love to explore its surreal architecture and all the activities as mentioned by you! What a wonderful itinerary!

  19. That is a well planned itinerary! Each day is stuffed with wonderful activities.
    I did the Versailles and Disneyland as per this plan. I couldn’t devote much time for shopping, I have to get there again. 🙂

  20. I really have to see Paris someday. I am not sure Disney will be on my agenda for the trip as we have a Disneyland park right near me that I have visited lots. But maybe. All of the rest of the itinerary sounds awesome.

  21. I think five days in Paris is a great introduction to the city. I have never been myself but if I go, I would definitely want to check out those sites you mentioned as well as the cafes where writers like Hemingway hung out.

  22. What a great itinerary in that you managed to get virtually all that this great capital is famous for, within the 5 days. When I go to Paris, this would be something good to use as a guide and I would allow another couple of days just to relax and leisurely look around. Love your photos as well as the tips you included throughout this article.

  23. I’ve never been to Paris but the one thing that calls to me are those corner cafe’s. I love that they are on your list too. There is something about them that make them a writer’s dream.

  24. I LOVE Paris! It’s one of my most favourite cities in the world, and I will never get tired of visiting! We have done all of the touristy things, been to Disney and the Eiffel tower and seen the sights, and I would still go back tomorrow!

  25. We’re planning a trip to Paris next year and will definitely be taking some queues from your itinerary. Can’t wait to see Lovelock Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and eat some incredible food! Thank-you for the words of warning as well, especially about pick pockets and using credit cards. Those are the last kinds of experience you’d hope to have x

  26. Paris looks so perfect! I always wanted to visit here. And looking at those pictures makes me more want to got in Paris! Hope before i die i can visit here. Lol!

  27. I have been so many times to Paris and I still find something new to do in the city everytime. It is a gorgeous city and your pictures definitely do justice to the city. I went to Moulin Rouge show last time and I loved it.

  28. I am planning a weekend trip to Paris soon. Thanks for your detailed itinerary will help me plan my itinerary well. Cruise trip and disneyland is on my list already 🙂

  29. Great itinerary! We are in Paris right now and enjoying most of the sights you recommend. And I second your warning about pickpockets- my husband’s wallet was stolen on the Metro. We find the buses a little less crazy than the metro. The river cruise on the Seine was an unexpected pleasure. We did it at night and got to watch the light show on the Eiffel Tower.

  30. We were just in Paris last month with our little kids! Disneyland was a lot of fun, just COLD! And we got to shop at the Galleries Lafayette for the first time and it was magical! Paris is just one of my favorite places and I can’t wait to return.

  31. Oh, Paris….just a fantastic place. This lines out everything that someone would need to know to plan a fantastic adventure to Paris. We have had the pleasure to visit several times to the lovely City of Light but the kids haven’t been and they have begged to go!!! This is the perfect list!

  32. Paris is indeed a beautiful, romantic city! Been there twice and I could go several times again. Versailles and Eiffel are just breathtaking! I still haven’t been to Louvre yet, hoping to go again!!!

  33. This is a perfect itinerary for Paris. I think I’d try stay at a Disney themed hotel at Disneyland. The trip out to Versalles looks incredible, the palace is stunning, useful tip about buying the ticket in advance as well.

  34. Those are some very valid reasons to be in Paris. I am most interested in checking out the French cafes and restaurants. Metro is my preferred mode of transport as well wherever it is available. Saves me a lot of time and money.

  35. This is a good itinerary. I would like to visit Paris. There are so many awesome things to do. I like that you mentioned about not using credit cards. I will keep this in mind.

    Iza c/o (Fill My Passport)

  36. This is a great itinerary for people planning a trip to Paris. And nicely spread out too. With so much to see and do in Paris it’s nice to have a few days to go from attraction to attraction without feeling rushed.

  37. One of the premiere cities in the world, this post has done a very good job of showing the must not miss locations. They now have a Lovelock bridge and Eiffel Tower recreation here in Las Vegas at the Paris casino, but I would love to visit the original. Versailles is beyond word. I am not a shopper, but from the looks of that mall I would like to visit just to see the building itself.

  38. It’s good to know that you can pretty much get a feel for what Paris has to offer within just 5 days! I hope to be able to explore this city someday. And it looks like you’ve checked off some of the bucket list items during your trip!

  39. Paris is wonderful. I have been there once in the past and we did visit Disneyland actually. Although it rained and the day was miserable because of that it still felt so magical.

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