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Paris capital city of France in Europe and also known as Fashion capital too. This vibrant city has a great taste in fashion, food art, and culture.  Let’s read 5 Days in Paris or what to do in Paris for 5 days. 

Currency – Euro

Language – French

Bonjour! – Hello! Or Good Morning! | What to do in Paris for 5 Days | PARIS ITINERARY FOR 5 DAYS 

1st Day – Eiffel Tower Tour | 5 Days in Paris

The wrought iron lattice tower designed by Engineer Gustave Eiffel is an iconic tower of Paris since 1889.  To purchase tickets for going up on Eiffel tower check their official website here. Pre-book the tickets from the official website as there is long Q on the tickets window during peak season.  PARIS PASS does not include entry to Eiffel tower. Take a separate ticket for viewing whole Paris from top of Eiffel tower from their official website or onsite.

There are many views of Eiffel tower which you can enjoy from Trocadero Gardens across the rivers and behind the Champ de Mars. Read more about the best Eiffel tower photo spots

As you must be knowing that French Cuisine is famous worldwide, read some of the best food tours in Paris. 

5 days in Paris

Eiffel Tower

2nd Day – Louvre Museum, Arc De Triomphe   and Notre-Dame-De-Paris and Love Bridge. | 5 Days in Paris

Buy Paris Pass which covers almost entry to 60 attractions of Paris with free tickets to metro also.  Louvre Museum, Montparnasse Tower, Palace of Versailles, Notre dam Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Wax museums, Picasso Museums, and many more entries are covered in this PARIS PASS. Click here to purchase or know more about the Paris Pass.

Check opening times of Louvre museum before heading towards it as they are closed on specific days, like Louvre -Paris is closed on Tuesdays. Know more about Louvre Artworks and must see masterpieces. From Louvre Museum you can have a nice walk to Arc de Triomphe. If you love art museums then read more about best Paris Art Museums

Read more facts about Notre-Dame-De-Paris.

3rd DayWhole day in Disneyland | 5 Days in Paris

There is accommodation in Disneyland for 2 nights stay as some people prefer to stay there. Don’t miss the Disneyland character parade at 5:00 P.M. (check the timings) and fireworks at night.  Avoid weekend /school holidays due to the huge rush. If there is a huge rush then take a VIP entry pass or else you have to stand in Q for 2 hours for 1 ride. Purchase a ticket online before only, to get a good discount and for skipping the Qs.  Go and experience some of the best Disneyland Paris rides and attractions.

4th dayPalace of Versailles | 5 Days in Paris

Half day tour and if you book entry tickets in advance then you save a  lot of time due to heavy rush in all seasons. The tickets for entry to the palace is included in PARIS PASS. For entrance gate also there is huge rush so be prepared to stand in Q for entry for 2 hours approximately. Again avoid weekends or public holidays. Start in the early morning to avoid the huge rush. Click here to book tickets of Palace of Versailles in advance


Evening time – for shows and evening walk seeing fairytale city of Paris.

Post afternoon you can go for river Seine cruise tours and during evening time, you can adore the beauty of setting sun in the romantic city of Paris and also the Paris under moon light with city lit up all over.  Evenings of Paris is always very magical and famous too. Read more about Perfect Evening in Paris. 

5th day – Shopping and city sightseeing or you can take a Day trip to Vaux-le-Vicomte and/or Fontainebleau | 5 Days in Paris

Paris is famous for shopping and so you can indulge in shopping for the whole day here.

Day trip to Vaux-le-Vicomte and/or Fontainebleau are two castles which are at about 1 hour from Paris. A masterpiece of elegance and architectural beauty surrounded by beautiful nature. Many local tours can take you there or you can drive down.

Shopping Recommendation – Champs Elysees and Galeries Lafayette
5 days in Paris
Galeries Lafayette

Staying Recommendations | Where to stay in Paris ?

Near Champs Elysees as this street is very lively and has many eating options.  Know more about best hotels in Paris or where to stay in Paris according to neighborhoods and tourist attractions nearby. Click here to know about my stay in Paris. And if you love quirky hostels which are budget friendly too then read about 15 best hostels in Paris for solo travelers. Are you looking for house sitting in Paris then read about House Sitting in Paris and valuable tips to get a great Gig. 

Famous Cabaret shows

The world famous Cabaret shows of Paris which are for adults only are at MOULIN ROUGE, The LIDO and The CRAZY HORSE. Click here to book your Moulin Rouge show in advance with a sip of sparkling Champagne. 


5 days in Paris
Moulin Rouge – Famous Cabaret of PARIS


Tips for Best 5 days in Paris | Tips for Paris Trip

Read about Many Day trips from Paris.

Read about Reflections of 5 Trips to Paris ……

au revoir(‘See you’ in French)



So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Supposed to be in Paris this weekend but alas the C-word has put a stop to that. So I’ll settle for reading about it instead. Love this itinerary. All the times I’ve been to Paris, still not made it to Versailles.

  2. It is always interesting to see what people put on their itinerary for a visit to Paris. The city provides such a wide variety of things to do. Good to know that you recommend getting a Paris Pass. And that the pass includes the Metro too. It was many years ago that I visited the Louvre. But I did not recall it being closed on some days. Good idea to check in advance. Good that you took a day trip to Versailles. It is a lovely spot to visit.

  3. Paris is one of my favourite walking cities. I can spend hours just wandering the streets and stopping off a little cafes to people watch. We’re planning another trip there in March, so it’d be great to incorporate a trip to Versailles this time around.

  4. Paris is such a vintage city and there is so much to see and experience. This 5 day itinerary includes all the major must see in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. We too were in Paris for a couple of days and covered most of the places listed by you except Disneyland. However there is so much more to explore in Paris and the surroundings, we need to get back soon.

    1. Yes, Paris has lot many things to offer and you really need more days to cover nearby attractions too.

  5. Paris has been my dream destination for quite some time now! I want to go so badly! Your pictures are beautiful, everything is perfect and as In picture it in my mind, but it must have been horrible to be hacked, while in Paris! I also like your 5 day plan!!

  6. That’s really scary you got hacked 3 times in Paris! I’ve done all your recommendations, and totally agree with you. Disneyland Paris is a lot of fun, even if you go without kids! Versailles is beautiful, and one place you’ll never get tired of

  7. absolutely wonderful. a friend and I are trying to do some crowdfunding to go to Paris next year. I though all your pictures were stunning

  8. I always thought Paris as the end of all travel destination. People are upfront, open minded and drowned in culture. Though this place has gone through a lot these years, the Parisian keep looking forward. As Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea.” I like that.

  9. Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world, I still remember I couldn’t believe when I landed there for the first time few years back. Visited it multiple times after that but the feeling is the same every time. Your 5 day plan seems great. I loved watching cabaret at The Moulin Rouge, it was unrealistically breathtaking.

  10. That looks like a packed 5-day trip. Paris has always been on my bucket list. But I love that you’ve shown me some new ideas to exploring Paris!

  11. I would love to visit Paris before I am getting too old. Seems a very very nice and sweet place…Lovely!!

  12. I’ve been there 5 times already, still this city keeps surprising me with something new every time I visit. Paris is fantastic, and the french people are wonderful. Although definitely agreed with your tips for safety…pickpocketing is a big issue there, and also everyone should watch out for those guys “selling” keychains and souvenirs or lucky bracelets around the Eiffel Tower or at the Sacré Coeur.

  13. I love visiting Paris, and living the Parisian life. I haven’t done Disneyland in Paris as I have done the one in Tokyo multiple times. Champs Elysees is one of my favourite localities. <3 These are great tips, thanks for sharing.

  14. Paris has always been on my bucket list. Im always interested w/ their food and culture. thanks for providing an itinerary! hope you can also do accommodation reviews to help us travelers.

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