Perfect Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day Itinerary

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Let’s take a Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day itinerary – The City of Canals or The Floating City. One of the most Romantic cities in the world, this unique city is built on lagoons, and you will find a crisscross of canals all across the city. Venice is the capital of the Veneto region of Northern Italy. It is a famous historic place known for its beautiful architecture along water canals, ornate domes, spires, Italian cafes/bars, colorful buildings, and thousands of small & big bridges.

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Best Day Trips From Venice Italy

Let’s check Venice 1 day itinerary with beautiful things to do in Venice Italy.  Save this Venice trip planner. 

Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day Itinerary.

One of the most visited places in the world as it is built on a small island that is adjoining more than 100 small islands, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. All these islands can be accessed by water taxis, Gondola boats, or while crossing bridges on foot.

Hotels- Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day




Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day
City of Bridges – The Floating City

When to visit Venice | Weather in Venice

when to visit Venice | Weather of Veniceer

Historical Venice – Venice In One Day

During the Middle Ages, Venice flourished and was a major trade center in Europe.  Being an important financial center Venice has many beautiful historical buildings great sense of art & culture.  Due to strict rules of restoration, the layout and structure of Venice are preserved to date, and no modification can be done here. That is why visiting Venice is like  Walking into the past. 

Venice is divided into six zones – The Main San Marco Zone surrounding the Grand Canal.  Then comes the artisan areas of San Polo near Rialto Bridge.  The outer zones are home to the Ghetto and other famous places.  Other than this city island, you can also visit nearby islands like Murano, Burano, Torcello, Lido, and San Giorgi Maggiore. 

Venice in One Day
Venice In One Day

Due to a very hectic itinerary, I got the chance to visit Venice in one day or made a Day trip to Venice while commuting from Milan to Florence.  Being a small city, a Venice city tour can be done by walking from St. Mark square to Rialto.  During this whole day, I tried to cover major attractions and the most important things to do here, but I would recommend staying a night if you have some more time.

Two to Three days are most recommended for this city of Canals, as a one-day cover a whole city tour and on another day you can go for island hopping tours and spend some relaxing time at beautiful and colorful Burano or Murano.

Day Tour in Venice – What To Do In Venice In 1 Day


What to do in Venice in one day

This biggest canal in Venice is an essential waterway and was used for a century for commuting.  This S-shaped canal is surrounded by beautiful & colorful ornate buildings and three historic bridges. This canal is the most photogenic point of this city.  On the banks of this canal, you can hire a “Vaporetto” – a public ferry (Venice’s Water Bus)  or Gondola (an Italian traditional wooden boat) to transfer here and there. 

Click here to book your public transportation – Waterbus & mainland buses. The major stops are at St. Mark’s Square and San Polo.  Gondola rides are more expensive than Vaporetto rides.  During this cruise, admire the nearby beautiful buildings and the bridges when you pass under them. 


Venice in one day

One of the most iconic bridges over the Grand Canal. This city’s most Instagrammable or photogenic point is a pedestrian bridge connecting San Marco and San Polo. It attracts millions of tourists in a year. This ornate wooden bridge collapsed in the 1500s and was then restored afterward.  You can reach the famous Rialto market, where many shops sell Italian masks, jewelry, trinkets, handicrafts, and souvenirs. 


Venice tour from Milan
Approaching St. Mark’s Square

The most famous square in this city also attracts millions of visitors every year. Located across the Grand Canal, this square / Piazza has stunning architectural buildings, tower – St. Mark’s Campanile, Cathedral – St. Mark’s Basilica, and Doge’s Palace. This is a must-do in Venice 1 day itinerary. 


This Roman Catholic Cathedral is the most famous city church. It’s Baroque styled, and Byzantine architecture is awe-inspiring and historical too.  This church dates back to 1060, and the main façade & dome is built according to the Gothic style. 

Venice in One Day
The neighborhood of St. Mark’s Square


The tallest Bell Tower in this city is also located in San Marco.  323 ft., the high-bricked tower houses 5 bells. This tower also collapsed/was destroyed in 1902 and again restored in 1912. 


Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day

Venetian Gothic style of the Italian Palace was once a residence of Doge of Venice                (the Supreme power of the Venetian government). Located on Piazza San Marco, it is the must-see museum as it has many ornate and lavish collectives.


Venice Itinerary for 1 day

The second most impressive and famous church of this city is located opposite of St. Mark’s square on the Grand Canal. This Roman Catholic church has a Baroque style of interiors.


Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day
View of Venice from the island

A small island not located on the Grand Canal can be reached through it and connected through Venice Basin.  It dates back to 790, and the view of Venice is marvelous.  The perfect picture of Venice can be captured from this island.  Vaporetto (water bus) takes you there; on that island, you can take a walking tour to see all the places.

LIDO (ISLAND) – Things To do in Venice Italy

Day Trip To Venice from Milan

Veneto’s most vibrant island, which is famous for its casinos and Film Festival, has a sandy beach across the Adriatic Sea.  Vaporetto(Water Taxi) will take you there.


Venice Trip from Florence


Venice tour from Milan
Approaching St. Mark’s Square
  • Museums are closed on Monday, so plan accordingly if you want to visit museums.
  • If you visit this city on Sunday, don’t miss the special evening at 6:30 P.M. mass of St. Mark’s Cathedral.
  • Peak seasons are from April to August. It can be expensive, hot, and overcrowded during peak seasons. I visited Venice in the winter of February when I took a week-long trip to Italy. February is too cold here, but I got less crowd and inexpensive options.  
  • Commute either by Water bus or by walking as Venice is a vehicle-free city.
  • Beware in lonely corners during the evening as sometimes pickpocketing happens.
  • GPS inside the city sometimes gets confused as it has an unfathomable layout as compared to any city in this world.
  • Evenings are very romantic.

HOW TO REACH VENICE |  Day Trip To Venice – Venice in One day

Venice Itinerary for 1 Day
  • If you are driving by Car – If you are driving or coming by car then you have to park your car for the whole of your stay duration at S. Giuliano for approximately 5 to 10 Euros per day. Then catch a bus from here to reach Venice’s main Grand Canal.  Or park at Piazzale Roma for 24 Euros per day.
  • If you come by Train – Venice has two stations Venezia Mestre which is an industrial suburb, and Venezia S. Lucia, which is located over the Grand Canal.  Sometimes high-speed trains do not stop at Santa Lucia station, therefore, get down at Mestre station and catch a bus.  Drop down at the train station of Santa Lucia, and from here, if you take the exit, you will reach the Grand Canal.

I took an early morning train from Mila to reach Venice, which took approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, and then I deposited my luggage at the cloakroom named “Deposito Bagagli” facility on an hourly rental basis.  Did a Venice city tour and in the evening I took my luggage and took a train to Florence. Florence is 2 to 2.5 hours from here.  Click here to check train timetable or book tickets from ItaliaRail.


ITALY TRIP ITINERARY | Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day

Venice in one day

  • DAY 1 & 2 – Arrive at Rome and 2 days in Rome – Rome city tour and Vatican city tour. If you have more time, then spend 4 days in Rome.
  • DAY 3 – Check out and catch a fast train to Milan. After a short city tour of Milan and then proceed to Lake Como. Night Stay in Lake Como.
  • DAY 4 -5 – Lake Como Tour
  • DAY 6 – Lake Como to Milan and a short tour in Milan again.  Milan to Venice – Venice in one day – In the late evening, proceed to Florence. Night stay in Florence. You can also do day trip to Venice from Florence if you have less time in Italy tour.
  • DAY 7Florence City Tour with Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you have another day, then go for the Tuscany countryside tour.
  • DAY 8 – Check out from Florence and catch a train to Rome. Small city tour in Rome and then back to home.

Venice in One Day Preview Video

Italy Trip can also be combined with Switzerland Trip.  Lake Come shares a border with Switzerland’s Lausanne city. So you can reach Italy from Laussane in Switzerland and follow this itinerary –

  • LAUSSANE (In Switzerland)
  • ROME
  • ALMAFI COAST – famous for Mediterranean-style beaches.  (I missed Southern Italy during this trip due to winter and lack of time.)


LANGUAGE – ITALIAN, Here station names and all locations are named in Italian and therefore you have to take care when you get down. 

CUISINE – Pizza, Pasta, Italian cheese, Rissoto, Tiramisu, etc. Italian Gelato is a must-try. Vegetarians will not have a problem here; you can get some vegetarian options in Pizza and Pasta. 

WHERE TO STAY IN VENICE | Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day Itinerary

Near the Grand Canal or Canal facing the hotel. Click here to check hotels near the Grand canal.

After returning from Venice, I was so mesmerized by its beauty that I painted the Canals of Venice with colorful houses. I love to paint my travel memories. Now my creation – this painting is sold and adorning some other person’s wall which is my Venice memory. 

Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day
Venice themed painting by me – Yuks Creations

I would love to hear about your experiences with your Italy trip.  I hope you will surely love reading Day Trip To Venice – Venice in one day or Venice 1 day itinerary. Plan your Italy trip and save this Venice trip planner. Please mention this in the comments.

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Venice in One Day

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So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Shame you only had 1 day in Venice, but it looks like you covered so much anyway. I was exhausted just reading the list of things you managed to tick off. Such a beautiful city, I’d love to go back one day.

  2. I’ve grown up very close to Venice als also managed to only visit for one day. But during my visit in the off season, there were very few people and a friend of mine showed me around – so it was an absolutely amazing experience!

  3. We also covered Venice in a day. True, as you mentioned, it takes 2 to 3 days to see the place in detail. We had to give the Murano and Burano trip a miss for that.

  4. We live half the year in Veneto so Venice is a city I know very well! You’ve packed a lot into your 1-day itinerary, and also included all the top sights! Good tip too about the pickpockets; they really do target the tourists in the city. Such a shame but it happens more than people realise.

  5. When I was in Italy, on a solotrip last time, I skipped Venice coz I thought its just too romantic to go solo. Now, I’m yet to go with my guy.
    I like your day-plan. I could stick to this and explore yet another city on another day. I also have to head to Southern Italy…

  6. Venice is dreamland for many including me. Hope will explore in person. I like the way you have explored Venice in a Day. View of Venice from Island you captured is beautiful. I love your painting.❤️

  7. I LOVE your Venice-Themed painting. Venice is such a special place, though I could never visit it in just a day. For me, the very best times to get to know Venice are in the early morning and late evening when there are no tourists and the streets are quiet.

    1. Yes truly agree with you that evenings and early mornings are magical here as less crowded. Thanks for appreciating the painting.

  8. Venice is one of these places that I would love to visit given its beauty and history, but worry it’s too late given its obvious popularity. But that itinerary seems to be a great way to enjoy the city. Agree that getting lost into the narrow streets is a great way to explore, that’s what we usually like to do as well. Though here, better watch these canals! Nice job on that paint of the Canals of Venice houses, nicely done.

  9. Such a useful and comprehensive guide! Thanks for the tips about the museums being closed on Mondays, I would have had no idea and that would have been unfortunate planning. I would love to visit Venice but wasn’t sure how to fit it into my itinerary, so thanks for sharing yours!

  10. Lots of really useful tips of our next trip to Venice, it’s one city we will keep going back to and want explore Lido more next time.

  11. I visited Venice as a child, on my very first road trip through Europe. I remember it vividly, even though I dedicated most of my time to the pigeons and whatever happened to be in their vicinity. Hope to return next year <3

    1. Yes, there are many pigeons on St. Mark’s square. Hopefully you would love Venice again when you visit next year.

  12. The bridges and churches look beautiful! I’ve never been to Italy, much less Venice but I definitely want to make it there someday. Thanks for the guide.

  13. Among all the places that you mentioned, the highlight of my visit here was the Doges palace. I totally loved my tour of it. I wish I could have done the Casanova tour too…but well as always time was the enemy. Good suggestions on what to do and how to get there. In fact, I love the details you have shared.

    1. I totally agree that time always passes out very fast and for this kind of places, I want time to get standstill.

  14. Venice is my dream destination. It’s amazing how they have developed the whole town around the canals. I got a complete idea of the whole town readng your post. Very well writtem=n and explained. The Rialto bridge looks awesome, I have heard so much about it. The idea of sailing in the hop-on hop-off boat and exploring the city sounds exciting. Thanks for sharing

  15. I would prefer spending more time in Venice. This city of love deserves more. But i do understand sometimes we don’t have an option and can only give limited time to a destination. You really sold Lido well, I would love to go there.

  16. A day in Venice looks packed, and I guess most of places of interests you could see from the canal? I just found out, too, from your post that Burano and Murano are located around Venice. So, yeah, 2 or 3 days trip sounds better although a day also works as you already proved it. By the way, it’s a beautiful painting, Yukti.

    1. Thanks Umiko, yes most of the places I saw from canal due to lack of time. But if you have more time, then you can visit from inside also. Yes I preserve my travel memories by painting them.

  17. Wow you got to see and do so much in such a short amount of time. I have not been to Venice yet, I am going to save this list for when I do get to go. I would love the gondola ride and seeing the islands sounds like so much fun. I think I,would probably need a few days.

  18. Venice was indeed like a dream come true when we visited there some years ago. Reading the post refreshed memories of the trip. Though the place tends to get crowded, it still is a unique and romantic city to visit including the mandatory Gondola ride. We stayed there for a couple of days, but your one day itinerary is perfect for those with lesser time on their hands.

    1. Yes sometimes due to time crunch, we need to squeeze itinerary, but if you have time at least 2 days are recommended here.

  19. Every time I read about Venice, I not only get enticed but a learn a little more about it. It was interesting to read about the six zones and the things to do if you are not staying overnight or staying over. I loved your painting. Great job. I also enjoy expressing my job for places through art work and paintings.

  20. I’ve only been to the fake Venice Canals in Los Angeles and would love to visit the real one some day. Roaming around in the little streets sounds like a fantastic day of exploring. I get motion sickness easily so I’ll have to stay away from any water rides 🙂

  21. The architecture is truly magnificent! I’d love to wander the narrow lanes, cross the bridges, and sit at a cute cafe and watch time pass by. Venice seems made for slow travel.

  22. Venice is a beautiful city. We stayed there for a week in a small hotel and enjoyed it especially in the evenings, when the tourist crowd left the city. I especially like the architecture of the beautiful old houses.

  23. I have also visited Venice for one day, and found it a little too short. I would like to have a chance to do some island-hopping and a food tour, as you suggest. It sounds like February is a good time to avoid the crowds, if a little chilly.

    1. Yes Cindy, we need more time to explore the islands nearby Venice. Also sometimes shoulder season is perfect to avoid crowd.

  24. I love the thought of going back in time with a tour of Venice. There was a time when all of the western world flowed through this little city. Great to know about the bag drop and public transportation to the island. I think a day would be sufficient to see the sights but I would want to make it as efficient as possible. I’ve done water tours of Paris and Amsterdam so I know how beautiful these cities are from the water. In many ways, the city was designed to be accessed by water so the land routes are really walking the back way through town.

  25. I keep hearing mixed reviews about Venice – some say it’s an amazing city you must visit and others say it’s an overrated tourist trap but your one-day itinerary has me convinced I’d definitely enjoying spending a day or a week in this city. I’d really love to visit some of the museums (not on a Monday of course 🙂 but I’m most intrigued by the idea of island hopping. Thanks for these recommendations and for including links to purchase the tickets – so very useful!

  26. I love Venice in the winter time, when there’s a few less people. It’s such a magical place to visit, there’s nothing else in the world that’s like it.

  27. Wow.. Despite your busy schedule, sounds like you still were able to see much in one day. 🙂 I love your painting BTW.. Looks wonderful! I wish I could paint as well as you.

  28. Your artwork is incredible, so talented. I get hopelessly lost in Venice, no matter what I do. I keep looking at the architecture and get side tracked and then I just do not know where I am. Venice has got a vibe all of its own.

    1. Yes, Venice is charming though many people say it is over rated but then also it has something which attracts you. Getting lost in Venice has its own charm.

  29. I had been to Venice a few times and absolutely love the place. While I am no painter like you, I like to show and grow my love for the place by watching movies or books set in Venice. BTW love your painting and you were so lucky to get people less shots.

    1. Yes, I agree Archana, to revive our travel memories, we do some crazy stuff, like painting, listening songs related to those place or reading books on that. I got less crowd in Venice, because I picked February to travel and thus it was without any tourists. I could able to see everything very fast and also interacted with locals at ease

  30. Venice is the perfect place for taking a day trip. I’m always tempted to stay there longer but I also want to minimize the duration of my visits because of the negative impacts of mass tourism on the city. I’m glad you mentioned the Venetian Islands too, they are amazing and some of them are a must-visit!

    1. Yes Daniel, the nearby islands are really worth visiting. I visited couple of them and hopefully other ones, I will visit next time.

  31. Thanks so much for writing this- I’m visiting Venice for 1 day in September and this will help me with my planning. I can’t wait to go on the canals and eat all the pizza and pasta!

  32. I still remember my trip to Venice that never really happened. We arrived at the Mestre station only to find, minutes later, that our passports had been stolen. Had to go back immediately to the embassy in Milan since it was a Friday. I was so sad I missed seeing this beautiful city of canals. Your post makes me want to go there right now and see it for myself. Hopefully, one day.

    1. Oh really Soumya, it must be a nightmare to loose passports in foreign country. I can understand what a panic situation it must be for you. Hopefully you visit next time.

  33. Italy is at the top of our family’s bucket list and Venice is the city I want to visit most- but I think I’d want more than just one day here! Although you managed to see so much in so little time!

  34. I have heard from many of my friends that Venice is an expensive and overrated city, however, I have always been keen to visit the fairytale city! Hopefully sometime soon 🙂

    1. Sometimes people expect a lot from a famous city and that is why it leads to such reviews. Venice is lovely if you go with normal expectations and also prefer off peak season.

  35. I was in Italy at this time last year, and I miss it every day. Italy is such a special place. I loved my time in Venice during my visit, but made the mistake of only booking one night here, so I did Venice in a day too! I can’t wait to go back some day.

  36. Venice looks so amazing, I’ve always wanted to go. I can see how it captured your heart and you did a gorgeous painting of the city.

  37. Venice is gorgeous! But I kind of feel sorry for the people who live there, being swamped by tourists (and water) every day. It must be so hectic, although I suppose they don’t frequented the more touristy areas. I did love Piazza San Marco.

    1. I too agree with you Katherine but you think other way round, like those people residing there are dependent on Tourist economy as nowadays it is not a big trade center. Now many other commercial and modern trade-centers and ports have been evolved and so historic places are earning through tourists. I went in off-peak season and at time tourist were not there, but many people of Venice were sad. I think tourists run their economy and if they will not go there then it is a big blow to the local people livelihood.

  38. Interesting post. I was very close to Venice, when spending time in Northern Italy last year, but never really wanted to visit. I guess hearing how touristy and overrated it is, made me lose interest. Today, I got inspired though thanks to this post!

    1. Yes Anya, I too heard about being over touristy, so picked up off peak season in winter. It was extremely peaceful at that time.

  39. ahh Venice, one of my favourite places in Italy, I know some people say its overrated but honestly it beat my expectations! It sounds like you got to see most the cities top sites in one day, you even visited places I didn’t get to visit myself… But that just gives me a reason to go back

  40. Ah, Venice — the beautiful floating city. I’ve been apprehensive to visit this city because the extremely negative effects over-tourism has had on the beautiful city. I’d be curious to hear what you experienced. I will go there someday, but I hope to lower my impact on the city. I would imagine that using public transportation helps immensely and supporting local vendors as well. I love that you mentioned the islands in Venice as well. Not exactly plausible to see it all in one day, but I think you did a great job showing all that Venice has to offer.

    1. I went to Venice in off peak season and therefore it was amazing experience. It looks time stood still. Yes I missed some of the islands but atleast visited the nearby 2 of them. That is why I recommend people to for 2 day trip to cover islands also on other day.

  41. I’m a hopeless romantic and always associate Venice with Indiana Jones and James Bond movies. It’s been a dream of mine to wander along the alleys and waterways, but I don’t know if I can do it all in just one day! I love your painting – so bright and vibrant, which is how I always imagine Venice to be!

    1. Thanks Rachelle and yes even I too associate Venice with movies. Even some of the famous Bollywood movies starring Amitabh Bachchan has been shot here. Venice is really dreamy

  42. It has been many years since I last visited Venice, a young backpacker on a budget. Quite a difficult place to fully experience on a budget, so I would definitely like to go back there for a more romantic and luxurious retreat! This article definitely provides lots of information that will come in useful. I have dreams of floating down the winding canals in a gondola!

    1. Yes Nikki, Venice is expensive in peak season but when you plan during shoulder season or winter, it is not that expensive. Also not very crowded. Use public transport or ferries to reduce the cost.

  43. Venice is a lovely city and even though a lot of people say it is overrated, I fell in love with it when I visited. You’re right, although it would be a luxury to have more than 1 day, even a day is enough to take in the beauty and vibe of Venice, especially if you do the walking tour from St. Mark square to Rialto,indulge in Italian food at one of the restaurants in the city centre, take a Gondola under the famous Ponte de sospiri and visit Doge Palace. Getting lost in those narrow lanes is so magical!

    1. Yes Medha, many people say it over rated but it is something unique. Everything here looks very dreamy and romantic. I liked it very much, especially getting lost in those back street and crossing the narrow bridges which are not very famous.

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