Discover Georgia in Winters

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In this article, let’s Discover Georgia in winters. 

Explore the hidden wealth of nature, virgin mountains, and hospitable people in rural areas. Get soaked into the warmth of character and true love.  Snow-clad paths lead you to meditation and peace. Blue skies and crystal blue water fill our hearts with love.

Georgia Itinerary 5 Days – Plan A Trip To Georgia Things to do in Georgia in 5 days
Gergeti Trinity Church

Georgia in Eastern Europe is a hidden treasure unknown to many people. 


Discover Georgia in winters
nature and civilization

გამარჯობა (gamarjoba) – Hello in Georgia 

Major Airports of Georgia – Tbilisi and Batumi

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  • Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet republic home to Caucasus Mountain villages and the Black Sea beaches.
  • It’s famous for Vardzia, a sprawling cave monastery dating to the 12th century, and the ancient wine-growing region Kakheti.
  • Tbilisi is known for its diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town. 
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Winter Activities in Georgia

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Discover Georgia in winters
feeling fresh air

Places to be explored

  • East Georgia(Gombori Pass)
  • Ananuri Fortress
  • Borjomi area
  • Green Monastery
  • Rabati Castle
  • Gudauri

I traveled from Tbilisi to all the rural areas of Georgia in the winter month of February to see the snow-clad areas with blue skies and perfect sun. My stay in Tbilisi was at Courtyard Tbilisi by Marriott. Click here to book your stay too as it is located in Independence Square at Tbilisi with superb views of the city.

We hired a local person to make us go through the authentic culture of this place. Because of him, we can taste authentic traditional food in natural and untouched surroundings. Georgia is very different in summers and winters. Both seasons are very beautiful.

Discover Georgia in winters
Discover Georgia in winters

 Let’s Discover Georgia in winters | Winter activities in Georgia | General Tips – 

Discover Georgia in winters
architecture and nature
  • Currency – Georgian Lari
  • Language – Georgian mostly, but many people dealing with tourists understand English.
  • Kazbegi Gudauri Signaghi Borjomi Area Ushguli Tbilisi Try local red wine, which is very sweet in taste, and local fruits like grapes, plums, pomegranates, and berries.
  • For local food khachapuri, lobiyani and lobiyo Restaurants must try in Tbilisi – Machkala.
  • Homestays are very family-oriented as people welcome their guests, like their relatives or friends.

Recommended 3 days Itinerary for Georgia

  • Day 1 – Stay in Tbilisi, and in the early morning, Go to East Georgia in where you cover Bodbe Monastery, Signaghi(City of Love), Wine tasting at the winery in Kakheti, Lopota Lake, Gombori Pass and return back to Tbilisi.
  • Day 2 – Go to Jvari Monastery, Mtshekta,  Ananuri Fortress, Gudauri /Kazbegi and return to Tbilisi or stay at night in Kazbegi.  Click here to book your day trip to Gudauri / Kazbegi
  • Day 3 – Come back to Tbilisi and have a Tbilisi city tour by walking around the Narikala fortress and going up to the hill by cable car. Witness the old street ethnic houses of Tbilisi. Also, you can go to Trinity Church, Bridge of Peace, Mtsaminda Park, and Botanical gardens.
Discover Georgia in winters
life is a journey

5 Days Itinerary – Discover Georgia in winters

  • Day 1:– Stay in Tbilisi, and in the early morning, Go to East Georgia, where you cover Bodbe Monastery, Signaghi(City of Love), Wine tasting at winery in Kakheti, Lopota Lake, Gombori Pass, and return back to Tbilisi.
  • Day 2:- Very early morning, you go to Borjomi Forest, Gori, and Rabati Castle. Distance is long, so preferred to leave early morning, and if you want to stay near Borjomi the next day, you can see the famous Vardzia caves.

    Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi
    Rabati Castle with snow

  • Day 3 – Go to Jvari Monastery, Mtshekta,  Ananuri Fortress, Agravi river bathing Gadauri /Kazbegi, and stay at night in Kazbegi. 
  • Day 4 – Kazbegi sightseeing and return to Tbilisi and enjoy Tbilisi evenings
  • Day 5 Tbilisi city tour by walking around the Narikala fortress and going up to the hill by cable car. Witness the old street ethnic houses of Tbilisi. Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
  • Also, you can go to Trinity Church, Bridge of Peace, Mtsaminda Park, and Botanical gardens. Also, the natural sulfur baths of Tbilisi are famous, and one must try but be cautious if the water is too hot.
Discover Georgia in winters
holding the clouds


1.) Gudauri.  Click here to buy Gudauri ski pass in advance. Read this for Snow camping tips. 

2.) Bakuriani  (Check below stay options near the skiing resort of Bakuriani). Click here to purchase a pass for the Hiking in Georgia Tour.  As skiing requires special dressing, read more about what to wear skiing – a first-timer guide. 

Packing List for Georgia in Winters – Georgia Winter Vacation Planner

winter packing list for Georgia

Shopping – Sweets made from Grape juice and nuts, Red wine, Handicrafts like meenakari jewelry and woolen stuff made from original sheep wool and fur.

Discover Georgia in winters
Snow fun at Gudauri

As this is a winter trip, try to carry a lot of thermal wear and ski related stuff for ski resorts. Read about what to bring packing list for Winter Holidays.



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Georgia Trip Itinerary

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING…………………………………………………… 

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  1. I’ve never considered going to Georgia in the winter! (Although I do want to visit, I just like climbing mountains and it’s more convenient in the summer). It looks beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful country! I have not even dreamed of visiting until I saw your post. I hope to include this in our travel bucket list. I will read more about Georgia and plan a trip with my husband. Awesome post. Thank you for the virtual tour and valuable tips.

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  6. I have almost visited Georgia a few years ago but because of an error from Turkish Airline’s website I ended up not going in the end. I wish I did thought, I find Georgia a fascinating country with things in common with my home country, Romania. However, I would like to explore it in summer, as I am not a winter person. 🙂

  7. Ohho! Mind-blowing captures! I’ve bucketlisted Georgia! All the food and scenes are mesmerizing

  8. Thank you for these scenic pictures of the beautiful places to visit Georgia in winter. I would love to be there very soon.

  9. Georgia looks like such a beautiful country as your photos show. I also did not know they produced wine. The itinerary options you have given are really helpful and I also loved the video you compiled. Will have to visit myself one day!

  10. Wow what a beautiful pace to visit. Georgia has never crossed my mind but this post is making me consider it. Thanks git sharing.

  11. such a good landscape and region to explore, you did well in this one, and the places you have also mentioned as part of your exploration in georgia is good too. hopefully alot of people go through this and see reasons to do same.

  12. I’ve never thought about Georgia as a place to visit .. that is before I read your post. My goodness, it’s beautiful .. especially the snow covered mountains. I’m a food blogger, so you can bet I’d be checking out all of the local dishes for inspiration! Great post x

  13. What a lovely post on such a beautiful place. I’ve met people from Georgia but would love to actually visit it someday. Your photos are gorgeous!

  14. Thanks a lot for sharing this itinerary! Georgia looks stunning. The clicks are amazing and the video is really well done!

  15. This is a great rear summary of Georgia. I’ve never really thought of visiting there but your pictures and word sound like it’s somewhere I should put on my list. I thought your itinerary was a great addition to the post.

  16. It looks and sounds like a lovely place to visit. This is so useful – such detailed local info for anyone travelling or visiting, thanks for sharing!

  17. Georgia is so pretty, especially when it is covered in the snow. I just looked up Rabati castle after you mentioned it in your article and it looks cool x

  18. I love your concept of writing 2 posts about the same place in 2 seasons! There is a stark difference! The food looks so yumm.. Those earthern pots remind me of the way food is served in India!

    1. In Different seasons Georgia look different like in Autumn it looks orange n brown background, in winters white everywhere and summers green so lot of things change

  19. Georgia truly looks like a beautiful place to go on a vacation. I love the castle there in the pic and those snow-clad paths are so tempting to my feet. I can see some indian food in the pics. Is it of your home or some guest house?

    1. No this is a Georgian food known as Lobiyani and Lobiyo made from rajma. You will get it every Georgian restaurant. Also Georgia has visa on arrival for Indians. In Georhia Rajkapoor songs and mithun’s disco dancer songs r very famous now also. Local people watch Ekta Kapoor’s serial translated in russian language

  20. What a lovely idea of a home stay and I love how you have combined you writing and you YouTube Channel, you really managed to captured the essence. I will be adding this to my list of Travels.

  21. Thanks for the tips! I had no idea how much countryside and outdoor adventure (not to mention wine tasting) was available in Georgia. We’ll be considering adding it to our travels now. Thanks Yukti.

  22. It will probably be winter when I visit Tbilisi and Georgia so it’s good to read how it is at this time of year. I’d not considered any accommodation in Tbilisi but it looks like a home stay is an excellent option. Bodbe Monastery is a must see in Eastern Georgia!

  23. I keep seeing that more and more people are visiting Georgia and it’s making me want to visit – unfortunately the flights are to expensive from Northern UK! It looks beautiful in winter though with all the snow. The food from Machkala looks great! Hopefully i’ll get there one day!

  24. This was a good itinerary. I have not been to Georgia yet but I might visit someday. I like homestays too because they are more practical and enjoyable. I am curious about Georgian cuisine. It is not that common. The cheese bread looks delicious.

    Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

  25. I have heard a lot about Georgia and this looks even better than what I heard. Visiting in winter sounds a bit hard but I guess the snowclad views are worth the trouble. Thanks a lot for coming up with different versions of the itinerary.

  26. Fantastic information on Georgia and I love homestays too!! What was your favourite dish from the restaurant, I’d love to eat there when I visit. With the itineraries, do you think 3-5 days is enough or is it a place you could spend a week or 2?

  27. Thank you for the info! I’ve actually been wanting to visit Georgia for a while but it’s hard to find reasonably priced flights from northern UK! It looks beautiful though!

  28. I always enjoy hearing about the lesser known destinations and I have to admit I knew very little about Georgia until your post. Looks like an interesting place to visit and winter was a great time for you to go. Winter shouldn’t be about hibernation but instead enjoying what it has to offer like you did.

  29. I haven’t been to Georgia yet. When I go I will be doing a homestay because it looks great and like you say you learn more about the people and culture – and that food!! Looks delicious

  30. I love the idea of a home stay in Georgia. My intern last year took a year to teach English in Georgia. A friend of his went to Georgia the state. He thought that sounded like fun and one, upped him. He said the country was so warm and inviting in every way.

  31. Georgia seems like a quiet and happy place. I would love to explore its countryside. I think I would like to stay in a home-stay as you mentioned. I didn’t know it’s possible in Georgia. The food looks great. Can you get vegan food easily in Georgia?

    1. yes homestay is best option becoz people here will love you with full heart as they believe guests r sent by god so treat them with full affection. you get vegan food too like lentils stuffed bread or local people can customize it according to u.

  32. Thanks so much for sharing your information about Georgia! I’ve never thought too much about visiting it, but now would really like to. It seems like hiring a local guide really helped you – will keep note of that. I love how you included a detailed itinerary too!

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