Perfect Escape to Hatta From Dubai By Road

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Perfect Escape to Hatta From Dubai By Road – Hatta lies to the southeast of Dubai in the UAE near the borders of OMAN.  At an hour scenic drive on slopes of HAJAR mountains, approximately 134km from Dubai city lies an enchanting mountainous range of Hatta village. We stayed in JA HATTA FORT hotel a mountain resort hotel for 1 night to get away from hustle and bustle of daily routine life to enjoy the peaceful and tranquil rocky mountains and their adventures.  Let’s escape to Hatta from Dubai by road – A Perfect Day Trip from Dubai and click here to book your stay to experience adventure with nature in UAE

Perfect Escape to Hatta From Dubai By Road
Hatta Dam

Escape to Hatta from Dubai by road  Perfect day trip from Dubai

Perfect Escape to Hatta From Dubai By Road
Roads to Hatta from Dubai

Nearest International Airport – DUBAI.

Currency – UAE Dirhams.

Best time to go there – October to March.

Distance from Dubai to Hatta – 1 hr 33 min (134.7 km) via Sharjah-Kalba Rd/E102

Things to do in Hatta – Escape to Hatta From Dubai By Road

Motor Bikers on mountains

Bicycling on Mountains(many local groups are there) also can be found on Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre.

Take a Hike

Perfect Escape to Hatta From Dubai By Road
Hajjar Mountain range near Dubai

Sunset in Hajar Mountains

Escape to Hatta from Dubai Perfect day trip from Dubai
Sunset at Hajjar Mountains

Visit Hatta Dam

Escape to Hatta from Dubai Perfect day trip from Dubai
Hatta Dam

Kayaks in Hatta Lake.

Escape to Hatta from Dubai by road –  Perfect day trip from Dubai | HOTEL OVERVIEW

There are 50 deluxe chalet styled rooms, suites, and villas. Hotel Property is spread among 80 acres of greenery with peacocks and deer roaming around along with chirping of birds.

Breakfast is sumptuous with a good view of swimming pools and hotel gardens.  They have all types of cuisines for lunch and dinner like Italian, Continental, Indian and Arabic.

Escape to Hatta from Dubai Perfect day trip from Dubai
Breakfast at JA Hatta

Animal lovers will love this resort because near your rooms or gardens you will find peacocks and deer. These all wildlife is maintained by the Hotel.

This hotel has two swimming pools for complete relaxation. Other Sports facilities like SHOOTING-RANGE, ARCHERY -RANGE and mini Golf Course are inside this. Book it according to your preferred time so that we get your desired slot. Mornings are free time and easier because during the night it is difficult to see and aim.  All these activities are at an extra expense. But sometimes during the deals or offers, they are within the room rents. Trainers/Guides are there to guide you on how to handle guns/bows/arrows and aim at the target.

There is a small cliff within the hotel property to view the sunset. Be prepared with all cameras to get nice views of the sun setting in Hajar mountains. Not to be missed activity for nature lovers.

This location is popular for a weekend break and a frequent destination for motorcycle groups, bike trails, hikers, adventure lovers, nature, and peace lovers.

TIPS – Escape to Hatta From Dubai By Road

Hatta city is very safe and protected. There is no danger of any kind.

Carry sportswear, sneakers with light jackets(for nights in the month of Dec-Jan).

While returning you can visit Hatta village and indulge in its heritage and know the traditions of that region.

Escape to Hatta from Dubai Perfect Day Trip from Dubai
Hatta Town

Rough mountain peaks, crisp air, and an untamed environment with high adrenaline rush activities make you return with a rejuvenated mood. 

So READY, PACK YOUR BAGS and Escape to Hatta from Dubai  Perfect short road trips from Dubai

Note :- This is not a sponsored post. Stay in this hotel is done at my own expense.

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  1. I have been to Dubai almost four times now but I often miss going to Hatta. But yes, I have been to Oman and I can see Hatta has glimpses of Oman. The picture of the dam and the lake is beautiful.

  2. This is such an incredible place! I didn’t even know there was a lake and mountains in that area! And I was in Dubai in 2015, such a shame I didn’t visit this gorgeous area. I will be back! 🙂

  3. I was in Dubai few days ago. Unfortunately I didn’t know about Hatta. It seems like a great offbeat option. I had also wanted to cross over to Oman via road but lack of time and money didn’t allow me to do so. As mentioned by you, I was delighted to find great tasting Indian food across Dubai.

  4. Hatta looks like my kind of a weekend destination, and staying at a resort like Jares Resort that perfectly compliments the location, is just the cherry on top.Its good to know about what all activities can be done in the resort, might help in taking a decision when am in the area.

  5. Fresh air, outdoor activities and gorgeous sunsets sounds like the perfect mix! I love peacocks and its so cool you can see them from your room. Its also always nice to have two pools and various food options to choose from so you wont ever get bored!

  6. You took me back to Al Hajar mountains! <3 I was there this feb and thoroughly enjoyed my drive to these fantastic, rugged mountains. Want to visit the Hatta mountains again. They have a character of their own!

  7. I am hoping to travel to Dubai next year and I would love to visit somewhere like this. It would be great to take a trip here and see what there is to offer. Thanks for the tip

  8. I never heard of Hatta even though we visited Oman and Dubai a few years ago. We were on a cruise so we didn’t stay overnight anywhere but that hotel looks fantastic!

  9. What a great post! Sunset in Hajar Mountains looks so stunning. I also want to do the kayak in Hatta Lake as well :D! The nature looks so nice in your pictures.

  10. The sunset photo and the Hatta Dam look incredible! I would love to stay in this kind of hotel where it has an amazing view and surrounded by nature. Greats sports facilities too!

  11. What a lovely hotel to escape to from the hustle and bustle of Dubai! And such a contrast to the city! I would never have thought you could be in the mountains within an hour – especially when Dubai itself is such a desert!

  12. Love the bokeh shot at sunset. I love water in the desert in any form and Hatta Lake seems like a welcome reprieve. If nothing else, have more blue around you just seems to balance your senses from the intense yellow sun.

  13. This is a side of Dubai I haven’t seen before! I’d love to go hiking and biking– it looks so beautiful. And the breakfast at the hotel looks delicious. Putting this on my list!

  14. The hotel is so perfectly placed at a beautiful location. It’s so good to know that the hotel preserves the wildlife around. I would love to go on mountain bike trail and that sunset shot is really awesome. 🙂

  15. The place seems to be a great getaway. Could never have imagined such landscapes as one usually associates Dubai with the desert. The sunset looks stunning and I would love to take a leisurely cruise on the lake.

  16. What a pleasant change from the ultra modern buildings and dune bashing in Dubai. My husband recently went to Sharkah and drove to Khorfakkan passing Hajar mountains on the way. It looks like it might be on the same coastline as Hatta. Your photo of the fort is very beautiful.

  17. Wow I’d never heard of Hatta before. This is completely different from what I expect from Dubai. There is a pristine, primitive feel to the landscape despite the luxurious property you stayed in. In that sense it is reminiscent of some desert locations in Rajasthan.

  18. Never heard of the Hatta mountains but it looks like the perfect city escape. Your suggestions also strike a balance between luxury and activity-oriented vacations.

  19. Hatta seems like a perfect option if one is looking for a getaway from the city and yearns for some peace and quiet. I loved the picture of the sunset behind the mountains, beautifully captured. The resort activities are something I would like to try when I’m on a vacation.

  20. Hatta seems like a perfect option if one is looking for a getaway from the city and yearns for some peace and quiet. I loved the picture of the sunset behind the mountains, beautifully captured. The resort activities are something I would like to try when I’m on a vacation.

  21. We absolutely love Hatta! We go there often for walks and runs. Recently with the addition of kayaks and everything is helping the tourism in that area which is great! The UAE definitely needs spots like this one! Hope conservation will be good.

  22. Who knew you could take side trips from Dubai to such places? Looking forward to exploring it and other places that might be hidden in the area. Hotel looks great too.

  23. I have been living in UAE for over 30 years now and i still havent visited Hatta. Now i know what Ive been missing. Everything about your getaway looks amazing … especially the sunset and the mountains. I must plan a trip to Hatta soon!

  24. Never heard of Hatta but it looks like a nice place to visit. Looks like a great place for anyone who’d enjoy the outdoors. Those mountains are nice and Hatta Lake looks beautiful.

  25. I did not expect that you can find this kind of hotel in Dubai. It is unique and a perfect getaway from the city life. I like that you can do a lot of outdoor activities here. It would be great to see the animals too.

  26. This is a must try for me. I always marvel at natural landscapes, mountain formations and the like. It looks like it has all of that covered. Your photo of the lake is absolutely breathtaking!

  27. Those sunsets look unbelievable. I’m kinda mesmerized by them! And ‘the idea of rough mountain peaks, crisp air and an untamed environment with high adrenaline rush activitie’ is all you needed to say to get me on board. I’m packing my bags.

  28. Another great post about a place I know so embarrassingly little about. The photos really bring it to life and make it appealing to learn more about.

  29. WOW! This really came as a surprise since when I was in Dubai I did not know there was such a gorgeous landscape and nature to be discovered! Truly stunning and beautiful picutres.

  30. It’s all too easy to forget that the UAE has places like this. I never have considered these incredible mountains and landscape that you’ve showed here, to be part of the UAE, I guess because the only images I really have seen have been from Dubai, beaches and big buildings. Good to know about this – looks like an incredible escape from the big city.

  31. We totally LOVE hatta and go often. Now they have kayaking and all so the place is quite crowded compared to last year. LOVE your shot with the sun, what a capture! We can’t wait to go again 🙂

  32. What a very scenic and beautiful place Hatta is. Just amazing that this exists so close to Dubai. This would certainly be worth a look when visiting the region. Lovely photos.

  33. I like that you emphasized that the city is safe to visit. As an American, traveling to the Middle East can be a scary thought because of everything you read in the news. However, I’m pretty sure plenty of foreigners think the same thing about Los Angeles where I live. HAHA

  34. The sunset over the Hajar mountains is absolutely stunning and add dynamics to the mountains. I have never thought that there is such a place in UAE that offers tranquility and stunning natural wonder. That hotel looks very nice too. With delicious cuisines, great amenities and activities, It is definitely worth few nights stay at the hotel to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

  35. As nature lovers this seems like the perfect place for us! Especially if I can spend the afternoon beating james at mini golf. I’d have to gloat over that delicious breakfast!

  36. I have never heard of Hatta but it looks like the perfect place to escape from Dubai. The hotel there looks like the perfect place to enjoy Hatta from and the breakfast looks delicious. Mini golf would be fun for the afternoon! Is it possible to visit Oman whilst being so close to it?

  37. Loved the beautiful pictures from your Dubai trip. I have never traveled or visited there. The sunsets look amazing! 🙂

  38. You have projected a very unknown side of Dubai. Usually one never thinks of nature when visiting dubai. After reading your post Hatta is surely on my list when I visit next. Love the sunset, trail, flora and fauna. This is the beauty of travel, to explore unknown. Thankyou so much

  39. I have to be honest, I have never heard of Hatta but it looks like a great place to visit. I especially love the Kayaks in Hatta Lake 🙂 I think I need to look into this, even more, thanks for the new place 🙂

  40. Often when you think of Dubai you don’t think of such blue waters, birds and greenery! This is so gorgeous! The hotel looks super cool esp with the shooting range etc!

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