Ethereal KAZBEGI – Must See Place in Georgia

Kazbegi , a small mountain town lies to north of Georgia and very closed to Russia’s border.  It is surrounded with snow capped Caucasus mountain range.  The ethereal, natural beauty of Kazbegi  makes you breathe fresh mountain air, begin a new journey, run along with grazing animals, drink water from flowing streams and just feel the purity of place.  

Ethereal Kazbegi - Must See Place in Georgia
Ethereal Kazbegi – Must See Place in Georgia

Kazbegi is a place, where you can unwind, relax, have fun with nature at your ease.  Here you will enjoy like to enjoy at your own pace and not just to put tick on your itinerary list.  Kazbegi touches very deeply our soul.  It is just fulfilling trip and any nature lover would fall in love with these surroundings.   

How to Reach Ethereal KAZBEGI – Must See Place in Georgia – 

Ethereal Kazbegi - Must See Place in Georgia
Driving to Kazbegi

The Georgian Military Highway connects Tbilisi (capital of Georgian) with Caucasus mountain range.  This is a traditional route used by traders from ancient times till today and is one of the most beautiful roads in Georgia.  The road trip from Tbilisi to kazbegi passes along Zinvali Dam and Reservoir, Ananuri fortress, Agravi river, Jvari Pass (highest point at 2379m) ,Gudauri (Biggest ski resort in Georgia) and finally reaching to Kazbegi, at the border of Russia. Kazbegi is also known as Stepantsminda.  

There are many stopovers on road while driving like horses running here and there, cows sitting on roads or herds of sheeps crossing the road.

What to Do in Ethereal KAZBEGI – Must See Place in Georgia………………

As Kazbegi is located along the Banks of Tergi river at an altitude of 1740 m above sea level, this place is a center for trekking and mountain climbing.  Must see places in Kazbegi town……………

GERGETI TRINITY CHURCH –  Visit to Holy Trinity Church/Gergeti Trinity Church located at 2170 m.  This historic church dating from 14th century is an establishment of Georgian Orthodox & Apostolic Method.  There are two ways to reach here, one is trekking – People trek to reach here and it takes about 3 to 4 hours.  4 WD Mountain Safari vehicle which costs 50 Lari is the another way to reach here. These 4W vehicles are available from Kazbegi town center.  The path to this church is rough mountain trail and it is located in isolated place over a steep mountain peak which is surrounded by vast nature. This is an iconic place to visit in Georgia.  

Ethereal Kazbegi - Must See Place in Georgia
Gergeti Trinity Church

Drive to this place is bumpy and so take care of nausea and motion sickness.  The views from top of Gergeti Trinity Church are stunning.  Also Mount Kazbeg (at height of 5033m) is also seen from here.  Photography inside church is not allowed.  Shorts are not allowed both for men and women. Ladies/Women should cover their head inside the church. 

GVETELI WATERFALLS – It is an easy 2km trail and a worth hike, surrounded by lush green grasslands and small streams.

STAY WITH A VIEWI stayed in Rooms Hotel Kazbegi(only 5 star accomodation in Kazbegi).  This hotel has fantastic views of Gergeti Trinity Church with whole Caucasus mountain view from room and hotel deck.  This hotel is expensive and there are many other family owned guest houses or stays in Kazbegi.  As Georgian people are friendly, home stays are also recommended.  

View from my room – 

Georgia in Summers - Come and Pamper your Soul


1.)  While coming to Kazbegi from Tbilisi, stop at Agravi river and have a bathe.  Keep your towels and change clothes ready because the road passes along riverside and at any time, you can stop anywhere and take bath in river with horses running around.

Ethereal Kazbegi - Must See Place in Georgia
Agravi River

2.)  In Gudauri have a small stop over for few hours.  Here you can try mountain bike, horse rides, para gliding and other mountain sports.  In winters this place is transformed into ski-resort which is very affordable.

3).  Hiking, mountain climbing and camping in woods.   

Ethereal Kazbegi - Must See Place in Georgia
Camping sites

4.)  Bike around Kazbegi town and Juta Village Valley.

Kazbegi is at a distance of about 160 km from Tbilisi but due to many stopovers it takes more time to reach here. It is better to start early from Tbilisi to enjoy the journey.  


  • Always bring some woolen clothes to Kazbegi as evenings always cooler.
  • As the ride is mountainous, dizziness can be felt sometimes. 
  • Hire private car/taxi with guide from Tbilisi to reach here, as in between there are many tourist attractions to stop by.  The car with drivers are very affordable and reliable.  
  • Minimum one night stay is required at this place.  Some people do DAY TOUR to Kazbegi from Tbilisi but I strongly RECOMMEND minimum one night stay in Kazbegi.  
  • Must try Georgian food and Georgian wines.

Presenting you our tour guide who made our trip very comfortable and memorable.

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  1. I had never thought to visit Georgia before. I didn’t realize how lush and green it was! And that there were so many animals and natural beauty! Now I hope I get to explore Georgia at some point!

  2. Georgia might have been in the news for the wrong reasons in India off lat, but it remains a very unique and beautiful part of the world. You’ve captured Kazbegi beautifully in your photographs and I love that there are so many activities, especially outdoorsy and adventurous that can be enjoyed while there.

    1. May be it must be in news for wrong reasons, may be there is some misunderstanding. but i can advocate it is very safe place. Even they respect Indians a lot and watch Ekta Kapoor Telly shows, dance on Mithun songs and sing mera joota hai japani.

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    1. many solo travelers travel here safely but while going keep proper hotel bookings with you as it is visa free for Indians.

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