Majestic Germany

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Must Visit Places

1.)  Munich

2.) Garmisch(Bavarian Alps)

3.) Heidelberg

4.) Frankfurt

5.) Black Forest


Munich – Beer Capital of the World.

Famous for Cars manufacturing companies, Engineering & Technology Museum and Art centre.

Take Hop On Hop Off Bus and tour around Munich.

Indian Mango Tree is best restaurant for vegetarian and Indian food.

Engineering Museum and Buildings of Munich.

Garmisch(Bavarian Alps)

Snow clad cities near Garmisch area like Mittenwald, Zugspitzeski resort and once a winter Olympics location). Local Buses very cheap option takes you to all villages of Garmisch and very convenient also. You can also Rent a car.  Family Guest Houses are very popular here and very accomodating in all senses.IMG_5731, Neuschwanstein castle in Fussen


HeidelBerg – Scientific hub of Germany and oldest university of Germany is in Heidelberg.  Most romantic town with red roofs and a flowing river and colorful streets surrounded with colorful shops and beer bars.  Walking is the best way to experience this city. And if long distance then rent a car.


Frankfurt – Biggest city of Germany and also a major financial hub of Europe. Frankfurt is a city with skyscrapers and modernity.  Shopping lovers will love this city. You will find cuisine  from all the parts of the world here. Very much metropolitan.  Metro is the best way for commuting in the city.

For commuting within Germany take Euro Rail pass which is always a very good option in Europe as all trains are very well connected to each and every part and runs on time.

7 Days Itinerary for Germany

Day 1. Arrive to Munich night stay for 2 nights

See Munich city.

Day 2. Go to Car manufacturing companies like BMW or Mercedes and see how car is being manufactured. Please check the date and timings before going as some days are off for visitors. Hop on Hop off bus drops you there.

Day 3 to Day 5

Go to Garmisch stay for 2 nights if you are nature/countryside lover

Go to different surrounding villages. Also take a cable car and go to top point of Bavarian alps good for skiers and snow lovers.

Next day go to Fussen for castle. It will take half day depends upon the rush. So it is better to book tickets online for castle entrance to avoid queue. From Garmisch local bus will drop you to Fussen castle downhill. To climb up there are two options i) trekking or ii) horse carts(available there but you have to queue for them also)

Day 6 – Go to Heidelberg through train (1 night stay)

walking tours

Day 7 Go to Frankfurt

2 nights is enough but it depends upon you. Stay near the railway station for better connectivity of metro, bus and railways.

Black forest is on the borders of France and Germany which you can go from Munich. Black Forest is amazing place.

Currency – Euro

Language – German

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  1. I went to Germany for the first time a few weeks ago but only visited Berlin! I’ll have to go back for all these other places 🙂

  2. I’ve always been curious about a visit to Germany. I love how well you’ve put together this tip sheet for tourists. I’d be lost without the help of the internet and people like yourself helping me along the way!

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