Highlights of Cultural Valencia Tour

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Valencia is the 3rd largest city of Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.  It is a beautiful city with a perfect combination of ancient, medieval and modern cultures with sunny beaches, science centers, and quaint streets. Let’s check highlights of cultural Valencia tour or what to do in Valencia in this article. 

Highlights of Valencia Tour
Highlights of Valencia Tour

Where to stay in Valencia, Spain


How to reach Valencia in Spain?

Nearest big International AirportsBarcelona which is at 306 km from here or Madrid which is at 303 km from here. From these cities, you can rent a car or take a train to reach here. Click here to check the train timetable.

Highlights of Cultural Valencia Tour | Valencia tourist attractions | What to do in Valencia

This city is popular as Old meets New because it has remains of 100 B.C. Roman colony and modern styled architecture too.  The historical center is one of the largest historical centers in Europe.  Valencia was founded by Romans in 100 B.C. and is located on the Eastern Coast of Spain besides the Mediterranean sea and on the banks of river Turia. 



North Station  

Highlights of Valencia Tour
North Station

Having an area of 15,000 sq. m, the North Station building was inaugurated in 1917.  This building has beautiful facades having orange motifs.  One of the most important commuting center of Valencia.

Town Hall Square  

Town Hall visit during Highlights of Valencia Tour
Town Hall Square

One of the modern style architecture, this square has lavish and impressive clock towers, grand marble staircase, houses, municipal archives, museum, gardens and administrative offices.  Many events take place at this square which makes this place very lively.


Highlights of Valencia Tour

It is a gothic styled, tall tower having 63 m height with 207 steps.  View of Historical Valencia is stunning from the top of the tower. It was built in 1381.  It is octagonal bell tower of Valencia Cathedral and one of the city’s landmark building.

Plaza de la Virgen 

One of the oldest and ancient squares of Valencia. It dates back to Roman times with 3 iconic buildings – Valencia Cathedral,  Basilica de La Virgen de los Desamparados and Palace of Generalitat. 

Highlights of Valencia Tour
Highlights of Valencia Tour

Plaza de la Virgen houses the city’s renowned landmarks with outdoor cafes and a perfect spot for photography and history lovers.  The center of this square has a very important sculpture named Fountain of Turia. This fountain depicts Neptune, surrounded by 8 naked women representing Valencia’s Turia river with its 8 irrigation canals.

Highlights of Valencia Tour
Turia Fountain

Plaza de Mercado 

Department of Commerce and Supplies building which is on a beautiful square with markets, ancient-styled buildings painted in splendid colors and nouveau styled art.  One of the ancient market complex which is still running.  Also known as Central Market famous for various shops.

City of Arts and Science Center

Most important landmark with modern style architecture.  It is one of the 12 treasures of Spain.  It is a cultural and leisure center with unique architecture.  It opens 365 days of the year.  It is located on a dry river bed of Turia river and is surrounded by attractive pools of water.  This complex houses Opera house, Performing Arts Center,  IMAX,  Planetarium, Laserium, Walkways/Gardens, Science Museum, Open air Aquarium or Oceanographic Park.  

La Lonja 

Lonja is an iconic monument of the city.  Gothic styled architecture, which is built in 1482 and was used for trading in silk.  It is also known as the Silk Exchange Building. This splendid ancient building is the UNESCO Heritage site.  

Highlights of Valencia Tour
La Lonja

Valencia Cathedral 

Roman Catholic church built in the 13th century, is situated in the heart of the city.  Influenced by many architectural styles of Gothic, Roman, and Baroque.  It is believed that “The Holy Chalice” which was used in “The Last Supper” is kept inside this cathedral.  Also known as St. Mary’s Catheral. It is accompanied by the famous bell tower El Miguete.

Street art of Valencia 

Wander in streets of Valencia with beautiful signboards of shops and wall art in traditional style paintings. Looking similar to vintage styled art.

Exteriors of Buildings 

Exteriors of Buildings here are painted in various colors and adorned with many artifacts, vintage styled lamps, flags, sculptures, and flowers.


  • Sagunto.
  • Peniscola.
  • Xativa.
  • Requenia Wine tour.
  • Beautiful Spanish village – Albarracin.
  • Rice Fields of El Palmar.
  • Montanejos Hot springs 
  • Romantic city of Teruel.


  • I got one day to have a short and quick tour of this city. But if you have more days then there are many things to do here. Read about perfect 3 days Valencia Itinerary. This beautiful can be reached through road and rail network from many cities.  Euro-rail connects well with this city.  Internal transport can be done by public transport and foot walking tours. You would truly love Valencia tourist attractions or highlights of cultural Valencia. 
  • Spanish food is very delicious and must try. You can try some of the best Paella in Valencia
  • Best time to Visit  – Springs to Summer.
  • Staying Option – There are main 7 plazas in Valencia which are very lively and worth living nearby. Know more about where to stay in Valencia.

Take a sip of good coffee with delicious Paella or indulge in the lively nightlife or experience traditional and historical Valencia with modern science in Valencia during your Spain Trip.


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Things to do in Valencia in One day

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  1. The City of Arts and Science intrigues me much, I wish I had visited Valencia last time I was in Spain. I had not much time, hence skipped. Thanks for the blog for detailing other places to see in Valencia. I wasn’t aware of the beautiful Cathedral. Also, there are too many interesting day trips you have listed.

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