Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World

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Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Koh Phangan

There’s sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re free. Don’t miss so many of them.” ― By Jo Walton. Sunrise or Sunset both is one of the miracles of nature where dancing shadows play a beautiful drama in the sky. From hues of yellowish-orange to the pinkish-purple sky, the shades of the sun in the sky always amazes us and also unmatched beauty in the world. The beauty of sunset or sunrise changes every day and creates a unique glimpse, though in the same place. As sunrises depict hope and Sunsets depict peace, both are admired everywhere in the world.  In this post, I will take you to the virtual tour of most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world with key locations and some interesting facts about the. So let’s have a look of stunning sunrises and splendid sunsets around the world with some of the most experienced travelers in the world.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Antarctica’s Sunset


After having a perfect day in Antarctica, walking on land with penguins, and zipping around in Zodiac boats among the most amazing scenery and icebergs and humpback whales, I thought it couldn’t get better.  But after 10 PM, the sun started to set in the Antarctic Peninsula.  The sky glowed of purples and pinks… for three hours!  Due to the longitude, the sunset durations are extra long as you approach the longest days of the year.  My expedition cruise ship sailed along the coastline, sailing past massive icebergs.  And then I spotted the most amazing thing – a whale surfacing in the distance.  The whale then fluked (showed it’s tail) and dove into the depths of the sea.  Luckily, I had my camera ready! 

BEST TIME TO VIEW – The best season to visit Antarctica is from November to March, my magical sunset experience happened in late November 2019.   

Contributed By Lisa from the The Hot Flash Packer Blog.



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Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunrise from AngkorWat temples

If you’re traveling through SE Asia, one of the best places to catch the sunrise is at the main temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Not only are the temples iconic and full of history, but a small lake in front reflects the main temple and sky making the experience that much more impactful. Check out this tour to catch the best spot for sunrise watching at the temple. 


TIPS FOR GETTING BEST VIEW OF SUNRISE – A lake is also a popular place for people to take pictures at sunrise. To get an unobstructed view, prepare to wake up much earlier than sunrise to get into the park, buy your ticket and get to the water’s edge before the rest of the crowd does. Bring a blanket and a tripod to get that perfect shot! 

Contributed by Ashley Jansen from the Jet Set Jansen Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Nara

Most people visit Nara as a day trip from Kyoto, but I highly recommend staying overnight here instead.


BEST PLACE TO VIEW SUNSET IN NARA – One of the biggest reasons is so that you can watch the spectacular sunset from the Nigatsu-do temple. This temple is set up on a hill, and from its wooden porch, you have a wonderful view over the historic city of Nara, famous for its park full of deer and its huge Buddha statue. 

Even after the sun has sunk below the horizon, the display of beauty continues as the hanging lanterns around the temple start to light up. Take the time to soak up the serene and peaceful atmosphere here before walking back down the hill to grab dinner at Kuppila, one of several great vegan restaurants in Nara.

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Contributed by Wendy Werneth From The Nomadic Vegan Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunrise from Mount Bromo

Experiencing the sunrise over Mount Bromo in East Java remains one of the most extraordinary ways I’ve even begun my day. After a bumpy budget jeep ride from my hostel to the viewing platform, I looked out towards a dark sky. Slowly, an otherworldly landscape appeared before me, one of the active volcanoes and 3676m peaks. I found a path that skirted around the railing at the Mount Penanjakan viewing spot to watch the sun appearing from behind volcanic rock formations, each climbing from a flat plateau covered in cloud. 


This sunrise was so special because once daylight has come, you can then explore the rest of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park which is equally beautiful. I got close to the erupting volcano, enjoyed running around the moonlike ‘Sea of Sands’, and even enjoyed a lush green area that reminded me more of Welsh rolling hills than Indonesia. Make sure to check out this tour if you are willing to watch the sunrise and explore the area with an experienced guide.

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April – October is the best time to visit. The sunrise is usually viewed from Mount Penanjakan, King Kong Hill, or the crater itself if conditions permit.

Contributed By Cassie Bailey from Cassie The Hag Blog.


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Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Koh Samui

As an avid traveler, I’ve seen many sunsets around the world. One of the best sunsets I’ve seen is in Koh Samui, Thailand. My favorite thing about this sunset is all the colors. The sunset first started with light purple and dark pink hues. The sky looked like cotton candy. Then, the sky lit up in deep orange color. This sunset was extra special because it happened after it rained all day. The sky was gloomy all day and then this sunset came out of nowhere. It was the perfect end to a stormy day.  You can even book a sunrise stand-up paddleboard tour for extra fun!


There are so many epic sunset-watching spots in Koh Samui, but Lipa Noi Beach is one of the best spots. This area is lined with restaurants and bars so you can grab a drink and enjoy the gorgeous views. 

Contributed By Disha Smith from the Disha Discovers Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Sabah

Tanjung Aru Beach at Sabah, Malaysia is famous for one of the most beautiful sunsets on a beach around the world. We were visiting Sabah and made sure that we experienced this sunset. We reached Tanjung Aru Beach around an hour early. The seashore was very clean, picturesque, and swarming with excited but disciplined tourists and locals. As the evening progressed more and more people appeared.


Meanwhile, the huge canvas of the sky, which looked icy blue till now, gradually fused into shades of yellow and orange. From a distance, it looked as if the sun was taking a dip in the water while turning it into a sea of molten gold. It was breathtakingly beautiful and we run out of words. One should see it to believe it. Everybody had their cameras out to click the moment. Couples at the beach got clicked with soap bubbles and umbrellas with fairy lights not to mention making hearts with their fingers with the setting sun at the center.

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Contributed by Sundeep Bhatia and Bedabrata Chakraborty from Delhi Fun Dos Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Laos


As one of the world’s most magnificent waterways – it’s no wonder the Mekong River is amongst the best places around the globe to experience the sunset. The iconic Mekong river flows through several countries in South East Asia but only a handful of cities are situated on the river banks. Luang Prabang in Laos is amongst these cities and one of the most popular things to do in Luang Prabang is experience sunset on the water. It’s possible to join a river cruise every evening that takes you on a journey past the emerald green mountains and river forests that surround the Mekong, with the bold sunset in the background. Cruises run all year round but the dry season (from November to March) is a better time to experience the sunset. 

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Contributed by Roshni from The Wanderlust Within Blog.


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Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Koh Phangan

The whole western coast of Koh Phangan offers nearly daily stunning sunsets. They are so noteworthy I recommend them as one of the best things to do in Koh Phangan.


WHERE TO GET THE BEST VIEW OF SUNSET – My favorite spot to watch the show is Hin Kong Beach. While the beach itself is not too impressive, since it’s way too shallow and not maintained, at the sunset o’clock it transforms into an otherworldly place.

A few people usually show up, sit around, some do yoga, some dance… A few Thais roam the waters before the dusk sets in searching for clams in the shallow waters. Overall it’s a quiet and peaceful experience.

Contributed By  Veronika Primm from the Travel Geekery Blog. 



Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Florence

If you’re visiting Florence, Italy don’t miss out on viewing a sunset over the city! While most people might think of watching the sunset from the beach, Florence offers a unique panoramic sunset over the city.


WHERE TO GET THE BEST VIEW OF SUNSET –  To watch the sunset, make your way to Piazza Michelangelo about an hour before the sun starts setting so you can get the best seat and view! During the peak tourist season, this spot can get quite busy so make sure you get there early! Bring a blanket, some snacks, and your camera, and make a picnic out of it! During the sunset, you’ll see the sky turn beautiful hues of orange, red, and pink over the city. Watch the sky dance with color and see if you can find the shadows of Florence’s major landmarks like Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, and the Bell Tower below. If you have the chance to visit Florence add watching the sunset to your bucket list!

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Contributed By Pam & Kathrine from Everywhere Forward Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Malta

As a sunset lover, I have witnessed many wonderful sunset moments around the world, but few will remain in the core of my heart forever. Sunset at Dwerja Bay in Gozo, Malta is one such spectacle, I always cherish. Dwerja is one of the most spectacular archipelagic landmarks in Malta. It was the home of “Game of Thrones” famed Azure Window – a natural limestone arch formation which was collapsed in 2017. Nowadays Azure ruins are very popular among tourists. Undoubtedly this is one of the best sunset points on Maltese island.


We reached there right before the sunset on a wonderful sunny day. The place was looking magical as the golden hour advanced. Though there were few tourists and local sunset lovers, the place was amazingly quiet. The sky looked stunning with a burning red color. The sound of waves crashing the shore added an extra flavor. We relished one of the most beautiful sunsets quietly sitting on the seaside rock.

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BEST SEASON TO GET VIEW OF SUNSET – Being on a subtropical island, the bay offers magnificent sunset around the year if weather permits.

Contributed By Moon Ray from the Nomadic Mun Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunrise from Lisbon

I’ve seen many beautiful sunrises in my life, but probably the most magical one was the sunrise over the Alfama district in Lisbon.
Alfama is the old town of Lisbon, a captivating maze of small alleys and vintage houses, a district that managed to survive the devastating earthquake of 1755 and to preserve its unique character and rich heritage.


BEST VIEWPOINT TO EXPERIENCE THIS – To experience the magic of Alfama (and Lisbon), get up early and go straight to miradouro Portas do Sol – one of the best viewpoints in Lisbon.
Waiting for the sun to lazily make its way over the Tagus River and color the white houses of Alfama with its morning glow is an experience so serene that will undoubtedly remain embodied in your mind and soul forever.
BEST TIME OR SEASON TO VIEW THIS – The best time for this activity is between May and September when the morning weather is nice and warm, and the sunrise is early enough to guarantee no other people.

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Contributed By Slavi from the Global Castaway Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Croatia

Watching the sunset in Zadar, Croatia is one of my favorite sunsets I have witnessed. Beautiful shades of pink and peach as sailboats cross the sea in front of it. The seaside promenade is one of the best things about Zadar and it has some unique features that add to the sunset. Zadar has a sea organ built into the side of the promenade. This sea organ creates music notes as the waves hit it for a unique and whimsical song crafted by the sea. What people flock to though is Zadar’s Monument to the Sun, and it’s also the perfect place to watch the sunset from. This large solar floor takes in sunlight all day and at night, lights up in multiple colors and patterns after the sun goes down. With a beautiful Adriatic sunset and features on the promenade that take advantage of the natural elements, it makes for an unforgettable sunset. 

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Contributed By Brianna from the Curious Travel Bug Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Austria

Vienna isn’t the first place you think of when you imagine a beautiful sunset, but this city’s sunset will surprise you. The sunset in Vienna is unexpected which only adds to its beauty and magic, and although it can be viewed all over the city, there is one place that brings the viewing experience over the top. In the middle of the city sits a rooftop bar with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and is the absolute perfect place to view this sunset. BEST PLACE TO VIEW THIS MAGICAL SUNSET – The bar is called Das Loft and visiting it is one of the top things to do in Vienna. From up in the bar you will see the explosion of pinks, reds, and oranges from the most magical vantage point in the city. 

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Contributed by By Samantha Karen from Sam sees World Blog.



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Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Mykonos – Greece

Mykonos the most glamorous and beautiful island of Greece is famous for happening beach parties, pubs, restaurants, inviting blue waters of the Aegean Sea, and crisscrossed streets amidst white houses and blue doors. Not only Mykonos is famous for this but also for its magical sunset over the blue waters. The pinkish-orangish sunset of Mykonos is heavenly and very dreamy. The whole sky gets painted in vibrant hues of orange and pink colors during the sunset.

BEST VIEWPOINTS FOR SUNSET IN MYKONOS – Can be viewed best from hilltop nearby old Lighthouse, Little Venice, restaurant, or hotel with a view of the water, Mykonos windmills. You can also hire a special sunset cruise with dinner here in Mykonos.


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Best sunsets in the world
View of Sunset from my hotel balcony in Thira, Santorini

Ranked among the top sunset destination in the world. Santorini is a favorite destination in the world for sunset lovers. The islands of Greece are famous for their enchanting sunsets and Santorini tops the chart. The orangish hue of sunlight falls on the white houses of these islands and thus makes the whole atmosphere very dramatic and magical. Santorini’s sunset is truly breathtaking and within minutes you can see the dramatic display of many colors and their reflections on white houses. People visit Santorini for sunset gazing. Special sunset cruising tours are also conducted here.

BEST VIEWPOINTS IN SANTORINI – Oia, a Hotel resort with a view of the sunset


Contributed by Yukti (Myself) from Travel with me 24 x 7 Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Norway

As the second biggest city in Norway, the coastal city of Bergen has a lot to offer. Among these things are the amazing sunsets. The sunsets in Bergen are especially incredible during summer when days are longer, and the sunsets color the sky for several hours. If you want the best sunset sport in Bergen, you have plenty to choose from. Bergen is famous for its many mountains and the mountain tops make for wonderful sunset views as well as views of the fjords and city. Is hiking in Bergen, not your kind of activity? Don’t worry, there are less strenuous hikes, even from the city center. You can even get to your perfect sunset spot with a cable car or funicular or skip the mountains altogether and take in the sunset from the historic port in the city center. Bergen will without a doubt give you an amazing summer sunset you’ll remember.

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Contributed By Julie from Why Not Ju Blog.


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Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Athens

Across the street from the Acropolis in downtown Athens, Greece there is a rocky outcropping at a site called Areopagus Hill, more commonly known as Mars Hill. In the time of Ancient Greece, the hill functioned as a high Judicial Court. This spot also has ties to the Christian community because it is where the disciple Paul preached to the Athenians.

BEST VIEWPOINT TO VIEW SUNSET – Once you climb the stairs carved into the rock you’ll have an incredible view over the Ancient Agora and the city of Athens with the Acropolis rising behind you. As the sun begins to set, the light will twinkle off the building roofs and bathe the Acropolis in an orange glow. The sun sinks below mountains in the distance and the last rays are gorgeous. Many people come for sunset so make sure to get there early, but there are not many at sunrise. Both can be enjoyed at any time of year.

Contributed by Anna Cook from Stuck On the Go Blog.



Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Saudi Arabia

Saudi-Arabia just opened its borders to tourists, and we were one of the first ones to go and explore this hidden destination. One thing that impressed us the most was the city Jeddah. It does not only have a beautiful old town but one of the best sunsets we have ever seen. Our most favorite spot for a true Jeddah sunset was right in front of the popular floating mosque. It is a proper mosque that was built above the sea. Come here right before sunset, take a seat on the seating area right next to it, and watch the sun go down while more and more light is put onto the mosque.

Contributed By Anne & Clemens from Travellers Archive Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Africa

The most unforgettable sunset we’ve experienced is on Zanzibar Island, off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. It’s the type of sunset that sets the ocean on fire and you can’t help but gaze at it with a heart full of wonder.

Not only is the beach one of the most beautiful we’ve experienced through our travels, but it’s also incredibly accessible. You walk on the beach from your accommodation and you’ve stepped into paradise. That’s unique compared to some beautiful beaches in South East Asia, where you have to take a boat trip to find the most pristine and quiet beaches. We don’t usually go to the same place twice because our travel to-do list is long. But we would return to Zanzibar again for another glimpse of Paradise.

BEST TO TIME OR SEASON TO VIEW THIS SUNSET – Make sure to go to Zanzibar between November and March to witness one of the world’s most majestic sunsets.

Contributed by Chloe & Michael From Nomad And In Love Blog.



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Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset at JBR Beach,  Dubai

Dubai is famous for skyscrapers and high rises but it has a wonderful coastline too. Apart from the glitz and glamour of Dubai, enjoy the nature of Dubai by soaking yourself with beautiful rays of the sun at JBR, Beach. As you know Dubai’s climate is hot and typical Middle Eastern climates, the sunset is always welcomed as hope for cooler evenings. Not only the sunset in Dubai brings coolness but there are an amazing plethora of shades of orange and pink in the sky. Within minutes you can witness the various shades warm orangish to romantic pinks and royal purples bringing cooler evening which is very soothing to enjoy here. You can also hire a special sunset cruise to witness the amazing skyline of Dubai with a beautiful sunset.

BEST TIME TO VIEW – Winters in Dubai – From October to March.


Not only the sunset, the sunrise of Dubai is also very famous due to the lovely hues of purple and pink in the sky. The best time to catch the sunrise in Dubai is during winter – from October to March. 

Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunrise in Dubai from Dubai Marina


Sunset in the desert is always an amazing sight to go for. With warm hues of reddish-brown on the land and orangish sky make the whole atmosphere very romantic and peaceful. That is why sunsets of the desert are always worth watching out for. So whenever you are in Dubai, UAE does not miss the sunset tour in the desert.

Contributed by Yukti(myself) from Travel with me 24 x 7 Blog.



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Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from New Zealand

At the easternmost point of the main islands of New Zealand, East Cape is the furthest point east that many people will ever get and so it’s one of the earliest sunrises in the world.  Originally named Cape East by Captain James Cook on his 1769-1799 exploration, this is a stunning place to see the sunrise.

TIPS FOR GETTING BEST SUNSET VIEW – You can drive on the rough gravel road in the dark and get to the lighthouse at the East Cape for sunrise, or stay in the nearby – no facilities, barring a long drop toilet – campsite and see the sunrise over the beach here.  It is glorious.   This is a popular spot on the night of 31st December in any year, to see the first sunrise of the year, but we prefer it out of season and in solitude.  Be sure to pick decent weather though as this can be a wild and unforgiving place when it comes to the weather.  The lighthouse itself is at least 45 minutes drive east of Te Araroa on New Zealand’s North Island and the 750 steps up to the lighthouse itself will wake you up!

Contributed by Sarah Carter from Lets Grow Cook Blog. 


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Australia

Belongil Beach in the seaside town of Byron Bay on Australia’s east coast is a long expanse of white sand and crystal clear water framed by mountains and rainforest in the background. It is a stunning place and when the sunsets it is spectacular. Vibrant colors of gold and pink paint the sky and the ocean while the mountains turn to silhouettes of deep blues and purples. 

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TIPS FOR BEST VIEW – Any time of the year is good for visiting Belongil Beach. It is the afternoons when the wind and water are calm, there is a feeling of warmth in the air that in our experience the sunsets are the most memorable.

Contributed By Emma from Our Wayfaring Life Blog. 


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from New Zealand

The gorgeous sunset at Muriwai beach in New Zealand is one of my favorite sunsets. Located at a distance of ~40 KMs from the Auckland city, Muriwai beach is a unique spot to witness an impressive sunset. However what makes this sunset unique is not the Sun and the evening colors adorning the horizon sky, but the thousands of birds who create breeding colonies at the beach every year. These birds, known as “Gannets”, fly all the way from Australia to this particular beach when they have to lay eggs. The reason they come here is because of the little hillocks at Muriwai Beach. The hillocks create an updraft of the ocean wind and that helps the newly born birds to take their first flight and migrate back. The spot to have the best view of this Sunset is from above these colonies nestled in the beachside hillocks. There are certain viewing points best suited to offer gorgeous views. Wine lovers can also enjoy the beautiful sky while sipping a glass of wine with this guided wine tour.

Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World

BEST SEASON TO VIEW THIS SUNSET – The best season to witness this sunset is from August to March as this is their breeding season. The sunset will still be gorgeous in any other month, but the birds won’t be there!

Contributed By Umang Trivedi from Travel Max Blog



Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from Canada

Vancouver Island has some of the most incredible sunsets around, so make sure to bring your camera when you visit. The area seems straight out of a movie as you sit by the water and watch sailboats glide by and whales swimming if you’re lucky. While there are many places to catch the sunset, I recommend staying in Parksville and finding a quiet beach to enjoy the evening at. You could also go to the opposite side of Vancouver Island and head to Tofino to watch the world-famous waves crash over the beach as surfers enjoy the sun’s last rays.

Contributed by Marissa Pedersen from  Postcards To Seattle Blog.  


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunrise from Grand canyon

One spot in the world that should be on everyone’s bucket list is the mighty Grand Canyon in Arizona. World-renowned for its stunning beauty and immense scale, this is one of the best spots to watch the sunrise. Opt to make a stop at one of the many stunning Grand Canyon viewpoints. For even fewer people, check out the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. At 1,000 vertical feet higher, you’ll get a real bird’s eye view of this stunning landscape. Check out this guided tour to experience the best spots in the canyon.

BEST VIEWPOINT FOR SUNRISE – One of the best spots to catch the sunrise is at Point Imperial on the North Rim. At 8,803 feet, it’s the highest spot along the Grand Canyon. Just seconds from your car you’ll be treated to spanning 180-degree views of the canyon. Towering rock formations and steep canyon walls reflect the morning sun. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear an eagle scream in the distance.

If you’re looking for a real treat, then check out Cape Final. With a little pre-planning, you can submit your name for a permit for the only single-campsite along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Make the 2 miles, easy hike to this secluded spot, and spend the night. Rise and shine early for unbelievable canyon views that you’ll have all to yourself.

For all the drama of this canyon’s steep walls, you’ll want to check out the South Rim of the Grand Canyon for sunrise. Although this area sees 90% more traffic than its northern neighbor, it’s still worth it to check out Hopi Point and Oh Ah Point. Wherever you choose to start your day, you can’t go wrong with a sunrise in the Grand Canyon.

Contributed By Meg Atteberry from Fox in the Forest Blog.


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset view from Bar, USA

St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands offers some of the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises over the Caribbean Sea.  Whether you are staying in Cruz Bay to the west or Coral Bay to the east, you are treated to gorgeous golden lighting and beautiful weather year-round.  The only exception is during the peak of hurricane season from late August to early November.

TIPS FOR GETTING BEST VIEW OF SUNSET – While it is hard to choose between sunrise and sunset, my favorite experience on St. John is at sunset while enjoying a drink at The Beach Bar.  The bar is situated perfectly towards Cruz Bay, and the sun begins to set right around happy hour.  While enjoying a $4 painkiller, you can watch the sun gradually makes it’s way down behind St. Thomas in the distance.  It’s the perfect start to an amazing evening in paradise.

Contributed by Theresa from Fueled By Wanderlust Blog. 


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunrise from Hawaii

Most people that visit Hawaii expect the sunsets to be spectacular here for experiencing that special end of the day send-off. But equally as impressive are the gorgeous sunrise that you can have if you typically are on the northern and eastern sides of each island. Starting your day early and greeting the morning with a spectacular sunrise is an amazing experience to have here in Hawaii and if you are in the north to the eastern part of any of the islands, try to get up early and head to the coastline. You’ll be rewarded with a spectacular sunrise and hopefully with some wonderful coastal views as the sun comes up to light up the surrounding waters, bays and coastline for that first ray of light and magnificent start of the day. 

BEST VIEWPOINT – Close to where I live in the northeast area just off Hilo on the Big Island, I take early morning walks to greet the sunrise and see how it lights up the cliffs and coastal areas here. It is a wonderful experience and quite spiritual to witness. Come visit the  Big Island and you’ll love waking up early to witness sunrise here or even sunset if you tend to be an evening person.

Contributed By Noel Morata from This Hawaii Life Blog


Sunset from Mexico
Sunset from Mexico

Puerto Escondido was one of my favorite stops in Mexico. Besides the fact that it’s a lovely surf town, with perfect waves and beaches. It is also located on the West coast of Mexico, meaning that you can enjoy a spectacular sunset at sea, every single day.

BEST VIEWPOINT TO VIEW SUNSET – My favorite spot to watch the sunset from was Playa Carrizalillo, which is where this picture was taken. To get there you need to walk down over 150 steps, but it’s well worth the effort. The Espadin restaurant it a great place to sip a drink while enjoying the sunset over Playa Carrizalillo.  But the truth is, wherever you decide to watch the sunset in Puerto Escondido you will have a stunning and vibrant color combination every single time!

BEST SEASON TO VIEW SUNSET – Anytime is a good time to visit Puerto Escondido, though if you want to avoid the crowds, Christmas, July, and August, it may not be ideal.

Contributed By Lara from Both Feet On The Road  Blog. 


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset while cruising at Bahamas

“I’m a firm believer that the world’s best sunsets are found at sea. As the light reflects off the water the orange and red colors become even more vibrant.

The Bahamas is home to some fabulous sunsets which are best admired from the deck of a cruise ship. One particularly beautiful backdrop in the Bahamas is Royal Caribbean’s private island – Perfect Day at CocoCay.

As the sun sets behind this paradise island, cruisers can enjoy a cocktail on the top deck and watch the island fade into the distance. The Bahamas enjoys sunshine all year round so any time of year is a great time to visit and a great time to see some beautiful sunsets – and sunrises, if you can get up early enough for those.”

Contributed by Jenni Fielding from the Cruise Mummy blog


Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunrise from US National Parks

Seeing the sunrise over Mount Denali was the most impressive sunrise experience I have ever had. It is a truly unique experience. If you want to see the majestic Denali in the early morning sunlight, you have to plan a backcountry trip to Denali National Park in Alaska.

TIPS FOR GETTING BEST VIEW OF SUNRISE – July or August are perfect months for hiking and backpacking in Denali. To have the same view as in the photo, set up your tent in the area around the Stony Hill/ Eielson Visitor Center. Just remember about the park rule that your tent shouldn’t be visible from the main park road. It’s also good to check when exactly the sunrise is on that day because it can be very early – depending on the season.  

Contributed by Adriana Plotzerová  from Czech The World Blog. 



Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World
Sunset from South America

Easter Island is one of the most remote places on earth. Located in the middle of the South Pacific, far away from any other human population, it has relatively low air pollution that makes sky-gazing, including sunset viewing, simply magical.

Head to one of Easter Island’s popular landmarks – Ahu Tahai. Facing the Western sky, this Ahu platform that is home to with several moai heads provides a dramatic backdrop to view an amazing sunset. Ahu Tahai is only a short walking distance from the capital of Hanga Roa, where you will spend the night.

Contributed by Halef and Michael from The Round The World Guys Blog. 


I hope you loved reading about Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World. As it has been correctly said, sunrises brings new beginnings in our life and sunsets promises us to bring the beautiful tomorrow. Let’s get lost in the beauty of nature with lovely hues of sunlight.

Best sunsets and sunrises around the worldBest sunsets and sunrises around the world

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Most Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets In The World

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  1. Absolutely stunning shots of the sunsets around the world. My best capture have been from the Kutch in Gujarat, Hills in the North East, & against the monastery backdrop in Leh Ladakh. The sunset against the Tagus river near the Prace do Commercio in Lisbon is also a great pick besides the one mentioned here in Alfama! The one in Laos looks like it’s right out of a painting. If I had my way, would love to witness them all haha! Great collection.

  2. All of nature points back to God the creator of it all and I so adore all of His creation. Thank you for sharing these beautiful and amazing reflections of God’s handiwork for us all to be blessed.

  3. Beautiful compilation of both the dawn and the dusk. Was hoping to see some from India – maybe Andamans or Gokarna. Among these, my favorite were the ones from Oceania – NewZealand and Byron Bay. Indonesian ones have always been lovely, especially the ones around the volcano.

    1. Thanks dear for loving it. Even I was hoping something from India to be included, but no bloggers from India came up with their writeup in this collab. Sunrise near volcano is really an amazing one and even my favorite too.

  4. Some beautiful sunsets and sunrises pictures from around the world. Each and every picture look like they are straight from a postcard. Have been and experience Sunset and sunrises in many places you have mentioned in this article and would love to visit Alaska and the famous sunset in Santorini for sure someday.

  5. These are all unique places to visit for sunrise and sunsets, I have most of these places on my bucket-list. I particularly like the sunset in Antarctica, I guess it will be the most challenging place to visit.
    This useful post will definitely serve as a reference point because it has the best time to visit these places.

  6. Wow those places all look amazing. I have only been to Kota Kinabalu and Tanjung Aru has beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Planning to visit Angkor Wat when this lockdown ends and see the beautiful sunset. Hope to visit all the amazing places that you have been

  7. What an amazing selection of sunrise & sunset photos. I’m a ‘sunrise’ person myself- love to see the dawning of a brand new day and all the possibilities to holds.

  8. Oh my! Such a lovely roundup of gorgeous places to head. I’m more of a sunset girl just because I’m not a fan of getting up early, lol, but sunrises are less packed with people if you head to a vantage point, so both are ok in my book. So beautiful!

  9. I can imagine anything, and that includes sunrises and sunsets too, to be magical in Antartica & Himalayas!!! No surprise there.
    Angkor Wat in Cambodia is definitely atop the list of sunrise experiences to not miss. Sunrise at Mount Bromo looks magical with all those volcanic rock formations. Yeah, an early morning bumpy jeep ride would be totally worth it!
    I wanted to see sunset over Alfama Lisbon, but sadly missed it! Experienced sunset in Malta though, yeah definitely awesome!
    Personally, the best sunset I experienced was at Hampi, India! 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness! These are gorgeous! My favorites are the one in Angkor Wat and the one in Jeddah. As for the ones I’ve seen in person, Cuba and Portugal were in my top 5 for sure!

  11. I really wouldn’t want to pitch one picture against another and hence picking a favorite is not on my mind but the sunrise in Cambodia is definitely on my mind. Each of these moments much have been amazing. They are some great shots. All these pictures are also reassuring that we will all travel again and get to experience some amazing sunrises and sunsets in different countries and continents, soon. Sunsets are my favorite. For me, my best sunset experiences have been in Johannesburg, Africa. Everyday, there used to be a ball of fire.

  12. I always make sure to check out the sunsets when we travel. And as morning people, we often catch some stunning sunrises too! This list is wonderful. And I love that you give tips on how to find the best sunsets. Sunset sometimes happens so fast you need to be in position and wait for it. I certainly have a few of these spots on my travel wish list – Antarctica, Angkor Wat, Koh Samui and Zanzibar are all high on our list.

  13. oh my God! I love this post, I love sunsets and I love watching them everyday. It is so spectacular that you have collected all the sunsets around the World. Beautiful pictures.

  14. This has to me my most favorite read of today and it absolutely made my day! I am obsessed with sunsets and love witnessing them from anywhere I travel or even while at home. Sunset hour is my most favorite but trying really hard to catch more sunrises than I do. Love how nature paints a wonderful painting at these hours. I couldn’t choose one they are all stunning but if i have to these would be my picks from the list: Antartica (The whale made this decision so easy), Mount Bromo, Alaska, Jeddah, and Dubai Marina!

    1. I agree Harshita, sunset and sunrises are the most beautiful gift by nature to us. And everyday it is unique, not a single glimpse you can find same copy. Antarctica is my favorite too as to go there is like a dream.

  15. So many beautiful sunrises and sunsets from all around the world! Can’t chose any of them as they all have each an unique stories behind them! I have had the chance to witness sunset and sunrise on the same particular places mention on the post. In Santorini, Angor Wat, Grand Canyon and some other.

    I have witness two spectacular sunsets both in Australia. The latest one I dont have any photo of and if I could give up all my sunsets photos for this one I would! I was running by the beach at sunset and we were the only one there. Everything felt to good to be true when I suddently saw movements in the water just 5 meters from me a pod of dolphins playing in the sea with the most gorgeous sunset as a backdrop. I went into the water and the dolphins were playing right by my feet and I had nobody to share this moment with and NO phone to document it as proof!😭

    1. I can understand what you must be feeling. And the true moment of sunset or sunrise cant be captured so well with any camera of the world. That moment is totally bliss which can only be felt.

      1. That is an incredible list some spectacular sunrises and sunsets across the world. I wish to see them all, not sure if my life is too short for that. Luckily, from your list, I have seen the sunrise from Angkor Wat and the sunset from Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, and Luang Prabang as well. The sunrise at Mount Bromo in Java looks exactly similar to the sunrise at Mount Batur in Bali. Thanks for the list. Let the world comes to peace, and then I will (eventually) see more from your list.

      2. Good to know Shreya, that you have witnessed some of the best sunsets or sunrises from this list. Hopefully all gets well soon, and then we can see more splendid sunrises/sunsets.

  16. You can’t beat a sunrise or sunset, can you? You have a stunning collection of photos here. Love that one of the Grand Canyon – just gorgeous!

  17. I’m so pleased to see Mt. Bromo on the list. To this day, this has to be one of the most magnificent ways to start a day. I had a couple of nights there, and on day one we watched the sunrise from a neighboring mountain, and on day two we walked across the valley floor in the morning mist to walk around the rim of Mt. Bromo. Of my 7 month trip backpacking around SE Asia… this has to be my #1 most memorable moment.

  18. My heart is so full right now because I love a good sunrise and sunset when I travel too. It seems a lot of people, you included do too. But sometimes we truly forget to stop and take in the moment— too anxious to get an amazing pic, checking the box and moving out. I love to get up before the crowds and count tge ribbons of color in the sky undisturbed and unrushed. I’ll never forget my favorite sunrise over Halong Bay on a sleepy junk boat— I witnessed something akin to majestic and it was mine alone.

    1. Yes those special moments are sometimes misses and these sunrises or sunsets are very fast. With a blink of eye, you can enjoy or miss the magic.

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