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HEIDELBERG – Surrounded by forests, Heidelberg is located to the south of Frankfurt at a distance of about 96km.  Heidelberg is located on the banks of river Neckar in southwest Germany, with a half-ruined hill-top castle,  baroque styled buildings along Gothic streets making Heidelberg perfect for a romantic destination from Frankfurt.  So let’s take a trip to romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt or also can be done as a day trip from Frankfurt. 

One Day Tour to Romantic Heidelberg From Frankfurt
Entrance to Romantic Heidelberg

It is said that Heidelberg inspired many poets and artists on romanticism. Also apart from romanticism, Heidelberg houses Germany’s oldest and reputable university since 14th Century, so is also known as University city or Educational city of Germany.  Heidelberg is one of the major educational hubs and is also known as UNESCO City of literature. 

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What to See in One day Tour to ROMANTIC HEIDELBERG From FRANKFURT | Day trips from Frankfurt | Things to do in Heidelberg


It is a 16th-century red-sandstone ruin.  Built according to Renaissance styled architecture, thus making it one of the most important structures in the north of the Alps.

One Day tour to Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt
Heidelberg Castle


Explore the Baroque style buildings along the Gothic streets by walking along the narrow main street, where you will find many more narrow streets with medieval architectures, bars, boutiques, cafes, galleries, restaurants and old churches.  Perfect for pleasant walking around.

One Day tour to Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt

Explore Baroque styled buildings in the narrow streets of romantic Heidelberg.

One Day tour to Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt

Walk into antique Bars/Cafes styled like Medieval Times.

One Day tour to Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt


It is a classic stone bridge on river Neckar connecting an old city to the Philosopher’s walk on the other side. Panoramic view of ruined castle, river & charming old town, sunsets from this bridge is worth watching.  I stayed at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Heidelberg with a view of Karl Theodor bridge and located on the banks of river Neckar in Old town. From here all major tourist attractions are at walkable distance. 

One Day tour to Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt
Karl Theodor Bridge

Sunset from this Bridge 

One Day tour to Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt


Heidelberg university founded in 1386, being the oldest in Germany is famous among students.  Its Medical faculty is well known.  Lots of students with their bikes are seen around this historical campus making Heidelberg a more lively place to visit.

One Day tour to Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt

How to Reach Heidelberg 

Heidelberg doesn’t have an airport so it can be reached by road or rail from the nearest big cities.

FROM FRANKFURT – about 96 km by road

FROM MUNICH – about 344 km

FROM STUTTGART –  about 121 km.

Heidelberg is easily accessible by road(rent a car option) and Euro- rail(Deutsche Bahn) from nearest big cities.  Click this link to see connectivity through train. 

Best Time to Visit – Spring and Summer.
Places to stay- Stay near Karl Theodor Bridge overlooking the Neckar River overlooking magnificent view of hills, river, bridge, and city.

Can be done as a half day tour or a full day tour from Frankfurt without staying in this city.

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  1. Yet another magical place in Germany, isn’t it? I only began exploring Germany’s romantic towns recently and didn’t get as far as Heidelberg but its been on my list. The whole thing – the old town architecture, cobbled stone streets, baroque buildings, castle on the hilltop, that’s the perfect kind of fairytale town I love visiting. And there are so many of those in Germany, just like Heidelberg. Hope to get there someday soon!

  2. I was drooling over these colorful pictures. I wanna go to Heidelberg for its lovely castles and pretty architecture. I dint know that Heidelberg is a UNESCO city of literature. This definitely makes it more adorable.

    Manjulika Pramod

  3. Yukti, I so love this! The castle looks straight out of a fairy tale with all those scenic views behind it! 🙂 Perfect amalgamation of architecture and nature! 🙂 The Baroque styled buildings are such a delight to watch. Love those shops and their decor!

  4. Wow. I love the picture of the homes with the very green looking hills behind them. I love seeing things like that. It reminds me how beautiful nature can really be. I would love to see this someday. It’s so beautiful.

  5. My husband is a scientist at one of our state’s universities and has been to Heiderlberg for a conference. He would echo your words about how the romantic feel of the city. He especially loved the Midevil looking bars and (of course!) German beer! x

  6. once again, i love your photo galleries. Heidelberg looks so cool and yes a tad bit romantic too, its not hard to see how it was inspired by that period. the architecture looks gorgeous.

  7. Being so close to Frankfurt, I wonder why I had not heard of Heidelberg before. It seems like a nice little place which deserves more attention. Loved the pictures of Baroque style buildings you have shared. Quite charming. I prefer to walk a lot in places like this.

  8. I did this same walk few years back. Your post was like walking and seeing the same scenes. Though I regret not entering the castle then due to lack of time. The whole place is like a picture in a fairy tale book.

  9. The entrance to Heidlberg looks amazing, I love the strips on the bottom of the towers, it makes me think of a lighthouse. I didn’t know what they are actually considered baroque style, that is interesting. My favorite part was the desserts at the bottom…..#mouthwatering. The Karl Theodor bridge looks like something you would see on a postcard, just over here imagining what the people there are doing inside their houses and how amazing it would look at Christmas time.

  10. Heidelberg is now in my bucket list. OMG so many destinations to see now in this short span of life.
    You have captured the location for clearly. eye catching.

  11. Gosh, what a great medieval looking city Heidelberg is. I love the colour and vibrancy of it as is evident from your great photographs. I have never been to Germany but after seeing this city here I would very much like to visit.

  12. Oh wow! Your photos are absolutely stunning!! So colourful and I can almost taste that food! The castle looks beautiful, we love to explore castles wherever we travel

  13. Heidelberg castle looks amazing! Id love to see this and also to explore the old town. I really like old towns like this. I didnt even know Heidelberg existed, I may have to return to Frankfurt one day and go see!

  14. Your photos are breathtaking!! Literally everyone in my family has been to and or lived in Germany except me. Time to plan a trip because these buildings look so beautiful.

  15. I had no idea a place like this even existed, let alone that it is so gorgeous! I’m curious, did you take all the pictures yourself? If so, they are amazing! I hope to be able to visit one day. Thank you for the great post.

  16. Wow, such beautiful architecture and the colours are amazing. The castle looks well worth a visit as does almost everything you highlighted.

  17. The place kind of reminds me of the Diagon Alley from Harry Potter! The buildings are so beautiful. And the landscape, just wow!! Such a stunner. Definitely adding this to my long list of places to visit in the future.

  18. I just love following your blog because you’re always going to the most beautiful locations. My husband has been to Heidelberg, but I never have. Even its entrance suggests it’s going to be grand. Maybe it was the time of day you took your photos, but everything has such a warm (and romantic) glow about it. I’d especially love to visit the castle. Can you imagine the stories it would tell if it’s walls could only talk? x

    1. yes… the sun falls on this city with such a glow on it and all walls have some story which you can feel it when going there and touching those things. These stories are abstract can be described.

  19. Heidelberg looks gorgeous! I’ve been to Frankfurt, but since it was on a work trip, I didn’t have time to explore at all! Thanks for this virtual tour. The way the sunlight falls on the entrance arch is just stunning!

  20. We are going to Frankfurt in October , would surely visit this pretty place. Thanks for introducing it , I had no idea. The Heidelberg castle looks beautiful and no doubt it is an inspiring place for poets … who would not fall in love with such a pretty place <3

  21. I didn’t get a chance to visit Heidelberg while I was in Germany, although one of my friends attended University there. I love the architecture of Heidelberg and want to visit someday. I would love to poke around the castle ruins and take in all the baroque architecture!

  22. Lovely post. I learned so many new things. Did not know Heidelberg is a UNESCO city of literature. In fact, I did not even know that there is something called a city of Literature. Now, I can think of so many places in India that can make it to the list.

  23. The baroque styled buildings look so unique. The city really does have a medieval charm. The view from the Karl Theodor bridge is so pretty that I can spend a couple of hours just standing on the bridge!

  24. I love Heidelberg. When I had gone there it was raining the whole time. Still the place looked as romantic and beautiful as in your pictures. I would love to go back. Thanks for bringing back my memories.

  25. You know, Germany has never been a destination I thought I’d want to explore. However, your photos make it look so vibrant! I’d love to do this romantic tour with my husband!

  26. The architectural landscape of Germany is unbelievable. It is such a romantic tour indeed with all these old buildings and cobblestone streets. I need to try out this tour!!

  27. Heidelberg looks so romantic and beautiful! I am loving your panoramic shots of the beautiful buildings and ohhh the greenery! I honestly feel like I would need to spend more time here, more then just one day. I think even taking the train here would be so lovely.

  28. I’d never heard of Heidelberg but it looks like a wonderful day trip from Frankfurt. Heidelberg Castle looks stunning as do the Baroque buildings. The nightlife must be fun in Heidelberg with it being a university town.

  29. I didn’t get to visit Heidelburg when I was in Germany, and now I regret doing so! The castle is splendid and really looks like stepping back in time! I love the colours of the buildings mixed with the scenery and sunset in your photos – it makes you feel you’re there too.

  30. My travel steps have only taken me to Berlin in Germany but for some reason I have quite a few friends who lived in Heidelberg for a while. I used to see their photos on Facebook and think how beautiful the city must be. I love the architecture of the old town, with the castle on top. It looks so picturesque and indeed romantic, especially because it is surrounded by the forest. And in autumn, there’s nothing more romantic than the colored leaves.

  31. I am already in planning stages for my trip to Frankfurt this year, but didn’t know about Heidelberg. Knowing that it is a UNESCO heritage site with a 16th century castle drove my attention towards the place. The castle might not be as beautiful as the rest of castles in Germany but it surely looks intriguing. Lovely photos of the town also, thanks for sharing. I will try to include this town in my itinerary.

  32. I think what makes it more romantic is the time of year too! Wow, the countryside is stunning in the background. I definitely think I could have a nice romantic time with my boyfriend strolling through this Medieval city! Now I wanna visit!!

  33. I didn’t know that Heidelberg is a UNESCO city of literature. That’s all the more reason for me to get there! I would love to explore the city and its bookshops. Walking along The Philosopher’s Path also sounds like a dream come true.

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