Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

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Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day VisitFrankfurt is one of the most developed metropolitans, exciting, vibrant, city of Germany. Not only this vibrant city is famous for the busiest international airport and major financial hub of central Europe, but the beautiful city has wonderful river banks, ancient German homes with modern skyscrapers, art installations, sunset over river Main, vibrant markets, museums, and busy nightlife.  There are many sightseeing places in Frankfurt for a one-day city tour and so let’s take a quick read of Places to visit in Frankfurt Germany – One day visit.  Plan your Frankfurt city tour and explore things to do in Frankfurt, Germany with me with some useful tips on where to stay, facts about this city, how to reach & commute, and other experiences.

Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit
Frankfurt Am Main


As Frankfurt’s airport is well-connected to many cities in the world, I took my return flight back home from this city. That is why I had 24 hours to explore this city and I booked my one-night hotel stay in Frankfurt before taking off. So check some places to visit in Frankfurt, Germany one day visit or things to do in Frankfurt, Germany for a day.


  • International AirportFrankfurt has the busiest airport in Germany and well-connected to all the parts of the world. Europe’s 4th biggest airport is Frankfurt and its baggage system is 67 km long. Lufthansa is the national carrier of Germany.
  • By Rail or Road – Frankfurt is the main financial hub of central Europe is well connected by the Euro rail network from nearby European cities.
  • Nearby German cities from Frankfurt are Berlin and Munich which are at a distance of 6 hours and 4 hours respectively.  




If you are visiting for a short layover or even for more days, then it is always recommended to stay in the Downtown area. The nearby areas of the Central railway station of Frankfurt – Frankfurt(Main) Hauptbahnhof are very vibrant and many of the attractions are within walking distance. Read reviews about Hilton Frankfurt City Center





Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit
In front of Main railway station of Frankfurt

Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

Check some of the worth-visiting attractions of sightseeing places for first-timers in Frankfurt, Germany –

Highlights of Quick Frankfurt tour | Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

ROMERBERG NEIGHBORHOOD  Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

You can find the medieval style of architecture with lots of timber colorful houses. This square is known for its 15th century-old traditional German houses, Christmas markets, trade fairs, and is the heart of historic Altstadt. A very popular tourist attraction with numerous eateries, roadside joints, souvenirs shops, and a vibrant market place with ancient architecture. 


Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

One of the city’s most important landmarks. It is a medieval-style of a building located in heart of the historic Altstadt of Frankfurt am Main. It used to be City hall for more than 600 years before and is located opposite to St. Nicholas Church.


Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

This famous historic square has a famous St. Paul’s Church. It is the largest square in the old town area.


Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

Opera house of Frankfurt which was inaugurated in 1884 and was destroyed by bombing in 1944 during WWII. Rebuilt in 1974, this impressive building with lots of open space and a small garden all around is nice for photo-op and a small stopover during your Frankfurt one day tour.


Famous author and poet’s house. So if you love Goethe’s work then his house is a must-visit. What Shakespeare is for English literature, the same is Goethe for German literature. Now, this house is full of period furniture and information about the life of Goethe.


Frankfurt has many renowned museums and depicts classic paintings and sculptures to football and technology. Visit Städel, one of Germany’s oldest museums, as it has an art collection for 700 years, which is very impressive and world-famous too.

Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

Another museum is the Museumsufer (Museum Embankment) located on the banks of Main River which depicts German film and the city’s Jewish history. Also for children, there are many interesting museums like to check some dinosaur skeletons at the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History.


Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

Take a stroll by the banks of the Main River. It’s especially beautiful at night when the riverside is illuminated and you can see the beautiful skyline of Frankfurt from here. Cross the Iron Bridge, watch the numerous party boats taking off for their cruises on the river. There many cafes, bars, and eateries right off the river. There is a jogging track, walking area, cycling path, small gardens along the riverbank where you can spend your evening time with a view of the river and skyline.

FRANKFURT SKYLINE | Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit
View of Frankfurt skyline from my Hotel balcony

Frankfurt has Germany’s 14 tallest towers and also many beautiful skyscrapers. Admire the modern European architecture from rooftops, riverside, or the balcony of your hotel. This illuminated modern skyline of Frankfurt depicts the busy and vibrant nightlife.


Places To Visit In Frankfurt
Lock lock bridge

For fantastic views of the city and numerous love locks around this Gothic style of bridge. The only pedestrian bridge in this city.


As Frankfurt is one of the biggest commercial hub, so it is famous for great shopping too. Check some wonderful international designer style shopping in Frankfurt.

The major shopping areas of this city are Zeil, Goethestrasse, Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse, Schillerstrasse, Berger Strasse.

SCULPTURE AND ARTWORKS Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

Frankfurt has wonderful street art and art sculptures on the main square of street corners. Spot your favorite one and have a photo-op with them.


Central European Bank
Central European Bank with Euro symbol

The site of the European Central Bank is worth a visit. See the transformation of old Grossmarkt into this super modern conglomerate of low-rise and skyscrapers is just amazing. With a very huge sculpture of the Euro, this modern building is worth visiting from outside.

Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit


  • Christmas markets – Starts from November last week to December. Frankfurt’s Christmas market is one of the best Christmas markets in the world. 

    Events and Festivals in Frankfurt - Christmas Markets
    Pic Courtesy – Pixabay

  • Apple Wine Festival – Mostly in September
  • Main Festival – August first week
  • Opera Square Festival – Mostly from June to July
  • Autumn Dippemess – September 3rd week
  • The Museum Embankment Festival – August last week
  • Spring Dippemess – Traditional 14th century fair hosted to date during springtime. Check official dates of events and festivals on Frankfurt tourism website.


Commuting in Frankfurt - Public Transport
Trams in Frankfurt for local commuting

Walking tours are the best thing to do in Frankfurt. Apart from walking tours, public transport is well-developed and well-maintained. I loved tram and bus rides in Frankfurt.

FACTS ABOUT FRANKFURT | Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

  • Famous poet and author – Goethe was born here.
  • Over 1 in 4 Frankfurters are foreigners.
  • 14 out of 15 tallest towers in Germany are located in Frankfurt.
  • Frankfurt is famous for apple wine.
  • Frankfurt is the financial and commercial hub of the central hub.

DAY TRIPS FROM FRANKFURT | Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit

  • Drive two hours west of Frankfurt and you’ll reach Cochem.
  • Visit the French town of Strasbourg on the French-German border.   CLICK HERE TO READ COMPLETE STRABOURG GUIDE
  • Hop on an eastbound train from Frankfurt and you’ll reach Wurzburg in just under 90 minutes.
  • Visit Cologne.
  • The Schwarzwald, or the Black Forest, is a region about 240 km (150 miles) south of Frankfurt.
  • The city of Mainz is just 45 minutes outside of Frankfurt, making it an easily reachable spot for a day trip from Frankfurt.
  • Take a Rhine River valley cruise
  • Take a day tour to Heidelberg from Frankfurt.   CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT DAY TOUR TO HEIDELBERG FROM FRANKFURT
  • Visit the shopping village of Wertheim Village from Frankfurt.
  • The well-preserved medieval town of Rothenburg is a very popular place to visit from Frankfurt.
  • Visit Eltz Castle from Frankfurt.
  • Visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle from Frankfurt.
  • The picturesque old town of Hanau sits just 20 kilometers away from central Frankfurt, making it an easy place for a day trip.
  • A trip to Darmstadt is an excellent option for Frankfurt.
  • The second-largest city in Bavaria is certainly worth a stop on your itinerary around Frankfurt.  



April to September is the peak season and best time to visit

March to April & September to October are shoulder seasons where you can feel the change of season and fewer crowds.

November to February ends are very cold and freezing in Frankfurt. If you love winter snow and winter markets then winter is the best time to visit this city.

I hoped you loved reading Places To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany – One Day Visit, and do let me know your favorite place in Frankfurt.  From my experience, I would say if you have 2 to 3 days here then it would be great as there are many day trips from here.

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  1. I’ve only ever been to Frankfurt airport, although I do love Germany and have enjoyed trips to other parts of the country. The Altstadt looks lovely and I love the sound of the Christmas markets and the opera festival!

  2. In Germany, Frankfurt is a bit the metaphorical black sheep. Apart from the finance district, it has a rather bad reputation mainly for the central station district. Nevertheless, I love the city! Mainly for its fantastic art scene – the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions are just amazing! I also love the food down there.

  3. Unfortunately I haven’t fully visited Frankfurt yet other than the airport while my layovers. I really love that medieval feel and the architecture there, and would love to be able to spend time there. On my last visit to Germany I didn’t really get to see that at all. This is a great guide for the future when ever we get to travel again.

  4. I have not been to Germany yet, but passed through Frankfurt airport many times for transit flights. Looks like there is a lot to see in this city. Apart from the huge skyscrapers, modern and medieval architecture, I love the river view at night – looks beautiful! It is also convenient that day trips are possible to other cities like Cologne and Black Forest. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all this info on Frankfurt! We have been through the airport a few times, but never made it into the city. Now I can see there are plenty of things to do in the area. I find the juxtaposition of the old traditional buildings next to large skyscrapers to be very interesting!

  6. I have had Frankfurt in my list as one of my very good friends live there and she has been asking me to visit her for a long time. I would love to take a stroll along the main river, it looks so pretty at nights. Its so nice to know that a busy city like Frankfurt has so many things to do.

  7. What an amazing variety of buildings and architecture. I would be more than happy wandering Frankfurt’s streets to photograph the buildings without feeling like I’d missed out by not going inside any of them, or visiting the museums. You fit a lot into your one day!

  8. Well I never knew Frankfurt was famous for apple wine nor have I any idea what that tastes like (other than apples!). I love the architecture in Romer and with the city being in such a central location the ability to go on day trips to Strasbourg and Cologne is great.

  9. Oh no, I had no idea Frankfurt was worth visiting. I thought it was supposed to be an ugly city. I had a long stopover last year at Frankfurt airport and stayed at the airport all day. I wish I had visited the centre now. Ah well, there’s always next time.

  10. I’ve never been to Frankfurt but it looks lovely. I really like the medieval architecture & that view over the river at night is stunning. Some great ideas to sell me on a visit! Thanks for sharing.

  11. How safe is Frankfurt? I’ve never been to Europe and I’m planning a trip soon! I heard a lot of great things about Germany and I want to know which cities to include in my list. For now, I have Berlin! Thanks for your tips.

  12. I haven’t been to Frankfurt but I am looking forward to visit in the future. I will definitely consider this as a stopover during future travels and follow your advise of a one day visit. It would be nice to experience their Christmas markets. 🙂

  13. Surprisingly Germany is one of the few spots that we have not yet visited in Central Europe. We have connected through Frankfurt but never actually left the airport. I love the look of the architecture that looks a bit like gingerbread! I can see why we would want to take a stroll at night as the lights come on along the Main River. With a great selection of day trips too, we will need to plan a long stay in Frankfurt.

  14. I’ve only passed through Frankfurt, but never stopped to visit it. I see I missed a lot. Not only there are so many wonderful things to do in the city, but you can also take a few day trips from Frankfurt, like visiting Strasbourg, Mainz, or Heidelberg. I’d definitely like to see Frankfurt around Christmas, to sample the goodies in the Christmas Markets.

  15. Ah! I love Frankfurt and Germany in general. The buildings are so distinctive. I still remember them from when I was 14. I didn’t realize that they had an opera house. I need to get back there someday! Thanks for letting me relive it a bit.

  16. It is rare to come across travel articles about Germany, which I think is a bit of a shame as it is a fantastic country to visit. I have not been to Frankfurt in many years, so it was extra fun to read through your article. I will definitely charge the camera and visit the skyline and the Christmas market.

  17. I could never spend just one day in Frankfurt. The old part of the town kept me busy for days during my visit. i would love to go back some time to check out their Christmas Market, I was going to this year but as you may know, that won’t be possible.

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