Quick Tips for Planning a trip to Enchanting Australia

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Australia – The 6th largest country in the world, is a paradise for tourists, nature lovers, adventure/sports lovers, peace-seekers, families, and honeymooners.  It is a dream destination and it tops the travel bucket list for all.  As the holiday season is gearing up in, plan for your next trip to this beautiful and exotic country which is a complete package of stunning rainforests, red-earthed National Parks, exotic & world-famous beaches, natural coral reefs, spectacular landmarks, and livable cities.  Let’s have a look at quick tips for Planning a Trip to enchanting Australia.

Quick Tips for Planning a trip to Australia
Holiday to Australia

Generally, Sydney and Melbourne are the first places to stop while on an Australian holiday but there are many other beautiful places and cities. I lived in Sydney and Melbourne for about 1 year and have traveled in those areas and their surroundings before. For the upcoming Christmas break, I am planning to visit The Great Barrier Reef on the coast of Queensland and the famous Uluru monolith rock formation.  

Attractions List – Quick Tips for Planning a trip to Enchanting Australia


The natural wonders tour includes the following destinations:

Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road
Sunset at Great Ocean Road


Australia is gifted by many of the world’s most stunning beaches. It has a long coastline of 37,000 km which features approximately 11,011 beaches.  

Some of the famous beaches include dazzling Cabble Beach, Hyames beach which is famous for have the whitest sand, Kirra Beach with its rolling waves, fashionable Four Mile Beach or Whitehaven Beach with ocean rafting near The Great Barrier Reef.

There are also city beaches, like the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney.

Other beaches include Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Burleigh Heads, Apollo Bay and many more.  


With low population density and larger land area than most countries, most of the urban areas in Australia are scattered between mountains, oceans, coasts, wildlife reserves, rivers, and pretty landscapes.

Choose Sydney for a high energetic vibrant culture. The city is famous for its Opera House, world-famous zoos, aquariums and a metropolitan style of lifestyle.  It is also blessed with sunny weather and clear skies and it is never too chilly.   You can also book your stay from some of the best luxury accommodation in Sydney. Also Sydney hosts world’s famous fireworks on New Year’s eve and it would really great to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney. Sydney is not only for a vibrant city life but also has many nature adventures. Select some best nature adventures in Sydney. Being a vegetarian, I always recommend some good vegetarian restaurants worth trying out. Sydney has a lot of choices for vegetarians and therefore read more on where to find the best vegetarian food in Sydney. Read more about 7 romantic things to do in Sydney on a budget. 

Quick Tips for Planning a trip to Australia
Holiday to Australia

For stay options in Sydney refer the map below.


Melbourne has a European flair and is famous among coffee lovers and selected as one of the most livable cities of the world many times. Stay and play in Melbourne with kids

Adelaide has many famous and beautiful wineries, colonial buildings and stunning wildlife at Kangaroo Island.  Also, you can go for well-known wine regions tours near Adelaide while visiting Barossa Valley  Wineries. Know more about Things to do in Adelaide

Darwin is famous for lush green national parks and natural surroundings. If you love the outdoorsy lifestyle and spectacular wilderness, then don’t miss Darwin.  

Enjoy the laid-back city of Perth with sunny and warm weather throughout the year and pristine beaches across the Indian Ocean.

Or visit the second oldest city of this beautiful country – Hobart in Tasmania which is nature’s paradise. Read more about 6 day Tasmania itinerary

Go to Brisbane which has beautiful sunshine weather with local Australian vibes, youthful zeal and diverse destination. There are 100 interesting things to do in Brisbane.  At an hours drive, you can go to Gold Coast which is must visit destination of Australia.  Read about Gold Coast Attractions. Also, you can check about the best Gold Coast theme park accommodations.  

Go for a natural wonders tour in Cairns the gateway to The Great Barrier Reef.  Read about Sensational Baby Boomers activities in Cairns.

Quick Tips for Planning a trip to Australia
Great Barrier Reef

But don’t miss Canberra which is the cool capital of the country. It is a place where you will find cool architectures, museums, and galleries. Architecture lovers would love this capital city. Australia also has remote and underrated places which are worth visiting. 

What you need to know before booking your  Holiday to Australia 

  • All non-Australians require a visa to enter Australia
  • The country is huge and diverse so use local budget local airlines to book flights
  • Within the cities, there is a wide and very good network of public buses, trains, ferries, and trams. Public transport is cost effective and very efficient. In Sydney check the OPAL card for affordable public transport
  • Budget-friendly accommodation deals near the city center are difficult to find but I managed to find some cost-efficient options on KAYAK.
  • As this country is huge, don’t expect to cover all the places on the same trip
  • Check the weather before packing as Australia has an opposite season to that of countries from Northern Hemisphere and the climate varies a lot from region to region.
  • Visit world-class stadiums and sports arenas as local love sports and have earned many accolades and medals in International sports.
  • Gardens like The Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney or the Botanical Gardens of Melbourne are free  
  • Some Museums and Art Galleries also have free entry
  • Australia is a wonderful place for scuba divers.  Try out some scuba diving at Great Barrier Reef. Click this guide for scuba dive.
  • Melbourne is a foodie paradise and a great place for coffee lovers. Check the Food Market at Victoria’s Market Square.  
  • Driving is on the left-hand side of the road and their steering wheel is on the right-hand side just like UK, India and some other places.
  • Carry good sunscreen and apply whenever your skin is exposed to the sun as here there is higher ultraviolet radiation in Australia.
  • Don’t carry nuts, flowers, seeds, or any other food items into the country as Australia has a strict policy about bringing food items.
  • Australia has wonderful food and drinks from all over the world. Read more about the best foods in Australia.
Quick Tips for Planning a trip to Australia
View from Eureka Towers in Melbourne


And I would suggest this Two weeks Itinerary to Australia for those who are going on Holidays for the first time –

Sydney – 3/4 days – Sydney City tour(you can do by Public transport or by Big Bus tours) which comprises of Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Ferry tour around opera house and under the bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens, Bondi or Coogee Beach, Taronga Zoo and day tour to the Blue Mountains. Also, try some food options at Darling Harbour restaurants as you will find awesome food with a wonderful view. You can also visit some worth visiting places in New South Wales. Catch a flight to Melbourne.

Melbourne – 5 days – 5 days in Melbourne includes 2 days exclusive for Great Ocean Road. Melbourne tour comprises of Melbourne city tour(can be done by Public transport), Yarra river ferry ride, Brighton beach, Aquarium, Iconic Tram rides, day tours to Puffing Billy, Philip Island, visit world class Cricket stadium of Melbourne.  Take a flight to Uluru.

Quick Tips for Planning a trip to Australia
Melbourne city tour besides Yarra river

Uluru – 2 days – Getting to and from Uluru involves air traveling(catching internal flights) as it is far from Sydney or Melbourne. Uluru in central Australia, is definitely one of Australia’s most famous sights and worth to go, despite it is slightly away from main cities. Visit during Sunrise or sunset is recommended as it is a beautiful sight with beautiful rays of sun over this natural wonder. Go for Cairns. 

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef – 3 days – Travel to the north of Cairns to explore the rainforest and take a day trip out to the famous Coral reef which is a natural wonder too.

Check their official tourism website for more information.  And If you have Melbourne in your list then check these days trips from Melbourne – Scenic Great Ocean Road Trip and Exciting Puffing Billy Steam Engine ride.

Enjoy your trip to this welcoming country full of enthusiastic and sports loving people.

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Australia Guide for first Timers

So, until then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. I’ve been back to Australia on three separate trips and still feel like there is still so much more to see. Considering I’ve only been able to check out 5 of your natural wonders tours, it seems like you are just reminding me of that. Great tips on planning a trip to Oz. I’ve not thought about Darwin before, but considering I love the outdoors it seems like a great next stop. Happy Travels.

  2. Love Australia. This a great read for first timers going to explore one of the most fascinating places in the world. In fact, I cant wait to go back. But I think this time I’ll check out a different city like maybe Melbourne. I do love coffee!!!

  3. I have been planning my trip to Australia for years in the back of my mind. I want to do so many things, and also have family based in Adelaide, Brisbane and Gold Coast so I have to plan my trip around that. My boyfriend worked on a dive ship in the great barrier reef for a few weeks one year and wants to go back. You’ve opened my eyes to so many other places I need to see and explore. Great post, I will pin it for some inspiration for our eventual upcoming trip!

  4. Australia is definitely on my bucket list as I have a cousin living in Sydney. This post is really helpful for first time travelers like me. Interesting to know there are more than 11,000 beaches.I would love to visit Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and also the Great Barrier Reef. Thanks for sharing this itinerary and tips.

  5. You are one globetrotter, Yukti…awesome! Uluru looks llike a place I would love to visit.Have too many friends dwelling in Australia that a visit seems inevitable. I did not know that there is a restriction on carrying dry fruits etc. I guess , this is quite an important piece of info.

    1. Yes, Meenakshi, check their site before carrying food items to Australia as they have very strict policies on carrying food items.

  6. Our family desperately wants to visit Australia. It has so much to offer. I would love to see all the natural wonders, especially Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. Of course our kids wants to see all the indigenous animals in their natural habitats. Thanks for a great two week guide to the country.

  7. I didn’t realize that Austraila had over 11k beaches honestly. I had to look at that number twice to make sure I was reading that correctly. I’m trying to convince my roommate that she needs to go to Austraila’s mainland, that there is a WHOLE lot more to do than just big buildings and crowded tourist areas. Will def have to share your post with her.

  8. I love Australia! I’ve been twice now but still feel like there is soooo much more to see. Particularly Western Australia and Brisbane area. I’d even love to go north. I loved both Sydney and Melbourne for their different vibes. Australia has got to be one of the most amazing countries. Great tips! Thank you!

  9. I like the fact there is less population density, living in India you only see faces. This bite-sized introduction to Australia is well thought out. I certainyl have Adelaide and the Kangaroo Island on my list.

    1. I was living in Melbourne, but I would recommend atleast you need 2 weeks for 2 to 3 cities and their nearby natural attractions.

  10. I haven’t been to Australia in ages but this is a great guide. Totally agree with your suggestions for the Natural Wonders Tour, makes me want to plan a return trip!

  11. We have not been to Australia, but its immense natural beauty beckons enticingly. Of course the cities of Australia are lovely but for us it is the great outdoors that fascinates. Places like Great Barrier Reef
    and the 12 Apostles on Scenic Great Ocean Road are our dream places to visit. These are some great pointers for planning that great Australian trip for us.

    1. Yes Australia has endless natural wonders, and in that list, I have visited Scenic Great Ocean Road for 12 Apostles and want to see others also.

  12. I have been to Australia once and loved some of the experiences. Though I found Sydney overrated, I am keen on exploring aboriginal regions the next time I am here. Kakadu National Park also sounds exciting. It is my dream to explore Tasmania and scuba diving in Great Barrier Reef. I particularly enjoyed the vibe of the polyglot Melbourne. I missed Brighton beach and the Philip island though.

    1. Yes, I agree Melbourne is worth and after living a year in Melbourne, I still remember its positive vibes. Melbourne is truly a livable city and worth visiting too.

  13. Great post! I am trying to plan my great Australian roadtrip and this is so beneficial for planning purposes. You highlighted a lot of the places I had already imagined stopping at but it’s helpful to know how long I should expect for each. 🙂

  14. If I ever come to Australia, then my list of places I would like to see is already super long. Your great article has now a few places packed on the list. Too bad that Australia is so far away ….

  15. I’ve not yet made it to this corner of the world, but I’ve longed to see Australia and New Zealand for quite some time. Your photos are absolutely beautiful and only increase my wanderlust for down under!

  16. Wow! Austalia is such a charming country there’s tons of wonderful places to visit here. My top 3 to visit first would be Phillip Island, the region with cliffs (three Sisters) and Green Island for sure. Lovely plan of trip!

  17. This is such a useful resource for travelers visiting to Australia! I have been planning to visit there since long, The Royal Botanical gardens, Great Barrier Reef, the opera house and Puffing Billy tour are high up on my list. Thanks for this wonderful list of suggestions and tips.

  18. Great! It’s all-in-one basic travel tips about Australia. Thank you, Yukti!
    There are so many articles and posts about East coast, but how about West coast (except Perth)? Anything to add on the list?

  19. This is such a helpful post. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia but its so far from Canada. That said, I’ve always had certain typical locations in mind for a visit, for ex., Sydney Opera House. I’d love to see each location on the Natural Wonders Tour. I was wondering how long we’d need for a first trip and just as I was thinking it, I reached your suggested two week itinerary! Thanks!

  20. Good tips from an ‘almost-a-local’! 🙂 Australia is just soooo big, I think one day I’ll go for campervanning through the entire country 🙂

  21. I like this detailed blog post especially the fact that you have covered what kind of eatables one can carry along. Since our trips are multigenerational, food is a part of our luggage and this tip should come in handy 🙂

  22. Awesome post with almost all the useful information needed to plan an Asutrailia tour. It’s indeed such a large and diverse country. The great barrier reef is on my bucket-list. I also want to check out the southern lights in Perth someday

  23. I loved Melbourne when I went there last year and would love to get back to Australia as soon as possible. I was there for a short time and I miss the place already. I want to check out all this list as I havent done any of them apart from the city of Melbourne.

  24. Thanks for the reminders and tips. I was not aware that you needed a visa to visit Australia, good to know. Someday I will make it there it is just such a long flight I keep putting it off.

  25. I love all the pictures. This really makes me want to plan a trip to Australia. I love that you pointed out places that may not be thought of by first time visitors. Thanks for some great recommendations.

  26. This looks like a good thing to start with! I never really had serious plans to go to Australia, but now I know what to do when I decide.

  27. AHH I lived in Sydney for 4 months and so many of these things brought back such wonderful memories. I wasn’t able to see Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, any of the outback and any of the west coast, but managed to experience a lot of the east – including Cairns. Would LOVE to go back to explore the desert!

  28. These are some great tips. The last time I read about the Indian visitor’s guidelines for Australia visit, I was told at you need to show some minimal amount of money in your account. That is the only reason, I have not tried visiting this amazing country.

    1. This minimum amount is for all countries visa like Schengen visa or US visa too. I think every country have specific requirement for minimal amount. I went to this amazing country as PR.

  29. Australia is so beautiful and vast that probably it would take months to cover all the wonders. Your guide is very helpful to plan a trip there for a first timer.

  30. What an awesome guide, Yukti!!! I’m hoping to visit early next year and I was honestly a little intimidated because I didn’t know where to start considering there are so many things to see and do there. Love that you broke down the cities by what they’re known for and the visa!!!!!! I almost overlooked that! I’m Canadian so we’re exempt from visa applications for a lot of countries. That’s definitely good to know!

  31. As someone who’s never been to Australia before, I found your guide to be extremely helpful. I think two weeks probably is the minimum time it would take to give the country a fair tour, and much longer if you want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes there! I’ve actually never heard of Darwin before, although I love nature and outdoorsy stuff, so I’m glad that’s on my radar now. Super useful post all around – thanks for writing this!

  32. wow what a helpful post. I’m looking to plan Australia next year and confused a bit of best time to visit but this gives me some help. As you said Sydney and Melbourne to start with and travel around from these 2 main bases. My main aim is to cover the following Great Barrier Reef. The 12 Apostles on Scenic Great Ocean Road and the Fraser Island. thanks for the tips

    1. For Australia, October to March is best time to visit as it has summers. Yes for Great Ocean Ride, you have to go for Melbourne which is my favorite, it is really a world’s livable city. But for Great barrier reef which is in Cairns, you have to catch an internal flight.

  33. Every time I start planning a trip to Australia, I become overwhelmed. It’s just so huge and there’s so much to see! I was in Perth and Margaret River 5 years ago. But I’d really like to spend several days in Sydney and Melbourne, so this itinerary is helpful. The travel time there makes it a special trip from the US East Coast.

  34. Ugh, I am yet to visit Australia! This makes me feel like it might be time to book a trip… Thank you for putting all of this together!

  35. This is such a useful post for me, as I’ve not yet been to Australia! As a European, I love the sound of Melbourne, and its coffee culture there. I’d definitely add Cairns to the list, as I want to see the Great Barrier Reef. As a wine drinker, I’d be itching to try their wines too! I hope to travel one day soon.

  36. This is comprehensive article. Pretty neatly laid out with details on what to do where. Not planning for a trip to Australia this year but I would definitely like to see their summer Christmas. Will definitely refer to your guide when I do that.

  37. I already visited Australia but this country never stops to amaze me. Your article is just another proof of that. After reading your article, I think I will definitely have to come back!

    1. I agree Daniel, Australia is amazing in all aspects. It can be visited many times and all the times it look like a new visit.

  38. We have been thinking to plan a trip to Australia for a very long time and this quick guide will definitely help us! What I like most is that I have a ready two weeks itinerary here with suggested days and things to do in specific locations! I am definitely going to add Puffing Billy Steam Engine ride. Thanks for also highlighting the preparation tips!

    1. I am still planning for it and booking my tours. If any good deals would come up then I would let you know. Yes you can snorkel with proper guidance and tours

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