Best Things to do in Cultural Seville – Spain

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Seville is a flamboyant, cultural, and historic city in Southern Spain’s Andalusia region.  Read this post to learn about the best things to do in Cultural Seville – Spain, and plan your Cultural Seville itinerary 2 days.

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville


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9 Best Day Trips From Seville

No trip to Spain is complete without making this trip because of its rich cultural and historical value in Spain’s Andalusia region. It is believed that this cultural city of Spain was founded by the Greek god Hercules about 3000 years back. 

Seville is famous for flamenco dance and also has a rich Moorish heritage.

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville Spain
Houses of Seville

WHEN TO VISIT SEVILLE ? | Best Things to do in Cultural Seville – Spain

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville
Seville Yearly Weather Guide

Guided Tours in Seville | Best Things to do in Cultural Seville

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville - Spain
Flamenco dance from Seville

How to reach Seville | Best things to do in Cultural Seville – Spain

  • It can be reached by trains and roads. 
  • Nearest International Airport – Barcelona or Madrid.

HOW TO COMMUTE IN SEVILLE | Best Things to do in Cultural Seville

  • By Foot – Seville Old town and streets can be done by walking tours and it is the best way to explore Seville the cultural city in Spain.
  • By Public Transport – It has excellent public transport.
  • You can also rent a bike which is another popular option to roam around.

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville

  • Culture and History lovers
  • Art and Flamenco Dance Lovers
  • Foodies
  • Local Traditions and Heritage lovers
  • Rustic & Quaint Town lovers.

Where to stay in Seville ? – Best things to do in Cultural Seville

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville – Spain 

1.)  Alcazar of Seville – Seville Itinerary 2 days

This is a royal palace of Seville, developed by Moorish kings. One of the most beautiful palaces in Spain. It has several hectares of the garden inside and surrounding it. Know more about the real Alcazar – the palace of dreams and gardens of happiness

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville

Walls of Alcazar are adorned with authentic Spanish styled ceramic tiles. If you want to stay near the historic center of Seville, then click here to book an authentic Spanish style of living

2.) Plaza de Espana

Semi-circular styled Renaissance-Moorish styled grand palace is the main attraction of this city. In front of the palace, there is 500-meter canal is built crossing 4 bridges.  This canal is popularly known as Venice of Spain.  Famous Star war series – Episode II and Lawrence of Arabia has been shot here.

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville

3.)  Seville Cathedral  

It is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and also a UNESCO World heritage. 

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville IMG 4250

4.)  Giralda – Best Places to visit in Seville Spain

It is the bell tower of Seville Cathedral built during the Moorish period as a Minaret. It has been since Medieval times. 

Things to do in Cultural Seville - Spain
Giralda at Seville Cathedral

5.)  Streets of Seville – Things to do in Seville Spain

Walk in the streets full of antique and ancient Spanish-styled homes, colorful Andalusian buildings, tapas bars, and cafes are worth exploring the culture and architecture of Spain

6.)  Ceramics/Pottery work in Seville Spain

This region is well known for hand-made brightly colored ceramic tiles and pottery work.  These tiles adorned on walls of palaces, houses, and floors of each and every corner of this city.  Also, utensils are made through this art. The best place to purchase a souvenir. 

7.)  Flamenco Dance 

This cultural city is also well known for Flamenco Dance and Dancers. It has a historic role in this dance form.  Also, it has a Flamenco Dance museum and houses many bars with live Flamenco dance with traditional Spanish music and dinner.  If you want to learn authentic Flamenco then read more about tips to learn & see authentic Flamenco in Seville.

8.)  Spanish Food  

If you are in the cultural city of Spain then try authentic Spanish dishes like Paella and Tapas. 

Best Things to do in Cultural Seville - Spain
Paella from Seville
Best Things to do in Cultural Seville
Spanish style of eating out

9.)  Stay in Spanish styled palatial Villa – Seville Itinerary 2 days

Traditional-styled Spanish villa converted into a hotel.  

10.)  Flora and Fauna – Seville Itinerary 2 days

Apart from historic architectural monuments, this city also has many nature parks with many species of bright-colored flowers. One of the famous parks is Maria Luisa Park. 


LANGUAGE – Spanish, but many people understand a little bit of English as it is a very popular tourist city in Spain.


Being the cultural city of Spain, it hosts many cultural events and festivals all year round. 

  • Spring Fair – Feria De Sevilla
  • Seville April Fair
  • Easter Week 
  • Semanta Santa (Holy Week)
  • Famous Bull Fight Festival
  • Flamenco Festival
Best Things to do in Cultural Seville
Easter week in Seville



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  1. Thanks for giving the insights of Seville. Its historical background is super astonishing to know. I’m very fond of art and the pottery style of the place is a treat to art lovers!

  2. The Alcazar ceramics are so amazing. They took my breath away. I am in love with Spain and it’s culture. I always wanted to learn the flamenco. Seville looks like a great place to learn about culture.

  3. I haven’t been to Spain (yet!). Thanks for stirring the excitement in me and motivating me to work hard to make a trip to Spain a possibility! The Flamenco dancers look so graceful in the photo!

  4. So many diverse things to do in Seville! I love the Walls of Alcazar decor, would definitely like to have something like that in my household. That paella looks delicious! What was your favorite thing you ate in Spain?

  5. I’m dying to go to Spain and now Seville is at the top of my list. This list is simple and great, bookmarking it! And I love all the colorful picture + flamenco dancing. I had no idea flamenco originated there.

  6. What a beautiful city Seville is. I always heard about but I love how short and wonderfully to the point your post was in visiting the city. I love those ceramics and art work in the interiors. thanks for sharing.

  7. I have always wanted to visit Seville and now I want to even more! I had no clue that the cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral of the world.. That seems like reason enough to go. I’m sure it’s magnificent. The nature parks look beautiful as well, I’d love to take photos there. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I visited Seville briefly when I was 21 and this post is awesome! I had forgotten many of the sights I saw, so this brought back a lot of great memories of exploring! I love the flamenco dancers’ dresses in your photo because they look a bit modern!

  9. Spain is 100000% on our bucket list! Your photos are gorgeous, and now I am absolutely dying to go. Hopefully in 2019 😀 thank you for sharing!!
    – Meagan

  10. What gorgeous scenery Seville has to offer, just breathtaking. I’d love to travel to Spain, truly.

  11. I have seen Seville many times on travel shows and I have quite fascinated to visit this place. The flamenco dance is one on my bucket list as I loved this dance form a lot. Apart from that Seville is also known for its variety of sweets and cafes. I loved those colourful buildings in your photos. May be someday I will land up there. Lovely post

  12. The one thing that I always knew about Seville was the Alcazar. And I am so glad to see it here too. I have always been fascinated by it. The Flamenco performance too, captivates me, it is one form of dance that I watch open-mouthed. One of my key places in the ever growing bucket list.

  13. I think the first thing I will do is to rush to see the Flamenco dancers. I just love the Mooorish influence in these buildings. The confluence of two cultures makes it one of prettiest cities in the world.

  14. Looks like I found this post just in time as I am taking my mum here next month for a weekend. I lived in Mallorca for two years so developed my taste for the food their so can wait to get some authentic Paella from Saville. Great list of things to do, city looks amazing and your photos look awesome.

  15. I too have good memories of Seville. I especially remember the Flamenco dance.
    And food of course is unforgettable. Great list of to do things there.

  16. The architecture looks incredible, would surely like to visit Seville while travelling Spain. I’m sure people don’t go beyond Madrid but this seems like a wonderful place. Lovely post and thanks for sharing.

  17. I really wanted to make it there when we went to Madrid earlier this year but ran out of time! Looks like a gorgeous city. That paella looks amazing, by far my favorite Spanish food!

  18. By reading your post all I could say is – I need to visit Seville soon. It has everything – architecture, culture, history, food and flamenco dancing and what not. I really loved your Alcazar picture.

  19. I have visited Sevilla a few times, in the winter is best as it’s cooler. You photographed the Alcazar of Seville beautifully, it’s an amazing place. I’ve not checked out the ceramics or pottery in Sevilla yet, I will next time!

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  21. I do hope to get to Seville in the next month as I will be traveling to Andalucia very soon. The Plaza Espagna looks so charming and the Alcazar’s mooorish architecture is simply amazing! The canal in Plaza Espagna is definitely a must, I would love to row a boat and pass underneath the 4 bridges crossing it. It definitely looks like a little Venice.

  22. I went to Seville just 6 months ago and it was so beautiful in there! The Alcazar and the Plaza of Espana were probably my favorite destinations in there but I was just genuinely impressed by all the Moorish architecture! I spent two weeks travelling around Andalucia but I feel like even that wasn’t enough!

  23. Sevilla is one of my favourite places on this planet, hands down! I love the flamenco, the architecture and the history. The paella is there isn’t as good as in Valencia, they take the title 😉

  24. I love the Moorish architecture – it’s like a little piece of Morocco in Spain! I had no idea that Seville’s cathedral was the largest gothic cathedral in the world and the fact it’s tower used to be a minaret is fascinating! It’s a place i would love to visit!

  25. Seville is my absolutely favorite city in Spain! It’s such a lovely place that everything feels and looks magical 🙂 Perfect place to get lost walking around the city for hours a day! right?

  26. I missed out on visiting Seville when I lived in Granada but so wished I’d gone!! The Alcazar in particular is something i’m really kicking myself about having not seen. I didn’t realise Seville was known for its flamenco — super interesting! I’d love to see a performance there.

  27. I absolutely loved Sevilla! My favorite was absolutely the the Alcazar. The tile work is so beautiful and unique. These pictures are great representations of the beauty of the city.

  28. Seville looks unbelievably beautiful. I love diverse culture too – from the food to the arts. The Alcaraz is number one on my list since that is a UNESCO site!

  29. I loved Seville when I visited two years ago. Some great places to go listed here. I too loved the streets but I did get wedged in the hire car and it took a local to help me drive out of the maze. So my advice is to park out of the city and take a bus/walk in 🙂

    1. Yes you are correct… streets r like puzzle… we get lost sometimes while walking also. We also got lost many times there

  30. Sevilla is a perfect mixture of culture, art and history. A must visit when in Spain. We were in Spain a few years ago but did have a chance to go to Sevilla. Will definitely do it next time. My best out of all is plaza de Espana, looks like a great place to stroll around.

  31. I actually just read an article about the flamenco and it got me jonesing for a trip to Spain! Seville is so beautiful and full of life and color. The food is delicious and unlike the rest of Spain.

  32. I have always wanted to visited the south of Spain, particularly Sevilla. I remember reading about its flamenco and Moor architecture in my Spanish language textbooks in sixth form. Your post certainly covers a lot of the city’s interesting sights and sounds.

  33. Mimi has never been to Spain and this sure makes us want to go back to show her around! Alcazar of Seville is such a nice palace and very instagram worthy haha! The streets are beautiful and would love to go on a stroll there… not during summer peak time though, too hot!

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