What to Do in Historical Prague

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Some Interesting Facts About Prague

Prague is the capital and largest of Czech Republic in Europe. Prague is also known as “City of Hundred Spires”. In this article read about What to do in Historical Prague or the best things to do in Prague. 

Prague is a historical, charming, romantic, rustic, lively, ancient and modern city.

Prague was founded in the 9th century and was the capital of the Bohemian Empire.

Prague Foot Tours are very famous along the cobbled streets along with historical ancient buildings. As there is a lot of walking in Prague, carry a comfy backpack and read more about the best travel backpacks for traveling in Europe

Prague’s architecture is influenced by many famous styles like Gothic, Renaissance era, Baroque, Rococo and Romanesque.

Prague is famous for Beer since 900 A.D. and the largest consumer of beer in the world.  There are uncountable beer bars all over Prague.  Beer in Prague is cheaper than bottled water. Also no. 11 line of Tram runs as a Tram Beer Bar.  While you commute, enjoy a sip of  Czech beer

Beer Bar
Beer Bar

Prague is also famous among Music lovers due to many genres of music are being played in clubs, pubs, and even streets too. 

Where to stay in Prague

I stayed in Grand Majestic Plaza which is 500 m away from the Powder room and in the heart of historical Prague. Click here to book your stay in Prague

Musicical show

Charles Bridge Musical show

What to Do in Historical Prague

Charles Bridge

 This 14th century old, historic bridge is one of the magnificent bridges in Europe. It is named after Roman Emperor Charles IV. It is stretched over Vltava river in Prague. Stunning views of the city and river can be seen from this bridge.

Prague Castle 

 Prague Castle was originally built in 9th century and was once resided by Bohemia’s kings.  Now it is an official residence of Czech President.  As it is situated on hilltop, the view of spires and river from this castle is magnificient.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle

Read this to know more about Czech Republic travel and tips and visa policies……

Prague Astronomical Clock 

The Prague Astronomical Clock or Orloj is medieval styled clock which is world’s third oldest astronomical clock and oldest one which is still operating.  This clock is astronomical due to one of its dial depicts the position of Sun and moon with reference to Earth at that stage.    Also a Parade of 12 Apostles and other figures can be seen at each hour across the clock. 

Astronomical Clock
Astronomical Clock

St. Vitus Cathedral

 St. Vitus Cathedral is located in the Prague Castle complex.  St. Vitus Cathedral is Roman Catholic Cathedral and took about 525 years to complete. St. Vitus Cathedral is perfect example of Gothic Architecture.

What to do in Historical Prague
St. Vitus Cathedral

Old Town Square 

Old Town Square is located between Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. This square has lots of unique architectural buildings which has its own historic and religious importance. 

What to do in Historical Prague
Skyline of Old Town

Wenceslas Square 

Wenceslas square is Prague’s main square surrounded by colourful buildings, houses, famous shops, bars, cafes, pubs, casinos/hotels & banks.  All tourist attraction from this place are within walkable distance.

What to do in Historical Prague
Wenceslas Square
What to do in Historical Prague
Lively Wenceslas Square

Ungelt Square 

Cluster of buildings around a courtyard near Prague Old Town Square is Ungelt Square.  It has been founded in 12th Century. This place is known as trading place, where merchants from foreign countries gather here to pay customs of their goods before entering Prague. 

What to do in Historical Prague
Ungelt Square
What to do in Historical Prague
Ungelt Square courtyard

Powder Tower/Gate 

It is 11th century old and was one of the entrance to Prague Old Town.Earlier it was used to store Gun Powder so named as Powder Tower.  This tower depicts the Medieval origins.

What to do in Historical Prague
Powder Gate

Funicular Railway 

It runs from Lesser Town upto Petrin Tower on Petrin Hill.  From Petrin Hill enjoy the stunning views of spires, river Vltava, bridges of Prague.

What to do in Historical Prague
Funicular Railway
What to do in Historical Prague
View from Petrin Tower

Lesser Town(Mala Strana) 

On the foothills of Prague Castle across Vltava river and connected through Charles Bridge from Old Town Square. Old Town & Lesser town is mostly done by walking tours for a picturesque view of the historic city. This walk is very beautiful & historic along the cobbled stoned pavements, sloppy roads, surrounded by hundreds of years old architecture. 

What to do in Historical Prague
Lesser Town
What to do in Historical Prague
Riding Across Lesser Town

Havel Market 

Fresh Farm products, Souveniers, Crystals & Handmade Handicrafts are available.  Located between Mustek and Old Town Square. 

Bridges of Prague 

What to do in Historical Prague
Bridges in Prague

Tips – What to Do In Historical Prague

Currency of Prague– Czech Crowns

International Airport – Prague

How to Reach Historical Prague 

This beautiful city is well connected with major cities through Euro Rail and Airlines. Within Prague city transport system is well managed and one can travel through trams, ferries, metros, and buses very conveniently.  People of Prague are welcoming and friendly.  

Food Options in Historical Prague

Prague has diverse food options with savoring local delicacies and international cuisine too. Read this article to know about the Best Restaurants in Prague from Budget-friendly to Luxury ones. 

Climate – Prague is windy and chilly many times.  Spring is the best time to visit Prague.

Read about Prague’s best Party Hostels.


Check budget friendly options to stay in Prague.  10 best hostels in Prague . 

Do not cross Pedestrian Signal when RED because if caught then 1000CZK fine is there.

Prague foot tours are very famous. Better to Walk around in the beautiful and historical city of Prague. Know more about quotes about Prague – a magical city

People visit Prague from Austrian border from Salzburg.

What to do in Historical Prague
View of Prague

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Historical Prague tour

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  1. I love Prague, but have only been during the winter (specifically to see the Christmas markets). Have always planned to go during the summer as there is a lot to explore there (and my husband likes his beer!) x

  2. Prague is the largest consumer of beer? I thought it would be Belgium! The Astronomical Clock and St.Vitus Cathedral are totally my kinda places to see! Hope I’ll visit Prague in future!!!

  3. I would love to do a walking tour of Prague, it looks so magical. I know you suggest spring as the best time, but I think there’s something so pretty about going in winter when it’s snowing. The Powder Tower is stunning, I love Gothic architecture. No. 11 tram sounds perfect for me: beer and travel!

  4. what amazing photographs you have on Prague! These looks amazing and I like how comprehensive this post is written! I hope to visit some time.

  5. You’ve basically listed all things on my bucket list too! Prague is a city filled with so much beauty. I can just explore Charles Bridge or the Old Town Square all day!

  6. I have always wanted to go to Prague but somehow never made it there. Of course, there’s still time. Would love to soak up the vibes of this Bohemian city, check out the architecture, and drink some great beer.

  7. This article has been really helpful as I am going to Prague on the way home from my trip to South East Asia. There is soo much history in your article and you have highlighted all the key attractions. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This article is chalk full of information that I wish I’d had when I first visited Prague! I managed to take a bike tour around the city and there is just so much to see and do. Your pictures are so vibrant and capture the essence of the city!

  9. I have been to Prague but didn’t know about the name, ‘City of 100 Spires’ I can understand why though! I didn’t know about the fine for jay walking, I crossed on red, lucky I didn’t get a fine. Your photos are beautiful of the city and sites of Prague.

  10. So many great things to see in Prague based on your lovely photos! I am particularly interested in seeing the castle, the Astronomical Clock, and the Squares. I would make sure to visit Prague during spring as you’ve suggested. 🙂

  11. I love Prague and your post is making me want to plan another trip soon! We haven’t done all of the great things you suggested – yet! Your photos are beautiful.

  12. Prague is probably one of my favorite cities to visit. I keep going back! Your list is so true. I have never taken the funicular since I try to save some cash when i can, but the views look stunning so I will give it a try next time.

  13. I loved Pargue for the street performers, the city by day and by night. I especially enjoyed Charles Bridge as the sun was rising one morning. I remember also there being a grand piano in on of the parks that random people could play a tune on. A great list of things to do here. I would love to go back in the future.

  14. I’m going to visit Prague at the end of September, so this looks like an AMAZING blog post to save actually. I have done quite a bit of research already but didn’t know the tid bits about the Tram 11 & the Market near Old Town. I will def be signing up for a walking tour. PS- I love how you get straight to the point because my attention span isn’t that great, lol.

  15. This is a very informative post for anyone planning for Prague. I love exploring cities on foot, the best way to see the locals. I’m probably going to visit it this year, will save your post for that time. Thanks for sharing.

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  17. So many exciting places to see in Prague. I’d start with St Vitus Cathedral, then the Powder Gate, then I’d eventually tour all of Prague. I’d be sure to go on foot, that’s looking more fun.

  18. Prague is surely one of my favourite places!! It is so beautiful with all the architecture and history dating back as long as to 9th century. The view of the old town from the castle is like a must do there. Loved all your pictures, reminded me of my time in Prague. Thanks for sharing!!

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  22. I always look forward to your travel posts, they make me want to buy a ticket and skip out on life for a while! Love the first photo of Prague with the red roofs. My father and husband both brew their own beer and I know, if we went, they’d be in heaven. I had no idea the people of Prague were the largest consumers of beer in the world. Which isn’t a bad title to have! Do you have a favorite local beer you’d recommend?

  23. I didn’t know Prague is famous for beers! Did you try any that you recommend? I love the old world charm of this city and could imagine spending time walking around, photographing the architectures.

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  26. There are so many things to see in Prague, though I think it’s kinda an expensive town. My aunt was there for New Year’s eve, and she told me that everything was so expencive! I don’t know if it was their “high-peak-season” what did you experience when you’ve been there?

  27. I went to Prague as a teenager and it lives in my memory as one of the most beautiful cities I have been in. I was probably a bit young for the beer though, which might be why that’s what caught my eye most in your post. I like the idea of a beer tram which takes you through the amazing streets while you drink! Cool!

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  35. A tram that doubles up as a beer bar?! That’s amazing, sounds like a great place to bring the hubs for his birthday! The architecture looks beautiful too, so quaint and well maintained. Thanks for the tips, especially warning about fines for crossing at the wrong time etc- would be a nasty shock!

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