24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana Illinois

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Let’s read about the 24 best things to do in Champaign Urbana Illinois.

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Virtual Tour - UIUC Campus Photos
Main Quad

Champaign Urbana or Urbana Champaign, which are sister counties or twin cities surrounded by beautiful Prairies in the Mid-west of the United States of America, will surprise you with its urban style of the diverse population. Located 130 miles away from Chicago, Illinois.  Urbana – Champaign is known for its world-class prestigious University, vibrant artistic County lifestyle, arts–cultural festivals, farmer’s markets, specialized family events, sports arenas, farmlands, forest preserves, and nature trails.

Best things to do in Urbana ChampaignUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign Virtual Tour - UIUC Campus Photos
Illini Union

Not only does the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign attracts tourists from all over the world but its events, festivals, and street markets are also attracting many visitors throughout the year. Champaign – Urbana is also a foodies heaven as you will find diverse cuisine from worldwide. This region is known for cornfields but who knows that the Supercomputers and Nobel prize-winning theory of Superconductivity too got birth here amidst cornfields.  So enjoy Champaign Urbana with innumerable events, festivals, museums, nature parks/forests, and educational and cultural attractions for all interests in this article. 

College of Engineering at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
College of Engineering – UIUC

Note: I was hosted by Visit Champaign County to feel Champaign county, but views and opinions are my own, not influenced by anyone.

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana Illinois

University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

This prestigious University was founded in 1867 and is one of the top public universities of the USA. Some of its faculties like School of Information Science and College of Engineering are ranking among the top 10 in the world University Rankings. Also it houses USA’s second largest University Library which is built in 4 acres. University Library is also a worth visiting place in campus. 

Library of University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Library on Campus @UIUC

This University proudly boasts of 24 Nobel Prize winners and 18 Pulitzer Prize winners in their Alumni or Faculty.

Nobel prize winners from UIU

Not only this University is academically significant but it also attractive to tourists due to many beautiful fields, architectural beauties, sculptural works, wide gardens, events, and sports arenas and second-biggest library of the USA. 

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Activity Type (Suitable for)– Educational & Architecture lovers

Memorial Stadium – Fighting Illini

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois
Sculpture of players playing Football

The famous football stadium of Mid-west USA which is located on the campus of the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Founded in 1923, this stadium was built in memory of people who laid their lives in World War I and that’s why it is named as Memorial Stadium. The seating capacity of this stadium is 60,000 and an official stand for Chicago Bears and Illinois Fighting Illini.

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Activity Type (Suitable for)– Sports Lovers

StateFarm Center

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois
Pic Credits – My son

StateFarm Center is an indoor events area with huge dome-shaped is located in the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. The university owns and operates this arena. This arena has around 15,000 to 16,000 seating capacity. It is a multipurpose event area where many times basketball games are hosted here – Illinois Fighting Illini’s Basketball Games. Also, some famous Broadways series, concerts and many more entertaining events are also held here. Great musician Elvis Presly performed here in October 1976. It is third largest even venue in Midwest. 

Activity Type (Suitable for)– Sports Lovers or Event Lovers

Meadowbrook Park & Wandell Sculpture Garden

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

130 acres of Green and beautiful park located in Urbana is developed to restore the original Prairie landscape. You can find many species of plants, huge trees, farms, fields, birds, insects and many natural attractions. Here you can spot a wide range of flora and fauna like Shooting stars, hyacinths, spiderworts, milkweeds, white indigos, cup plants and many more. Prairies flowers can also be seen here which blooms in different colors in different seasons.

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Not only this park is a paradise for nature lovers but there is a huge collection of sculptural work from local artists within the park. You can spot them while you go for a walk in the park. The name of artists and materials used in the work is also written with the work. 

Entrance – Free to Enter

Activities – Family Trails, Hikes, Dog Walking, Birds Watching, Running/Jogging, Roller Bladders, Nature Photography, and Nature fun activities

I loved listening to beautiful chirping sounds of birds and humming sounds of bees throughout the park. It looks like nature is playing a musical concert for us, as you can see nature in full bloom in this park.

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Amenities – Restrooms, Playground, Community Gardens, Benches, Fields, Nature Parks, Paved paths, Prairies fields, Sculpture garden, drinking fountains, and water bodies.

As this is surrounded by nature and fields you cannot spot restaurants or eat-outs nearby, so go well prepared.

Activity Type (Suitable for)– Nature Lovers, Artists, Fitness Freaks

Hessel Park

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

22 acres of a lush green vibrant park located just a few minutes away from the University will surely interest the nature lovers. You can see large green grassy grounds with more than 25 species of trees and through which a scenic paved path passes to take long walks. This park is famous amongst the children as it has beautiful children’s playground and splash pad. Therefore you can spot many families on weekends and holidays with their children for some nature outings. Even there are picnic benches so that you can spread out your food and have a nice family picnic. Other than this it also has tennis courts, basketball courts, and Grills. 

playground Hessel park

Activity Type (Suitable for)– Nature Lovers, Families with children & Fitness Freaks

Museum of the Grand Prairie

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Located in the Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve, this museum depicts the 19th century and early 20th-century Mid-west’s Prairies lifestyle. This museum is divided into three sections –

Grand Prairies Stories – Lifestyle of people living in Prairies which shows farms & fields and how people lived here in ancient times.

BlackSmithing on the Prairie – Blacksmith’s life and his shop

Champaign County’s Lincoln – Depicting Abraham Lincoln’s early years till his political beginning because Lincoln has spent his early life in Prairies. Abraham Lincoln is from Illinois state and was a farmer too and therefore you can see a strong connection between his early life living in this museum.

Entrance – Free to Enter

Activity Type (Suitable for) – History Lovers

Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

This 900 acres stunning forest preserve across Sangamom River has fishing, boating, hiking, cross country skiing(in snow time), Golf course, Botanical gardens, wooden bridge, and many more beautiful natural attractions.

Lake – You can rent pedal boats, Kayaks, and rowboats from the boat peninsula at 101 N Lake at Woods Road.

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Nature lovers & Nature Photographers

Lake of the Woods Golf Course

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Award-winning 18 hole Golf course and also you can find 9 hole par 3 course with a practice golf course range too.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Sports Lovers

Lake of the Woods Covered Bridge 

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

A deep red colored wooden covered bridge connecting two sides of the lake of the woods is a very quirky stopover in the lush green forest preserve. As this area is very peaceful, and relaxing you can enjoy nature by spending a few hours here.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Nature Lovers & Relaxing Travelers

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Mabery Gelvin Botanical Gardens

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

8 acres lush green garden in Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve has many trees, lakes and diverse flora & fauna. Just off from state highway Route 77 it is a beautiful spot for complete nature relaxation. Many couples have exchanged wedding vows here. 

Entrance – Free to Enter

Activity Type – Nature Lovers, Fitness freaks and Nature Photographers.

Curtis Orchard & Pumpkin Patch

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

This historic family-run orchard farm in southwest Champaign is a perfect weekend activity to spend some time in original farms. You can wander around apple trees, pluck your favorite ones, and buy them while returning from here. This family-run orchard features pumpkins, apples, and farm animals. Kids love to play around with cute farm animals and can learn about farming and field activities. Explore the farm lifestyle with fresh produce growing, farm animals moving around and having some food at the quirky farm style of restaurant which sources raw products from the farm.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Families with children & Farm Lovers

Alto Vineyards Champaign

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Taste the amazing flavors of Southern Illinois’s finest wines at this family-owned vineyard and winery. It is located in the scenic location of Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. They produce the highest quality of wine from their own vineyard, and in their tasting room, you get the opportunity to taste some of their award-winning wines.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Gourmet Lovers

Krannert Center of the Performing Arts

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

A huge concert Hall on the University campus has 4000 seating capacity in all four venues, hosted many famous and notable performances. Many notable performers like Zakir Hussain, Joshua Bell, Clark Terry, Sonny Pollins, and Savion Glover have performed here. Many world-famous Orchestras or Ensembles have also played here.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Artists and Event Lovers

Spurlock Museum, U of I

Ethnography historical museum at UIUC which includes around 50,000 collections of cultural heritage from around the globe.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – History Lovers

South Quad Bell Tower

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Located at the South end of the campus of UIUC, this famous bell tower is also known as McFarland Carillon. This 185 ft tall tower has 49 bells pre-programmed through a computer and can play 500 songs. You can also control it through the keyboard and create your own musical sounds. This bell tower signifies the beauty of modern-day towers and how technology can make bell towers more melodic and exciting. Also, it is located in the beautiful green ground of the University campus area, which also makes a great place to spend time and listen to outstanding musical notes at the campus.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Music and nature lovers

NCSA Blue Water Super Computer

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Blue Water is one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world and one of the fastest in the University campus. This petascale supercomputer at NCSA in the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) runs the science and engineering codes at the speed of one petaFLOPS. This supercomputer system controls the University’s power and cooling system to reduce energy consumption. 

For free guided tours to learn more about this supercomputer, you have to register yourself on their official site. For viewing, you need to reserve your time slot.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Technology lovers and Educational

Crystal Lake Park

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

60 acre green park located on the intersection of Main Street & Smith Road boasts of native flowers, grasses, boardwalks, and birdwatching.  

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Nature lovers, Fitness freaks, Nature photography

Prairies Farms or Domed Barns

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Enjoy the wildflowers land in Midwest of USA.  Also as you are surrounded by many cornfields as this region is famous for cultivating corns, then take an opportunity to have photos in farms or cornfields.

Also, you can see specially domed shaped designed barns, which are quite common in midwest farming areas. So enjoy the Great Plains in Northern America. 

These farms can be spotted on University grounds, too as this University has significant Agricultural studies too. Also, while coming to Champaign or exiting this county, you will see numerous barns and farm fields.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Nature & Farm Lovers

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois
Prairies Landscape

Sunset at Farms

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Get a glimpse of a colorful sunset over the cornfields or farms. A beautiful sight that is not crowded with tourists and can be enjoyed from everywhere. Just head towards farms in the direction where the sun is about the set. You can see so many shades of sun playing drama in the sky.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Nature Lovers

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois


24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Catch a show at The Art Theater on West Church Street. The vintage style of theater from 1913 is preserved as it is. So have the movie fun, not like modern multiplex but in the vintage style of theater. This theater shows many genre movies with food and beverages.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Entertainment lovers

Mural Art

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois
Mural Art @Campus

Though this city is small you will find plenty of murals or street art behind the streets or on the college campus. Many sculptural installations also show the county’s love for art and paintings.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Artists and Art Lovers

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

Market Square

Enjoy the most vibrant part of this county by participating in many street festivals and events. You can find many market days held here where performers or musicians come here to perform with many seasonal events. You can also eat in restaurants located here as they are very famous and also opt to seat out. Also known as Downtown Champaign and evenings of this place are very charming and vibrant.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – All

Hindu Temple

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

If you love to visit the temple there is one temple amidst cornfields that celebrate all Indian festivals and all are allowed to enter and participate in these festivals. Prasadams daily and feasts on festival days are also organized here.

Activity Type (Suitable for) – Spiritual

After this virtual tour of Champaign Urbana, you can now feel that there are many places for all interests and all age groups.

Where to eat in Urbana Champaign – Ideal for Vegetarians too – 24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana Illinois

  • Panera Bread – Sandwiches and Soups
  • Maze – for Mexican food
  • Ambar Restaurant – For Indian cuisine
  • Kohinoor Restaurant – For Indian cuisine
  • Old Chicago – for Italian and American style pizza
  • Himalayan Chimney – Indian cuisine 

Apart from all these which I tried out, there are many other restaurants in these twin cities which offers diverse cuisines from all around the world.

How to commute in Champaign Urbana? – Places to visit near Urbana Champaign Illinois

  • Taxis like Uber, Zipcar & Lyft
  • Self-drive and
  • MTD public buses 
  • By Bike – Travel eco-friendly way by renting a bike and check Champaign County Bikes for maps at champaigncountybikes.org  24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois

You can take MTD bus ride in 1 USD for one time which can be paid through TokenTransit App or by coins. You can also purchase annual Bus pass too in 84 USD.  University students and staff travel for free in these MTD buses by showing their i-Cards.

MTD bus in Champaign

You can download MTD connect app for free to check bus routes and bus timings. Click here for Champaign-Urbana Mass transit Public transport official site.

If you are self-driving then for parking you need to put quarters in the meters at parking slot and for around 2USD you can park up to 30 minutes in premium places and somewhere in 1USD for 90 minutes. Parking you can pay by quarter dollar coins or through Mobile App named MobileMeter. Sticker code on parking meter tells you the type of parking. Red is the most expensive and Green is the least expensive parking slot.

How to reach Champaign Urbana?

  • Chicago is the nearest International and Domestic airport.
  • From Chicago Airport, you can either rent a car near the terminal, or you can book your seats in privately owned Peoria Charter bus services.
  • Peoria charter takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach Champaign Urbana from Chicago O’Hare Airport. It costs approximately 30 USD per person to get here by this bus service. Click here to book your bus tickets
  • Champaign also has a small domestic airport named Willard Airport which is operated by University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. You can also book low-cost flights if you are traveling within USA from here. Not all flights land here so check the schedule of your airlines and which flights arrive here. Also during heavy snow this airport sometimes gets closed.
24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois
Lake front

Where to stay in Champaign Urbana?

As this twin cities houses world’s one of the most prestigious University, there are many hotels of all brands, categories, and price range. They are located everywhere in the city and mostly they are full when there is some even in the University like Dad’s Weekend, Mom’s Weekend, Graduation Day, Illini International students welcome day and Graduation Day. So the prices of hotels are very high during these days as the whole city is full of parents and siblings of students studying here.

I stayed at two places

  • Home2Suites By Hilton.

Click to check availability at Home2Suites Hilton

  •  Country Inn Suites by Radisson and I found both are very good to have a stay here.

Click to check availability at Country Inn Suites by Radisson

Where to shop in Champaign Urbana?

Market Place, Boutique shops at Church street, big hypermarkets like Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Dress for Less. In Market Place, you will find mostly all the brands like Kohl’s, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, food courts and many interesting shops. There is no problem with shopping as you will find many branded and boutique shops all over these twin cities.  Or you can also check some premium outlet mall for premium shopping at Auroras shopping Plaza in between while coming from Chicago International Airport.

University of Urbana Champaign
University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign

Festivals & events in Champaign County – 24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana Illinois

  • Taste of Champaign Urbana
  • Urbana Sweetcorn Festival
  • Mahomet Music Festival
  • Japan House Matsuri
  • Pygmalion
  • CU Oktoberfest
  • Parade of Lights
  • Engineering Open House
  • Boneyard Arts Festival
  • Street Fest
  • Freedom Celebrations
  • Historic Farm Days.

Enjoy Fall of Champaign Urbana as it is the most splendid time to visit this quirky county with nature blooming in many Fall colors.

Champaign in Fall
Pic Credits – My Son (Without any filter)

I hope you would love the Mid-western hospitality and vibrant cultural vibes of Champaign Urbana. Feel the #outofordinary  experience at #chambana which is one of the most unique in Mid-West.  Check this 24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana Illinois guide before you plan your Urbana Champaign Illinois tour. 

24 Best Things To Do In Champaign Urbana, Illinois
Let’s feel the University lifestyle at UIUC


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  1. We will have to remember Champaign Urbana the next time we head to Illinois. We are always drawn to the big US football stadiums. So much more impressive that we find in Canada. We would definitely head to the Wandell Sculpture Garden. We have visited outdoor statue gardens around the world and love to see the art in nature. Love that there are so many outdoor activities. And worth staying for those colourful sunsets.

  2. I love University towns! There seems to be a lot of parks too and it is interesting to have a creative side to it with sculptures. I am quite pleasantly surprised at the spread of vegetarian options in this place! I have never visited this part of the world, and it is high time I plan a trip here! 🙂

  3. To be completely frank I have never been to Illinois nor do I know what there is to do there. It just never struck me as a place to travel to, but your blog post made me think otherwise. I love the photos to go with the text, as you get a whole other feel for a destination with visuals. I love beautiful green gardens so this would probably be my favorite spot and on top of my list to visit!

    1. Thanks Ann, even before visiting Illinois I never thought it would be so much wonderful with lots of greenery and away from city pollution.

  4. I’ve only heard about Urbana-Champaign with regard to the University of Illinois, but college towns are a lot of fun to explore. There’s clearly so much more than the university campus here though! The town just looks so green with so many outdoor activity options. I’d love to test out my camera on the Lake of the Woods Covered Bridge when the weather is good.

    1. Yes Kevin, I visited first time to some college town in USA and I am really impressed that how well managed it is. Even the green spaces here in Champaign are lot many for nature lovers.

  5. It’s always considered Champaign Urbana to be a typical college town, but your post has opened my eyes. I am astonished at all the green places there are in the area! I would love to visit the sculpture garden and also tour the local orchard. I’ve also need to visit the iconic covered bridge, which has been a must-see on my bucket list.

  6. We did a big 7 week trip to the USA however we really only stuck to the tourist trial, I would have loved to have some extra time to visit some less tourist places like Illinois and see what the really USA is like away from what we are so familiar with from television.

    1. Yes Sally, USA’s touristic cities are very different from the other places where USA locals live. And to see how they live their life is always so interesting thing to do in the USA.

  7. What a charming little place to visit! First, I love going to see games in college stadiums around the country. Having grown up in the south, college football is a big part of my life. The parks and gardens all look great, but my must see would be the covered bridge!

  8. What a quaint, beautiful town! I’d never heard of it, which seems weird since UL is there. I had no idea they had the 2nd largest university library! I love all of the parks that you can visit.

  9. What a comprehensive list of things to do and see in a charming Midwestern college town! I think I’d enjoy the Meadowbrook Park & Wandell Sculpture Garden the most!

  10. wow, there is a lot to do in this part of the world!
    I would love to visit just for the architecture alone. All those grand buildings and the covered bridges. Stunning! And exactly how I imagine this part of the US to be. Storybook USA really.

  11. Wow, I have never heard of this town, or these sights but it looks like there is so many interesting things to see. Or do. This just goes to show that there is so many places in the U.S. that I don’t even know about but what I should still. My worry would be how to get my kids out of that park.. ha ha.

  12. I love this trend of university cities catering to a wider audience. I like Urbana’s appeal to nature lovers and active citizens. And that’s a lot of festivals for one town!

  13. It’s so funny that I’m from Chicago and have never made it to Urbana Champaign but am reading about it on a blog now! There is so much greenery down there in such a variety of shapes and sizes (botanical gardens, parks, etc.) which is amazing. I think I’d be most drawn to Urbana Champaign for all the nature.

  14. Wow! This is the most detailed post I have read about Urbana, IL. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    We would love to visit the Alto Vineyards. We enjoy wine-tasting and it such a “challenge” to find the best and the greatest wines in the world.

  15. Thanks for sharing this detailed list! All things looks super fun! Will save this for later if i ever get the change to go to Illinois!

  16. I haven’t even heard of Champaign Urbana and here you’ve listed so many amazing things to do there! I would particularly enjoy taking a stroll in the Wandell Sculpture Garden or visiting the Alto Vineyards, given my love for wine. Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve also looks pretty cool, it would be amazing to rent a kayak there!

  17. I’ve never head of this area of Illinois, but wow – there certainly is plenty to do! I am a big fan of botanical gardens, so that would make my list. The preserve and park also seem fun. There is a lot of history there, too!

  18. What a beautiful city! I’ll admit that I wasn’t familiar with it before coming across your post, but now I’m convinced that it’s a beautiful place to visit! There are so many pretty parks. And the lake! We love kayaking, so that is perfect for us. Thanks for the info about the parking meters. I’ll admit that we are terrible about carrying coins, so it’s always good to have the reminder!

  19. I never heard of Champaign Urbana but now I want to check it out. Seems to be a mixture of modern life and the outdoor life (which really suits me). Going to put this on my list of places to visit in Illinois when I go there for the first time.

  20. So many parks to enjoy in Champaign Urbana. I especially enjoyed seeing the sculptures. At first I thought the architecture looked quite French in your first photo and then quite English looking. It certainly has many interesting styles. The Bell Tower is impressive as well.

  21. This is quite a hidden gem. Love the variety it offers. The Vineyards look so refreshing and definitely something I want to do. I am quite amused by the bell tower. They sure have given it a different musical spin with all those computer programs. Quite interesting!

    1. Yes, they given many musical twists through computer programming and also can be done manually. As this bell tower is located in world’s best computer institutions it is all programmed here.

  22. Camping and Illinois sounds just perfect. As a camping lover myself I would just love to camp the next time, though I haven’t been camping a lot of places in the states. I really like the view of Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve it looks incredibly pristine. I had no idea that Illinois had a Hindu temple within it I would just love to try the Indian food there.

    1. Yes camping at Lake of the woods is a very pristine experience. Yes you get yummy Indian food in Hindu Temple, but check the schedules of opening timings before you go there.

  23. so many cool things to! I´m honest, I haven´t heard about Champaign Urbana yet! I would love to explore all the nature things, like the sculpture garden or the lake! And wathcing a football game 😀 Thanks for sharing all that!

    1. You would love all Pia as it is really wonderful here. I too agree that many people don’t know about Champaign but it is hidden gem.

  24. This is interesting, esp., since it shares its name with the French city of my favourite wine, Champagne. Hahaha…. Quite interesting that Champaign also has vineyards in it!
    The university has 24 Nobel winners and 18 Pulitzer winners? OMG! That’s crazy. To even study in this environment would be very educating, putting aside the knowledge imparted by the teachers!
    Wandell Sculpture garden would be my top place to visit. The Hassel Park would be perfect for me too, with my little gal. She would have a blast. As usual I wouldn’t miss the murals.

    1. Yes this University is very prestigious and ranks even in top 10 for some of its programs. Also the nature attractions here are worth. You would truly enjoy this place.

  25. I would love to visit the Champaign-Urbana area. The University of Illinois campus looks impressive. I’m a nature-lover, and I would definitely enjoy going on a short trip there. You look very happy and relaxed, Yukti. And your outfit is lovely!

  26. Early next year we will be getting direct flights from my home town of Brisbane in Australia to Chicago so we really want to head over and do a road trip. Thanks for the tips for Champain Urbane. It definitely will be on the list of places to visit.

  27. I must admit I would have never planned this beautiful destination even if I was to visit Chicago and thanks to your post it has come to my knowledge. It is great to see that it has some good educational institutions so most likely would have lively feel with the students. Some great natural beauty and would be great to enjoy the outdoors in the summer in Champain Urbane. Similar to some of the places I have viisted in the States there seems to be good options to eat as well. Lastly I must admit as always the Hilton property never fails to charm with its great accommodation. I would try and visit it on my next trip to the USA.

  28. I’ve spent a lot of time in Illinois but have never heard of Champain Urbane. However, from reading your post, there are clearly some interesting things to do here. I like the look of the vineyards as I’m a wine drinker and the parks too. I love Mexican food so Maze would be my first stop!

  29. I’ve not heard of this area before, so thanks for sharing! I love that there is so much green space and parks. One to add to the list the next time I’m visiting Chicago and want to see outside the city.

    1. Yes Katie, you would love this area when you visit it. Whenever you plan for Chicago take some time to cover this part too

  30. What stunning green spaces! Those parks look lovely. I’ve never had the privilege of visiting Illinois, you’ve opened my eyes to some of the other things the state has to offer other than Chicago…it’s going on my bucket list!


  31. Even though Champaign isn’t too far away from where I grew up I have never been there. I had no idea there were so many things to do in Champaign. The Curtis Orchard & Pumpkin Patch looks fun, it’s always nice to visit Midwest orchards and farms during the fall. I bet the Mabery Gelvin Botanical Gardens are beautiful.

    1. I second you that the Mid-west area becomes stunning in Fall and all orchards and farms here are very beautiful. Good to know you lived here close by.

  32. We always think of Chicago first but Champaign Urbana will be a place I consider for a future visit. You had me at foodie destination. Every one of the restaurants you mentioned seems amazing. I am a big fan of Indian Cuisine so was happy to see you included 3 suggestions in that category. Also a huge fan of the murals and art work displayed throughout the city. it so fun to walk or perhaps rent one of the bikes and try and discover as many of the murals as possible.

    1. Biking in Champaign is fun along the huge trees and lush green grounds. You would love the peace and vibrant atmosphere of this place.

    2. I always thought only of Chicago in Illinois. Never knew Champaign Urbana would be so interesting. The place seems to be green with the number of parks and lakes around. Loved the idea of eco-friendly way of exploring the parks. Thanks for recommending the veg places to eat and that too 3 out of them are Indian. However the first thing on my list would be the guided tour to the Blue Water Supercomputer.

  33. I just received my ten year USA visa today. My happiness level is so high, furthermore after reading your post on things to do in Champaign Urbana. Nature is totally my thing, enjoyed yr post while reading all the activities and fun thibgs you can do in Meadowbrook Park & Wandell Sculpture Garden.

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