Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide

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Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide
Opera and Ballet Theatre

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, the heart of the country and one of the oldest cities in the world. The city’s architecture and buildings are built of pink stones, that’s why Yerevan got its romantic name “the pink city”. The main attractions of the capital are concentrated in the center and you will be able to complete your sightseeing within a couple of days.

There is no doubt that you will fall in love with this small cozy and hospitable city full of nice and warm atmosphere. In this post, I will talk about what to do in Armenia with all useful tips and guidance for all those who are visiting the first time. You will know the best options for accommodation, the sights to visit and the best places for trying national food. Being Armenia a very affordable country, you can get many things in Yerevan for $10

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What to see in Yerevan? | Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide 

Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide
City Center

Ancient Yerevan has recently celebrated its 2800th anniversary.  For thousands of years, it has witnessed much political turbulence and therefore it has influences of many lifestyles.  Being strategically located on the confluence of Asia and Europe, this culture pot has beautiful and rich cultures of the western and eastern world. Also, it has beautiful traces of past and also maintaining a modern city type living. 

Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide
Man playing the musical instrument at Northern Avenue

It is worth starting your city tour from the ruins of the Erebuni fortress, where the history of the city began. The fortress is located on Arin-Bird hill. Only the fortress walls have been preserved, but all the finds from the territory including ancient dishes, jewelry, weapons, and coins are exhibited in the museum. The most precious in the museum is the ancient cuneiform of King Argishti 1, the founder of the fortress.

Yerevan Guide
Local Vendors selling hand made paintings

The heart of the city is the Republic Square with singing fountains. In the center of the square, there is an oval “carpet” with a beautiful ornament. The fountains are located in front of the building of the National Gallery. All the buildings around the square are built of pink and peach tuff, the walls and columns are decorated with ornaments in the traditional style. City chimes are on the wall of the Government House. From the square, you can take a walk along the boulevard to Shahumyan square. The park is decorated with 2750 small fountains installed on the 2750th anniversary of Erebuni – Yerevan. From the square, you can get to Northern Avenue, the newest district of the city. On both sides of the boulevard, there are fashionable boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. It is a favorite place for residents to spend summer evenings.

Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide
Northern Avenue

From the Northern Avenue opens a wonderful view of the Opera and Ballet Theater. The last stop is Cascade, a huge monument in the form of a white stone staircase. The Cafesjian Center for the Arts with a unique collection of contemporary art is located on the territory. In fact, the Cascade is an open-air museum with unique expositions.

Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide
Opera and Ballet Theater

You can feel the taste of Yerevan in the cellars of the Yerevan Ararat Brandy Factory.  The factory is located in the fortress of the XVI century. The building itself is already an important landmark. And yet, the main thing is waiting in the cellars of the fortress with the barrels of high-quality brandy stored. In the degustation room, you will taste true Armenian brandy. The perfect evening can be finished at the cliff of Hrazdan gorge enjoying the view of night Yerevan.

Of course, this is just a small part of interesting places and sights in Yerevan. If you have time, be sure to visit Surb Sarkis, Surb Zoravor and Surb Hovhannes churches, stroll through the Lovers’ Park and ride on the Ferris wheel. 

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Where to stay in Yerevan?  |  Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide 

Yerevan can be considered one of the most comfortable cities for tourists. Both luxury hotels and very affordable hostels can be found here. The choice depends solely on the budget. B&B hotel will be a golden middle (the average price for a room is $ 50). All popular hotels are located in the city center. You will not have to spend much time or money to get to the desired place. If you are going to visit Armenia for holidays, it is best to book a hotel in advance.

The fine luxury options are Armenia Marriott, Double Tree by Hilton, Radisson Blu Hotel. The fine options for an average price are Cascade Hotel, Ararat Hotel, Silachi Hotel. For a budget trip, you can search for hostels which are many in the capital like Happy Camper or Avenue Hostel.

Where to eat in Yerevan? | Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide 

In Yerevan, there are the greatest choice of various restaurants, cafes and fast food chains so you will have no difficulty to find what you need. Try not to order burgers and sandwiches and go for exclusive dishes of national cuisine. Armenian cuisine is famous for its spicy dishes of greens and meat, delicious national bread lavash and dried fruits. Vegetarians can also get a good choice like Ghapama, Pasus Tolma, and many more.

Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide

In Yerevan there are wonderful national restaurants with exquisite cuisine. Many of them represent traditional cuisine in a new concept.  Visit some local restaurants like  Tavern Yerevan, Dolmama restaurants and Karas national food chain. You can also use their delivery service and order food to any place you wish.

LOCAL CURRENCY – Armenian Dram

LANGUAGE – Armenian

SHOPPING – Vernissage flea market for souvenirs, trinkets and some cultural type of articles or Yerevan Mall for branded stuff

Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide
Souvenirs at Vernissage

Night Life in Yerevan| Interesting Yerevan City Tour Guide 

If you were lucky to visit Yerevan in spring or summer, be sure to stroll around the night city. The most important thing is that it is absolutely safe even late at night. The city center is always crowded; almost all interesting places like bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, and pubs are located here.

Nightlife in the capital is quite active. Young people usually spend time in pubs and clubs. All the popular pubs and bars are located along the Pushkin Street. Saryan is another popular street in Yerevan with the best wineries on both sides of the street.

Our virtual city tour in Yerevan has come to an end. If you have found interesting places in the city, feel free to share your ideas.

Yerevan can be reached from Tbilisi by bus or private car (Capital of Georgia also).  Check Bus schedule or book your tickets from Tbilisi to Yerevan or Yerevan to Tbilisi. 

Armenia is a culture pot as Europe meets Asia and therefore it is also a Eurasian country. Watch more about this region on Lonely Planet’s –

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is my husband’s home country! I’m so happy to see such a wonderful place getting coverage. I’ve never been myself, but you’ve made it look so appealing. I’ve never been to an open air museum – so I’d really like to see the Cascade.

  2. What a place to visit! Amazing architecture, food, people and fascinating history. I haven’t been to this part of the world, but I definitely must go there.

  3. The Caucasus is a place where traditions and modern culture are merged together. People there are very hostile and friendly, they will feed you even when you’re not hungry 🙂 Beautiful land with beautiful people and architecture!

  4. While not that far, I’ve never considered visiting Armenia before. Maybe after next year (which is already planned), we’ll see. Because it looks very beautiful, and ever since watching The Color of Pomegranates I’ve been interesting in learning more about the history and culture of Armenia.

  5. This post was such an eye opener as I really don’t know much about Armenia. I can’t believe that Yerevan is 2800 years old. I come from Canada, such a new country, and am always intrigued by the history in these ancient cities. Yerevan sounds beautiful and full of culture that I would like to experience. So glad to hear, as a solo traveller, that it is safe in the evenings.

  6. What a beautiful place! It reminded me very much of St Petersburg, from the curved building you showed at the start to the walkway laced with paintings. Plenty of history is always a bonus and you’ve shown us some stunning spots to visit like the Cascade. You’ve also made me hungry for stuffed vine leaves.

  7. Therese’s (the other half of HI Travel Tales) family is from Armenia and we are chomping at the bit to arrange a visit … into the country as well as visiting various historic cities and villages. This post highlights the beauty of Armenia and its people (which I can attest to) as well as its wonderful cuisine (which I fortunately get to eat regularly). For those who marvel at the history of Armenia, begin with its language one of the oldest languages in the world — Armenians established their own alphabet in the 5th century AD, with 38 total letters (36 originally with two added in the Middle Ages).

    1. Wow, great to know that your better half is Armenian. Beautiful country with rich culture, history and loving people.

  8. Looks like an underrated place to visit with so much history and culture. To be celebrating its 2800th year is incredible. Thank you for sharing this city with us.

  9. It celebrated its 2800th year? Wow…things that just aren’t conceivable to those of us who are from such young countries like the US. That’s really cool…I knew Armenia was old but not that old! Also, you have now created a draw for me with “the pink city” because of the stones and architecture. I must see that-I love pink and cool architecture!

  10. I know I’ll be visiting soon as my husband is from Armenia! Thank you for featuring a country that gets such little time in the spotlight when it comes to travel writing. I personally have never been and can never get a clear imagine in my head of the vibe of the city. Your post really clarified for me that Yerevan is much more modern than I would have expected – I especially liked the bit about the nightlife!

  11. Yerevan seems to be a very unique place. A confluence of Asian and European culture must lend it a unique aura, something like what we find in parts of Turkey. The city looks so enchanting and the history sounds fascinating and something we would love to delve deeper into. Nice to know that the food here is spicy and also you have good vegetarian options like Ghapama, Pasus Tolma,

    1. Thanks Sandy, many of the Eurasian countries are great to visit as they have confluence of Asia and Europe.

  12. Wow.. I’d love to see Yerevan and its architecture. The 2750 small fountains sounds interesting. I’d love to ride the ferris wheel too and see the view from above.. 🙂

  13. I have never thought of visiting Yerevan. Your article has made me want to add Yerevan to our travel list. Good to hear that there are vegetarian options in restaurants and that the prices for accommodation is quite reasonable as well. I can see myself wandering down the streets enjoying the art work.

  14. The Caucasus is very hospitable and amazing land. Here you can see many sights and beautiful places. Of course, beautiful landscapes, high mountains, and historical monuments will not leave anyone indifferent. Caucasian cuisine is a real pleasure. Old traditions and family ties are very much appreciated here. And so the recipes are handed down from generation to generation, they are time tested. The Caucasus is one big family in which there are no strangers.

  15. The city is very friendly. Everyone is happy to answer questions and help in case of anything. I visited the Matenadaran Museum of Armenian History. Sezdil in Garni and Gegard. Especially impressed Gegard temple simply radiates spirituality. I fell in love very much with walks in the night Yerevan. Everywhere there are young people, cafes full of people on the streets. An excellent museum of history of Yerevan, Parajanov and of course Ararat brandy factory is all included for free on the map of Yerevan, for a walk)

  16. I have some friends from Yerevan. I want to visit him this summer. I tried several dishes of Armenian cuisine and I really like them. Your article is very sunny and shows this city in the best possible way!

  17. After reading the article I discovered for myself how beautiful and welcoming Yerevan is. I felt like I had a trip there it’s so well written and thorough. My Mom used to like Armenian food and now I know why.

  18. Yerevan is a beautiful city full of history. Many people forget that it’s one of the oldest cities in Europe. I’m glad to see you had a great time. Seems like you covered most of the must-see places. Thank you for sharing this lovely article

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