Cherating – Offbeat Destination of Malaysia

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Cherating – Offbeat Destination of Malaysia
Cherating – Offbeat Destination of Malaysia (Pic Source – Pixabay)

Cherating, a laid-back village is located along peninsular East Coast of Malaysia.  This small village is a lazy beach resort area with pristine white beaches, surrounded by coconut palms.  This village has lots of small guesthouses, wooden chalets, and small hotels and therefore Cherating is popular as Beach Resort area in Pahang.  In this article Explore Cherating – Offbeat Destination of Malaysia.

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Cherating – Offbeat Destination of Malaysia
Cherating – A beach resort town of Malaysia (Pic Source – Pixabay)

Cherating is famous for windsurfing and is a popular spot for surfing along Pahang’s East Coast. Also, there are several beach shacks, bars which are famous for the best nightlife along Pahang’s East Coast. 

Animal lovers can watch for fireflies in the night and for this special cruises are arranged to go for spotting fireflies and turtle watching.

There are many activities and special tours organized in Cherating | Cherating – Offbeat Destination of Malaysia

  • Fireflies tours during night time
  • Turtle watching (also at night)
  • Mangrove cruise
  • ATV ride

Art lovers can register themselves for special Batik painting classes which are held by handicraft shops here in Cherating.  Batik is a special type of dyeing technique on fabrics with the help of wax and dyes.  Also, there are many varieties of art and craft classes held here.

Cherating – Offbeat Destination of Malaysia
Cherating – Perfect laid back small town of Malaysia (Pic Source – Pixabay)

How to reach Cherating | Cherating – Offbeat Destination of Malaysia

Convenient and Easy Bus services from Kuala Lumpur.  The bus takes around 4 to 5 hours with all stops in between. You can also Rent a Car to reach here within 4 hours. 

Nearest International Airport

Kuala Lumpur and then you can connect to the national airport which Kuantan Airport. 

Transportation in Cherating

Rent a Bike or on foot. Cherating is a small village and so you don’t need the vehicle for commuting around.  Ask your stay or resort owner to arrange for bikes.

STAY – Try to stay closer to the beach and close to city’s main attraction like Residence Inn Cherating   Look for the best Cherating hotels


Go to South-west of Cherating for Natural cave-rock formations.  There is a huge statue of reclining Buddha near Panching cave also. 

FOOD OPTIONS – As Cherating is a beach village then you get lots of variety in seafood with many rice dishes according to Malay style.

CURRENCY OF MALAYSIA – Malaysian Ringgit

Suitable time to go Cherating 

November & December for Windsurfing,  April end to August end is best as it is warm and sunny throughout.  September to December is slightly rough weather with lots of rain and strong winds. 

Cherating – Offbeat Destination of Malaysia
Cherating – peaceful and Relaxed place (Pic. Source – Pixabay)

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. I haven’t been to Cherating myself ! But I heard of mixed reviews on the Club Med resort there ! Love to check it out some day ! =)

  2. Amazing content. I was planning to go for a trip, but I was confused where, this blog clear the difference, So now my thoughts are clear. Malaysia will be the better place to go. As per your blog It will be the great travel destination for me. I will definitely share my experience when I will get back. Thank you for such a needful content. Keep Posting.

  3. We have visited a few beach resorts in Malaysia but not on the East Coast. Cherating looks beautiful. Malaysia does have some stunning beaches. My favourite thing to do is find a beach shack with great food and just chill, this looks like the place that I can do just that. Is there a particular month or season for turtle watching?

  4. I’d never heard of Cherating in Malaysia before. What a beautiful beach! With great seafood dinners, it caters to pescatarians and vegetarians. I’d like to try a batik painting class – what a great way to experience something local.

  5. A deserted beach in Southeast Asia, that’s just incredible and quite uncommon! I had never heard of Cherating but will definitely be part of my itinerary in Malaysia, I love these kind of hidden but incredible destinations! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I`ve been in mostly all the southern Asia countries but Malaysia is on my top together with the Philippines. A destination not known by a lot of travellers but definitely worth a visit!! 🙂

  7. Cherating is one of the best travel Destination in Malaysia. The environment of the beach is most suitable for the summer trip. I visited there last year, it was a great experience for me. It feels so exciting and good to read your article, it remembers me those sweet memories. I enjoyed a lot there especially the beach area, and Cherating Village, there as workshops for traditional textiles and handicrafts. All of your information and guideline will help all the beginner for explore this amazing place. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  8. The beach and the water looks so pristine and the presence of fire flies shows how pure the area is. I suppose you can also snorkel and scuba around which makes it even more perfect. The absence of crowd too, promises a great holiday

  9. Che-rating is a popular beach resort area in Pa hang. Che-rating village is a typical small lazy East Coast fishing village although backpacker-tourism now is the major income earner here. It is the most wonderful place in Malaysia. Your recommended information are really help the traveler to stay a best place and enjoy the tour. I having a good time to Che-rating a good time. After reading your post I want to go there once again. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. This place looks beautiful. I have not heard of this place! Quite an interesting find and discovery. I have been east Malaysia to the point of Perhentian in the South China sea. The island looks very similar to what I saw there, but its good to know a new place and that too so beautiful!

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