Explore Al Fahidi Souk

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Explore Dubai’s frozen historic town with authentic Arabic culture and heritage. This historic town is called as Al Fahidi or Bastakiya as in ancient times, this quarter was built by merchants from Bastak(a town from Persia) came to Dubai for trading and set business along Dubai creek.  

Explore Al Fahidi Souk
Explore Al Fahidi Souk

Al Fahidi historic neighborhood has well-preserved clay washed wind towers(Barjeel) which provided a natural air-conditioning effect by a special technique of tunneling the wind into houses.  This is a perfect example of energy saving model in the Middle East and preserved till date.  Al Fahidi has ancient styled courtyards, narrow streets with full of colorful shops.  Al Fahidi is one of the ancient World Heritage sites in Dubai located on the banks of Dubai Creek dating back to 1890.  This place has many hidden treasures and beautiful surprises.  It is one of the heritage-themed souk in the oldest area of Dubai.  So Let’s Explore Al Fahidi Souk …………


Explore Al Fahidi Souk
Explore Al Fahidi Souk

Al Fahidi Souk is the best place for shopping Textiles, Jewelry, Artifacts, Spices and Traditional Perfumes.

TEXTILES – Those who love colorful fabrics, intricate embroideries, customized stitched dress, pure Pashminas, furs then this place is must visit.  Can be purchased per meter or full dresses too.  

SPICES – Lanes of Al Fahidi souq are full of aromatic smell.  Spices from all over the world are available here. Even the most expensive spice – SAFFRON can be purchased in bulk from here.  

Explore Al Fahidi Souk
Spice shopping

JEWELRY – Precious, semi-precious, cut or uncut stones are available in this souk.  Many patterns from all over the world are stocked in the souq.  In this souq, customization of jewelry as per our style can be done.  Also, antique and ancient trinkets and jewelry are available here.  

ARTIFACTS –  Beautiful Persian pottery with intricate patterns are available at reasonable prices.  

TRADITIONAL PERFUMES/ATAR – The original perfumes oil made from pressed flower are available here.  Available in traditionally styled bottles.  

TIPS TO Explore Al Fahidi Souk –

  • Test your whole bargain skills in this market, as lots of bargaining is done here.
  • Best time to Explore Al Fahidi Souk is during winters and if summers then go in evenings.  
  • Wear comfortable shoes as it is spread about 27,000 sq. metres area. Also, carry water bottles with you. Keep a big bag or trolley bag for keeping purchased items.
  • Don’t get fully lost into shopping as keep an eye on the architecture of this place as it is very unique and photogenic.  
  • Morning times are less crowded as compared to evenings.
  • Shops are open from Saturday to Thursday between10: A.M.  to 10P.M. with 1-hour lunch break.  On Friday, shops are open between 4:00P.m.to 10:00P.M.

Al Fahidi Souk is located on banks of Dubai creek so it has views of sea water.  Here traditionally styled abras(wooden Boats) runs from one end of old Dubai to another end at a rate of 5 AED(one-way travel). This Abra ride is fun and gets a glimpse of ancient Dubai about how sailor businessman used to come for trading.  Even in modern days, it is an important way of communication from Al Fahidi souk to Deira Souk.

Explore Al Fahidi Souk
Abra ride at Dubai Creek

How to Reach Al Fahidi Souk – Taxi, Metro and Abra.  Metro runs from Downtown to Al Fahidi metro station by changing one station at Burjuman.  Get down at Burjuman and take Green Line for Al Fahidi station.  Al Fahidi souq is about 300 meters from metro station.  Avoid taking your own car as parking is crowded.

Is Al Fahidi Souk Safe???

Yes, it is very much.  Al Fahidi souk is extremely safe and well managed.  Ladies can freely move and there is no fear of pickpocketing or other unwanted incidents.  I have previously said, Dubai is extremely safe for tourists and local people.  

Explore Al Fahidi Souk
Explore Al Fahidi Souq


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So, until then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. I have been to this part of Dubai and I enjoyed my time here. The souqs are a respite from the modern skyscrapers of Dubai. Many of the souqs have retained their old world charm. I personally enjoyed going through the spices section. I was told spices in Dubai are imported from India.

  2. Dubai is a beautiful place to be, not surprised Al Fahidi Souq is. The energy saving model is so thoughtful and I’d never have known about it if I hadn’t read this post. I can testify to Dubai’s perfume oils. A friend of mine got one for me and it was the best while I used it. I think the whole of Dubai should be turned into a market. Everyone goes there to shop and sure, it never disappoints.

  3. I haven’t been to Dubai, but the al fahidi souq looks amazing. I’m not even much of a shopper, but I’d certainly love to wander through the stalls and get lost. Actually I’d be curious how “cheap” it’d be buying saffron in bulk at this souq as it is buying a little container at the grocery store in Canada.

    1. I haven’t been to Dubai, but the al fahidi souq looks amazing. I’m not even much of a shopper, but I’d certainly love to wander through the stalls and get lost. Actually I’d be curious how “cheap” it’d be buying saffron in bulk at this souq as it is buying a little container at the grocery store in Canada.

  4. Dubai is so known for skyskraper and luxury malls so it is nice to visit something more traditional when the luxury is getting overwhelming. I love visiting local markets where ever I am all around the world and Al Fahidi souq sounds very interessting with the “natural” AC system! I hope to make a stopover in Dubai one day!

  5. Hey, this post just brought lovely memories. I was in Dubai for three months in 2015 and I would often go to this old Dubai side. Bastakia was my favorite area. Souqs are great shopping areas in Middle Eastern Countries.

  6. OMG, this still exists. When I used to stay there as a kid, we used to cross to Abra for the wholesale market here. Especially spices. It definitely has become more modern but I can still see the old world charm here. Thanks for evoking that nostalgia.

  7. I have been only once to Al Fahidi souq in spite of visiting Dubai at least twice a year. Like you said, it is definitely a feast for our senses and I would definitely love to visit once again. I love how colouful all your photos are and like you said, this place is extremely safe.

  8. What a colourful and lively market! I haven’t been to the Al Fahidi Souq during my visit to Dubai, now I wish I had. Love the whole array of ancient artefacts and beautiful fabrics, it is so gorgeous. The wind tunnel concept is unique and very smart, keeps the houses so much cooler during the summers.

  9. We love to explore culturally rich places like Al Fahidi souq. The concept of clay washed wind towers is something new to hear but very interesting and it has beautiful artwork too. Those colorful pictures of spice market are very tempting I can only imagine how aromatic the air would be when you take a walk along those shops. I would love to shop for those handicrafts too.

  10. The concept of the wind tunnels as air conditioning is brilliant! A cost-free way to cool off that also creates a beautiful effect. Good point about the comfortable shoes – looks like a place you could spend quite a lot of time!

  11. When I think of Dubai, I think only of those modern buildings and never about the heritage or history of Dubai. Good to see the lesser known Arabesque Dubai! Thanks for introducing this to me!

  12. The barjeel was a great invention by someone, a natural air conditioner – I know how hot it gets there! I don’t like to buy the fabrics and spices but do love to photograph them. Because they are so colorful they are very popular on Instagram!

  13. I love exploring old areas of any city. I have been to Dubai, but did not get the time to explore other areas. Al Fahidi looks great place to explore the art and craft. I would love to shop there. It looks like a mini version of grand bazaar. The traditional perfumes sound good to me.

  14. Al Fahidi Souq is quite colourful with diverse shopping options. I visited Dubai two years back. Your lovely post and amazing pictures refreshed my memories. Dubai is such a glamorous and majestic city! 🙂

  15. I love exploring local markets when I travel. It seems like there are lots of amazing items to find in the Al Fahidi Souq. I would love to explore it when I get the chance to visit Dubai!

  16. Al Fahidi looks like the perfect historic neighbourhood to roam around. I love its rich and vibrant vibe. I wonder if the jewellery makers personalize stone necklaces. I bet they do. Cheers!!

  17. I do love bagging a good bargain, so I’d like to try my skills at this souk! I love that intricate Arabic design, and all the colours just pop in your photos. I’ve still not been to Dubai, so I’ll remember this one for when I do go.

  18. Al Fahidi just looks to be such a fascinating center. I just love the architecture and it is such a picturesque place. The shopping is just incredible and I think I would spend so much time here wanting to purchase some really unique pieces. So good that it is easy to get to from the major city of Dubai.

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