Perfect Dubai Global Village Tour – Glimpse of World (Shopping Tips)

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Dubai Global Village – Glimpse of World is a cultural extravaganza with the participation of more than 75 nations displaying diverse cultures, authentic arts & cuisine, local festivals, shopping, and entertainment depicting Glimpse of the whole world at an open-air theme park.  

Highlights of Dubai Global Village Tour 

Dubai Global Village - Glimpse of World
Dubai Global Village – Glimpse of World

During winters, when Dubai starts getting cooler doors of Global Village opens it doors to tourists.  This seasonal open-air theme park runs from the first week of November until the third or fourth week of April.  Global Village is divided into 36 pavilions hosting 75 nations, 50 amusement rides, and more than 26 restaurants/food kiosks offering delicious food from all over the world. 

So, what say…. in one day visit, Tour around the world at Dubai Global Village – Glimpse of World.  Click here on official Global Village website to get more information on current events day-wise. 

Dubai Global Village – Glimpse of World tour can be categorized into 

Replica of Famous Monuments all over the world.

Dubai Global Village - Glimpse of World
Replica of famous monuments

Entertainment Acts, Amusement Rides, Stunt Shows, Folk Music, and Folk dance shows ending with Fireworks.

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Dubai Global Village - Glimpse of World
Acts from Thailand

Dining – Traditional restaurants, Cafes, Food Kiosks, Food Trucks all serving traditional and authentic food from all over the world.

Shopping of Handicrafts, Clothing, Traditional Jewelry, Home Decor, Carpets, Spices and other artifacts from all over the world.  

Opening Timings  of Dubai Global Village – Glimpse of World

Global Village operates 7 days a week from 4:00PM onwards till 12:00 AM on weekdays, and on weekends(Friday, Saturday & Sunday), it is extended to 1:00AM.  Tuesday is a family day.  

ENTRANCE TO Dubai Global Village 

Admission tickets are priced at 25 AED and are available online on Global Village’s official site or at ticket counters at the Entrance Gate of Global Village. The ticket counter opens at 3:30PM. Children below 3 and seniors above 65 can enter for free, but official age proof is required at the entrance. 

And, if you are going with senior citizens by your own private vehicle, then you can park your car at the privileged parking /VIP Parking slot which is near the gate. Book online ticket from their official website by clicking here to avoid the huge rush on ticket windows. 

LOCATION OF Dubai Global Village 

Global Village is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, EXIT No. 37.  There is two main entrance to Global Village – GATE OF THE WORLD and CULTURAL GATE.  

HOW TO REACH Dubai Global Village 

Dubai’s RTA – Public Transport has provided affordable and easy to use methods to reach Global Village.  

Bus No:- 102 from Rashidiya METRO station

Bus No:- 103 from Union Station

Bus No. 104:- from Al Ghubaiba Metro Station

Bus No. 106:- from MALL OF EMIRATES METRO station.  The bus starts from 3:15PM until 11:00 PM and takes approximately 30 minutes to reach by bus.  Taxis also take you there which takes about 60AED (17USD) one way.  There is huge parking outside Global Village, so can reach there by private cars or rent a car too.

FACTS ABOUT Dubai Global Village – Glimpse of World

  • Global Village is an open-air theme park and an evening activity.
  • It is so huge that the whole Global Village cannot be covered during a single visit.
  • Apart from World Tour, this park has an artificial water canal and a Fantasy island with carnival, games, and amusement rides.
  • Photographs with Replicas 

WHAT TO SHOP IN Dubai Global Village – Dubai Global Village shopping

  • Persian Rugs/carpets from Middle East stall. 
  • Bedouin Jewelry, and clothes from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan pavilions. 
  • Pure Forest Honey from Syria and Yemen.
  • Natural handmade Cosmetics from dead sea salts, black soap, and camel milk soaps from Morocco and Jordan.
  • Chocolate scrub, shea butter products and Jamaican Castor oil products from Africa.
  • Artifacts from Russia and Africa
  • Zircon and semi-precious stones jewelry from Turkey. 


  • Children’s Toys, Funky Bags, and Glasses Glow T-shirts from China, and Thailand pavilions.
  • Authentic strands of Saffron from Iraq.
  • Arabic handcrafted lamps and paintings from Middle East stalls.
  • Spices and Leather products like embroidered purses, clutches and footwear from India.
  • Textiles and cotton dresses from India. 
Dubai Global Village - Glimpse of World
Various Spices
  • All pavilions have folk music and dance shows. Don’t miss them for an authentic experience. 
  • Make a list of countries you want to visit first, as you cannot do everything in one visit.  Make your priority list before going, or you will be confused between many appealing options.
  • This park requires a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes or sandals and if going with small children, then carry pram or stroller. Wheelchairs for adults are available at the entrance.
  • You can park your car in the VIP Parking area with special tickets. Senior citizens can park their vehicles near the entrance.   
  • On weekends there is a huge rush, so try to reach at the opening time. Weekdays are preferred if you want to avoid rush/crowds. 
  • Check Events Calendar by clicking here for your favorite dance or music shows. Many celebrities from all over the world come here to perform and you can watch or enjoy them without any extra cost. 
  • Very safe and there are a lot of washroom facilities throughout.   
  • All Entertainment rides, or going on Roller coasters are to be paid extra, as they are not included in the entrance ticket.  But all live shows, dance performances, folk music, fireworks, acrobats, etc are included in entrance ticket. 
Dubai Global Village - Glimpse of World
America’s pavilion

Dubai Global Village - Glimpse of World
Europe Pavilion
Dubai Global Village - Glimpse of World
Taj Mahal from India
Dubai Global Village - Glimpse of World
Replica of Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Pagodas from Far east countries

So why wait for such an excellent opportunity to get a Glimpse of the World in one place before the season ends, Let’s go to Dubai Global Village – Glimpse of World.

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So, until then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. I have no idea about this place! It’s amazing, thanks for sharing Yukti. Now I can’t wait to travel to Dubai, it’s just spectacular.

    1. Yes, Soumya you can see many live art shows in Global village that too in nominal entry of 15 AED. I could not take photos of all live art as there are so many.

  2. The Dubai Global Village is a definite travel inspiration for its visitors. Your pictures show some fabulous displays such as Big Ben, the Pyramids, and the representations shown. It must be quite a display if it has to be covered in more than one visit. I hope this exhibit is available when I begin planning my journey to Dubai. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Though I have been to Dubai but had not heard about this before. This is so huge. I am sure you need more than a day here. I am most interested in seeing the sections on India and Egypt. This is a perfect family destination.

  4. in Dubai, it seems that everything is truly grander than ever. This village looks like a must-visit. I am loving all the lights and the festive atmosphere that emanates from this attraction!

  5. Wow this is an amazing theme park, and I’m afraid I heard much about it!! Those replicas look so real, the Taj one from India looks awesome. A place to get a glimpse of the world with shopping options available is a must see place for me!! I would probably want a Persian rug for me 😀

  6. Wow, this looks like fun. Seeing the world in one location and for only $4, that’s a steal for something so interesting. I’ll have to tell the hubby we can only come to Dubai in the winter so that we can enjoy seeing this.

  7. This looks like something I would love to explore! Those nesting dolls are so cute, I have a collection of them at home. What an awesome way to see all the monuments in one place!

  8. Dubai global village looks like an interesting place to visit. I would love to photograph all the national monuments without having to travel to them individually. This place must be huge if it takes more than a day to see it, its good its for the cool season!

  9. The Taj Mahal looks amazing . I read about this place many times but here I learnt important facts. I would like to explore both the monument and the other side of it. Spices shopping must be good considering they mus be authentic.

  10. I love how you’ve portrayed the city! All the colors and lights somehow remind me of Las Vegas, especially all the little monuments. I would really like to see one of the dance shows!

  11. What a fantastic get together of global cultures in the one place – a great melting pot of knowledge, intrigue and learning. It looks like a colourful experience to be in Dubai’s Global Village, and good to know it is held only for part of the year until April. Ohhh and good to know that you better plan your trip because of too many monuments and icons to see!

  12. I’ve always loved Dubai for it’s many shopping centers. They feature so many itmes that if one isn’t careful, there are chances that one would over buy. The Global Village is an exmaple. How is one supposed to see all of these without buying? And the entry fee is not also expensive! Plus it features replicas of great monuments.

  13. Holy moly, this is ADORABLE and so festive! It reminds me a bit of “it’s a small world” and Las Vegas, but it a much cooler way. Gosh, Dubai really has everything, doesn’t it.

  14. I like any event that has the word “global” in it. It certainly is one of the nicer villages in the world with so many kitschy attractions! I’m sure the shopping must be diverse. Were the prices for goods much more than you would pay elsewhere?

    1. Yes prices are reasonable and also little bit of bargain is acceptable here. But you really get those quirky things which you cannot find in mall or branded stores.

  15. Getting a Glimpse of the World in one place is the coolest thing ever! I love markets, I love travel, and I love Dubai, so what’s not to like? Great job documenting this event!

  16. You’re totally right about this being a glimpse of the world, how blinding! It’s very cheap to enter, which is good as you said one visit isn’t enough to see it all. I’ve yet to see Dubai, but this global village is really making me want to visit. I bet there are some great Christmas gift ideas here too.

  17. I must say I havent heard of the Dubai Global Village before, but it definitely looks like a place of much fun! Especially the Replica of Famous Monuments looks ike a great opportunity for people who havent travlled that much yet to get a great impression but also for inspiration. What I truly like here about this place is this huge diversity – goods and products from all over the world, each specifically for their region. Especially the forest honey from Yemen sounds interesting, I would love to try that.

  18. Wow this amusement park looks incredible – especially the replica monuments from around the world! Its surprisingly not expensive admission either (thanks for listing this!) Also good to know its only open in winter, makes sense when I stopped to think about this region’s climate!

  19. There is no place quite like Dubai and the Global Village proves it. What a fun way to explore and learn about various parts of the world within one day. Definitely putting this on my list must-sees!

  20. This sounds like so much fun! I know you mentioned that this cannot be covered in one day, how long would you recommend spending there? I’m also astonished that you can buy fresh spices, that seems like the best souvenir (I’m a major foodie). I’ll have to check this out today, thanks for letting me know this existed!

  21. WHOAHHHH, I had no idea this ever even existed. It looks like something out of a fairytale where the world comes alive at night. Those colors and the diversity of everything, it’s amazing!!

  22. I had no idea this was seasonal and was so disappointed when I visited Dubai in the summer! It looks awesome with all the cultures on display and things to do. Hopefully I’ll return to Dubai in the winter and get to see it!

  23. Dubai global village looks fantastic and a lot of fun for all ages! Look how real that Taj Mahal looks! Very impressive. The Dubai global
    Village is a good place to motivate people who doesnt like to travel to travel! And its gives me another reason to make a stopover in Dubai if I ever fly to Asia this winter!

  24. Oh wow! That’s an interesting place to visit. The replica of major world monuments looks interesting. Reminds me of Little Europe in Belgium. The vegetable carving is impeccable! At US$4 entry, it isn’t too expensive as well.

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