Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai

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Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai
Street Art from Dubai

Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai 

With a significant rise in the opening of art galleries, events, exhibitions displaying paints, sculptures and digital projects, Dubai has incredibly become the cultural and artistic hot-spot.  Dubai is famous for luxurious shopping malls, hotels, Gold, tall buildings but now Dubai has been recognized as renowned cultural and art destination. 

Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai 
Dubai Design District – Home of Art / Design Galleries

Dubai is welcoming artists and art collectors from all over the world to come here and display their skills or collect the best art piece in the affordable range.  The location of Dubai has played an important role in becoming the major Art & cultural hub of the world. As Dubai lies at the intersection of East & West, therefore it is perfect for the amalgamation of all artist from different nationalities to showcase their works and connect with art lovers or art collectors from all cultures.  People travel especially to Dubai for collecting artworks or display their works.  As it is always a misconception that Art is only for Elite, but it is proved wrong by Dubai.  Here you can find all range of affordable and elite artworks from renowned artists.  Also, Dubai is turning vibrant and colorful as lots of street art with funky Graffiti and murals are visible in many public spaces or on buildings.  

Let’s Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene and take an Art & Culture trip to Dubai.

The oldest art gallery of Dubai is Al Majlis Gallery located in Al Fahidi Historic Neighbourhood.  After many years, various private & non-private galleries sprung all over in Dubai.  Dubai has specific areas dedicated to artists and designers from all fields.  The main locations where you can find art in Dubai are Dubai Design District (also known as D3) – D3 is considered as home to creative thinkers.  D3 is the perfect destination for design, art & culture and D3 has its own rhythm, spirits, and beats. 

Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai
D 3 – Dubai Design District

Al Quoz  –  a vibrant place with full of art galleries and exhibition centers.  Alserkal Avenue is famous for art events.

Art galleries in Dubai are open throughout the year with a great display of artworks.  The famous annual art events which are worth visiting are –

Sikka Art Fair – This annual fair is organized by Art week which takes place in March.  Art week conducts 500+ cultural activities throughout Dubai at about 140 locations which include commercial galleries, hotels, outdoors and universities.  Sikka Art fair showcases traditional works of Emirati UAE & GCC based artists. 

It is held in the premises of Al Fahidi Historic Fort neighborhood.  You would love to take a walk along the narrow alley of the historic fort to appreciate the exhibited artworks which depict the rich Islamic art.  Not only visual arts but all forms of art like film screenings, music nights, poetry nights and talk also forms a vital part of this fair. 

Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai
Sikka Art Fair


PARKING – Many Public Parking Slots BESIDES THE FORT.  Also, you can reach through metro or taxis. 

3D Art by Dubai Canvas – This unique art festival curated by Dubai Canvas takes place every year in the first week of March.  It is held over a public place generally at City Walk – Jumeirah Beach, Dubai.  Famous 3D artists from all over the world participate in this event and display their skills of 3d art. 3D art takes you to an amazing world of imagination and is worth visiting if you are traveling to Dubai in March. 

ENTRANCE FEE – No Tickets required. You can stroll around without paying anything. 

World Art Dubai – A 4-day Annual Art Fair which displays 4000+ artworks and attracts 10,000+ visitors every year.  Artworks from 300+ participating artists include paintings, sculptures, prints, and photography.  This world-class gallery offers art within all range. Starting from $100 onwards to the maximum range, it is the place for all.  In-house and international artists take part in the exhibition.  The event will start from 18th April 2018 to 21st April 2018.  I am eagerly waiting to attend this event this year.  

ENTRANCE – Tickets can be purchased online or onsite. It is about 20AED approximately per person.  Cameras are allowed inside. Lots of Parking slots are available.  Food and Beverages are available at the event. 

Lot of tourists travel to Dubai for World Art Dubai. This 4-day Annual Art event offers many creative workshops, live paintings and talk to artist options. 

Dubai Design Week – An Annual event which takes place around 3rd or 4th week of March, This event provides a platform for the trader to discover and explore art and designs from all over the world.  There are many art and design workshops, educational talk shows, programs on designs in this event. 

ENTRANCE – Check on their official website for venue and entry details. 

Art & Culture Art Galleries (they are held all year round) – Most of the art galleries are located in 3 main locations which are known as Art Hub of Dubai


Al Quoz


Al Fahidi Historic neighborhood

Apart from big annual art events, these galleries run exhibitions throughout the whole year.  Artists and Art Lovers from all over the world flock here. ENTRANCE – Either by Invitation or Walk-In (Depends upon the type of Art Show)

This year I also participated as an artist at Art Hub in D3. Glimpses of Art exhibition in which, I took part as an artist. 


  • Check the deadline for the famous art events and apply all your documents. The process is very easy for submitting the artwork.
  • Arts works from all nationalities and concepts are accepted unless it is unethical or objectionable.
  • Participation cost depends on the size of artwork. Generally, it is sold by per meter.
  • After all, approvals, plan a trip to Dubai.
Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai
Arts works on display


  • Check the entrance fees and deals with them beforehand
  • Most of the public events are walk-in and require no ticket.
  • Generally, formal dressing and evening dresses are allowed on these type of events
  • Before taking a photo of artwork, ask the authorities or artist.
  • Appreciate the artwork, as you get the time to talk with artists present there.
Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai
Visitors viewing my artwork

Therefore, this time explore Dubai ’s flourishing art scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai.  Appreciate art during your trip to Dubai because as per Pablo Picasso “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

If you are Dubai then check this food tours.  Also, there are nearby weekend getaways where you can go and relax.  Dubai has a variety of stunning beaches like La Mer and JBR Beach which you must also visit during your Dubai trip. 

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Wow this is so interesting. I never visualised Dubai to have so much of art culture. I really wish I had known this before I visited Dubai. I only saw the touristy things when I was there. Would love to go back and explore this side of Dubai.

  2. Great post!! I Haven’t been to Dubai yet neither anywhere in the middle east but Dubai sure looks really different than the rest of the middle east. I never have thought that Dubai was so much into arts, it’s really inspiring and refreshing to see it. The street murals looked really incredible. I am hope I visit Dubai soon someday.

  3. Wow, I never knew Dubai had such a flourishing art scene. I still haven’t been, but would really like to check out those striking murals. The design week is incredible too, and with many different types of art and artists under one roof.

  4. It’s wonderful to see Dubai becoming recognized for culture and art 😊 I like how there are some affordable pieces to make it more accessible to people 😊

    1. Dubai has launched many art platforms for various artists from any niches to showcase their work to whole world.

  5. I love that Dubai has added art to is repertoire of amazing sites! Some beautiful work, and art is a great way to feel the heart of a city. It is an appreciation for passion and expression and it is fantastic that they are embracing and showcasing this.

  6. It feels great to see the other side of Dubai which is known for the concrete world of the hires buildings. I have been to Dubai only once and could not do much. Its interesting to see the flourishing art scenes, galleries and art festivals. I would love to explore this side of Dubai whenever I visit next. Thanks for all the information.

  7. Art is the last thing I would have associated with Dubai. But this gives me a brand new reason to go to Dubai. This post will serve as a reference for me when we go. A great stopver for my trip to Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

  8. Went to Dubai a few weeks ago and have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the new cultural institutions and also the art galleries, thanks for sharing!

  9. The art scene in Dubai has indeed grown and flourished over the past 10 years we have lived here. And Dubai is constantly developing new galleries and art forms. Al Serkal Avenue is a favourite place of mine to visit and Al Fahidi is a great place for any international visitor to see. The calligraphy in the region is very under rated I believe. Thanks for a great in-depth piece.

    1. Yes, Art scene has grown a lot as compared to 10 years before. Nowadays, calligraphy is gaining importance and admired.

  10. Its amazing to see Dubai develop as a tourist destination, offering a lot more than just shopping . Need to visit Dubai soon, and experience the city vibes and the art scene for myself.

  11. My friend in Dubai is an extensive art buff and whats-apps me details and photos of every exhibition or art galleries he gets to attend. Hence, I know what an amazing hub Dubai is for art enthusiasts. I would love visiting Al Majlis Gallery and the 3D art when in Dubai. Never knew that they have their calendar designed for so many art and design workshops. Great photographs

    1. Al Majlis gallery is interesting with ancient and traditional arts. 3D art is always fun and would love it. Just check the dates before planning your visit. Thanks!

  12. I didn’t know that Dubai is becoming an art destination. I visited Penang, Malaysia with the major objective of seeing the street arts. Now that you’ve shown me Dubai’s share in the art scene, I want to have a go there, too!

  13. I didn’t know there was so much street art in Dubai, considering it is a fairly new city. I will have to explore it next time I visit!

  14. I love beautiful artwork and this fusion of local culture and creative design is clearly seen from street art. I wasn’t really expecting Dubai to have such a vibrant street art scene, but it’s certainly nice to check these out when one is in the area. Love the one of the camel 🙂

  15. I am planning to go to Dubai soon. Good that I stumbled by this post. I will definitely check out all the galleries listed here. Your article is a very good compilation for art lovers. Keep up the good work. 👍

  16. I had no idea Dubai had such a big art scene! 3D art has only recently come onto my radar, but now I really want to go to a display or exhibition. Perhaps I should take a trip to dubai next March?!

  17. Dubai has really come far from my last visit 10 yrs ago. Really far! So many activities for different personalities, I see. I’ve got lots to do there.

    1. Kemi, you would not believe that within 10 years, Dubai has evolved with so many new places and exciting things to do for all tastes.

      1. I see pictures and videos of Dubai and all the other Emirates and I’m just wowed! When last there, Ajman and Ras-al-Khaimah were not developed and extremely conservative. I see now that they’re built up with activities and food scenes and are not as closed as before. A lot to do, I see.

  18. When I think about Dubai, it’s true that I usually think about luxury travel and not street art. I’ve never been myself. So it’s great to know that there is a vibrant art scene there and that Dubai isn’t just for the wealthy. I’d love to go the galleries or art fairs and check the scene out for myself.

  19. Such bright and funky pieces and great street art, something we absolutely love. Love all those colorful tables and chairs, it would make for such a fun scene. And that 3-D art! Another reason we should get to Dubai sooner than later.

  20. I didn’t know Dubai has so many art spots! March and April seem like the good time to go as it has some festivals going on. I would love to check out 3D Art by Dubai Canvas next time, and possibly World Art Dubai!!

  21. I love Dubai and there’s so much to see in the city. We were in Dubai last January unfortunately we’re not able to visit La Mer. I’ll check out the art scene in the city the next time we’re going back to Dubai.

  22. Never thought of Dubai as a place of to see art to be honest. I always imagined in as a place of modern architecture. Good to see some nice graffiti and well designed cafeterias.

  23. I had no idea there was such an art scene in Dubai! I’ve only heard about the shopping malls and my husband has only been in the airport (apparently they have a good Burger King!) I love seeing street art and that 3D festival looks amazing!

  24. So you are one of the many artist displaying their artwork in Dubai! I wish you could have taken a bigger picture of your piece of art, I would love to see it!
    I know Dubai for skyscraper, big malls, luxury etc but not for art so it was interesting to read about another side of Dubai! I am not into art but perhaps Dubai is where I should start! The 3D art looks fun! And the D3 distric sound interesting aswell. I hope to explore this artistic side of Dubai aswell very soon!

    1. Yes, before I started blogging, I used to take active part as an artist. But now also, for part time, I go and exhibit my pieces of art. Dubai has a large platform for artists and art. Hopefully you will like the art scene in Dubai.

  25. Wow, I never knew this side of Dubai. The city has grown in so many creative ways giving opportunities to artists to showcase their work at so many cultural centres. Really happy to know about the art scene of Dubai.

  26. Truly Dubai has an impressive Art & Culture that would definitely entice me to come here aside from their stunning skyscrapers. Your Trip to Dubai has given you a better understanding of their rich culture and their love for the arts and you have shared this to us. Thank you so much for this.

  27. Would not have imagined Dubai to be a place with art galleries but I am not surprised. With so many artistic buildings and creative hotels I am guessing there must be a lot of local artists who put on a good display. Like the vibrant colours in the art work.

  28. I had no idea Dubai was such a great place for art. We frequently use this as a stop over to get to Australia. My husband is Australian and we live in Germany. Next time we might have to make an extra stop over to check this out. I love the 3D art and that it is in a public space and free for viewing!

  29. Your recommendations would be really useful for any art lover visiting Dubai. Despite visiting the city countless times, I never realized it had such a vibrant art scene. The street art especially was a revelation.

    1. Denny, whenever you visit Dubai in near future, then look out for vibrant art works in Dubai… Dubai always have many beautiful surprises….

  30. OMG am complete sold with these art scenes in Dubai. No wonder Dubai is one of the top destination in the Middle East. Anyone who will tag me along, I would definitely coming!

  31. It’s great to know that many of these festivals are free. I’d probably spend hours in the Dubai world festival, with over 4,000 pieces of art inside! I like the look of the 3D District; there’s nothing better than seeing colourful street art!

  32. I have been to Dubai twice but missed the art scene. I am glad you showed Dubai in a new light beyond the usual suspects such as shopping, skyscrapers, the works! Next time I am in Dubai, I will definitely visit some of the art galleries you mentioned here. The oldest art gallery Al Majlis Gallery appeals the most to me. I will try to coincide my visit with World Art Dubai fair.

    1. Yes, Dubai’s Art Scene is growing rapidly making it to become the biggest art & culture hub of this region.

  33. I’m so happy to see Dubai as an art lover! Last time I visited it seemed so sterile and empty (admittedly, I spent only one day there) and was disappointed with how little personality it had. I love the graffiti and looks at art fairs you explored, and I think my opinion is changing. Dubai is back on the list!

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