Sharjah Light Festival Highlights

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Sharjah Light festival Highlights
Sharjah Light festival Highlights

Experience the magical combination of science, creativity, a reflection of lights, colors, music, and heritage on famous landmark monuments of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.  Every year, Sharjah host Sharjah Light festival by inviting international and locally renowned artists to display their creativity.  This year in 2020, Sharjah will host 10th consecutive Sharjah Light Festival, which started on 5th February till 15th February – 10 YEARS OF LIGHTIn this blog, I am writing about the details of Sharjah Light festival Highlights. Read about exact locations of Sharjah Light festivals on their official website by clicking here. 

This annual light festival has various 23 different shows by 24 artists which take place at 18 different locations.  This show depicts many colorful abstract forms, dynamic patterns & shapes, image projections, Sharjah’s rich heritage & culture, graphic designs, chromatic lights, Islamic patterns & Orient designs, imaginations and combinations of primary colors etc. These all photos and experience are from last year. Go through the 2018’s Sharjah Light Festival highlights below. 

Sharjah Light festival Highlights
MONOLITHS, LANDING IN SHARJAH at Dr. Sultan Al Qassimi Center for Gulf Studies

 So presenting you the Sharjah Light festival Highlights –

  • SUNRISE at University City Hall.
  • A House Under Sea Under the Moonshine at Al Noor Mosque
Sharjah Light festival Highlights
Al Noor Mosque
  • LIGHT CAROUSEL at Khalid Lagoon
  • A – MAZE – IN at Palm Oasis next to Al Noor Masjid

    Sharjah Light festival Highlights
    Light Maze

  • WAKING DREAM at Masjid Sheikh Rashin Bin Ahmad Al Qassimi
  • MONOLITHS, LANDING IN SHARJAH at Dr. Sultan Al Qassimi Center for Gulf Studies



Sharjah Light festival Highlights

Sharjah Light festival Highlights

  • LOG BOOK OF A DIGITAL EXPLORER at Oldest Area in Sharjah which features heritage souks.
  • ABSTRACT at Oldest Area in Sharjah which features heritage souks.
  • GRAPHIC PLAY HOUSE at Oldest Area in Sharjah which features heritage souks
  • LIVE FRESCO at Oldest Area in Sharjah which features heritage souks.
  • PEONIES ALUMINES at Oldest Area in Sharjah which features heritage souks
  • LIGHT HOUSE at The House of Justice.
  • ACROSS THE AGES  at Al Hisn fort and museum
  • ARABIC FUSION at The Supreme Court for Family Affairs.
  • CHROMATIC LIGHTS at Masjid Ammar Binyasser
  • AUDIO VISUAL CHEMISTRY at Kalba City Municipality Council.
  • KNOWLEDGE AVENUE at Sharjah University.
  • MAGIC WONDER at Directorate of Human Resources
  • GLOWING CULTURE at Khorfakkan Municipality
  • STELLAR FALCONS at Al Hamriyah Tower. 
Sharjah Light festival Highlights

 Date of this event | SHARJAH LIGHT FESTIVAL

6th February to 16th February (Generally in the 2nd week of February)

Timings of this light show 

6:00 P.M. to 11.P.M. on weekdays

                                                  6.00 P.M. to midnight on weekends(Friday and Saturday). 

Entry – Free (No Tickets)

Sharjah Light festival Highlights

Ample Parking Place outside the monuments and events.  If you are coming through personal car then park it in public designated spaces which are free on Fridays but are paid on other days. Parking charges are 2 – 3 Dirhams per hour.

Also Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tours run and pass along these event sites, giving you the glimpses of all shows at different locations.  Click here to book your Hop-On, Hop Off bus tours in advance. 

Sharjah Light festival Highlights
Sharjah Light festival Highlights

Enjoy this scintillating festival in the cooler weather at beautiful emirates of Sharjah, with display of glittering light forms by talented international & local artists. Sharjah’s rich heritage monuments acts as a unique canvas, creating a series of imaginations, visual effects, illuminations and abstract projections.  This unique spectacle throws light on emirates rich heritage and culture.  So don’t forget to visit the cultural capital of UAE which has beautifully preserved the art & history.  Every year, this light festival attracts 560,000 visitors from UAE & other parts of world. 


Know more about your stay at Al Bait Sharjah.

Sharjah Light festival Highlights
Sharjah Light festival Highlights

Sharjah Light festival is one of the most popular festival and cultural events in UAE. 

There are many other things to explore in Sharjah.  Mleiha – ancient Iron age historical site  surrounded by natural deserts. 

Sharjah Light festival Highlights
Sharjah Light festival Highlights

So, until then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. The Sharjah light festival looks so awesome! I know that light festival is now happening all around the world and I just visited one here in Switzerland a few month ago. I loved it and now I think I would love to see more different light festival all around the world starting with Sharjah light festival!

  2. This is amazing! I literally cannot say which one is my favorite. I love all of them. We have a similar festival happening in Bucharest, Romania, but somehow I manage to be out of the city each time it is held. I think I definitely need to either schedule a trip to the UAE or to make myself stay at home during our festival. It seems like a terrific experience.

  3. A few friends of mine had seen this last year and based on their accounts, I was geared to see it this year. Sadly my trip got postponed. Hoping to catch it next year

  4. One of my friends almost went for the lights festival in Sharjah. I have seen these building during regular days. I have visited Al Noor mosque. It’s Turkish architecture and dramatic lights make for a grand visual spectacle. The entire city must have looked like a fairy tale land.

  5. The Sharjah Light Festival seems to bathe Sharjah in an ethereal and vibrant glow. The monuments look so resplendent. We were in Sharjah In December for the F1 H2O World Championship and had a great time there. Looking at your pictures brought back the pleasant memories. Al Noor Mosque looks so beautiful bathed in the vivid lights.

  6. I didn’t know about this light festival happening in Sharjah. Would love to witness it someday as it looks splendid. Al Noor Mosque looks so beautiful with different hues reflecting on it.

  7. Wow this looks awesome – never even heard of this festival before and now I want to visit! The colours and lights on the mosque is incredible. The UAE has so much to offer but is often overshadowed by Dubai and Abu Dhabi, hopefully events like this will get more tourists to the less popular Emirates

  8. Thanks for sharing! I’ve never heard of this large-scale light festival held in Sharjah before. It sure looks much grander and bigger than the daily light shows in Hong Kong – would love to find out more about the show! 🙂

  9. wowowow that looks absolutely spectacular….actually reminds me of the projection stuff they do at disney world. I also don’t mind hop on hop off, they can sometimes get you where you want to go easily

  10. What a beautiful light festival!! I love seeing beautiful decor like that, it reminds me of American Christmas lights. I’m not usually a huge fan of hop on/hop off bus tours, but this sounds like the perfect time for one–gives you a chance to see all the displays easily!

  11. The Sharjah light festival looks incredible and illuminating too. My favourite is the Al Noor mosque under all that wonderful red light. It’s great to know that it’s also free entry, and with plenty of parking space. I will go here if I ever visit the UAE in February.

  12. I had never heard of the Sharjah light festival and it looks amazing! What a great photo opportunity! Its an amazing way to display talent and on such architectural landmarks. Loved this!

  13. Sharjah Light Festival looks so much fun and pretty, I really would enjoy seeing this. I love the fact that they use famous landmark monuments of Sharjah as the backdrops for the light show. I definitely understand why is one of the most popular festival and cultural events in UAE.

  14. I have lived in Dubai for 7 years and every year, I read about the Sharjah Lights Festival, I think about going for it but I’ve actually never ended up doing it. The Al Noor Mosque particularly looks superb with the lighting and you’ve captured it beautifully in your pictures. This year, I must go!

  15. Ah, I’ve heard so many great things about the Sharjah Light festival! A sight for sore eyes. No wonder is one of the most popular festivals to attend. My favorite shot is the AL Noor Mosque – simply fantastic! I would love to attend at least once in my life 

  16. It baffles me why I’ve never known about Sharjah Light Festival before. It is quite an amazing festival! I’ve always enjoyed fireworks and lights show and this is right up my alley. The way the buildings lit up is the stuff of magic… for adults!

  17. I haven’t heard about Sharjah Light festival before but it looks amazing! There is one very similar to it in Berlin, which happens every fall. I used to love there and Ive spend some much time admiring the art. I love all kinds of lights so its perfect festival for me. It looks so magical!

  18. Great photos. Those mosques all lit up at night makes Sharjah look like a fairyland. I’ve heard about Sharjah but haven’t had the time to visit yet. Looks like the time to go would be during the Sharjah Lights Festival.

  19. This Sharjah Lights Festival looks sensational! I would love to see these monoliths lit up in person. They are even better than Christmas lights. Simply the most colorfully alive works of art!

  20. Oh my goodness, I love this! I had no idea that there were light festivals like this in UAE! So beautiful and would be a wonder to see in person. I can totally see how this light festival is one of the most popular festival and cultural events in the UAE. If I’m ever in this area in the world, I can see myself adding this to my itinerary!

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