Beautiful Lake Como In One Day (Itinerary + Things To Do)

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Let’s plan for Lake Como in one day – Italy’s Most Popular Tourist Destination. A perfect day trip from Milan so read some beautiful things to do in Lake Como and plan Lake Como Itinerary.

Lake como in one day

Lake Como is strategically located surrounded by stunning French and Swiss Alps in northern Italy.  This lake originated from the glacier and has an upside-down Y shape, surrounded by wooded hills, snow-clad Alps, and quaint Italian towns, considered the deepest lake in Europe. 

Lake Como is not only the most popular tourist destination in Italy, but it attracts A-lister celebrities, Hollywood personalities, and aristocrats from all over the world.  Serving as one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, this lake can turn an ordinary man into an artist/poet. 

Famous poet P.B. Shelly also fell in love with this lake and praised Lake Como in its poetry – “This Lake exceeds anything I ever beheld in beauty.”  So let’s go for Lake Como – Italy’s Most Popular Tourist Destination.

Lake Como – Italy’s Most Popular Tourist Destination 

Because of the stunning scenic landscape, fresh mountain air, and spectacular beauty of nature, Lake Como has residences/historical villas of many celebrities like George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, and Richard Branson, Madonna, etc.  During your holidays, who know, you may end up in brushing shoulders with famous personalities, who owns lakeside villas. Read why Lake Como should be included in Italian bucket list travel itinerary. 

Lake Como – Italy’s Most Popular Tourist Destination 
Villa ERBA

Lake Como Boat Tour – Lake Como in One Day

The famous towns which are worth visiting and are located on the shores of Lake Como are – 

BELLAGIO – Lake Como in one day

Bellagio is a beautiful little photogenic town located at the intersection of 3 branches of a Y-shaped lake. It is known for historic and charming promenades, gardens, Villa Serbelloni, and Villa Metsi. Can be reached by ferry from the nearby town or on road routes.  It is also known as the “Pearl of the Lake.”

Lake Como in one day

COMO – Things to do in Lake Como Italy

Located on the southern end of the Lake,  it is the main city of all towns on the shore of Lake Como.  We made Lake Como our base and stayed here in the lakeside hotel. Lake Como city is famous from ancient times for its 14th-century Duomo, built according to Gothic & Renaissance styles. This city has a great shopping atmosphere with the availability of all luxury brands as it is very close to Milan(which hosts top International fashion houses). Also, it is the home of the Italian Silk Manufacturing hub. 

Lake Como – Italy’s Most Popular Tourist Destination 
Lake Como
Lake Como – Italy’s Most Popular Tourist Destination 
Attractions in Lake Como


Lying on the foothills of the Alps, Menaggio has many lively, beautiful resorts.  Popular with travel enthusiasts for walking along the lake, hiking the Alps, windsurfing, and rock climbing. This town has Villa del Balbbanello in the village Lenno, where Star Wars Episode Two – Attack of Clones was shot.  Also known as Picture Postcard city of Lake Como.

Now you know Menaggio is a must in Lake Como in one day itinerary.

VARENNA – Lake Como Boat tour

A tiny town on Lake Como’s eastern shore is a very peaceful, relaxed, and beautiful place.  There is a medieval castle with lush green gardens in this town.  Villa Cipressi and Villa Monastero are worth visiting villas in this town.

Lake Como – Italy’s Most Popular Tourist Destination 
Villa Cipressi

TREMEZZO – Lake Como in One day

The Tiny town just across Bellagio is known for its famous attraction Villa Carlotta with its spectacular waterfront botanical garden. 

 I visited all these towns by Hop-On and Hop-Off ferry instead of car or bus.  As I wanted to enjoy my all-time on waters with spectacular views of lakeside luxurious palatial villas, scenic mountains, greenery, and quaint towns.  It was chilly somewhat because everything was covered with snow.  Mostly Lake Como is preferred in summers, but we did our Lake Como tour in the month of February which is cold and freezing. 

This town is recommended majorly for nature lovers. Lake Como is basically for those who love the countryside, cobbled streets quaint towns, view of colorful houses on the slopes of the Alps, peaceful, relaxed, and laid-back lifestyle.  That is why Lake Como is known as one of the most relaxed destinations in the world.  Inhale the pure and fresh mountain air with the deep fragrances of cypress, olives, oranges, and pine trees

Where to stay in Lake Como Italy

Click here to check my stay in Lake Como.

How to reach Lake Como – Italy’s Most Popular Tourist Destination

  • Nearest International Airport to Lake Como MILAN (MILANO).
  • From Milan, you can reach here in several ways like rail/trains, buses, car or bikes.  If you are staying in Milan, then read about Best of Milan – Go for a Milan sightseeing tours.
  • You can also stay in Milan and visit Lake Como on a full-day trip tour.
  • Trentalia , Eu-rail or Intercity trains runs from Milan to Lake Como. Trains take 1.5 hours to reach Lake Como from Milan and are around 6 Euro per person. The distance from Milan to Lake Como is approximately 40 km. Beware, there are 3 stations in Lake Como – Como Nord Lago, Como San Giovanni, and Como Nord Borghi. Get down at the station which is closer to your stay. 
  • Rent a car is available at Milan airport to reach here. You can also do day trip to lake Como from Milan. If you have 24 hours to spend in Milan then read this. 

Commuting in Lake Como and its surrounding towns | Day trips from Lake Como, Italy

If you love Alpine lakes, go for Lake Maggiore, Lago di Tovel, Trentino from here. Common city Passes can be used on public ferries and buses. A day pass is valid for a whole day with multiple numbers of visits.  These ferries are the best option to do inter-town tours. Also, public buses are another option to reach one town to another.  Go sailing on Lake Garda which is nearby Lake Como.

Best tips for Lake Como in One day

  • When going to Lake Como from any city nearby, do it in the daytime as the route is very scenic, and I recommend that you don’t miss that panoramic view either from a train or by car/bus. As Lake Como is very close to the Switzerland border, you can plan a combo Switzerland trip with this. Read more about Holidays to Switzerland.
  • Summers are more lively and beautiful but very expensive too. So if you want to save some cost, go for the off-season.
  • Ferry rides are a must to visit little towns on the shore of Lake Como
  • Stay in a lakeside hotel with a lake-facing room or take a room with a view of lakes and mountains.
  • Specialized Villa tours are available, which can be checked on their personal website for timings and other vital information.  
  • Ideal for Destination weddings or other Events.
  • Know more about what to pack for Italy – a complete Italy Packing List.
  • Before planning for an Italy trip, read 101 important tips for Italy.
  • If you going to Florence during your Italian vacations then read this.


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So, till then KEEP travelling……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………



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  1. I am going here soon and I cant wait to get there and reading this post as got my lips even wetter. I love going to italy but I prefer to go to places with lakes and mountains instead of the touristy cities. Vareena – this would be top of my list as I love checking out castles on mainland europe. 🙂

  2. Wow I can see why Lake Como is a nature lover’s paradise. Speaj of European countryside, quaint places with cobbled street and I am in. The fact that it’s nestled in the Alps and can be accessed through ferry makes it more special. Will definitely include it on my italy itinerary

    1. Thanks Sinjana, Lake Come is worth visiting place in Italy. Also it can be accessed through Switzerland when you visit Laussane or Lugano

  3. Lake Como is considered to be the strategic location in northern Italy. This destination attracts plenty of tourists because it serves as the hub for aristocrats, Hollywood personalizes and celebrities.

    1. yes, you are absolutely correct. The perfect location of Lake Como plays an important role to make it popular and beautiful

  4. At first when you said the most popular destination, i had thought you were joking. But looking at the pictures, wow, it looks like outta of a fairy tale. Lake Como is truly magical and worth the hype. I just wish I can spend some time there.

  5. Ah… would be a dream to be able to see Lake Como and all the surrounding towns. It looks beautiful in the winter although as you said the best time to go would be the summer. Are there things I can do in the summer that I wouldn’t be able to do in the winter?

  6. I love lakes and I have fallen inlove with Italy the first time I set foot on the place. Great post and definitely need to go back and visit Lake Como

  7. I’ve never heard of Lake Como, but your lovely post and super amazing pictures have convinced me to add it to my bucket list. The views are simply breathtaking! I like the idea of Hop-On Hop-Off ferry. It’s a great way to explore the city with splendid views around that transport you to a magical world. No wonder it’s the favourite of celebrities and poets. Lake Como is itself a personification of poetry. Thanks for introducing me to this poetic beauty!

  8. I didnt realize Lake Como was Italy’s most popular destination. I assumed that was Rome or Venice. But I see why! It’s absolutely stunning. Adding to my bucket list!

  9. A couple of years back I went all the way up to Milan, but skipped a visit to Lake Como, and chose instead to move on to Austria and Switzerland. Your photographs look great and serve as irritating reminders of what I missed by skipping Lake Como. 🙂

  10. Ah, Lake Como. I’ve wanted to visit this place ever since the Star Wars prequels came out. Some of the scenes from Naboo were filmed at Villa del Balbianello, overlooking Lake Como. It’s so beautiful and I love the idea of a hop-on-hop-off ferry!

  11. That is a very informative read for me because I did not know that there are so many and such lovely little towns located on Lake Como and you can choose any one of them to experience the lake. I love Bellagio the most, based on your pictures, although all of them look pretty cute and charming. Thanks for this, not sure when I will make it to Italy again but when I do, I will definitely visit Lake Como.

  12. my wildest dream is to own a villa and a luxury yacht docked in Lake Como and have lunch with Alma & George Clooney. This has renewed my dream thank you – I love the pictures

  13. No wonder the poets and everyone else falls in love with the lake. It is quite a beautiful one. Among all the towns you have described Bellagio appeals to me the most. For its heritage and natural setting. Thanks for sharing the details of the lake.

  14. I have been frequently seeing photos of Lake Como and there is no wonder why it’s a popular tourist destination in Italy. It is gorgeous with the background of French and Swiss Alps and all of the towns look charming. I am a nature lover and I can’t wait to visit this place someday! I will most probably do the Hop-on Hop-off ferry too to visit all of the towns.

  15. Lake Como is an amazing region of Italy. I’m sure seeing it in the winter was also wonderful and you have many different experiences from people only coming in the summer 🙂 My hubby wants to go the car show there next year!

  16. I lived in Italy 20 years ago for almost one year, but unfortunately I didn’t go to Lake Como. I preferred the southern Mediterranean places and got beautiful memories from there. However, if I turn back to Italy, I will definitely go to Lake Como. your post has really inspired me to find more things about this place.

  17. I loved seeing Lake Como when I was last there. It looks so pretty covered in all the snows, especially the stunning Baroque villas there. Great information on the nearby towns like Menaggio, I had no idea about Star Wars being filmed there, how cool!

  18. The beautiful Lago di Como! Your post brings back so many nice memories. We have visited it last summer and saw all these places. Especially Varenna and Bellagio are such charming places in my opinion. I like the impressions from your photos, the Winter touch gives them a very special magic, so beautiful. I totally agree with you, having a lake side hotel with view should be mandatory. Wake up and see this lake embedded in the mountains is something you will never forget.

  19. I have been to Como and Bellagio once when I was interrailing in Italy with a friend. To be honest, I didnt remember a lot but your post just brought me back some memories of us taking the bus to Bellagio eating ice-cream while hoping to catch a glimpse of an actor, then the ride on funicular above Como AND how little impress we were with the lake to the rest of the Italy. Dont get me wrong, we were like 25 and foolish, lived by one of the most beautiful lake in Switzerland (so we were comparing) and we only stayed one night! If I get back to lake Como now, over 10 years later, I am sure I will preciate this world-famous Italian lake! The other villages around the Como lake like Varenna and Tremezzo sounds just idyllic!

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