Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai – Best beaches in Dubai

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Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai - Best Beaches in Dubai

Dubai is Located on the Persian Gulf of United Arab Emirates and therefore Dubai is gifted with stunning coastline with white sands, clear blue waters, blue skies and warm sunny climate.  Dubai has become the perfect beach destination for outdoor adventures and holidays under the warm sun.  Let’s take a tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai – Best Beaches in Dubai and immerse yourself in blue waters of Persian Gulf or soak yourself into white sands.  

Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai - Best Beaches in Dubai

Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai – Best Beaches in Dubai


 A secluded stunning beach which is a hidden gem of Dubai. Not many people know about it but this beach offers a beautiful view of Burj Al Arab. The features of this beach are calm and clear blue waters, untouched shoreline with no crowd and therefore this beach is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.  This beach has no restaurants, shower rooms, and cafes and so you have to carry your own beach chairs, eatables and drinks  This beach is also known as 4 X 4 beach as you can drive your SUV’s straight near to the sea.  


 Feel the cool breeze, rustic streets, bustling restaurants, colorful Graffiti/ Mural wall art, the laid-back relaxed atmosphere at Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach.  Read more about La Mer beach by clicking this.

A 2.5 km strip of white sands, with clear turquoise waters has an eclectic promenade. This promenade is inspired by marine décor like timber and ropes everywhere, rusted metal taps, barrels, it and showers, pirates chests, old wooden boats, wooden paddles and fishing nets, which makes it a perfect weekend getaway from busy city life.  The whole 2.5 km strip is lined with tall palm trees, Graffiti / Mural Art, streets inspired by marine décor makes it a must visit place in Dubai. 



It is the most sporty beach in Dubai and a favorite spot for kite surfers.  You can go for beach volleyball, kayaking & Paddle Boarding with non-aqua activities like Skate Park, Outdoor Trampoline etc.  Also, you can rent books and lie down as this beach is also having Beach Library. 


 This wide beach with shrub style greenery offers a beautiful change to Dubai’s usual skyline landscape.  The walk to sea is wide and it is another favorite hotspot for kite surfers after Kite beach.  This secluded beach has famous food joint Park House.  Many people organize private parties, kid’s birthdays here as this beach is not crowded and away from the city life.  If you love peaceful and virgin beaches then go to this beach.  This beach is located along Jumeirah Beach Road behind Sunset Mall.  It has jogging track, beach Library, and Shower Area.


 It is the best surfing beach in Dubai and it lies along the Kite Beach. This beach is also situated behind Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road. You can have a beautiful view of Burj-Al-Arab from this beach. 


Dubai’s most popular beach among locals and tourists.  It can be easily accessed through metro and then tram.  It is located behind Dubai Marina Mall which has sumptuous options of food joints, cafes, outdoor entertainment and high-end boutiques. The JBR Beach is spread over 300,000sq.ft of space. Read more on JBR Beach by clicking this.

Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai - Best Beaches in Dubai

SUGGESTED ADVENTURE-WATER SPORTS – Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai – Best Beaches in Dubai

RULES TO BE FOLLOWED ON PUBLIC BEACHES OF DUBAI | Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai – Best Beaches in Dubai

  • Check temperature and ocean currents before going to the beach.
  • All these beaches are public so there is no entry fee. But for parking, you can charge
  • Many restaurants on JBR or La Mer beach offer 3-hour free parking if you eat in that restaurant. Carry your parking slip to make your parking free.
  • You can wear swim dress on the beach but no nudity is allowed.
  • Pets are not allowed on the beach.
  • Do not throw garbage on the beach and keep it clean.
  • Children are the responsibility of adults.
  • Do not swim after sunset and also when the red flag is raised.
  • No BBQ, lighting fire and shisha on the beach.
  • No overnight sleeping on the beach.
  • Apply sunscreen before going to beaches of Dubai, as average temperatures varies around 30-35 degree Celsius.  

Explore the nature of Dubai by laying down under the sun on white sands along the blue water. Hear the voice of waves, collect beautiful seashells, take out your adventurous spirits out and love the nature of Dubai. So pack your swimsuit and head to enchanting beaches of Dubai. 



Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai - Best Beaches in Dubai

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Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai - Best Beaches in Dubai

Dubai Public Beaches

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  1. Such a refreshing post! Jog, jet ski, barbecue, swim in the sea, swim in the pool, wallow in air-conditioned bungalows, roller skate, or simply build sandcastles at this beautiful beach – I am eagerly waiting for summers and beaches now 🙂

  2. Dubai does have some very wonderful beaches. I really find La Mer very interesting with all those Graffiti art, palm trees and so many restaurants. Kite beach too has such a unique and fun concept for kite surfers. Haven’t been there yet, but would love to take part in kite surfing.

  3. Yukti, like many of the others I didn’t realize Dubai had beaches, much less gorgeous beaches! That beautiful blue water and white sand! Kite Beach looks like a fun place to spend the day – is it too windy to lay out or does the wind just make the sun tolerable? But Black Palace Beach is my favorite since I’m not a fan of big crowds – I’d rent a 4×4 just to go there!

  4. I’ve seen a lot of great pictures of Dubai, never really got round to visiting but maybe one day I can find some of these stunning beaches!
    Do you have any tips on getting a day visa or transit visa for long waits at Dubai airport?

  5. I’ve always wanted to visit there. Now that i’ve seen this pictures of their beaches i want to go even more. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I had spent only a couple of hours in Dubai . So, I couldn’t explore much. But these beach options are looking good for beach lovers. I am impressed by the fact that the beaches are clean.

    1. Dubai beaches are very clean and well maintained. Next time you come here to spent more time

  7. Dubai’s beaches look beautiful! I always think of skyscrapers and shopping malls when I think of the UAE, but I think if I ever visit, I’d rather stick to the sand dunes and beaches. So glad you had a wonderful time!

  8. Wow! I didn’t know Dubai has so many beautiful beaches. I visited Dubai a couple of years back but we never thought of visiting the beaches due to the hot and humid weather. But now I think we’ve missed something worth experiencing. My favourite one would be the La Mer Beach especially because of its rustic look and colourful street art. I also love the beauty and vibrance of the Kite Beach and the tranquility of Sunset Beach. Thanks for sharing stunning photographs. 🙂

  9. While I’ve been to the JBR beach and the black palace beach, the rest of them are new to me. I’ll make sure to check them out the next time I’m in Dubai. Your tips on etiquette to be followed would be helpful to people who are not very familiar with the cultural context.

    1. This time, if you come to Dubai, then explore the new beaches… La mer has been developed and inaugurated newly which is worth visiting

  10. I know that Dubai coastlines are beautiful, I have a lot of friends who works in the Middle East and also the scene from The Fast and The Furious 8. This is a very well written piece which will highly benefit someone who will travel in UAE.

  11. Nice to read about Dubai beyond the glitzy malls and the desert safaris. The beaches of Dubai look gorgeous. My favourite would be the Black Palace beach. It is so untouched and as you mention there is no commercialization. Also being able drive right up to the beach would be so lovely.

  12. That’s a lot of well-maintained, clean beaches. Wouldn’t the sand become too hot in the Summer months? I guess these beaches are good for Winter holidays. I am not very keen on crowded, touristy beaches, so I would probably pick Black Palace Beach if I had to visit one. I wouldn’t mind travelling further afield if there are any untouched beaches!

    1. In summer, the sands are hot during afternoon, but evenings are cool here and a good place to view for sunset and enjoy the cool breeze.

  13. I’ve only heard about the JBR Beach in Dubai, as all expats talk about it. I like the sound of Black Palace Beach the most, just as it seems less busy. La Mer is so pretty and colourful too. I can imagine plenty of ‘grammer’s lining up to take photos there! Would really like to visit one day.

  14. How surprising and luck are we to have such beautiful waters in Dubai? Seriously think we don’t enjoy it as much as we should! Now I guess gotta go to the beach before the heat turns it into a jacuzzi!

    1. yes, I agree, we must enjoy outdoors before water starts boiling… We are lucky to have beautiful beaches with clear blue waters in Dubai

  15. Whoa I had no idea that Dubai had so many beaches. Being a beach person I totally loved the pictures.I loved La Mer the most coz I love art too especially that mural wall art/ graffiti . I hope I can visit them soon.

  16. Its amazing to know Dubai has so many pretty beaches. La Mer beach looks pretty much of my kind with colors all around and a lovely rustic look. Also love the marine decor feel of this place with clear blue water. Will surely love to visit this sometime.Love all the pictures you have clicked, it virtually took me there.

    1. Thanks Hetal for liking the photographs, but as you love colors, you would truly love this rustic and funky La Mer beach.

  17. WOw! I’m surprised to see that Dubai has such stunning beaches. No offense but all along I believed that Dubai is only sand and camels (plus the Burj Khalifa). I enjoyed reading at your work. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. many people think like this but Dubai has lots of blue waters with beautiful beaches , old historic places and many more.

  18. Wow you really went to all the beaches! They look fabulous and I always did wonder if you could wear bikinis on the beaches there. The kite beaches looks so good. Can you buy one or rent one there on the beach? Would be fun to give it a go.

  19. Thanks for sharing. Each beach looks stunning and seems to have something unique to offer. Everyone needs to take a break from the huge metropolitan city and it is so nice to know there are so many beaches to choose from.

  20. When people hear the place Middle East, the image of endless deserts and camels are immediately conjured and evoked. Love the beach recommendations that you have offered here to provide an alternative perspective of a Middle Eastern vacation and ways to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in modern Dubai.

  21. Dubais has so many cool and beautiful beaches! I especially love the Kite beach because it is something I have never seen before….so many kites all together up on the air plus with a backdrop of a beautiful sunset! Magic! All though you wrote its popular for kite surfer? Do you mean the watersport or just people playing with kites?
    Other than Kite beach I really enjoy a beach without a big crowds and chain restaurants all around so the hidden Black Palace beach sound like somewhere I would like to be right now! Thanks for this great post because it could be overwhelming for people to
    choose beaches on their visit in Dubai!

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