Reviews of Comfortable and Luxury Stay at Grand Hyatt New York City

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 Reviews of Comfortable and Luxury Stay  at Grand Hyatt New York City

Reviews of Comfortable and Luxury Stay at Grand Hyatt New York City.

During my East coast trip, I stayed at The Grand Hyatt New York, which is connected to the majestic and historic Grand Central Terminal and is located at the premier location in Manhattan. In this article, I will present Reviews of Comfortable and Luxury Stays at Grand Hyatt New York City.

Reviews of my Comfortable and Luxury Stay at Grand Hyatt New York City
Grand Terminal – US’s National Historic Landmark

Reviews of Comfortable and Luxury Stay at Grand Hyatt New York City

Let’s check some my Reviews of Comfortable and Luxury Stay at Grand Hyatt New York City during my stay at New York City

The Grand Hyatt New York hotel is located on 42nd Street, East side of Mid-town of Manhattan with few steps away from the Empire State building, famous & vibrant Times Square, Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue Shopping street.  I went to NYC for the first time and wanted to stay at the central /prime location, so I chose Grand Hyatt, New York.  Due to its centralized location, I saved a lot of time in transportation.  In NYC, commuting time matters a lot, so choose your destination, which saves your time. 

Grand Hyatt’s lavish Reception lobby is at Second Floor, which is accessed through escalator in Grand porch.  This luxury hotel has 1300 guest rooms, with sleek and contemporary décor. The lobby is grand and impressive with an infinity waterfall, sculptures from the world-famous artist, 24 hours coffee shop / Market shop – Starbucks.  The front desk offers quick check-in services and some quick guide to NYC details.  Also, there are many black colored couches to relax on,  in the lobby.  In the lobby, there is a stylish meet and greet point for hotel guests.  Supersonic High-speed elevators take to you to the higher floors of this hotel.

Room Details – Grand Hyatt New York City Times Square

We booked a Standard Double Room with 2 Queen size beds.  The room was small, but as compared to the average size in Manhattan, the size of this room is okay. The bed is comfortable with perfect furnishings and sleep quality. 

Reviews of my Comfortable and Luxury Stay in New York City
Double standard room with 2 Queen sized beds

There is a separate cubicle in the room for storing luggage which, I found very helpful.  It had also a small couch – a sitting area near the window. 

Reviews of my Comfortable and Luxury Stay in New York City
Seating arrangement near the window – small couches and sofa

The window of my room faced the main street of 42nd street. 

The bathroom was small but very comfortable neat and clean with all amenities.  The décor of the room is modern sleek and well-maintained by business travelers.  

Reviews of my Comfortable and Luxury Stay in New York City
Small Bathroom but well manageable with all basic and modern amenities

FEATURES OF THIS HOTEL | Luxury places to stay in New York

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • ATM
  • Gift Shop
  • Paid Parking
  • Fitness Center
  • Spa
  • Restaurant / Bar
  • Centrally Located
  • Can be accessed through Subways.
  • 24 hours Security and Check-in.
  • Choice of restaurants, food shops & Pubs within walking limits

More pictures of my room at Grand Hyatt New York City

TIPS – Grand Hyatt New York City Times Square

  • Ask for a room on a higher floor as it is less noisy and has a beautiful view of 42nd street.
  •  Check the last-minute deals before booking this hotel. We booked 5 days before and thus cracked a good deal.  If your visit is sure, then try to book non-cancellable rooms, as they are sold out at budget-friendly prices.
  • From this hotel, you get a free shuttle to certain main points.  Also on some specific days, the hotel staff takes you to the top of a terrace of this hotel for viewing the Manhattan area.  Ask for a reception for dates and timings. 
Reviews of my Comfortable and Luxury Stay in New York City
View of Manhattan from terrace of Grand Hyatt – NYC

The only thing which is missing here is the buffet breakfast spread.  For breakfast, I have to rely on Starbucks or on nearby food joints.  When you just get out from Grand Hyatt, these are the common views….

Why Grand Hyatt New York City Times Square  | Where to stay in Times Square New York

  • Business Traveler – The Grand Hyatt NYC has more than 60,000sq.ft space which can be utilized in conferences, and meetings, and There are many conference halls with a wide range of capacity to accommodate guests on various levels of this hotel.
  • Family travelers – They have got a wide selection of bigger rooms or suites which can accommodate a big family. As this hotel is conveniently located there are lots of tourist and shopping attractions nearby within walking limits. 
  • First-timers in NYC – Locations and Amenities of the hotel play a great role to select this hotel when visiting NYC for the first First timers will find comfort in the huge city of New York as this hotel is located very near to tourist attractions, business events, the public transport system(Grand Terminal)  and other daily needs.

So, whenever you are in NYC for a business or leisure trip, then have a look at this hotel.  Experience the comfort and luxury of this hotel in the vibrant and pristine location of  Manhattan’s electric Midtown district. The modern ambiance of this hotel will surely captivate your mind and make your NYC trip memorable. I hope you loved reading Reviews of Comfortable and Luxury Stay at Grand Hyatt New York City and would surely check this hotel when visit NYC.

Reviews of my Comfortable and Luxury Stay in New York City
In front of Grand Hyatt – NYC at 42nd street, Manhattan

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Note – All expenses of staying in this hotel are taken by me.  This visit is my personal family visit.  

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………


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  1. I stayed in this lovely hotel at Christmastime a couple of months ago. My family loved everything about it. You had a little different view, but the view is one of the most amazing aspects of this hotel to me. We looked out and saw the Chrysler Building!

      1. I love the colorful room for a change. Although you mention they are small they look just about comfortable for two. Nice of them to have complimentary drops to some points and would love to have the Manhattan view from the rooftop.

  2. I am always looking out for good hotel recommendations especially in New York. Thanks for sharing. 42nd Street is a great location to be in. I think I would miss a good hotel buffet breakfast.

  3. I stayed there with my family about 20 years ago now. It was absolutely amazing and I’ve been back to New York many times since but never stayed there again. However, the memories of such a monumental building have stayed with me.

  4. The Grand Hyatt definitely looks grand. And it’s location is definitely a plus as well. But I must add that the little tips that you have provided here definitely go a long way in defining one’s experience. Like taking a room at a higher floor. I will keep them in mind if I am ever booking here.

  5. 42nd street in New York has an iconic status. A hotel in the middle of the 42nd street is indeed a great place to st stay in New York. On top of that if it happens to be a Hyatt hotel then it will definitely make for a good experience.The views from the hotel seem to be really amazing and of course the strategic location makes this place a winner right from the word go.

    1. yes, living near a historic place and that too on the most iconic 42nd street is a great experience for a first timer in NYC.

  6. I hope you had a fun visit in NY! At least the choice of the hotel seems to be excellent! Must be incredible to be waking up in the middle of interesting chaos of the NY bustling city life, just a step out of the hotel building. The view from your room is amazing! I wonder if its any good for sunset? If I ever get the chance to go back to NY I might consider staying at the Grand Hyatt NY!

    1. As there are many tall buildings we cannot see clear sunset but the reflections of sky can be seen in tinted glasses, so it makes a nice view.

  7. OMG Grant Hyatt hotels are always fabulous, and based on my personal experiences, I haven’t encountered any issue with them (hope not in the future). Glad you had a fabulous stay.

  8. That’s a great tip on asking for a room on a higher floor. We’ll be heading to NYC in a month, but have an apartment there. However, if we didn’t, I’d go and check out the Grand Hyatt, as it looks like a good luxury choice. It’s a shame about the missing breakfast though, very strange!

    1. Yes Lisa, higher floor room means a great view of the street and less noise. Though not having breakfast in hotel, we had nice options nearby because of centralized location of this hotel.

  9. Grand Hyatt is a great brand to stay with. I really love them. the hotel looks fantastic. It’s location is a winner for me. I mean who wouldn’t wanna stay close to the historic Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

  10. The hotel looks quite a comfortable abode cocooned away from the whirligig of big city. The fact that it has a spa also adds to its appeal. For me location is most important while choosing accommodation. I prefer centrally located properties such as this one. I can imagine the views from the top floors. Thanks for the tip.

  11. 1300 guest rooms?!!!? I don’t think I’ve ever stayed somewhere with so many rooms! I think asking for a higher room is a great hack in all hotels – the few times I’ve been on ground level have been the worst nights’ sleep of my life! So noisy!

    1. Yes.. getting higher level is bit difficult in peak season but if you get it then it is good for peaceful stay

  12. The hotel looks like a great place to stay in New York with beautiful urban landscapes just outside the windows and beautiful interior decors. I will consider staying here when I am in the area.

  13. We love NYC! Great you had the chance to stay there while visiting that beautiful city! Room is small but that is quite NYC standards, we booked a suite in Double Tree middle of Time Square and was still small!

  14. Beautiful views and amazing location! Really, I don’t think you can find a more central and convenient location than right above Grand Central Station. Most hotels in the US (at least in the big cities) do not include complimentary breakfast, so that’s pretty standard. But point taken – I definitely love a good breakfast buffet!

    1. It was my first trip to US and found that it is very common that hotels do not offer buffet breakfast. new for me but got adjusted well.

  15. How amazing! You totally made the right decision to stay here. Being so well located, saving on transport is huge. Good to know to try and ask for a room on a higher floor, it’ll pay off with good views and less noise. Too bad there wasn’t buffet breakfast to enjoy, but from my experience, buffet breakfast was quite a fee more to book so it was always more cost effective to go out for breakfast.

    1. You are absolutely correct, as not opting for buffet breakfast, is a good money savior. Also we got a chance to explore city in early morning and found some great street food options.

  16. I love that wall mural and the funky colours. I had no idea there was a Grand Hyatt next to Central Station but then it has been a long time since I was in NY. Its certainly a good idea to go high though as NY can definitely be noisy!

  17. How fun to be right next to Grand Central! This is almost exactly where we stay while in NYC–I’ve never actually stayed in a hotel there, but one of my best friends lives right down the street, about a 10 minute walk from Grand Central, and that’s where we stay while in town. You may even be able to see the building in your view from the terrace! Midtown may not be the “coolest” neighborhood in terms of nightlife and such, but we much prefer to travel to that and then come “home” to a quieter place when we’re ready for sleep. Hope you had a great time in New York!

  18. This hotel seems to be located ideally for anyone visiting New York. The place also seemed quite comfortable and the amenities you mention would indeed be useful. Your tips would come in handy for anyone visiting.

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