Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

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Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai – Relax after Traveling

Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai
Foot Massage Area of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

Dubai is a big city with lots of activities like desert safaris, adventurous rides, huge shopping areas, tall buildings, long stretched beaches and other endless options.  As Dubai has lots of activities which makes a day hectic, you have to get unwind yourself from getting up ready for the next day.  There are also many relaxing and unwinding options in Dubai where you can be rejuvenated again for hectic days.  After a long hectic day of traveling, I tried Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha Dubai during my stay in this hotel.  I am not a very big spa fan but after long traveling and busy days, I do not mind in taking a couple of treatments for relaxation.  Presenting you my honest reviews of Azure Spa Holiday Inn Al Barsha Dubai – Relax after traveling.

Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai
Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

Azure Spa, located on the topmost floor of Holiday Inn Al Barsha, that too in the heart of Dubai is perfect to be approached by locals or tourists.  This spa has the culmination of Swedish, Thai and Moroccan treatments.  They also offer multiple options and for couples too.  After a busy day in Dubai, during my stay at Holiday Inn Al Barsha Dubai,  I booked my hour-long Normal massage treatment in the couple’s room with my husband.  They have personalized separate areas for

Moroccan Hammam

Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai
Moroccan Hammam Area

Thai Treatment Room (massage is done while lying on the floor)

Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai
Specialized Thai treatment room with massage on floor

Couples VIP Room (for couples with Jacuzzi)

Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai
Couple’s VIP Room

CHECK-IN EXPERIENCE | Reviews of Azure Spa Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

At first, we were seated in the turquoise colored reception area with the nice aromatic smell coming from specialized incense sticks. Our therapists were waitings for us and they both gave us disposable shorts(half pants- which we have to wear during the massage therapy), fluffy bathrobes and bamboo slippers.  A lady therapist and male therapist accompanied us to the candle-lit aromatic dark room. A light and soothing music were playing inside. The atmosphere of the room was warm, candle-lit and makes us feel sleepy when entered.  Also, they follow the quiet policy inside, though not written anywhere so that other guests are not disturbed during their relaxation treatments. 

Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai
Reception Area of Azure Spa
Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai – Relax after Traveling
Getting ready for my treatment- bamboo slippers and fluffy bathrobes by Azure Spa

MY MASSAGE EXPERIENCE | Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

My therapist made me very comfortable and asked about my sensitivities, problem areas or any pain in the body so that she can customize the massage treatment.  I requested her to start with Lighter strokes and then move on to heavier strokes.  She applied perfect pressure on specific zones and not too heavy or harsh ones as I am not used to massages quite often. 

Using the perfect blend of herbal oils, she started with lighter strokes on the legs and back to reduce back pain and leg pains occurred during long travel.  It was a very soothing start and after that, I requested slightly heavy strokes too and it completely relieves my body pain.  One quick point, that they keep the body cover during the whole massage procedure beneath the towel type of sheets as it keeps our body warm. 

AFTER EFFECTS | Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

This relaxing massage intoxicated me and I felt sleepy during the treatment.  The whole atmosphere full of aromatic smell, correct massage strokes, soothing music, candlelit room supported my sleep too.  Even after the massage while going into my room, I had a very relaxed baby sleep for several hours. 

AFTER THE MASSAGE OPTIONS | Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

Oh sadly, my one relaxed one hour is gone and I have to wake up again. Then our therapists took into another room and requested to rest for a while. Then we were given fresh towels, bathrobes, rubber slippers and taken to the shower room.  The shower room has been occupied with luxury toiletries, so do not bring your own. I had a complete shower under the cold water (not too chilly and not hot too).  Relaxed massage followed by a cold shower was a truly magical rejuvenating experience. 

After a shower and dressing up again, we were taken to the reception area where they greeted us with a magical drink. This hot drink is served in Moroccan styled cup and is a combination of tea, honey, and lemon.  I loved this hot honey lemon tea after a great relaxing massage therapy.  I got rejuvenated again after a long travel. 

Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai
Magical Drink after a relaxing massage

Tips for Azure Spa Holiday Inn Al Barsha Dubai

  • Book in advance for your preferred time slots as they are busy.
  • Prefer evening or late evenings as their treatments are very relaxing and make you feel sleepy.
  • Discuss or Explain your problem zones with therapists.
  • No need to carry extra change clothes, towels or slippers as they provide all basic stuff like bamboo slippers, bathrobes, shower caps, soaps, foams, and disposable shorts.
  • Don’t carry a mobile or switch it off to enjoy complete peace.
  • Check deals before booking it as they always run some good offers.
Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai – Relax after Traveling
Relaxed Massage treatment- bamboo slippers and fluffy bathrobes by Azure Spa

Why Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha Dubai

  • Convenient and easily Accessible Location
  • Therapists customize massage according to us
  • They are very attentive to our needs during the massage.
  • They offer good discounts/deals to their customers. Guests staying in Holiday Inn Al Barsha Dubai get special promo discount codes for Azure spa treatments.
  • They maintain complete silence and peace inside the premises.
  • Serving the magical drink of Hot Honey Lemon tea has won me over.
Reviews of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai
Foot Massage Area of Azure Spa, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

Relax well so that you start your another day for a long travel. Whenever you are traveling to Dubai or living in Dubai then try this Azure Spa. As I have earlier said that Dubai has lot many things to offer. Read this to know what you can do in Dubai.

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Relax on the stunning beaches of Dubai like JBR Beach or La Mer Beach.

Also, read my candid reviews of Holiday Inn Al Barsha Dubai where I was staying.

Note – This post is not a sponsored post. I paid my own expenses for my spa treatment though I received a good discount because I was staying in this hotel.

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. This looks like an amazing experience. It’s the ultimate way to relax after a long day of exploring. Great to know that if you staty in the hotel you get a special discount. It sure seems like a great place to visit.

  2. It’s been ages since I last went to a spa. It’s high time I have to get pampered. Holiday Inn has an amazing reputation which is pretty visible here in Al Barsha as well. Couple VIP treatment? That sounds so romantic. ..

  3. That Spa is just what you need after travelling! nothing wrong with a little pampering. I love the complete silence and totally agree with it! Your Azure Spa experience sounds wonderful, hope I get to Dubai one day.

  4. I love getting Spa treatments on my holidays. The Azura Spa sounds very relaxing. I loved the way they make their clients so comfortable. The Moroccan touch to the whole experience is unique.

  5. I’ve been to Dubai only on stopovers on flights to Asia. Although it’s not on my list as a travel destination, I wouldn’t mind staying overnight some day. The SPA sounds wonderful. It’s important the the masseuse asked you for any problems. I remember that in Thailand I always had to hold the masseuses back from doing things I knew weren’t right for me.

  6. Oh spa! Who wouldn’t love it? Like that Azure spa has everything fresh from bathrobes to towels. For me personally when visiting a spa or even a salon shop, I’d like everything fresh and sanitize. Spas are soothing and very very relaxing and the fact that it’s on the top most floor! How awesome is that!

  7. The Azure Spa experience sounds like a soothing and relaxing one. It is good that that the massage is customized as per need and care taken of sensitive and pain areas too. Another good thing is that they provide all the accessories like bathrobe, slippers, shorts etc.

  8. Dubai is such a fun city to visit. We often pop over from London for long weekend – nice weather, adventures and fun shopping. Looks like you enjoyed your time there – we always love to treat ourselves at the Spa too. Looks like fun experience.

  9. Wow this looks incredible! Its great that its so peaceful and relaxing as well as has an easily Accessible Location. I find it is sometimes hard to get both! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I do love visiting spas and getting massages. Especially when I’m doing so much walking in a new town! It’s a great way to recuperate and get ready for the another day of sightseeing, but also a fun little splurge while on vacation!

  11. I love your hotel reviews, they always make me want to get away asap! This hotel looks gorgeous. I love the blue couches and the massage experience sounds wonderful!

  12. Okay, first of all… can we talk about the turquoise couch? Haha! I love spas. An hour is never long enough is it? Hot honey tea sounds like it was a nice touch!

  13. Wow! What a relaxing experience! Azure Spa looks and sounds quite pampering. I love spas and I don’t miss any chance to indulge in this luxurious experience. I like the ambience of Azure Spa and their variety of treatments. Those bamboo slippers look super cute. Hot Honey Lemon tea sounds soothing.

  14. This made me want to have a massage too right now. The customized massage is indeed lovely. I wish my local spa would also be keen to ask for our sensitivities and problem areas.

    Well, let me schedule an appointment tonight and have one. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Oh this sounds heavenly! I love the azure blue couches – obviously works with the name! But the spa sounds amazing, and the massage – very relaxing! I’d be alseep within minutes too! Glad you had some nice fluffy bathrobes too – they are the best! I imagine the heat in Dubai makes everything quite exhausting, so a nice way to relax.

  16. I’m a spa girl, so this is definitely up my street! The massage sounded so relaxing, and I understand, an hour is never long enough. I like the sound of the tea at the end of the treatment too. I will remember it if I ever visit Dubai.

  17. Ooh I love spas, this one looks lovely. Planning to stop for a few days in Dubai later on this year, this looks a great way to help with jetlag and being squashed on a plane for too long. Thanks for posting.

  18. Glad that you had a nice massage and I have never done it in Dubai (but other places of course~), thanks for introducing the place and I may give a try next time when I am there!

  19. Ooh! What a luxurious experience! Never had a spa vacation but this looks special! Lucky you got to enjoy this and thank you for sharing this experience with us. I would definitely like to try someday 😊

  20. This looks like luxury at its best. Dunai is the epitome of luxury thanks to malls, hotels and spas like these. I am not a spa fan either. In fact I can count how many times I have been to spa. But like you I enjoy it once in a while. The best part about Azure spa is its location and that they customize massages as per demand. And I can smell that Hot Honey Lemon tea.

  21. OMG! This looks divine! I will never say no to spa and massage! It’s really a good way to relax after a long travel. I have been to Dubai several times but never been to a spa like this. I know Holiday Inn since I have stayed with them several times. Will definitely try them when I travel to Dubai again. plus they have discounts!!!

  22. How lovely to find a relaxing spa like the Azure Soa in Dubai. You’re right that when we travel we tend to overtire ourselves visiting. Sounds like you found the perfect masseuse!

  23. What an amazing spa and one I would love to visit after a long day of sightseeing . The Azure spa looks to have all the things that make a spa the best you can visit. Clean and well presented / the quality of the treatments/ and experience people who massage. Great to know that if you living in the hotel you get a special discount. seems like a great place to visit as per your experience. Thanks for sharing another winner.

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