Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road

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Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road
Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road, Melbourne(Australia)- Photo taken from Helicopter ride

Experience the world’s one of the most scenic Drive of approximately 250kms along the Southern Ocean through Great Ocean Road.  Great Ocean Road stretches along the south-eastern coast of Australia near Victoria’s capital city of Melbourne.  Melbourne has many awesome things to do which makes you feel like a local. This drive takes you through Australia’s exotic natural wonders like colonies of wild Koalas, misty waterfalls, a historic lighthouse, tranquil dense Rainforests with unique flora and fauna, surf beaches, rugged limestone spires which are carved by ocean waves, stunning sunrises-sunsets and natural farm and fishing villages.  The drive along Great Ocean Road comes under the World’s 10 Best Coastal Drive.  So let’s go for Scenic drive through Great Ocean Road………………

The main Highlights of Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road trip are

  • The Twelve Apostles
  • Loch Ard Gorge
  • London Arch
  • Walk in Rain-forest
  • Apollo Bay

This 150miles road trip starts from Melbourne passing through Geelong.  It takes around 90 minutes to reach the first scenic town of Great Ocean Road named Torquay.


Torquay is famous for world’s best surfers’ area.  Torquay is home to famous surf bands – Rip Curl and Quicksilver.

Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road
Torquay Surf Beaches

Airey’s Inlet 

After Torquay, there is a second stop at Airey’s Inlet, a beautiful boutique coastal town with peaceful & serene beach sides, stunning river valley.  Also, visit the famous lighthouse named Split Point Lighthouse. Australian beaches are stunning and if you are surfing then follow proper guidelines regarding beach safety. Read to know about Beach safety in Australia.  From this point, the dramatic curves and unique natural beauty of Great Ocean Road begins.

After this for whole day go for a round, steep and curvy road rides over the cliffs and besides the Southern Ocean’s waves crashing the shores.


Next stop is at Lorne which is the spectacular small town where greenery meets the beach.  This is an ideal and famous stop at Great Ocean Road for taking refreshments, lunch, shopping and in short,  freshen up.  There are more than ten waterfalls within 10 kilometers of Lorne with beautiful walkways.  Lorne is also famous for whale watching during May to September.  We missed waterfalls tour, due to lack of time as we have to reach 12 Apostles by sunset.

Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road
Stopping at Lorne town for Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road

Otway National Park

This is a cool temperate rainforest with highest rainfalls in the state.  It houses 3 layers cascaded waterfall.  The northern side of Park features tall Eucalyptus trees, ferny walkways, and tranquil dense paths.  Here you can encounter with colorful local special species of birds which are special Australian Parrots.

Port Campbell  National Park 

Now you have reached the iconic sight of 12 Apostles. Travel along “The Shipwreck Coast” within Port Campbell National Park.  Port Campbell National Park is world famous for its unique limestone natural rock formations and Twelve Apostles.

Melbourne: Get Your Guide

Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road
The Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road – Aerial Shot was taken by me from a Helicopter ride

This Port Campbell Park is at 190 km approximately to south-west Melbourne.  This park is located adjacent to Great Otway National Park

The major attractions in the park are

  • The Twelve Apostles
  • The London Arch
  • Loch Ard Gorge
  • Gibson Steps
  • The Grotto

The Twelve Apostles are the show-stopper of the whole trip.  These huge 45 meters tall limestone pillars carved by ocean waves, were formed 20 million years ago.


Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road
Sunset at Great Ocean Road

Don’t go by the name 12 Apostles, as actually in recent times there are Eight.  As they are eroded, it may reduce even further as actually in beginning there were Nine in the cluster.  Also, I recommend taking a short Helicopter Flight over The Twelve Apostles as this is lifetime and only one-time beautiful experience.  Though this flight is for few minutes but very scenic and you will get the whole Aerial view of that place.  You will fly around the rocky pillars very closely with miles of Southern Ocean in front of you.

Then go to Loch Ard  Gorge and know the shipwreck story.  After this go for London Arch (London Bridge) view.  This is natural bridge shaped arch which was connected to the mainland, before 1990. In 1990’s due to erosion, it got separated from the mainland.  Also, a couple of tourists were stranded over here and were rescued by helicopters.

London Arch can be viewed through 3 angles throughout different pathways for complete views.

Port Campbell 

Visit this popular Holiday and beach resort village.  Port Campbell is a fishing village.  This seaside village is very lively and colorful with many restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

Scenic Drive through Great Ocean Road
Port Campbell town

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TIPS FOR THE Scenic Drive through GREAT OCEAN ROAD –

  • The whole drive is very scenic and therefore take extra memory for your cameras as you will take loads of photographs.
  • Check the weather before planning this trip as clear skies and summers are mostly recommended for this outdoor activity.
  • As the route is through mountainous slopes, curves and bends you may feel slightly dizzy or nausea during the drive. Be prepared for it. Take light meals the whole day and also keep some medication to prevent motion sickness.
  • Don’t do the Great Ocean Road full tour in one day as it would be a too hectic and rushy trip. Split your trip to a minimum of two to three days with a stay over at one of the beautiful towns on Great Ocean Road.  Visit all rock formations, sandy beaches, waterfalls, wildlife along the whole drive. I did this tour in one day, for which I deeply regret now.
  • If you are driving from Torquay(East) to Warrnambool(West) route then, mostly the stunning views will fall on your left side. Grab your seat towards left as major viewing areas, points, and stunning landscapes will lie on your left.
  • Australians drive on the left-hand side just like U.K. or India and so be prepared for it. If you are not very expert driving on mountains then opt for local operated tours.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or footwear as there is a lot of hikes and walk all day long.
  • Carry small jacket or hoodie as in evenings it can be little chilly or windy.
  • Fuel your car to full as you will find Gas Refueling Stations after long distances.
  • Carry lots of water and refreshments as in between there are no shops or supermarkets. Only you will hotels and shops in small towns only.
  • If you love beaches then pack your swimming essentials with you.
  • During your rainforest tour, you cannot go with strollers and wheelchairs and mostly you have to carry your kids/children.
  • There is weak mobile signals or phone coverage in between some places, so carry an offline and hard copy of maps with you.
  • Don’t rush for The Twelve Apostles, because there are too many views points and places in between. Admire and enjoy the wonders of nature.
  • Bushfires are serious during extreme summers. Check live updates of bushfire if you are visiting this in extreme summers.
  • Don’t miss Sunset or Sunrise over The Twelve Apostles – a beautiful natural wonder of Australia.


I have done this tour before a couple of years ago when I was living in Melbourne, Australia. Check all details as there may be some slight changes in recent times. Read about top reasons to visit Melbourne. 

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So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. We are so sad that our trip to Australia was cancelled this year. A drive along the Great Ocean Road would definitely be something we would want to do. While we don’t surf, we do love watching the surfers. And we would definitely want to stop to see the Twelve Apostles. Good to know there are other places to see when you make this stop. This route would take us a long time to drive. Extra memory and batteries for our cameras will definitely be needed.

    1. Yes Linda, taking a trip across Great Ocean Road is really a memorable trip and there are so many things to do in between at all stops.

  2. Thanks for highlighting a beautiful drive in my country. If visitors have time they can drive along the Great Ocean Road then make it to the ferry point at Queenscliff across to the Mornington Peninsula where there’s amazing wineries, breweries, craft industry, beautiful walks and so much more, then back to Melbourne

  3. We loved the Otway National Park on the Great Ocean Road – especially the little town of Forest where you can spot Platypus on Lake Elizabeth. This region is a great place to visit!

  4. Every single person that visits Melbourne MUST visit the Great Ocean Road. Apart from just going to see the 12 Apostles, which of course is a must, the drive is simply stunning. So many stops along the way too. After all this craziness is over, I really should take a drive down there again and support all the local businesses.

  5. I love taking road trips! Would love to experience the Great Ocean Road once we’re able to travel again. Out of the places that you mentioned, I would be interested in seeing the views of the Twelve Apostles and London Arch. It’s good to know that we would need 2-3 days to see the sights at a leisure place.

  6. We love the Great Ocean Road – along with the tourist sights it’s well worth spending a few days exploring the Otway National Park – with waterfalls, forests and you might even spots some Koalas and the odd Platypus.

  7. This brought back memories of the time when I spent 3 weeks in Melbourne. I remember taking a day trip on the Great Ocean Road and catching up on all the major spots. I’ve never taken a helicopter ride anywhere in the world, but it’s a must do thing for me. A ride over the apostles sounds amazing and I bet would result in some spectacular photographs.

    1. Thanks Raghav, Great Ocean Road trip is always a wonderful one. Yes from helicopter some breathtaking shots can be taken. Also you can take drone shots nowadays.

  8. I have heard of this scenic drive through Great Ocean Road from friends in Australia and am so delighted to see these amazing photos. It is truly scenic drive indeed. I am amazed that it is approximately 250kms long and the variety is offers. Getting to experience waterfalls, rain-forest, lighthouse, limestone spires, fishing villages all along the Great Ocean Road is like a travelers jewel. Top this with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Walk in Rain-forest stands out for me in the highlights. Torquay surf beach looks serene and the Twelve Apostles is so unique. Getting more eager to get to Australia now!

    1. Yes Great ocean Road is truly magical with all natural wonders and if you have a night stay at one of the stopover, then it is really fun

  9. That’s amazing – I didn’t know Melbourne has such a stunning coastline! I will actually be in Melbourne for the the Australian Open in January – so I’m really excited I stumbled on your page so that I can start preparing for my trip early!

    Ill make sure not to miss the sunrise or the sunset at twelve apostles like you suggested! Thank you for all the tips!

  10. What a great itinerary from Melbourne! I’ve always wanted to see the 12 Apostles. I love, love, love your photos. What a great idea to take a helicopter trip.

  11. The Great Ocean Road drive is absolutely amazing! Even though it’s a 250km stretch, once you are driving it, you forget the distance because of the incredible beauty that surrounds. I loved spotting the colonies of wild koalas – it was so fascinating to see these cuties in the wild and not at the zoo. You have given a very good tip about preparing to download maps offline or carrying hard copy of the maps, because the mobile signal is so weak and sometimes you don’t even catch a signal!

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