Best Day Trips from Yerevan Armenia – Armenia Itinerary

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Armenia, a Caucasus country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has an incredible history dating back to approximately 3000 years. It is said to be one of the oldest Christian nation and houses world-famous heritage sites, ancient monasteries, and rich folklore traditions. 

Best Day Trips from YEREVAN ARMENIA

Armenia is famous for heritage architecture and boasts stunning landscapes of hilltops, valleys, woods, lakes, and meadows. In the post, many of my friends will take you on the Best day trips from Yerevan, Armenia. So let’s check the Beautiful Things to do in Armenia.


Armenia Itinerary 4 Days

  • Day 1 – Yerevan – arrival – city tour
  • Day 2 – Road trip from Yerevan – Garni – Geghard – Etchmiadzin – Yerevan
  • Day 3 – Road trip from Yerevan – Khor Virap – Areni – Tatev – Yerevan
  • Day 4 – Departure and visit Yerevan’s traditional market for shopping

Best Day Trips from YEREVAN ARMENIA - Armenia itinerary 4 days



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Best Day Trips from YEREVAN ARMENIA

Tatev Monastery is easily one of the most iconic and recognizable monasteries in Armenia, located on a hilltop with a spectacular view of the valley below. The monastery was constructed in the 9th century but gained its due importance in the 14th and 15th centuries when it was home to the University of Tatev, one of the most important medieval universities.

One can reach Tatev Monastery via a winding narrow cliff road. However, a more dramatic way to access it is to use the Wings of Tatev, a cable car leaving from the village of Halidzor up to Tatev Monastery, which holds the record for the longest non-stop double track cable car in the Guinness World Records. The ride across a deep canyon is a riveting experience, but not for those who fear heights!

Distance: Tatev Monastery is about 3-4 hours away from Yerevan and can be reached via private/hired car or by joining a tour. You can also get a marshrutka from Yerevan to the town of Goris, followed by a private taxi to Halidzor or Tatev.

Goris town is an excellent base to explore Tatev Monastery and the surrounding area. The town, located in a valley, is home to some hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants and is surrounded by mountains that can be hiked.

We recommend stopping by Devil’s Bridge on the way to Tatev Monastery. From here, you can hike down to and swim in some wonderfully refreshing pools of water hidden in a deep gorge! 

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Best Day Trips from YEREVAN ARMENIA

Garni Temple is one of the top tourist destinations in Armenia. Garni is a symbol of paganism of the pre-Christian era. It is also known as the temple of the Sun god, Mihr.  Located on a cliff overlooking the Azat River and with a beautiful backdrop of the Gegham Mountains, the Greco-Roman structure, built mainly of masonry, makes Garni more interesting to visit. 

Garni Temple is already famous. However, there’s one more thing to see in this place. Just below the temple lies the incredible Symphony of Stones. For nature lovers who love a short trek, hiking down alongside the Azat River will lead to this beautiful artwork of nature.

The Symphony of Stones is a natural rock formation with regular hexagonal shapes.

Best Day Trips from YEREVAN ARMENIA

Distance: Exploring Garni as DIY, around 28 km from Yerevan, is difficult as we had communication problems. With the help of the receptionist from the hostel where we stayed, she wrote the instructions and directions going to Garni on a piece of paper.

And with this, we could ask for tips from the locals we met by showing what’s written on the paper. Knowing essential Russian words will also help with communication.

We did some hitchhiking also while exploring nearby places from Yerevan. The easiest way is to join a guided day tour.


Suggested By Louiela from Beyond Chasing Dreams.


Best Day Trips from YEREVAN ARMENIA

Armenia’s monasteries have some of the most stunning locations. One of the most beautiful settings is the Sevan monastery at Lake Sevan. The lake itself is enough reason to visit this area of Armenia. Lake Sevan is one of the best Armenia tourist attractions.

The deep blue waters are surrounded by the green hills of Armenia and offer plenty of hiking opportunities that provide magnificent views.

Another reason to visit Sevan is the old monastery on a peninsula that stretches into Lake Sevan. In fact, it used to be an island, but under Stalin’s rule, the lake was artificially drained, and water levels dropped.

Still, the monastery is the best place to watch the ever-changing colors of the lake. The monastery played a crucial role in the battle between the Arabs and the Armenians when local monks helped the Armenian forces gain victory.

There are frequent minivans between Yerevan and the town of Sevan. It is an easy day trip from Armenia’s capital, but the area is best appreciated with an overnight stay to see the sunset and rise above the lake.

The town of Sevan has some hotels and restaurants and is also where you can organize boat trips on the lake or make a short hike up the hill to the monastery. 

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Best Day Trips from YEREVAN ARMENIA

The Khor Virap is an Armenian Apostolic Church monastery located in the Ararat valley and is the most visited pilgrimage site in Armenia. Khor Virap is Armenian for “deep dungeon” and held the man who would become Saint Gregory the Illuminator captive in a pit for 13 years before he helped turn the country into the first Christian nation in the world.

There have been many architectural changes to the monastery over the centuries. However, you can still visit the pit where Saint Gregory was incarcerated by climbing 200ft down a ladder into a clammy dungeon. 

It is still an important holy site of the Armenian Apostolic Church, where weddings and baptisms are performed. This monastery is an excellent viewpoint for Mount Ararat, where Noah is said to have stranded Ark. The Khor Virap is located near the border with Turkey.

To reach it from Yerevan, catch a marshrutka at 11 AM from behind Yerevan’s central train station; it is about a 45min journey. The marshrutkas will leave when they are packed and have no set times. To get back to Yerevan, take a marshrutka or a taxi. Hitchhiking is also quite common and safe.

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Hope you enjoyed all these best day trips from Yerevan, Armenia, and would love to hear from you about which day trip is your favorite one.

Best Day Trips from YEREVAN ARMENIA

Where to stay in Yerevan | Things to do in Armenia – Armenia Travel Guide

As many suggested, make a base in Yerevan and make day trips from there, then click below for recommended hotel stays in Yerevan.



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  1. Amazing post! We can’t wait to visit this beautiful country. We’ve bookmarked the page for future reference 🙂

  2. We were supposed to be in Armenia this week as a matter of fact, but instead we are in our second month of lockdown on Cyprus. I really hope to put Armenia back on my travel list when travel resumes. Saving this post for future reference. Thanks.

  3. Armenia is one of those countries I plan to visit on a long weekend and this is a helpful guide to know what all places I can explore in 3-4 days. Tatev Monastery, Khor Virap and Lake Sevan are definitely on my list! Let’s see, maybe the eid holidays in August would be a good time to explore.

    1. Thanks Medha and yes Armeniacan be planned on long weekends as 3 to 4 days are enough to see some of great places here.

  4. Armenia looks amazing! We cannot wait to visit here. So happy to have read your post as it is so detailed and plenty accommodation options to choose from. Thank you for such an informative post and such beautiful pictures.

  5. I would love to see these! Riding the Wings of Tatev sounds like worth a trip to the Tatev Monastery. The Khor Virap is my favorite from this list. Its view is the most breathtaking one. It also has an interesting history.

  6. I visited Armenia and Yerevan last year and I must say you did a great job of covering the best day trips to take from the capital. I think everyone traveling to Yerevan should check out this post. I would add just one more place to this list (my personal favorite) Geghard Monastery which is an hour drive away from Yerevan

  7. I’ve never been to Armenia, but the photos and descriptions make me want to visit someday. I think Khor Virap sounds like an interesting site to travel to. I wasn’t familiar with the story of St. Gregory the illuminator – how horrible to be stuck in a pit for 13 years! I love visiting old churches and monasteries, and the view of Mt. Ararat from there is breathtaking, even just from the photo!

  8. We absolutely will be going to Armenia in the next year or so … Therese’s heritage is Armenian and her grandparents escaped prior to the genocide (yes, we know the Turks do not like that term). Wings of Tatev looks absolutely amazing and a must-do for us. What, no photo of that experience?

  9. When traveling I love visiting historic sites and old churches, and these all sound worthy of a day trip. I’d want to make the trek to The Symphony of Stones too, as basaltic columns are so cool!

  10. I have always wanted to visit Ganri Temple in Armenia. It looks so historic and amazing! I love your travel history. You go to places I haven’t been too. I get a lot of good insights.

  11. I would love to visit Armenia some day soon. The Sevan monastery would be my first choice as it has views of Lake Sevan. I love visiting places that have a view of the water. Love your photos 🙂

  12. I’ve never had any desire to visit Yerevan, Armenia but now I do! I really want to ride in the cable car to Tatev Monastery. I definitely want to go to Devil’s bridge and hike down to the swimming you mentioned.

  13. Armenia is somewhere I’d really like to visit, so I enjoyed reading your suggestions for day trips from Yerevan. The fortified monastery on the Ararat hillside with snow-capped mountain behind is so striking.

  14. Oh, what a great guide to visiting Armenia! I have never been there and it might not be the as famous as some other countries, but I definitely want to visit some day. So much history and beautiful buildings! I would love to visit especially the churches. I love the views on the photos!

  15. There are so many historical sites and beautiful castles near Yerevan. Makes me want to visit Armenia now. Lake Sevan and Armenian church looks especially gorgeous!

  16. Armenia is on our bucket list, so we’re saving this post for later! Since I specialized in Ancient Greek civilization during my archaeology studies, I’d definitely want to see the Garni Temple! 🙂 Hiking along the Azat River in the Symphony of Stones sounds good too! Thanks for adding a list of nearby hotels too!

  17. I must say Armenia is a beautiful and rich in history country but not a destination that is so popular and visited. Posts like these definitely will help grow the tourism traffic in a destination like this. Great to know there is so much to do and see here including the short trips you can make to see some beautiful places. The one which takes my fancy is without a doubt the Tatev Monastery. THANKS FOR SHARING HOPE TO VISIT SOME DAY.

  18. I grew up in Romania, which is relatively close to Armenia. I always wanted to go visit Yerevan, but while I lived there I couldn’t go. Now that I am in California I feel it’s kind of far to travel all the way there. However, seeing how beautiful Armenia is I think it would be worth the effort. I love the picture of the Apostolic Church monastery in the Ararat Valley.

  19. I haven’t come across many blogs of Armenia. It’s great to read about places unknown to me. I totally loved the idea of taking day trips from Yerevan – a completely new place to me. Lake Sevan looks so pretty but if I guess, the route to Garni Temple seems to be more interesting. It may be tough but totally worth it.

  20. I’d really like to visit Armenia and Yerevan one day, it looks like there’s plenty to do here! I’m keen on lakes, as we have many in Italy, and so would love to visit Lake Sevan. The symphony of stones are so pretty and surely a great place to have a short trek. Some great ideas here for day trips!

  21. Armenia looks amazing. I have not visited before. Not sure that I would ride the cable car to Tatev, a car ride looks more appealing. I enjoy visiting monasteries and the Lake Sevan I would definitely put on my list of things to do.

  22. Yerevan must be an awesome starting point for amazing tours. All your pics are so amazing, I wish I could go there just right now. Anyway – I will safe this wonderful article and I will put Armenia high, yes very high up to my bucket list.

  23. Wow! I never knew that Yerevan Armenia is soo beautiful. It is just like a pretty postcard. I would surely visit it whenever given the chance to.

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