Best Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel Mykonos

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Read Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel Mykonos. Ilio Maris Hotel resort in Mykonos is centrally located at about 0.8km from the city center at walking distance of famous Mykonos windmills and Little Venice.  

This hotel is one of the first hotels on Mykonos Island to operate since 1985.  In this article, I am presenting my review of Ilio Maris stay in Mykonos and why you should book your stay in Ilio Maris, Mykonos. So check Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel – Mykonos.

Click here to book your perfect stay with a view of the sea, windmills, and sunset at Ilio Maris by clicking here. 

Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel - Mykonos

Stay at Ilio Maris | Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel Mykonos

Ilio Maris is a great place to stay in Mykonos because most rooms have views of the beautiful Aegean Sea, iconic windmills, and stunning sunset.  Also, it is located centrally and very near to most of the tourist places, beaches, and restaurants.  It offers excellent deals, and thus, staying here is Value for Money. Click here to book your perfect stay with a view of the sea, windmills, and sunset at Ilio Maris. 

Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel - Mykonos


  • Take a dip at the swimming pool with a lovely sunset view.  
  • Pool Side Bar with relaxing music.
  • Beautiful Landscaped Garden
  • 24 Hour Reception Desk Service
  • BBQ
  • Indoor Bar – 24 Hours
  • Continental Breakfast and Vegetarians have lots of variety – especially traditional Greek Spinach Pie is best.
  • Private Cruises to Delos, Car/Bike rental, and transfer services from the Port can be arranged at an extra cost on request.
  • Babysitting services are available at extra cost. 
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Free Overnight Parking 

ACCOMMODATION | Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel Mykonos

Comfortable, spacious, well-decorated Suite rooms with a private terrace/Balcony facing the sea and swimming pool. The suite which I booked can accommodate 4 people. Ideal for families and prominent groups.  The bathroom is huge, and modernly designed with handmade herbal and aromatic toiletries. 

Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel - Mykonos
Master Bedroom
Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel - Mykonos
Kids Bedroom attached to Master Bed room
Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel - Mykonos
Balcony entrance having nice sitout
Reviews of Ilio Maris Hotel - Mykonos
Spacious Bathroom

Why is Ilio Maris the perfect stay? – Best Hotels in Mykonos

  • The view of the Aegean Sea, windmills, sunset, pool, and Mykonos town is fantastic from the room.
  • Breakfast has lots of varieties to suit all tastes.
  • The reception and Hotel staff are amiable and help with a cheerful smile.
  • The location is superb as all famous tourist places of Mykonos are within walking distance from this hotel.  
  • Safe
  • Value for Money
  • Many Cafes and Restaurants are located within a 1 km radius of this location.
  • Close Proximity to Port.
  • Ilio Maris is one of the best hotels in Mykonos town.
Reviews of Ilio Maris - Mykonos
View from room with sunset

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Note – The expense of staying in this hotel is done by me and was not paid to write this review.  These reviews are my own and it is a self-paid trip.

So, until then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. This hotel looks like a very good option when I plan to go to Greece! Good to know its just at a walkable distance from the windmills! All the more happy that we veggies have a good option to eat as well! I love the feel of the room, how it looks so blended in with the Mykonos surroundings!

  2. Mykanos is on my bucket list! I am going to bookmark this review so that I can refer to it later. Ilios Maris Hotel sounds awesome to me as it is centrally located so I am sure it will not be difficult to reach other destinations from the hotel. I loved the pics you have shared…white and blue! 🙂

  3. Wow, that view of the Aegean Sea is incredible! That looks like an amazing place to stay and visit – I can’t wait to go someday!

  4. Love this post, just what I needed! I’ve been trying so hard to plan a trip to Greece but don’t even know where to start. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Greece is such a romantic destination and because of places like Ilio Maris, even much more so! Having a view of the water from your room in any location is a bonus for sure. Cool that they offer bike rentals and boat charters!

  6. This looks like such a lovely hotel to spend your time in the beautiful Mykonos. I think any beach destination property is good if you can view the ocean from your room. 😀

  7. Oh. Mykonos <3 This hotel looks exactly to the one I stayed in Mykonos as well. It even has the same view and pool design, interesting. From the top of my head, I don't quite remember the name of the hotel I stayed at, but I bet they were next to each other. Question: did you notice the great amount of cats they are in the area? There were at least 8 or 9 cats in my boutique hotel only. I wonder if it was only my hotel or other neighbors too. Let me know! – Mariella

    1. Cats are very common in Greece. Inside the hotel there were not cats but when we step out of main gate there were lot of cats

      1. Yeah I knew about the cats in Greece prior to my visit but I never thought they were going to be so many! But yea cata were inside the hotel and they would even ask for food during breakfast time. It was weird for me so I was wonderfing if maybe others had a similar experience haha

  8. That bathroom is to die for, I love the sinks! And the views from the window always make a hotel extra special, I love that you got to see the ocean and the sunset. It’s always a bonus having a separate kids’ bedroom too, better sleep all round!

  9. Never been to Mykonas but even though I have been to Greece so many times visiting other various Islands Mykonas has escaped me. This hotel IIios Maris looks like good value and what a view!

  10. Greece has been on my bucket list for really long time, and I wish to visit it! The hotel looks amazing with the view, The room has nice decorations as well. Would love to check out this place!

  11. That’s a lovely and honest review of the age old hotel. Ilio Maris seems to have a lot of activities to keep the guests engaged throughout. The view from the window of your room is stunning.

  12. The view of the windmills is inviting enough to make me want to stay there! The washroom of the hotel looks really clean and chic. The rooms look perfect to relax after a tiring day exploring Mykonos.

  13. Wow, views of hotel are so amazing, i would love to stay there for a day, best place to relax and enjoy holidays 🙂

  14. My sister and I made stops in a few places in Greece this summer but didn’t make it to Mykonos – we added it to our list of must sees and it’s great to have this as reference for where to stay! I love the overall design of the hotel, even the little details such as the stone sinks! It sounds like it has a great location too, can’t wait to check it out soon 🙂

  15. That water looks so blue and those sinks in the bathroom are stunning! They look like they are carved out of wood. Did the WIFI work in the bedrooms? I would love to add this hotel on my list but I would be lost without wifi in the rooms. I’m wondering if it would be nice to visit in winter as I don’t like the heat too much.

  16. Mykonos looks like an amazing place to visit. Zoella is my guilty pleasure and I love watching her videos, she’s just came back from here (again) and I’m always in love with the thought of going. One day, maybe!

  17. Illa Maris hotel is gorgeous and so is Mykonos. Going from the looks of it, this must be one of the costlier options around.
    But still, the way you described it, it must be a treat for all of us ‘traveller’ types.

  18. This hotel sounds so lovely and looks like the perfect place to stay in at Mykonos. I love that the architectural and color scheme are consistent with the island. The view from your window is quite lovely too!

  19. Greece is a dream place for me already and a hotel with value for money(or budget one) is a plus. What a view from the hotel window, I always love the hotels with beautiful views!! Greek food has ample vegan options and if getting it in hotel that’s amazing!!

  20. Those views alone from your photos makes me want to stay at Ilio Maris. Your room looks basic, though very clean with a nice bathroom. It’s good to know there are cafes and restaurants 1km from the hotel.

  21. Mykonos is on my list since a long time now. I love Ilio Maris for its location. So close to all the action and yet so peaceful. Being a vegetarian, I am delighted with their vegetarian offerings. And who doesn’t love free wi-fi?

  22. Yay finally. I love that there is some good vegetarian continential options available. That makes me want to check out the place immediately! I love that the bathroom is so spacious as well x

  23. Greece has been on my bucket list since quiet some time now. This hotel looks quiet amazing and lush. I am hoping to visit Greece this December and would probably be looking forward to staying in this one 🙂

  24. That hotel looks gorgeous! What a view from that terrace! I’ve visited much of Greece but haven’t been to Mykonos yet. Will definitely have to keep this hotel in mind for when I do!

  25. Mykonos is always one of the destination I’d love to visit oneday. A beautiful place like this should be enjoyed to the fullest and for that purpose finding a perfect hotel is crucial. Ilio Maris Hotel offers quite a lot and I love the fact that you can see the beautiful view of Mykonos right at the terrace of the hotel.

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