TRAVEL To See Many Styles Of Homes Around The World

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Home is the starting point of our dreams, aspirations, aims, and memories. As an avid traveler, I love to see how people live in different regions of the world.  From looking at home, I understand life of that particular region, as the construction of homes depends mainly on the particular geography of that region.   During my travel, apart from capturing monuments and famous places, I love to take pictures of different styles of home.  So take a virtual tour and see many styles of homes around the world. 

Home is where our story begins…………

So Presenting the Virtual Tour of  Many styles of Homes Around the World 

American Houses

Travel to See Many Styles of Home
American House

Generally American houses are Colonial styled which has rectangular shape and constructed symmetrically.  Two or three storey tall with pitched roof, private garage and double hung windows.   In big cities people live in skyscrapers/multistory buildings. 

German Houses 

Germans prefer to live in their own houses instead of rented ones. German Houses are having sloppy roofs because of snowy region.  Made up of strong stones and wood to keep up the cold.  

Greek Houses | Many styles of Homes Around the World

Mostly you will find white houses with blue domes/roofs and doors in Greece.  Houses on islands are constructed on cliffs and so they are asymmetrically aligned.  Shapes of houses are also irregular with narrow path leading to their entrances.  

Spanish Houses

Spanish-styled houses are very famous across the world. Main characteristics of Spainish houses are the colorful clay-tiled roof, exposed beams, pillars, wrought iron, inner courtyard, fresh floral decor, patterned floorings and many arches.  Spanish houses’ walls are specially stucco-cladd to radiate back the heat in summer. Windows are usually small.


Indian Houses 

Indian houses varies from bungalow, haveli, villas flats or huts.  Also Indian housing are very much influenced by particular culture and so every state of India have distinctive housing styles. Indian architecture is influenced by Hindu, Islamic and western culture which is clearly visible in housing styles too.  One most interesting information that The world’s most expensive house “Antilla” is in India, which is worth $1 billion owned by Indian business tycoon. This house is 400,000sq.ft. mansion.

French Houses

Traditional French Houses are built with Timber frame and brick or Bousillage(combination of moss and animal hair. French houses have unitary color scheme.


Georgian Houses

Georgia once was a part of USSR and so houses reflects the Soviet style of architecture.  An extended balcony is a typical feature of Georgian house. Generally all georgian houses have inner courtyard.  Houses are made of wood and brick arranged in narrow cobbled stoned streets. Living in streets with balconies facing each other is quite common in Georgia.    The balconies have intricate lattice work/jali work inspired from Ottoman Empire.


Travel to See Many Styles of Home
Georgian Houses

Arabic Houses

Arabic houses have an inner courtyard instead of a front courtyard or garden to beat the heat.  Generally, their roofs are dome-shaped, doors are shaped arch style with small windows.  The exteriors are very simple but interiors are very lavishly decorated.  Generally, their exterior walls painted like sand colors. 

Australian Houses

As Australia is one of the most livable countries of the world, houses here are very comfortable and modern style.  Symmetrical houses with all basic facilities.  Windows are big for a good view.  Bungalows/Villas and Multi story are both preferred here.


Travel to See Many Styles of Home
Australian Houses

Sri Lankan Houses 

Typical beach styled cottages with ample of coconut trees surrounding it.  Sri Lankan Houses have big courtyard in their front.  

Travel to see Many styles of Houses
Srilankan house

Austrian Houses

Austrian styled houses have rich facade, wide open porches and spacious balconies.  They are typical mountain houses built mainly from woods with spendid view.

Travel to see Many styles of Houses
Austrian House

Italian Houses 

The typical Italian housing style is a two story building. They have projecting corniches, heavy brackets and richly ornamented windows, porches and doorways.  The roofs are low pitched.  Italian houses are very colorful from outside with fresh floral decor.  

Hopefully in future during my travel,  I would love to capture more styles and living.  Home is not a play to stay but it reveals all the details of that geography and personality of person living in it. For me visiting traditional styled homes are as worthy as visiting any monument.  By the way which style of home is your favorite????????

After returning from my travel first thing I do is to paint them what I see there…. Look my paintings inspired from my travel to see traditional homes

Keep traveling and keep discovering unique treasures of the world…………….


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Styles of Homes around the world

So…………….. Travel to see Many styles of Homes Around the World

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING…………………………………………………… 

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  1. I love seeing the different style buildings/homes when traveling to different areas around the world. I live outside the city of detroit, and my city is mostly made up of bungalow style homes, but if you go further north – colonials are definitely the majority. Then you go even further up and you’ll see more farm houses/ranch style homes.

  2. Wonderful virtual tour of many styles of homes around the world. Its amazing how the design changes from country to country and from one place to another within the country. Loved the Greek and Spanish houses and would want the travel the world to see how differently people make their homes! What a delight to have a balcony like the one shown in Georgian House.

  3. Something I love to photograph whilst traveling is the architecture. I’ve not been to Greece or Georgia yet but will visit this year and would love to photograph their houses for myself. My favourites from the list are the Spanish houses but ones which aren’t on your list are British which are my overall favourite.

  4. We have always had fascination for the havelis and palaces in India and the brown chalets in Switzerland. They have completely different charm exuding from them, the havelis for the intricate work of carvings and the chalets for quaint look and the colorful flowers overflowing their windows and balconies in summer. These can beat those towering skyscrapers anytime 🙂

  5. This was a fun read! My house growing up in America definitely looked like that haha! I think out of all of them, the Spanish and Indian styles were my favorite.

  6. Such a unique thing to write about!! Personally the Spanish style is my favorite but I could never give up my huge house here in America! I was never really fond of the houses in Europe. Way too small and outdated most of the time!

  7. What a fun post. I live in Canada so our homes are pretty similar to what you’d see in the US. I’ve always loved Spanish style homes, but I have to say that the Georgian homes picture surprised me. I haven’t been to Georgia, but that isn’t how I expected the homes to look there. They’re beautiful.

  8. Wow!! This is a very interesting topic to read. Home is where our heart is! I specifically love the whitewashed Greek houses and the rustic Spanish ones. Painting houses is a real cool hobby. Great work.

  9. I completely understand your point of view, I too think it’s very interesting to see how the place you live in influences how you live. To add to your rich list, something I’ve noticed when living in Australia was that the houses were huge but only developed on 1 floor, and that’s clearly because there is so much space! (I used to live in a small village and it took me 10 mins walk to reach the neighbor). A style I really like is Scandinavian and northern Europe – they have colorful houses and you often find balconies closed by windows because it’s so cold there

  10. I love architecture and whereever I go, I capture houses, buildings and precisely anythings to do with structure. I too love to observe and feel the housing culture in the countries I went. I loved French(Parisian), Prague and Vienna housing styles. All three unique in their own similar yet so different.

  11. what a fascinating new point of view on travel. i never stopped to think about the actually structures or to analyse them so. I think I like the Italian homes more. they seem nice.

  12. I love architecture and I love covering old styles of houses of different regions. But little did I realize even the modern houses in most regions follow key aspects of the old regional constructions. Due to this post I am gonna go around US now gauging what style does a house follow! Loved the post 🙂

    1. In US there are many vintage styles as it is a land of immigrants. French, colonial, greek and italian many combinations they follow

  13. Your paintings are lovely! We did a walking tour of a neighborhood outside of Paris and I was in awe of the ornateness of the homes. Our American homes just have a different aesthetic!

  14. I do like the look of ornate houses like Indian havelis but they must be a hassle to clean and maintain! Personally, I prefer to live in minimalist houses and really like the Japanese aesthetic. Sliding, noiseless doors and a genkan are all I really need!

  15. I love this post, Yukti. I also love to check out traditional home styles when I travel. It is so fascinating how much insight you can get about the local culture by the design of their homes. Plus, I simply could not help but be drawn by charming homes!

  16. Whoa. That’s a new idea. I have often ignored the interesting homes while traveling. You have given me a new travel goal. Will be more observant the next time I travel. I loved Greek Houses the most beautiful of all your pictures.

  17. That’s a very interesting perspective! I love the Blue & White of the Greek Houses and the wee bit of garden in the inner courtyard of the Spanish Houses… The wooden Austrian houses are also interesting… I always loved the triangular houses in the road ends in France…

  18. Your paintings of the homes are so colourful, you have talent! My favourites are the Georgian homes and Spanish houses. I know little about Soviet architecture, which is why I’m so interested by the lattice detailing.

  19. I love this post so much! There are so many different styles of homes throughout the world. I live in the USA and even within our states and cities, there are so many varieties that people build. For example, my best friend is currently building a house in Texas, ranch-style. My other friend is building a house with a more hacienda feel to it. So homey!

    1. Yes even in one country you find many styles of homes but some basic things remain same like when you see that house – you can guess a country

      1. This is such an original post and very interesting how styles of housing differ from country to country. Obviously, it’s not only due to differences of climate but also to traditions and cultural peculiarities. However, the biggest differences are between living in big cities and rural areas. I think that housing in big cities is far more globalized.

      2. I agree in big cities mostly people are influenced by brands and interior decorators so they are more globalized but if you go interiors then you can spot differences in lifestyle and construction of houses

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