Best 5 things to do in Interlaken Tour (Interlaken Itinerary)

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The picture-perfect town of Interlaken can be found in the Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland. This popular alpine resort speaks for itself in terms of location. In a valley 566m above sea level, Interlaken is situated between the idyllic Lakes Thun and Brienz.  In this article, I will list Best 5 things to do in Interlaken Tour.  

Best 5 things to do in Interlaken Tour - Interlaken Itinerary
The photo was taken from the train


With baroque architecture, dramatic scenery, and fantastic slopes, Interlaken has long been a haven for photographers, skiers, and tourists. Here are five things that should be on your to-do list for a perfect fun-filled trip to Interlaken with some fun facts about Switzerland too.


BEST TIME TO VISIT INTERLAKEN – Best 5 Things To Do In Interlaken Tour

    • June to August – Pleasant weather with an average of 18 to 20 deg C (Peak tourist season). 
    • September to November – Tourist flow gets thinner and the weather are still pleasant with some rainfall.
    • December to March – Freezing weather and ideal for snow lovers. Very less crowd. You can find good deals on hotels. 
    • April to May – Start of Warmer and long days with the flow of increase in tourists. Many cable car starts operating. The temperature varies from 7 deg C to 17 deg C. 
    • Basically, all seasons of this charming Swiss city are beautiful and worth visiting. So it depends on what you like and in off-shoulder season, you can save some money. 

Interlaken to Brienz

  •  Skiing | Best 5 things to do in Interlaken Tour 

Known as the gateway town to the Jungfrau Ski Region, Interlaken is ideally located for a skiing holiday. With such dramatic scenery, the Jungfrau region offers skiers a unique experience and fantastic skiing conditions. With 214km of slopes to suit a variety of abilities, Interlaken really is a skier’s paradise. These pistes tend to remain relatively uncrowded, with lifts having a total capacity to transport 45,000 passengers per hour. Skiing is a fantastic thing to do in winter Interlaken itinerary.  Jungfrau region is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland and hence tops the list of Interlaken things to do. 

While it’s hoped you’ll be perfectly safe on the slopes, taking out travel insurance is essential. Hospital stays in Switzerland are among the most expensive at £6,127 a day.

Interlaken tour - Going to Jungfrau

  •  The Oberhofen Castle| Best 5 things to do in Interlaken Tour

Lying on the banks of Lake Thun, this pretty little castle looks like it’s been plucked straight from a fairy tale. First built around 1200AD, the castle has undergone several renovations, with original features now surrounded by baroque and romantic-influenced structures. It is estimated that a tower set within the lake was added around 1423. To the castle’s south is a magnificent 6.2-acre garden park featuring exotic wood plants and colorful flowers. Take a stroll around here to get some fantastic photographs, or head inside and learn about the former residents.

Best 5 things to do in Interlaken tour
On the way to the castle
  • Alpine Wildlife Park | Best 5 things to do in Interlaken Tour

Head to the Alpine Wildlife Park to get up close and personal with the Alpine Ibex, a species completely wiped out within the Swiss Alps in the early twentieth century. To reintroduce Ibex to the wild, the park was built in 1914 with the purpose of breeding. This proved to be a success, and just a few years later, Alpine Ibex were released back into their natural habitat. Today, the park houses several freely accessible Ibex enclosures and a colony of marmots.

Best 5 things to do in Interlaken tour
Cows grazing on green hilly pastures
  • Lake Thun & Lake Brienz | Best 5 things to do in Interlaken Tour

These turquoise lakes lie on either side of Interlaken and provide a host of activities for tourists and locals. On both Thun and Brienz, you can enjoy a fine dining lake cruise, sipping at your wine while taking in the magnificent mountainous backdrop. Both lakes are also used by steamship ferries between Interlaken and their respective towns, providing a scenic and efficient mode of transport.  Kayaking in Swiss lakes is the perfect way to explore Swiss natural beauty of Lake Brienz. Go for kayaking Interlaken to Giessbach falls.

Read more about Lakes of Italy

5 best things to do in Interlaken tour
My lake cruise tour
  • Thun Old Town | Best 5 things to do in Interlaken Tour 

The picturesque old town of Thun is as charming as they come. With its medieval castle and flower-decked terraces, a walk through Thun feels like you’ve stepped inside a storybook. Not a brick looks out of place in this sweet area of town, and although it can become quite busy with tourists, Thun Old Town is the perfect place to get some ideal holiday snaps. Thun is one of the best places to visit in Interlaken.

5 best things to do in Interlaken tourIMG_20190620_135955_333

Also don’t miss to visit Lauterbrunnen village, Höheweg Park, Augustinian monastery, Unterseen, Harder Kulm and Jungfrau.

  • Interlaken can be reached by 

Train Public Swiss rail system is very well developed, and there are several connections from major Swiss cities to reach this place.  There are two stations, Interlaken Ost and Interlaken West (closer to city center)

Bus – Many companies like Bus2Alps, FlorenceforFun, and mystery tour runs buses from major cities.

Car – Drive through Autoroute A8.

Best 5 things to do in Interlaken tour
Waiting for train – traveling through Swiss Rail throughout Switzerland
  • How to commute inside Interlaken?

You can walk or bike around as this is a cute little city or can also hire the taxis.

  • What to buy in Interlaken?

Swiss souvenirs, Watches, Swiss chocolates, cuckoo clocks, Swiss embroidered blouses, and cowbells.

  • Where I stayed in Interlaken? 

I stayed in Hotel Du Nord and click here to book your stay. 

Where to eat in Interlaken – Benacus, Goldener Anker, Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant and Little Thai. 
NIGHTLIFE / ENTERTAINMENT – Casino Kursaal, Balmer’s Metro Bar, Funny Farm, Secret 6


  • Check for Swiss Travel Pass, as it has access to free travel by train, bus, and boat. Also, you can reserve some Panaorma Trains with this pass, and it has free admission to more than 500 museums.
  • Download SBB App, a great app to plan your Swiss Trip, with interactive train journeys, train timetables, stops, city tours, and many other offers.
  • Free Public Transport in various Swiss cities. Just ask for a Public Transport ticket at the reception of your hotel.
  • Go for one of the Boat Cruises to nearby towns or villages in your itinerary.
  • Enjoying in city-center of medieval town centers of Swiss cities is very much recommended as they have wonderful and lively city centers.
  • Some Panoramic trains or International Trains require reservations in advance but for general commuting to nearby cities in trains, just board the train with Swiss rail pass or valid tickets.
  • Taxis are expensive in this country, and therefore public transport is recommended.  The railway stations are always located near the city center or the tourist attraction.
  • Hike some enchanting mountains nearby and for this download special mountain hike app which guides you throughout the hike. 
  • The currency of Switzerland is Swiss Franc.
  • Though there are 4 official languages – German, Italian, French & Roman spoken and understood here, but here English is also understood by everyone, and there is no language problem.
  • On Sunday, many shops are generally closed. Also, watch out timings during noon and after 6:00 P.M. for small-town/cities shopping areas.
  • A very safe country with some general precautions to be taken.  People here are very friendly and welcoming to tourists.
  • Try famous Cheese fondue and other Swiss milk products.
  • Tipping in eating joints is not compulsory.
  • Water from taps/fountains is safe for drinking.  
Photo taken from train during Best 5 things to do in Interlaken Tour
The photo was taken from the train


I reached Zurich International Airport, and I took a train to Interlaken. The train stations are beside the Airport. And I stayed in Interlaken and made day trips to Bern, Basel, Luzern, Geneva, Thun, Jungfraujoch(Top of Europe), and then returned back to Zurich and had a night stay there. I stayed here for 8 days. There are many other itineraries where you can stay in Geneva to cover Laussane and Lugano on the Italy border.

Due to Bollywood’s love for the Swiss city Interlaken, a 350 kg statue of popular Indian producer-direction – Mr. Yash Chopra has been installed at Kursaal Garden, which is done by Interlaken Tourism and Jungfrau Railways. 


So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Great post on Interlaken for the first time visitor. I been there a few times at various different times of the year and it doesnt matter when you go, its an amazing place and a great base to stay to explore the area. I even did a marathon here several years ago running from Interlaken to the summit of the Jungfrau mountain via Lauterbrunnen and Wengen. That 42km uphill run was a right struggle. 😀 Cant wait to get back to the area to do some more hiking trails here.

    1. Interlaken was my first foreign city and therefore it holds special place in my heart. It is truly adorable place.

  2. Hi Yukti, I’m planning for 5 nights in Switzerland could you please advise a good itenary, like how many days in Zurich , interlaken, bern , mount titles, etc also are there any good Indian or other restaurants at reasonable prices appreciate your feedback, im travelling with my wife and 2 kids

    1. Hi Manan, Thanks for reaching out to me, according to me You can do 3 nights in Interlaken and 2 nights in Zurich. From Interlaken you can do Titlis & Jungfrau 2 days and 3rd day you can go to Lake brienz/Thun cruise tour and then to Bern and return back to Interlaken. After that go to Zurich or initially you can do that. From Zurich one day in city tour and next day you can opt for Rhine valley tour.
      There are many Indian restaurants listed in Interlaken at main square and you can have nice food. I am vegetarian and had no problems in food. Swiss cheese, milk and chocolates are worth trying and are very much energy giving. Check restaurant and hotel links in this post.

  3. I saw Interlaken on my journey up to Jungfraujoch. Beautiful scenery—postcard worthy. 😉 thanks for sharing what there is to do there. I cannot even imagine how good of a skier one would need to be to hit these slopes.

  4. You had me at ibex and marmots. I’ve not explored much of Switzerland yet, and I can see the attraction of visiting in each season as you outline great reasons for each choice. The free travel pass is a helpful bit of info too – I remember Switzerland as beautiful but expensive.

  5. Interlaken looks like a perfect European postcard. I love that there is a Alpine Wildlife Park there and one can ski in winters. It just looks beautiful and untouched. Would love to go there someday.

  6. Interlaken is a classic destination, photographed the world around for good reason. Been there a number of times and no matter how many times you visit, the mountains, views, lakes and villages are never the same, and always beautiful in any season. Looks like you had a grand adventure. Glad you saw the Jungfrau!!!

  7. That is awesome to hear that Interlaken is the perfect place to ski, and that it’s not too crowded. You make a good point about travel insurance; that hospital bill would not be something to take a chance with! I’d be sure to check out the Alpine Ibex park to see the recovered population. I also love your style of photography! All your shots really capture how beautiful and lush Interlaken is.

  8. I haven’t been to Switzerland since I was a little girl and your post makes me want to go again. I only went to Lugano from Italy. Interlaken looks lovely though. I love doing a boat cruise wherever I can, so that would be a highlight for me.

  9. I have been fortunate enough to visit Switzerland a few times now for work and holiday but without a doubt my favourite place is the picture-perfect town of Interlaken. It is not to large and you can enjoy the city by foot mainly but yes can get very busy with tourists during the peak holiday season. I was not aware that it was the gateway to ski resorts and holidays as the city itself is such a beautiful place to visit and spend a few days . I loved walking along the main street in the evenings and soaking in the atmosphere whilst enjoying-the views of the mountains and the beautiful architecture. Thanks for a very informative post and taking me back in time.

    1. Yes for me Interlaken is like a fairytale town and my favorite activity was to stroll around the town center and soaking in the beautiful atmosphere with views of Alpine.

  10. I went all around Switzerland when I visited but we didn’t make it to Interlaken. I do really want to go. But in the winter! I want to see the Oberhofen Castle and here’s a alpine wildlife park? That will be a MUST for me!

  11. I love to visit mountainous ski areas during Sept/Oct/Nov to avoid crowds, but then I don’t ski so that works for me. This looks like it was fantastic trip! I’ve always wanted to visit Basel and Lucerne as well, and I will be near Geneva in Italy this next year so I may figure out a way to pop over.

  12. This area is my old stomping ground for hiking and running, I love this part of Switzerland. But it gets so expensive every time I got there but I do a lot more things every time I go. I even did a marathon up the Jungfrau mountain once…happy days.

  13. Thank you for a comprehensive post, I didn’t know Bollywood was so fond of Interlaken but it’s so picture perfect and quintessentially European, why not?

  14. What a lovely post card perfect destination is Interlaken , Yukti. I would love to someday visit this place that has the right combo of natural beauty as well architectural excellence. The first pic looked like a water colour painting. Mesmerizing! And, you look so lovely 🙂 Have they been taken many years back?

    1. Yes many years back, this is going through memory lanes. It was taken by normal camerawith photo reel (not digital ones) during my honeymoon.

  15. I have always wanted to visit Switzerland and Interlaken always comes up as recommended destination. I feel I’d love the lake cruise.I’ll be sure to come back here when I visit Interlaken. Perhaps, I’ll go plan the trip now. Gotta make room for Swiss chocolates in my budget.Ha!

  16. I love anything alpine, so I would adore visiting Interlaken! I would love to spot an Ibex at the alpine wildlife park. Plus, who can pass up Swiss chocolates and cuckoo clocks?!

  17. Oh this is perfect! For some time I’ve been meaning to plan a trip to visit the nature in Switzerland so this really helps me plan when to go and what exactly to see! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. Interlaken surely looks like a picture-perfect land. The Alpine wildlife park looks amazing. The pictures taken from train look great! Amazing pictures and a great selection of things to do in Interlaken.

  19. I don’t know if Skiing will be my cup of tea but I would surely like clicking some photos of The Oberhofen Castle and the lakes nearby. The Old Town is also pretty and worth clicking.

    1. If you love nature photography then Switzerland is ocean for you and you would end up taking tons of photos

  20. Interlaken is such an amazing springboard for fun activities around the Bernese Oberland region. Thanks for all the great suggestions. Would love to take that boat tour around Lake Thun to visit the nearby villages.

  21. I definitely feel as is Interlaken has transported me to a different age and time. I love the medieval towers and Renaissance architecture that the village has. I could spend hours just meandering the streets and getting lost admiring it. I also love that it resembles a typical Switzerland village but isn’t overpopulated with tourists.

  22. My boyfriend is from Switzerland, yet, he’s never told me about this beauty! I will definitely be putting this on my list of places I need to go. I love old towns so Thun old town will be #1!

  23. What a beautiful place! I’ve never heard of this place but after seeing those pictures im now looking further into it. Thanks for sharing! 😍

  24. We’ve visited Interlaken out of season and it’s a lovely place to visit when it’s quiet. Plenty of great places to eat in the centre with outside tables and great views. I’m sure it’s a very lively place during the ski season with all the opportunities for apre-ski.

  25. I have heard a lot about Interlaken and staying next to Lake Thun will be the best I think. Thanks for showing this beautiful place in Switzerland. I always look out for the places you recommend to stay and places to eat and of course the tips at the end. I am surely going to take the boat tour to one of the nearby Swiss villages while there.

  26. Ah! Interlaken looks like a dream. Well all places of Switzerland looks like Dreamland. I would love to visit Interlaken someday and enjoy such a lush greenery.

  27. Interlaken is so beautiful. I visited there a long time back and I wish I could go back in time. The Oberhofen Castle is truly beautiful. The Alpine forest sounds amazing as well. I hope I can visit Interlaken some day with my kiddo. He will love these spots.

  28. This is my type of vacation. Totally miss skiing. I think the last time we went skiing was 8 years ago. We would definitely consider this tour next vacation. The kids would be thrilled to visit the wildlife park. Thank you for sharing these tips.

  29. Even though I visited Switzerland, I still haven’t made it to Interlaken. I’ve been a bit turned off because the place seems to be too commercialized and touristy. However, reading this post and seeing the pictures makes me change my mind. Thank you for sharing

    1. As it seems to be very touristy but there are many nearby beautiful places and to avoid rush you can travel in off peak season.

  30. As someone who loves wildlife, I am definitely keen to visit the Alpine Wildlife park. Switzerland was a place where a lot of commercially Bollywood films had been shot and it was just a place I kept putting off, now it’s probably a good time for me to visit there thanks to your post!

  31. Bernese Oberland, Switzerland has been in my list. Interlaken sounds like a great visit to start in this region. I haven’t been in Switzerland but I’ll try to swing by next year as I’m coming back in Europe. I want to see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the food! I hope I can make it happen.

  32. Despite having Switzerland at a stone’s throw, I’ve never really managed to visit it properly. Interlaken looks really pretty. I can’t ski but I’d happily spend time snapping pictures of the lovely old town of Thun and feasting on cheese fondue! Travelling on a steamship ferry through the lakes sounds pretty awesome, too 🙂

    1. It is great you live at such a beautiful place which is stone’s throw from Interlaken. Yes the ferry ride is awesome.

  33. Interlaken does look like a postcard. The skiing seems to be top of the list, I’ve not skied for 30 years but I could be tempted looking the snow there. I always love seeing the local wildlife so the Alpine Wildlife Park would be a perfect idea for me. Obviously, it would be rude not to enjoy the local wines on Lake Thun. I could quite happily spend a week there!

  34. I absolutely loved Interlaken and staying at a lakeside campsite was quite the experience, as was paragliding over Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. I love your recommendations as well -I wish I could ski but I don’t else that’s a great activity and also, the Alpine Wildlife Park sounds pretty cool!

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