Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

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What to do in Switzerland? Switzerland, a great mountainous country, is perfect for nature lovers’ holiday. Read the perfect Switzerland itinerary 7 days and learn how to spend 1 week in Switzerland with some of the fantastic things to do in Switzerland.

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Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

Day wise split up – Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days – 8 Days

  • Day 1: Arrive in Zurich.
  • Day 2: Interlaken – stay at Interlaken – Full Day trip to Schilthorn and Jungfraujoch
  • Day 3: Full Day trip to Lucerne.
  • Day 4: Full-Day Trip to Basel via Bern
  • Day 5: Day trip to Geneva from Interlaken
  • Day 6: Day trip to Brienz and Thun and arrive back to Zurich – night stay
  • Day 7/8: Zurich city tour.
Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days
Google Map courtesy – Click here for full map

Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days – What To Do in Switzerland?

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BENEFITS OF A SWISS TRAVEL PASS? | Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 days

  • Make your trip to Switzerland as easy as possible with a rail pass that gives you unlimited access to the Swiss train network. 
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  • You can choose between a 3, 4, 6, 8, or 15 consecutive day pass.
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  • IMPORTANT – The earliest issue date of the Swiss All-in-One Travel Pass is 180-day before the valid date requested
  • All travel by train, bus, and boat
  • All travel on premium panorama trains (seat reservation required and/or surcharges apply)

Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days – What to do in Switzerland

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DAY 1 – Zurich arrival and a visit to Interlaken | Switzerland itinerary 

Interlaken is the gem of Switzerland, and due to its fantastic location, many cities and picturesque Alpine towns are about 2 to 3 hours away by train. So it is great to have a stay in this cute town and make all nearby day trips. 

Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

From Zurich International airport, catch a train to Interlaken. The frequency of trains is approximately after every hour. The train ride is paranormal, and I would recommend staying at Interlaken for the rest of your Trip and making day trips nearby.

You can also do a day trip to Interlaken and Jungfraujoch – the top of Europe from Zurich.  

Zurich to Interlaken google map
Zurich to Interlaken by train – click here for full Google map

DAY 2 – Interlaken city tour with Schilthorn & Jungfraujoch (Day trip) | Switzerland itinerary

Where to eat in Interlaken – Benacus, Goldener Anker, Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant and Little Thai.

Explore Interlaken and its nearby areas like Harder Kulm, Schilthorn or Jungfrau.


Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days


google map interlaken to jungrau
Interlaken to Jungfraujoch by train – Google Map – click here

Swiss trains are the best way to explore nearby cities and mountain tops. 

Interlaken – NIGHTLIFE / ENTERTAINMENT – Casino Kursaal, Balmer’s Metro Bar, Funny Farm, Secret 6.

DAY 3 – Lucerne (Day trip) | Switzerland itinerary

Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

Lucerne is a charming fairy tale city on a picturesque lake surrounded by the Alpine mountain range. Lucerne is known to be one of the prettiest cities in the world.

google map interlaken to lucerne
Click here for Google map Interlaken to Lucerne

It is also known as the “heart of the country,” with amazing medieval vibes, panoramic views, and Alpine landscape. 


DAY 4 – Basel & Bern (Day trip) | Switzerland itinerary

Take a train to Basel from Interlaken.

BASEL – Basel is located on the Rhine river and is the third-largest Swiss town. It has a fantastic amalgamation of French, German and Swiss vibes due to its location. 


Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

Basel is a charming town with cobblestone streets, colorful historic buildings, lovely vintage windows, boutiques, and vintage trams. Basel has unique architecture from various historical times. Explore Basel on foot to experience the old town’s historic buildings dating from the 15th century.

After having lunch at Basel streetside charming restaurants with a view, take a train to Bern.

Google map Interlaken to Basel via Bern stopover
Click here for Google map Interlaken to Basel via Bern stopover

WHY BERN – Bern is the capital city of Switzerland. Explore the old town with unique historic buildings and a picturesque landscape backdrop. Bern is known as the city of fountains and famous clock tower. You can also visit the Swiss Parliament if it is open to the public that day. 


Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

Bern city tour can be done perfectly by walking tours or by public transport – bus and trams. 

DAY 5 – Visit Geneva from Interlaken | Switzerland itinerary

Take an early morning train to Geneva from Interlaken. 

Why Geneva – headquarters to UNO, capital for luxury watches and jewelry making, foodie destinations, and Switzerland’s perfect International city. 

Book Chamonix and Mont Blanc Day trip from Geneva

Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

Geneva is located on a beautiful lake, and the confluence of two rivers has a magnificent landscape with majestic historic building structures.

Google map interlaken to geneva
Click here for a Google map Interlaken to Geneva by Train

Explore Geneva by foot, or you can take trams or buses to and fro in the city.

If you take a Swiss travel pass, then your bus, tram, and rides are included in your Swiss train tickets for that day you are traveling by train.

DAY 6 – Visit Zurich via Brienz & Thun – Night stay at Zurich | Switzerland itinerary

Take a boat trip to Brienz and Thun from Interlaken. Brienz and Thun are the most picturesque towns in Switzerland. 


Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

Public transport includes boat rides too. So take those boats which are there in your Swiss travel pass. The ship cruises along the scenic route through a stunning -turquoise lake with the backdrop of the Alps. This boat tour is one of the best things to do in Switzerland as Lake Brienz and Lake Thun are the best in Switzerland.

Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

Brienz and Thun are small Alpine villages in the Swiss Alps with amazing turquoise-emerald lakes.

After this boat tour, take a train to Zurich. – Night stay in Zurich

DAY 7 – Zurich city tour | Switzerland itinerary

Book Zurich city tours in advance

Zurich is located on the Limmat river with a unique historic architectural backdrop.

Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

Book a serene Limmat boat cruise through the old town of Zurich and explore its fantastic beauty.


  • June to August – Perfect weather to enjoy nature and the outdoors with an average of 18 deg C to 20 deg C (Peak tourist season). 
  • September to November – The peak tourist season comes to an end, and the weather is still pleasant with some drizzle.
  • December to March – Freezing weather and ideal for winter and snow lovers. Significantly less crowded and so you can find affordable stays too. 
  • April to May – Springtime when winter ends and the Start of Warmer and long days. Tourist season starts, and therefore Many cable car starts operating too. The temperature varies from 7 deg C to 17 deg C
  • Basically, all seasons of this charming Swiss city are beautiful and worth visiting. So it depends on what season you prefer.
  • TIP – In off-peak season or shoulder season, you can save some money as Switzerland is an expensive country for travel. 

HOW TO REACH Interlaken?

Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

Train – Public Swiss rail system is very well developed, and there are several connections from major Swiss cities to reach this place. There are two stations, Interlaken Ost and Interlaken West (closer to the city center)

Bus – Many companies like Bus2Alps, FlorenceforFun, and mystery tour runs buses from major cities.

Car – Drive through Autoroute A8.


Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days

  • Check for the Swiss Travel Pass as it has access to free travel by train, bus, and boat. Also, you can reserve some Panaorma Trains within this pass, and it has free admission to more than 500 museums.
  • Download SBB App, a great app to plan your Swiss Trip, with interactive train journeys, train timetables, stops, city tours, and many other offers.
  • Free Public Transport in various Swiss cities. Just ask for a Public Transport ticket at the reception of your hotel
  • Go for one of the Boat Cruises to nearby towns or villages in your itinerary.
  • Enjoying the city-center medieval town centers of Swiss cities are recommended as they have lovely and lively city centers.
  • Some Panoramic trains or International Trains require reservations in advance, but for general commuting to nearby cities by trains, board the train with a Swiss rail pass or valid tickets.
  • Taxis are expensive in this country, and therefore public transport is recommended. The railway stations are always located in the city center or near the tourist attraction.
  • Hike some enchanting mountains nearby.
  • The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc.
  • Though there are four official languages – German, Italian, French & Roman spoken and understood here. People understand English, and there is not a big language problem.
  • On Sunday, many shops are generally closed. Also, watch out timings during the noon and after 6:00 P.M. for small-town/cities shopping areas.
  • A very safe country with some general precautions to be taken. People here are amicable and welcoming to tourists.
  • Try famous Cheese fondue and other Swiss milk products. Perfect Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days
  • Tipping in eating joints is not compulsory.
  • Water from taps/fountains is safe for drinking.  

I hope you loved reading about the Perfect Switzerland itinerary 7 days and now you know what to do in Switzerland in one week. These are some best things to do in Switzerland and you can plan your Switzerland itinerary easily now.


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