Perfect Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi

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Rabati Castle is also known as Medieval Castle in Georgia(country in Eurasia).  It was built in 12th century previously known as Lomisa Castle. Read about Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi.

Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi
Rabati Castle with snow

This castle  is an example of Georgian history and culture all together at single site. This castle has deep influences of different cultures and religions like Russian, Soviet and Ottoman empires,  which is well reflected in its architecture.  Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi is perfect for history, culture, and nature lovers. 

Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi

Rabati Castle

Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi- 

Rabati lies in Akhaltsikhe region in South of Georgia which is at a distance of 208.5 kms from Tbilisi – Capital city of Georgia.  It took around 3 to 4 hours by car to reach this place.  While going to Rabati, we passed along Bojormi, a botanical resort known for its natural sulphur water, coniferous forests and lush valleys of Mtkvari river.  

This mineral water(sulphur bath) has therapeutic elements and so Borjomi is known as Healing city.  Taking dip in sulphur baths at Borjomi national park is free. But carry towels and clothes for changing.  Borjomi is at half distance from Tbilisi to Rabati.

Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi
Georgian lunch- Lobiyo and Lobiyani Bean curry with Bean bread

 We reached Rabati in noon, we had delicious Georgian vegetarian lunch before starting to climb the fortress.

Within seven-hectares of castle there are many beautiful restored medieval structures on hilltop like Jakelis Palace, Citadel and golden dome to a Georgian Orthodox Church, a mosque along with 18th century Madarsa( Islamic school).

While walking around the fortress, we were greeted by stunning breath-taking views.  Climbing up to top of tower for magnificent view of snowy town, leisure walks around hallways, while indulging into gardens, frozen pond, fountains and wineries on terrace.

This castle was destroyed several times according to history but fully restored and accessible to visitors in 2012.  Rabati Castle is one of the the Georgia’s national monument.  

Entrance fee to complex is GEL 7 (USD 4).

At the entrance of castle there is Hotel Rabath & Gino Wellness for staying overnight, having spa treatments and eating out in their restaurants.  We did not stay here as it was a Day tour but had a delicious Georgian Lunch here. Our Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi was very snowy, full of winter-sun, historical, therapeutic and a beautiful road journey.

Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi

After having stroll and climbing up fortress we started to return back to Tbilisi while stopping at Green(Mtsvane ) Monastery.  This drive is narrow and very snowy, so we climbed few steps to monastery but did not make top the top. It was late and we planned to return back Tbilisi during daylight, as road journey is along hilly slopes.  But this road journey is very picturesque. Therefore Day Tour to Rabati Castle from Tbilisi is a perfect day tour. 

Reached Tbilisi late evening.  Next day on new explorations from Tbilisi………………

So till then,   Keep Traveling………………………………..Keep Exploring…………………………………………

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  1. I loved this castle, the views from the top are incredible! I’ve heard great things about Georgia and it is high in my list of places to visit. I will definitely visit Rabati Castle whenever I’m in Tbilisi!

  2. I’ve heard so much good stuff from Tbilisi, and I’ve wanted to visit for a while and now that I’ve seen what an awesome day trip Rabati Castle is I definitely want to go! I can’t believe how cheap the entrance fee is, it looks like a really special place.

  3. How cool to see this beautiful castle covered in snow! Your pictures definitely show how gorgeous it is. Will definitely make a note to go here when we eventually go to Georgia (one of our dream destinations).

  4. Wow. The photos came out amazing! Every single one of them is breathtaking. Day tours to hidden gems destinations are one of my favorites. I’ve wrote down Rabati Castle as another item on my must visit bucket list. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I was about to visit Georgia last year but unfortunately couldn’t make it! Your pictures speak for itself and wants me to visit there soon! I’d love to explore that Rabati Castle as it looks beautiful and the view is just splendid!

  6. I’m so fascinated by Medieval history so the Rabati Castle sounds very interested. I have never been to Georgia myself, but I heard that it is an interesting place to visit. The views from the fortress looks stunning! The golden dome on the Madrasa looks incredible.

  7. That castle, the architecture and history are incredible. I am so disappointed we didn’t have time to see Georgia this year, we must do it soon. thanks for sharing your post and photos

  8. What an amazing place. Highly important to ensure places of historic significance are preserved and maintained for future generations to see. Glad to know that it was possible to restore the Castle fully despite destruction multiple times. Also, quite amazed to know about the sulphur bath and it’s healing properties. Thanks.

  9. That vegetarian lunch looks like the perfect before-trek meal! I’ve never been to Georgia but the scenery seems spectacular- the eclectic mix of green nature, magnificent architecture and small town charm is incredible! Would love to try one of those healing sulphur baths!

  10. How cool is the hotel inside the castle? This place seems like quite the melting pot of history. I really like the sound of Borjomi. Kick back and relax in a therapeutic spa.

  11. Georgia is such a charming place. I have heard only good things about this tiny country. The Rabati castle looks amazing. Lobiyo and Lobiyani bean curry looks tempting. Is it vegan?

  12. Have been hearing a lot about Georgia over the last year or so and apparently it is slowly becoming quite a popular destination. Loved the photos and the fact that the castle has been influenced by a number of regions would make it a real cultural hotpot. Thanks for all the information and at a $4 entrance fee, it’s quite a bargain.

  13. Did you take a dip in the water of Bojormi? I had read a lot about the mountains of Georgia but this is the first time I am reading up about a Georgian castle. Georgia sounds like such a versatile country.

    1. I take dips in sulphur baths during my Georgia visit in summers. As it was snowy during castle visit, I did not opt second time in winters. But yes sulphur baths are very therauptic. I brought some water with me also while returning back.

  14. OMG ! this castle looks so beautiful. I have never heard about this place before but i have fallen for this place. Georgia is the most beautiful and i can’t wait to get up n run there. thanks for sharing.

  15. There looks like there is so much to see and do in Georgia. I can’t believe how culturally and historically rich Rabati Caste is. So much religions and diversity in one town too. The architecture and scenery is beautiful. well captured.

  16. I’ve been planning a trip to Georgia for a while and can you believe that I never even knew about this castle?!

    Well needless to say, it’s now high up on my lists of things to do in Tbilisi! I’ve bookmarked this for later. Thanks girl! 🙂

  17. The Rabati Castle looks magnificent and picturesque. Its interesting to know that the mosque, church, palace everything is housed in the same complex. And the Borjomi national park also looks like worth a stop for the free dip in sulphur baths. Definitely on list whenever we visit Georgia.

  18. I came to know about Georgia recently and the more I read about it, the more it fascinates me. Those metallic color domes are so stunning. I’m imagining them sparkling under the full gleam of the sun.

  19. The castle looks stunning! Reminds me a little of old Croatian castles.

    I have been hearing more & more about Georgia lately, which really makes me consider visiting one day 🙂

  20. The Rabati Castle is so beautiful and to read that the entrance fee is that cheap, oh my word, it’s amazing! I don’t know how I would feel if I’m here but I’m sure I’d forever relish the memory. Is it just me, I feel every where on the castle looks golden. It’s a beautiful sight.

  21. I will visit Tbilisi soon and this trip to Rabati castle looks worthwhile. $4 to enter such a unique castle with the amazing view is amazing value. You photographed the caste beautifully, with that gold dome as well.

  22. Reading all the Georgia posts on your blog is tempting me more and more to head towards the country. 12th C Castle? That’s totally my kinda place to go… The view from the castle is just spectacular. Bean curry when bean bread – That’s almost like Dal Tadka & Naan?????

  23. Georgia is on my list of places to visit next year, and your photos have made me want to go even more! Rabati Castle is incredible, and I love the history behind it. It’s good to know you can make a day trip from the capital here. It looks cold there too, when did you visit?

  24. Everything I seem to see and hear about Georgia is that it is really a beautiful place to visit. I really enjoyed reading this post showing an attraction out in the country and it really does look so gorgeous. Aside from the beauty though, the history of the castle and places like this always interest me. A day tour out of Tbilisi sounds like a really great way to do this in a relaxed way.

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