3 Days In Montenegro – Places to visit in Montenegro

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Montenegro is one of the best countries to travel to within Europe. This small Balkan country is located in Southeast Europe besides the Adriatic Sea and surprises all with its enchanting beauty. It is a relatively new travel destination; therefore, it is not crowded with tourists, and many cities remain in their authentic condition. Exploring this stunning country for three days is the perfect amount of time to see all the major cities and get a taste of all the different Montenegrin offerings. You will be amazed to see the quirky and rustic Montenegro attractions with many things to do. So let’s read about how to spend 3 Days In Montenegro – Places to visit in Montenegro and so read this beautiful Montenegro travel guide.

3 Days In Montenegro Places to visit in Montenegro

MONTENEGRO TRAVEL GUIDE- 3 Days In Montenegro – Places to visit in Montenegro

The best part about Montenegro is its size. It is so small that it takes only around 4 hours to drive from one end of the country to the other. This small size means that going from city to city is an easy journey and almost all major cities are an hour away at most. Despite its small size and the proximity of the cities, every city and town feels entirely different and has its own unique identity and vibe. Therefore, it never feels like you are repeating a city and seeing the same thing twice!  Montenegro generally is favorite destination and mostly tops the list when you create your Balkan holiday planning guide.

3 Days In Montenegro - Places to visit in Montenegro

3 Days In Montenegro – Places to visit in Montenegro

Be prepared for the 3-day lifetime journey of a lifetime that will both awe and amaze you. Not only mature travelers enjoy this place but kids too enjoy this beautiful country. Visiting Montenegro with kids too is also fun and therefore it is family destination too. 

Day 1: Bay of Kotor | 3 Days In Montenegro – Places to visit in Montenegro

Arriving from Croatia the cities along the Bay of Kotor are the logical first stop on this adventure. There are a few towns and villages to stop at and explore along the way that will start the Montenegro adventures off with a bang.

3 Days In Montenegro Places to visit in Montenegro
View of Kotor

Herceg Novi

The first town you will come across after passing the Montenegrin border is Herceg Novi. This little town is the perfect first stop to get a taste of a remarkably untouched and authentic city in Montenegro. The town of Herceg Novi is one of the less frequented spots for tourists due to its smaller size. However, it holds all the same beauty and excitement of the others.

There are tons to do in Herceg Novi. Some options include going to a beach, walking the promenade, or going for a hike. Moreover, Herceg Novi has some stunning scenery, due to the vivid blue waters the city is constructed beside and the mountains in the background.


After Herceg Novi, the next notable stop is in Perast. Perast is a tiny village located along the Bay that has a charm like no other. The town is all white stone buildings and stone walkways. The best things to do here are swimming, taking a trip to the museum, wandering the streets, or drinking in a cafe with locals.

Our Lady of the Rocks

3 Days In Montenegro - Places to visit in Montenegro

Off the shore from Perast is a small island called Our Lady of the Rocks. This island was built by Perast citizens throwing rocks into the water to make enough land to construct a church. This tiny island only holds a church and Monastery; however, both these buildings are stunning, and the inside is a museum that contains historical and significant artifacts.


Kotor is the most popular and touristy location in Montenegro. Throughout the summer cruise ships come to this city to explore its beauty. The main attraction of Kotor is the Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of stunning architecture, old churches, and local shops. More so, there is a famous hike up the mountain that offers stunning panoramic views of the Bay. Hike 1350 steps to the top of Kotor’s city walls for enchanting views. 

Day 2: Coastal Towns | 3 Days In Montenegro – Places to visit in Montenegro

From the Bay of Kotor, there are a few coastal towns that are quite popular and unique, and day two is for exploring them.

3 Days In Montenegro - Places to visit in Montenegro


Tivat is a unique city in Montenegro that is very different from all the others. This city was recently remodeled and arriving here feels like you’ve left Montenegro and teleported to Monaco. Tivat is a yacht port that is home to some of the most beautiful and grandest yachts in the world.

Despite its upscale environment, there is a ton to do in Tivat  that doesn’t require a big budget. Some options include spending the morning at Porto Montenegro pool club, walking along the new promenade or admiring the yachts.


Following a morning in Tivat, it is time to visit Budva. This city is a stunning coastal town that lies along the Adriatic Sea. As a result, sandy beaches are abundant here with clear blue waters. Having a beach afternoon is a great way to experience Budva’s best attraction.

After some time in the water, you can explore the city streets and take in the beautiful city.

Sveti Stefan

Just 15 minutes from Budva is the lovely Sveti Stefan. This area is home to some iconic orange thatched roof houses, stone buildings, and blue waters. Sveti Stefan is a small area but holds a magical charm.

There is a famous beach in Sveti Stefan called Queens Beach that is said to be the most beautiful in the world.

3 Days In Montenegro - Places to visit in Montenegro
Montenegro beaches

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Day 3: Historic Cities | 3 Days In Montenegro – Places to visit in Montenegro

The final day of the 3-day itinerary is for exploring the Southern cities in Montenegro that just so happen to be very historical. Be prepared to learn a lot of Montenegro’s complicated past on today’s adventures. 


The first city to stop at during day 3 is Bar. This city is a beautiful coastal location that holds a rich history just waiting to be explored. The significant part about visiting Bar is that it is not a very touristy city, which is a welcome break from some of the other cities in Montenegro.

Southern Montenegro is known for its abundance of olive trees that fill the earth. However, there is one tree that outshines the others due to its shocking age. The Old Olive Tree is said to be 2,200 and is the oldest tree in European and possibly the world. The tree is fenced in, but you can see it from a short distance away. Therefore, the first thing you must see while in Bar is the Old Olive Tree.

More so, the Old Town in Bar dates back to 800 BC, and it is half reconstructed and half in its original state. This construction provides Bar with a unique Old Town that is fascinating and enlightening to explore.


Ulcinj is another historic city that dates back to 5th Century BC. This makes it one of the oldest towns in Montenegro. As a result, the town is packed with history and significant findings that are great for experiencing and learning about Montenegro’s past. The city also has an Old Town that holds so much history and showcases Montenegro’s complicated past.

3 Days In Montenegro Places to visit in Montenegro
View of Kotor


  • March to October.
  • 240 days of sunshine throughout the year.
  • Typical Mediterranean climate.
  • July to August are peak season and crowded with tourists.


Though not included in European Union, then also the currency of this country is Euro. 

HOW TO REACH MONTENEGRO – 3 Days In Montenegro – Places to visit in Montenegro

  • Montenegro can be reached by air through its major international airports of Tivat, Podgorica, and Niksic.
  • Also, you can reach Montenegro from Croatia because Croatia is its neighboring country. Take a flight to Dubrovnik International Airport and then take a road trip. Only enter this country through recognized border crossings. Check visa policies for this country by clicking here. 


  • Rastan(a vegetable dish)
  • Cicvara (cow’s cheese)
  • Kacamak

3 Days In Montenegro - Places to visit in Montenegro

Hope you enjoyed reading about wonderful things to do in Montenegro and Montenegro attractions suits all type of travelers like beach lovers, countryside lovers, adventure and luxury travels, mountain lovers, mountain lovers and peaceful relaxing travelers. I would love to hear some of your greatest experiences from your Montenegro travel.

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  1. We visited Kotor for just one day on a cruise. It was enough to show us we wanted to go back to visit more of Montenegro. Three days seems to be a good amount of time to visit. It would be great to visit Herceg Novi to see an untouched and authentic city. It would be interesting to visit Tivat and feel like I was teleported to Monaco. The beaches would be a big draw for us. So we would definitely plan to visit Sveti Stefan.

  2. This couldn’t come at a better time as I was in Croatia and had planned a day trip to Montenegro. As I didn’t have too much time in hand I managed to visit Kotor on a days trip from Dubrovnik. I would live to come back to this beautiful country which has so much natural beauty in offer and less promoted and known about. The plane is amazing and very affordable as well. It’s not as expensive as some of the other European destinations and surprisingly uses the Euro. Thanks for a great post on Montenegro

    1. Good that you visited Kotor as a day trip from Dubrovnik. It is really a beautiful place with no over touristy types.

  3. Never knew, Montenegro will be such a beautiful place to visit. You have provided a great article with the must know details. I would really love to visit the bay of kotor and ulcinj for historical experiences. This will be my next travel bucket list.

  4. Montenegro looks amazing and I want to visit so badly! Especially before mass tourism suddenly happens (like it did in Lofoten Norway, close to where I’m from). Thanks for this great 3 day itinerary 😀

  5. I always love to visit places which are less crowded. It offers real view of the place. It sounds that Montenegro is such a country. This 3 day itinerary is quite informative to explore the country at its best. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is a great itinerary, although after seeing these beautiful photos I don’t think 3 days would be enough for me! I’ve heard so many great things about Montenegro and after reading this I really need to book a trip soon!

  7. I went to Montenegro in 2016 and I hope to revisit next year and show it to my soon-to-be husband, too. I preferred the less touristy places to hide out in the evenings while exploring the popular cities by day. Loved discovering Perast at night, all empty, but couldn’t stand it by day when all the tourist buses started to appear.

  8. I hear nothing but praise for the beauty of Montenegro from friends who have visited. I love that your photos show the contrasting coasts from yacht clubs to rugged beaches. It is rumoured that a friend had to be dragged reluctantly away from Kotor, and I think I would feel exactly the same. I’m looking forward to getting to see its beauty for myself.

  9. We haven’t visited any of the Balkan countries yet but Montenegro is 9ne that I’ve always wanted to visit. I had no idea some of the cities were as old as they are. I’m sure my hubby would enjoy delving into their history even more than me!

  10. After having visited Croatia last year, I really want to explore more of that region – and I’ve heard that Montenegro is particularly beautiful. Maybe I’ll do another road trip to the Balcans next year again – and then Montenegro will certainly be on my list.

  11. Montenegro is on my list so this is a handy itinerary. Bay of Kotor looks stunning. I’d be well up for doing a hike in Herceg Novi. Tivat sounds good considering you can do this on the cheap. Ulcinj has so much history, I’m sure wandering around the Old Town is a lovely experience.

  12. I find this part of the world rather intriguing and your 3-Day itinerary looks like a great starter to discovering this area. Love your pictures. You have covered a lot in 3 days. Enjoyed reading this.

  13. Wow! Beautiful scenery and what an informative article. I visited Kator off the cruise ship, however I would love to rent a car and explore gradually the entire area. How are the driving conditions there and driving etiquette?

    1. Driving in not very professional like other western countries. It is better to hire drivers or local guides as they are very affordable there.

  14. Montenegro is one of those places that was NEVER on my radar until I started travel blogging- now it’s on my bucket list! Queens Beach looks absolutely incredible and it appears to be a somewhat affordable place to visit! Thanks for the great info.

  15. I know Montenegro very well and actually some of my family members visited Montenegro this summer, but I myself have never been (yet). I’ve heard they have impeccable beaches and that prices are very competitive, so you can have a wholesome holiday experience well worth the money. If I go I will probably visit Tivat to begin with. Your photos are very beautiful and really do the destination justice!

  16. Montenegro looks awesome, I would love to go to Queens Beach, it’s picturesque and good place to visit during summer, I wonder what the taste of Cicvara – cow’s cheese.

  17. I am very intrigued by the Balkans, so I found your 3 day itinerary for Montenegro to be quite interesting. The views look spectacular, especially Kotor. Even though it’s a small country, it seems to be packed with both natural beauty and noteworthy historic sites. That’s a winning combination, in my opinion.

  18. I’ve had Montenegro on the list for some time, but never quite made it. I loved Croatia so I’d love to go back there and do a road trip through Montenegro as you suggest. Is there a problem hiring a car in Croatia, then driving around Montenegro? Do you have to come back to Croatia or can you drop it off in Montenegro?

  19. I was completely enamoured but Montenegro when I visited years ago. I know that Kotor is very touristy now, but I was blown away the first time I was there. If I return one day, I’d like to see Ulcinj and Tivat. Both sound and look so charming.

  20. In every article I read, it describes the beauty of Montenegro. Everyone just confirms it and I feel left out to not having experienced the beauty there, so I am touring through you. Its nice that you did a daily breakdown of places to visit. The Bay of Kotor looks beautiful with the backdrop mountains. Its amazing that in such a small country they have towns that are unique from each other. Definitely in my to-visit list!

  21. When I hear about Montenegro, beautiful coastal views come to mind. I don’t know why is that but reading through your post, somehow, im am justified.

    This feels plenty of places and plenty of things to do in 3 days. Montenegro sounds a great destination indeed.

  22. Montenegro definitely looks charming. Hahaha! I can imagine the size of the country. Its probably the same size as Belgium. Its so small, esp when you visit here from one of the biggest countries, India! Haha… I’m just fascinated by how you drive across the whole of Europe! We’re yet to start driving in this continent!
    The story about Perast church and rock throwing is interesting. Is it fact or legend?
    Queens Beach looks so charming. No wonder its called the most beautiful beach.
    The history buff in me would pick Bar as the most important place to see in whole of Montenegro! 800 BC? Wow!

    1. I can imagine how small this country is which sometimes is the size of whole city. Though it is small, but it has many places to see or actually it has all cities or towns which are worth visiting.

  23. Great article on Montenegro. We loved Kotor and the views, especially out on the Lake. There are plenty of beautiful things to see and do in Montenegro. Perast was another favourite town to ours to visit. This article brought back lovely memories.

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