10 Things To Take Care Before TRAVEL

  1.  Have all soft copies of your Passport, VISA or any official ID’s on web/cloud or on mail.
  2.  Check the expiry of your passport or blank pages in passport.
  3. Book all ONLINE Entry Tickets to Parks, Museums, Palaces, Amusement Park to save time in Q.
  4. Check all deals and offers going on Entertainers, Groupon or another App. Download them on mobile.
  5. Download Google Maps of preferred destinations on mobile so that they can be used offline.
  6. Put Cash and Credit Cards in different luggages because if lost then all is not lost.
  7. Purchase Tourist SIMs of local telecom operator on Airport itself.
  8. Carry minimal clothes to enjoy the tour. Looks can be changed by changing accessories like scarves, hats, goggles, jewellery.
  9. Always keep an eye for last minute deals. Some luxurious 5 star hotels have expensive deals initially, but before few days they release some rooms into super saver schemes.
  10. If going in OFF SEASON then be prepared for some of the riversides or ropeway to be closed for maintenance purpose. Don’t crib as you are paying less  for your tour compared to PEAK SEASON  rates and also don’t fave the overcrowded places.




  1. These are some very useful tips. I especially like the tip about putting cash and credit cards in other luggage, it’s so important and something we don’t think about! You’re also right about the 5-star hotels, they sometimes release deals and last minute too!

  2. Thank you for this post! This is definitely steps I need to use because #8 the minimal clothes, I almost always seem to over pack thinking I don’t have enough.

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