10 Things To Take Care Before TRAVEL

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10 Things to Take Care Before Travel
Enjoy your Journey…. Because Destination is Mirage…….. (Pic. Taken while going to Meteora

Things To Take Care Before TRAVEL

  1.  Have all soft copies of your Passport, VISA or any official ID’s on web/cloud or on mail.
  2.  Check the expiry of your passport or blank pages in passport.
  3. Book all ONLINE Entry Tickets to Parks, Museums, Palaces, Amusement Park to save time in Q.
  4. Check all deals and offers going on Entertainers, Groupon or another App. Download them on mobile. Or you can download some of the best travel Apps on your mobile. Know more about how to find cheap International Flights.
  5. Download Google Maps of preferred destinations on mobile so that they can be used offline.
  6. Put Cash and Credit Cards in different luggages because if lost then all is not lost.
  7. Purchase Tourist SIMs of local telecom operator on Airport itself.
  8. Carry minimal clothes to enjoy the tour. Looks can be changed by changing accessories like scarves, hats, goggles, jewellery.
  9. Always keep an eye for last minute deals to travel on a budget. Some luxurious 5 star hotels have expensive deals initially, but before few days they release some rooms into super saver schemes.  Also you can opt for stay in house-rentals or home rentals living like locals. 
  10. If going in OFF SEASON then be prepared for some of the riversides or ropeway to be closed for maintenance purpose. Don’t crib as you are paying less  for your tour compared to PEAK SEASON  rates and also don’t face the overcrowded places.



Take printable copy of this check list or download it before your road trip to keep track of all essentials to take while going on a road trip. 


road trip checklist with travel essentials.

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10 Things to Take Care Before Travel
It is not what you Look at that Matters, It’s what you see.. (Pic Meteora-Greece)


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  1. Google maps is absolutely my best friend when travelling – I take screen shots of all my most used routes so that I can access them offline. Thank you for sharing your other tips too. And someone else appreciated your advice as well as they chose to feature this post on the BlogCrush linky for you! Feel free to pop over and grab your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush

  2. Thanks for sharing the Travelling tips, I agree with many of your Points. I am bookmarking your article so I can revisit and review more of your content.

  3. A very handy list of 10 things to take care before you travel. Some could be easily overlooked such as checking the number pages in the passport.. or the last minute deals in luxurious hotels. I have seen a few people carry the whole wardrobe when travelling but its so true that the looks can be changed with creativity! And you keep the space for shopping. The point on online bookings is very true which in a way also makes you check if the place is open on the intended travel day. Once in East Malaysia, we ended driving a long distance to see a museum only to find out it was closed, like many places for Chinese new year celebration! Only if we had checked online beforehand! Haha

  4. I am a heavy packer and I always pack extra trying to keep it minimal. In my trip to Paris, I left my coat behind in expectation of a warmer weather, so now I always pack extra 😀 I like the idea of sim cards at airport only, although I prefer buying sim 3-4 days ahead of me with data plan active.

  5. I love the tip about keeping an eye out for last minute deals. My husband and I so rarely do that because once we have a spot paid for we rarely change. Also the idea of bringing minimal clothes. I’m the worst over-packer there was and really need to take this one to heart! x

  6. I love traveling off season due to the brilliant offers you can get from luxury hotels. I keep all my bookings and passport stored into one app which works without internet as well and gives you map locations and flight notifications. It’s brilliant!

  7. Such a great & useful list, love how to the point you kept it. I never knew about the last minute deals in luxury hotels. So do you not book any accommodation till last minute to check if 5 star hotels have any last minute deals? Sorry I am bit clueless about how this works and would like to know more 🙂

  8. It wasn’t until recently when I had done that tip #1. It can be easy to let your guard down when traveling and losing valuable documents isn’t going to help you out. Also, I make sure to check the expiry of my passport. That is a practical tip that every traveler should keep in mind.

  9. These are very great tips! especially the one about the credit cards in different luggage, I had this experience once, when I lost my credit card! It wasn’t nice at all, it was really horrible!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great tips! I do all of these before I travel. The most important is definitely bringing paper copies of your passport and other ID.

  11. That is one of the best travel tips’ list I have come across. I always make sure to check Groupon and other such sites to check for best deals that I can benefit from at the last moment.

  12. Wow, these are some great tips! Booking online entry tickets really saved time when we were travelling to Rome and I always scan important documents to keep them in email folder.

  13. Google maps has become so much of a priority these days. I save all the destinations and their distances for the ease before travelling . Great pointers!

  14. I guess you didnt do much hiking to that view spot by looking at your shoes!😂 Yes sometimes people who doesnt travel a lot do forget to check their passport just to later see that the passport is expired! Poor thing!

  15. Thank you for this post! This is definitely steps I need to use because #8 the minimal clothes, I almost always seem to over pack thinking I don’t have enough.

  16. These are some very useful tips. I especially like the tip about putting cash and credit cards in other luggage, it’s so important and something we don’t think about! You’re also right about the 5-star hotels, they sometimes release deals and last minute too!

  17. These are all great tips for travelling. I always copy my travel documents but never thought of saving them in an email or cloud storage. I’ll definitely do that next time.

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