Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

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In this article, read about some choices of Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris. Let’s check some reviews on Paris Hotels by seasoned travellers.

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Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris
Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

Paris is known as the City of Lights or the City of Love and is one of the most visited capital in the world.  As Paris is huge and there is no specific downtown area or city center, there are many neighborhoods.  The neighborhoods of Paris are very unique and known as Arrondissements. These Arrondissements are not named but numbered from 1 to 20 and spiral out clockwise in the whole of the city. 

The centermost arrondissements nearest to significant tourist attractions start from Arr 1, 2, 3, and so on. The highest the number means the further away area and is generally the residential area of Paris. In this post, I will present some choices of Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris or Hotel recommendations in Paris by experienced travelers all around the world with a guide to best arrondissements to stay in Paris.


Presenting you Where to stay in Paris – Best Hotels in Paris | Paris Hotel Reviews

THE PARIS RITZ – Best Hotels in Paris 

Click here to check the availability and price of The Ritz Paris.

  • KEY FEATURE – Great view, Grand and Magnificient
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Louvre Museum, Opera Garnier, and many more. 

My husband wanted to make our Valentines week very special.  When he chose a hotel, it was not hard; the Paris Ritz was an automatic choice.  Ritz and Paris just go together.  With its location in the famous Place, Vendôme begins, or it is your first hint of how magnificent and memorable our stay would be. As we were escorted inside through the brass-incased revolving door, our breath was taken away at the opulence of the lobby. 

The restaurants, tea room, and our suite were magnificent with so much opulence.  For Valentine, the Ritz courtyard was decorated all in lights which gave it such a romantic feel. 

Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris
Ritz, Paris

Our suite had its own fireplace, beautiful décor, and gold swan fixtures for everything in the bathroom. Awaiting us was champagne and a Ritz Teddy bear holding a red heart-shaped balloon, the entire bear was made of chocolate and dusted in eatable gold.   

Everything about the Paris Ritz will make you want to stay here.  I cannot even possibly pick out one thing over another that made this stay so wonderful.  The service, décor, location, accommodations, and an all-around feeling of being in the Ritz was just a Valentine’s I will never forget!  

Suggested by Sherrie Fabrizi Allbritten from Travel by a Sherrie Affair. 

HOTEL SPLENDID ETOILE – Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

Click here to check the availability and prices of Hotel Splendid Etoile.

  • KEY FEATURE – Location, View, welcoming staff 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Arc de Triomphe, shopping and famous nightlife bars like  Lido
  • HOTEL STYLE – Classic


Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

It’s always nice to splurge on yourself once in a while and on my latest trip to the beautiful City of Love, I decided that this would be my time. I went ahead and booked the most gorgeous room in Hotel Splendid Etoile. While not the cheapest of rooms, it is also quite affordable considering its beautiful amenities. I decided to go with Hotel Splendid Etoile because of the breathtaking view it offers of the world-famous Arc de Triomphe.

Each morning I got to have breakfast on my personal balcony overlooking the gorgeous monument. Another fantastic perk of the hotel is its convenient location. Located smack-dab in the center of Paris, you can get just about anywhere in 30 minutes or less.

The staff was absolutely extraordinary, friendly, welcoming, and all-around wonderful people. I give it 5 stars in every aspect so if you’re looking into taking a trip to Paris, I would highly recommend Hotel Splendid Etoile to anyone looking for an unforgettable experience!

Suggested by Caresa lamers from This Spontaneous Life 


Click here to check the availability and prices of Courtyard Paris Gare De Lyon. 

  • KEY FEATURE – View from the room, Newly built, Location 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Opera Bastille, Notre Dame Cathedral and many more.
  • HOTEL STYLE – Classic
Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris
Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

The Courtyard Paris Gare de Lyon is a new hotel in Paris, part of the Marriott group. It opened at the end of 2018, and it’s been one of my favorite hotels in Paris ever since.

The number one reason the Courtyard is so high up on my list is because of its incredible view over Paris (seriously one of the best). The 19 floors hotel offers unobstructed views over the city: Notre-Dame de Paris, Gare de Lyon, The Pantheon, and one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower.

 The rooms are clearly built around the view: absolutely huge picture windows, on the whole length of the room. I loved laying in bed at night, with the curtains opened, watching over the illuminated city. 

More than just the room, the whole hotel feels very cozy, like a cocoon you just want to stay in for the rest of the week. I highly recommend dining in the in-house restaurant, where the local chef Mélissa will serve you local products from small producers, in the best French terroir fashion.

Finally, the central location of the hotel makes it a good pick for starting your Paris explorations, whether you’ll take the trains from the central public transport station in Paris or just go for a walk alongside the Seine river banks, towards Notre-Dame. 

Suggested by Kevin from KevMRC


Click here to check the AVAILABILITY AND PRICES of Hotel Atmospheres.

  • KEY FEATURE – Contemporary Boutique style, Colorful interiors, Helpful staff 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg gardens and many more. 
  • HOTEL STYLE – Mid Range

Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

Paris is chock full of boutique hotels, so I’m not quite sure how I happened upon Hotel Atmospheres, a four-star boutique hotel on the 5th Arr not far from Sorbonne, the Seine, and Notre Dame Cathedral but I was happy that I did.  The website is filled with design eye candy – rooms with pops of color, various textures, and local photography – everything I wanted in a hotel plus a boutique bonus – air conditioning! 

On my first stay, my niece and I had a comfortable twin room, and on my second stay, I had a standard room with a space invader in the shower (clever use of tiles).  The hotel offers 56 rooms from single rooms up to a suite for a family of four so there’s something for everyone and each room is full of exciting details to discover. 

The fantastic location is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and art galleries.   The staff on duty on both stays were quite lovely to assist with any and all requests, especially the draft “how do I use the hairdryer?” query (answer:  “push and hold the button”).

Hotel Atmospheres is a contemporary boutique hotel in a quiet part of the city which is exactly what I need after a busy day exploring Paris – a genuinely warm welcome back to a comfortable home away from home. That is why it is also one of the best hotels to book in Paris.

Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris
Space Invader in the Shower

Suggested by Suzanne Wolko from Phila Travel Girl – Flying by the seat of my points.


Click here to book Hotel De Nesle.

  • KEY FEATURE – Quirky-style-themed hotel. 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg Gardens, and many more.
  • HOTEL STYLE – Affordable – Budget Friendly

Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

I was looking for something in the center of Paris with ‘character’ and also a place I could afford. I was pretty certain I wasn’t going to find anything until I came across Hotel De Nesle. What a quirky little gem! It was like checking into Narnia or Wonderland.

The hotel is located close to Latin Quarter in Sixth Arrondissement, with several major attractions such as Notre Dame close by. Each room of the hotel had a distinctive historical theme (Egyptian, Roman, etc.) with hand-painted wall murals. The rooms were cozy and large enough by Parisian standards. Shared bathrooms on every floor, but a few rooms also had private bathrooms, so choose carefully.

A courtyard garden and tiny balconies rounded the great stay. The only bummer? No stairs. Also another gem nearby is Brasserie Le Nesle, a cozy, homely restaurant where I spent many a day sipping wine and watching the world pass by. Underrated gems, both.

Suggested by Smita Bhattacharya


Click here to check the availability and prices of Le Meridien Etoile.

  • KEY FEATURE – Modern style, spacious & Location 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, and Lido(famous Cabaret bar)
  • HOTEL STYLE – Business style

Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

On my first visit to Paris, France I was traveling with a flight attendant friend, and she insisted that we stay at Le Meridien Etoile in the Port Maillot area of the city. Hey, if a flight attendant recommends it, who am I to suggest otherwise? I found it to be a perfect choice!

With a modern, spacious interior typically found in all hotels within the Le Meridien brand, the hotel is within walking distance of Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe. Most importantly, a metro station is about a block away, giving you easy access to other parts of Paris, and the Le Bus Direct airport bus stop is across the street in front of le Palais des Congrès de Paris, providing convenient transportation to the airport. 

Another plus is that there is Paul’s boulangerie, a supermarket, Starbucks, and other shops below the Convention Centre should you need some food and supplies and don’t want to walk too far. Le Meridien Etoile is a popular airline crew hotel so, don’t be surprised if you see pilots and flight crew in the lobby.

Suggested by Mary Chong from Calculated traveller


Click here to book Hotel Eiffel Capitol

  • KEY FEATURE – Location, Price, and modern
  • HOTEL STYLE – Mid Range

Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

Just a ten-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and literally on the doorstep of the Duplex Metro Station, Hôtel Eiffel Capitol is my number one choice in Paris because of its location and price.

Not only can you get around the city easily, but there are also some incredible restaurants in the area, a delicious bakery ideal for a quick breakfast, and a handful of convenient stores too. 

The rooms are spacious, modern, and clean, and the staff was amiable and welcoming. They recommended some great places to eat and drink and each day checked if we needed directions or help planning our day. 

We found, compared to other hotels in and around the Eiffel Tower, this hotel was an excellent value for money.

Suggested by Katie O’ Donoghue from The Creative Travel Guide


Click here to book Mode Aparthotel.

  • KEY FEATURE – Location, mini kitchen, newly built up 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Champ Elysees, Arc De Triomphe, Lido (famous Cabaret Bar)
  • HOTEL STYLE – Apartment style (Expensive)

Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

I’ve stayed at Mode Aparthotel – Arc d’Triomphe several times. They are fantastic.

One of my favorite features of the apartments is their location: 5 minutes walk from the Arc de Triomphe and a 10-minute walk to the Place du Trocadero. The apartments are on a quiet side street, just off classy Avenue Victor Hugo, full of smart boutiques and good restaurants. Despite the central location, I’ve always found the apartments tranquil once you’re inside.

The development was only completed in 2018, so everything feels very fresh and contemporary. The room sizes for Paris are generous, and I’ve found that you have a really useful mini kitchen. A couple of the rooms have balconies, but even if you don’t get one of those, there’s a nice outdoor courtyard with seating as well as a sitting room for guests. There’s also a small gym and a business suite should you need it.

There’s no breakfast because these are serviced apartments rather than a hotel. But they do put out mini pastries in the morning, and there are fruit, sweets, and a coffee machine available for guests throughout the day at no cost.

If you’re looking for somewhere central and contemporary to stay with some nice added extras, look no further!

Suggested by Clare Dewey from Epic Road Rides


Click here to book Relais Hotel Vieux Paris. 

  • KEY FEATURE – Quaint hotel, French style of stay and friendly owner
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum & Luxembourg Gardens.
  • HOTEL STYLE –  Historic


For me, Paris is all about history. Walking in the footsteps of famous writers and artists and the ability to just ‘be’ (etre) makes this city a destination I always return to.  Paris’ Latin Quarter provides a glimpse into the medieval history captured in time through its 13th Century buildings and the cobbled streets that meander throughout the district. 

When looking for a place to stay in this fabulous place, I stumbled across the Relais Hotel du Vieux Paris. Initially built in the 13th Century, this quaint boutique hotel has a unique history. 

Once home to artists, writers, musicians, and photographers, it was within the walls of the Relais Hotel du Vieux that several of the most important works of the Beat Generation were composed from 1957 to 1963.  It was a no-brainer, I just had to stay there. 

Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

Rooms at this lovely boutique hotel are decorated to capture a long-ago time, the atmosphere is friendly, and the location is perfect for walking to the main attractions of Paris or just sitting and watching the world go by in a local café. 

The owner and staff make you feel at home and are always happy to give you tips and advice on the best places to see in Paris and the local area.  Not to mention the opportunity to practice your French.  Traditional French breakfast is served daily in the dining room.  The rooms are typically French, perfect for a couple or solo traveler.  I fell in love with the place instantly.

Suggested by Julie Beckers from A Not So Young Woman Abroad


Click here to book Villa De Estrees.

  • KEY FEATURE – Family Friendly, Spacious and wonderful staff 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg Gardens, and Seine River.
  • HOTEL STYLE – Boutique

Paris Hotel Reviews

As a family of five, it’s often difficult to find an apartment or hotel room when we travel. On our last visit to Paris, we also brought my mother-in-law, making it even more difficult than usual as she didn’t want to stay on her own. I spent many hours searching for the ‘perfect’ apartment that could accommodate all six of us, and incredibly, we found it at Hotel Villa d’Estrées.

Hotel Villa d’Estrées is a small boutique hotel on Rue Gît le Coeur. Like many small hotels, most rooms at Hotel Villa d’Estrées can accommodate two or three people, but this excellent little hotel also has an apartment available.

The apartment consists of two interconnecting rooms and is beautifully decorated. There is a small lounge area, and each bedroom has a king bed, two twins (your choice), and a daybed. The daybeds may be a bit small for adults, but they were perfect for two of our children!

The hotel has a small elevator, a concierge, and excellent staff. Breakfast is available for a small charge, or you can simply walk to one of the many nearby cafés. This brings us to one of the best features of the Hotel Villa d’Estrees: its’ location!

Hotel Villa d’ Estrées is located near the Seine River, between Paris’ Latin Quarter and Saint Germain des Prés. You can reach Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, or Luxembourg Gardens in 10 minutes or less depending on which direction you choose to walk. The Saint-Michel metro station, which will bring you to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, or the Palace of Versailles, is right around the corner!

Truly, this is one of our family’s favorite hotels in Europe and we can’t wait to return!

Suggested by Joanne from Sunsets and Roller coasters


Click here to book  Hotel Montholon.

  • KEY FEATURE – Price, Boutique style
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Gare Du Metro station, La Cigale Concert Hall, Sacre-Coeur, and many more.
  • HOTEL STYLE – Mid Range

Paris Hotel Reviews

Paris is super easy to visit from the UK, with the city only a couple of hours away via Eurostar. So for people visiting by train, you arrive alongside visitors from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands at Paris Gare du Nord. Hotel Montholon is placed perfectly to drop your stuff off before exploring the city, only a five-minute walk from the station.

With only 18 bedrooms, this boutique hotel offers a trendy stay for anyone, with cute exposed wood-designed furnishings. It is equally well located to some of Paris’ famous attractions, with the Sacre Coeur only 10 minutes away and a metro station just around the corner.

Also nearby are several classic Parisian bistros and boulangerie, perfect for picking up a croissant before a day of sightseeing or a modules fries before turning in for the night. Overall, with its great location, affordable rates, and cozy rooms Hotel Montholon makes a perfect stay in Paris!

Suggested by Laura from The Travelling Stomach. 


Click here to book The Hoxton, Paris. 

  • KEY FEATURE – Trendy, Price, and Boutique style hotel
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Gare Du Nord metro station, Opera Garnier, Gare De l’Est, and many more.
  • HOTEL STYLE – Business

Paris Hotel Reviews

A simple yet classic style is synonymous with the French, and this is also apparent in the design of The Hoxton Hotel in Paris. The Hoxton brand prides itself on fully immersing itself and being inspired by the streets the hotels are surrounded by. As you walk into the open house hotel, you will see French locals enjoying a coffee and a bite to eat, giving travelers a glimpse of French living without leaving the hotel.

The simple styling of the bedrooms, with parquet flooring and geometric bedding, makes way for quirky features, such as a vintage telephone and radio. Rose gold bathroom fittings and crystal glasses add to the affordable luxury feel of The Hoxton. Not to mention the dreamy mattress and pillows, which only make getting up to explore Paris that much harder! Thankfully, there is also a no-fuss grab-n-go-breakfast.

While a relatively new addition to the Parisian hotel scene, The Hoxton is the best choice for an affordable luxury boutique stay, one the locals love too.

Suggested by Jasmine from The Life of a Social Butterfly


Click here to book Campanile Bagnolet Hotel

  • KEY FEATURE – Near to Metro station and Affordable. (Located in Bagnolet in the eastern side of Paris) 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Gallieni Metro Station, Porte De Bagnolet Metro Station.
  • HOTEL STYLE – Budget-friendly

Where to stay in Paris

We chose the Campanile Bagnolet Paris Hotel for our stay in the city during our half-month-long European trip. Visiting from India, we obviously had to seek a budget hotel as we were stationed in Europe and traveling to multiple cities. Hostels were out of the question for us as we traveled with our little one.

The hotel is located very near Gallieni Metro Station. Plus, just adjacent to the premise, there is an Auchan supermarket and McDonald’s because of this quick shopping and late-night, returning to the hotel was comfortable for us. The rooms are clean and medium-sized, yet just enough for a family of three to fit in comfortably. Washrooms are equipped with a bathtub and are clean as well. 

I am not sure if the hotel had a restaurant as we didn’t avail of any food from there. The hotel staff is sincere, but concerning seeking help for taking luggage to the room or planning your trip or routes, for that matter, they aren’t forthcoming. The price is reasonable. Corridors are rather silent. Proper heating and air-conditioning are provided within the hotel premise and rooms.

The hotels enjoy excellent connectivity to the city center and even to Disneyland via metro and bus. Overall we had a comfy stay here.

Suggested by Judy Morris from The Other Brainic.


Click here to book IBIS Style B n B hotel  

  • KEY FEATURE – Price, close to famous nightclubs in Paris. 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Sacre Coeur, Montmartre hill, Moulin Rouge(world-famous Cabaret bar), paintings shops, and many more.
  • HOTEL STYLE – Green and Budget Friendly

Paris Hotel Reviews

IBIS Style B&B hotel is the perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers in Paris. Located in the beautiful neighborhood Pigalle in Montmartre, the hotel is only 200 meters away from the metro station, 300 meters from the Moulin Rouge, and 1.2km away from the stunning Sacre Coeur.

The hotel is not luxurious. You will get standard facilities as expected from IBIS. I loved the red and white combination in the interiors and the traditional Parisian windows. The complimentary breakfast included delicious muffins and croissants, among the other items of a typical Parisian breakfast. There were fresh fruits and a juicer in the eating area.

This is a great place If you want to experience Paris at night.  There are numerous clubs and restaurants in the vicinity. That includes the oldest cabaret Moulin Rouge also.

In the morning or any time of the day, you can hike uphill to the Sacre Coeur, perched atop the Montmartre hill. You would enjoy the walk in the cobbled streets, inspiring artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Alfred, and so many others. You will find these streets now lined with artists selling sketches and watercolors. It is an amazing place for street shopping as well.

In a city as expensive as Paris, we booked the hotel at less than INR 6000 per night with a complimentary buffet breakfast. This is an amazing affordable option for Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris.

Suggested by Sinjana Ghosh from BackPacknExplore


Click here to book Hôtel Elysées Ceramic 

  • KEY FEATURE – Location, Art Nouveau theme, Parisian style stay 
  • NEARBY ATTRACTIONS – Arc De Triomphe,  Champ De Elysees, Lido (famous Cabaret bar ), and many shopping options.
  • HOTEL STYLE – Classic

Paris Hotel Reviews

A boutique-style hotel with an award-winning Art Noveau façade by the famous architect Jules Aime Lavirotte is located in the most prestigious district of Paris.  Just at a walkable distance from Arc de Triomphe, Avenue des Champs-Elysees, this is one of the best hotels in Paris.

Situated on 8th Arr, all high-end shopping, restaurants, cafes, and nightlife like Lido & Crazy Horse are within walking distance.  I loved the Parisian style décor with a blend of modern facilities. There is also 24 hours concierge/reception, and the staff is accommodating.  The breakfast is sumptuous in the beautiful hall.  The nearest metro station is 300 meters.

There are about 57 rooms with some family rooms. If you love a Parisian-style boutique hotel located in one of the best neighborhoods, check out Hôtel Elysées Ceramic. I stayed in this hotel for 5 days.

Suggested by me(Yukti) from #Travelwithme24x7

Hope you loved the different reviews of hotels in Paris and got a glimpse on Where To Stay In Paris – Best Hotels in Paris

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  1. I love Paris. However, lately I have not been spending enough time in the city. I just use the city to get in and get out. But this time I plan to spend a few days there. Your most came at the right time. I am traveling to Paris this weekend and I am yet to book my stay. I am excited to check out HOTEL MONTHOLON. I love boutique properties and its location is ideal.

  2. Reading through this post was like refreshing my memories. I remember seeing a few during my trip to Paris. Some of them are very popular among tourists. Paris Ritz is lovely. I had stayed in a boutique hotel though.

  3. Nice places! My top pick would definitely be the Paris Ritz. I just got back about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We stayed at a Marriott property which was nice but it was too far from the city and in more of a residential part of town.

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  12. Love seeing where people have stayed and their experiences. Paris is one of my favourite cities and when I last visited I stayed in an airbnb which was amazing. I felt like a real Parisian waking up every morning in a traditional Paris apartment.

  13. To be honest, I’ve been to Paris 3 times now and it’s one city that hasn’t lived up to my expectations. Although being Paris (so iconic and all) my expectations were probably really high! But I think I would have a different experience if I stayed in the Ritz! That sounds so wonderful – would definitely love to go to Paris and stay there

  14. Those hotels all look gorgeous, and so accommodating! Paris is on my to-do list. I am actually learning French right now, and as soon as I get closer to my trip I’ll need to look back on this to decide where to stay!

  15. These hotels all sound amazing, but I particularly love the sound of the Hotel De Nesle. Like you, I love hotels with a bit of character and rooms with Egyptian murals sound fun! Paris is such an expensive city, whenever I have visited in the past I have ended up staying in some dodgy hostels. But now I am a bit older with a baby, comfort is key! So it’s nice to know the Hotel De Nesle is affordable. I’ll keep this in mind for next time.

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    2nd option is at Hoxton Hotel. Their bed looks good too.

  17. Great roundup on Paris hotels! My husband would flat out pick the Ritz as he is a Ritz fan. I stayed at the Park Hyatt Regency Etoile last summer and had a fabulous view of the Eiffel Tower. The photo of the Hotel Atmospheres in your list triggered my memory though. It looks like where I stayed on my first trip to Paris in 2010. I didn’t book it though and that was before I started really keeping up with things so I can’t completely remember. The photo looked like our room but I don’t remember a space invader in the shower! Perfect list of so many options!

  18. This article has come in handy since we are planning to visit Paris soon. The options are endless but your description of Hotel Atmospheres makes me more drawn to it since we are a family of four. The fact that it’s surrounded by cafes, restaurants and art galleries is a plus. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I am yet to visit Paris, but I am definitely keeping a list of these amazing hotels. The properties look so awesome. I like my apartment or hotel to be close to the attractions. Hotel Villa D’ Streets look classy to me. Hotel Elysees Ceramic is also nice to be considered. Thanks for the share.

    1. Thanks Shreya for reading through and hopefully this article will help you in finalizing your stay when you visit Paris.

  20. Wow, so many great choices here. It would be a dream to stay at the Paris Ritz, sipping champagne in a room with a fireplace. I also liked the amazing views from the new Courtyard Paris Gare de Lyon–that’s one to keep in mind. I’m bookmarking this list for my next trip to Paris.

  21. Oh what a great list! I went and looked at many of them on booking.com! You have me setting my sights on the Ritz, at least once in my life, and a room with a view of the Eiffel Tower. What a treat that would be! I have stayed at a few quirky, nothing to write home about hotels and also quite a few Air BnB’s in Paris. Time to up my game!

    1. Thanks Nita for reading through and finding this list a very helpful one. Pack up your bags again and head to Paris

    2. So insanely jealous you’ve stayed at The Ritz – this is such a bucketlist dream of mine! Although all these hotels look bucketlist worthy!

  22. So many amazing options. I would love to stay at Mode Aparthotel – Arc d’Triomphe. It’s great that everything is still fairly new and having a mini kitchen is a huge plus for me!

  23. This is such a fantastic group of hotels. There is such a range of sizes, from boutique to large, and a wonderful variation in price from budget to luxury.

  24. Hotel Montholon sounds like a great location. I have a feeling that the next time we are in Paris, we’ll be looking to do a sprint tour before boarding a train. It sounds like the location (and bag drop) at Hotel Montholon would fit our needs perfectly. That way we could get two – almost full days in Paris without luggage before boarding a night train.

  25. Paris is a beautiful city and all these hotels look beautiful and grand. I am sure you had a lovely valentines day at the Ritz. View of the Eiffel Tower from the Courtyard Paris Gare de Lyon is simply mesmerising. I would have kept looking at the Eiffel Tower all night from the room. The list is quite exhaustive and I am sure it will help the travellers in choosing the stay of their kind.

  26. This is a great list of a variety of types of hotels in Paris. I have had co-workers stay at the Ritz, and they always say such good things about it! I’d love to stay at one of the boutique hotels one day too, because I love all of the history.

    1. Thanks Michelle and yes, it is always good to stay at boutique hotels with some special decor or theme.

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    1. Thanks Julien and yes this city has many choices for all budgets and tastes. Being a major art center the hotels are also having unique facades and interiors.

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