Taman Negara travel guide for first timers

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Taman Negara travel guide for first timers

Taman Negara is a well-known trekking destination, and the national park is the largest in Peninsular Malaysia. It is renowned for its rain-forests and impressive range of flora and fauna. It is, in fact, the oldest national park of Malaysia and spreads across more than 1600 miles that cover jungle, rivers, and mountains. A dense, green canopy shields the park that is home to indigenous people and many species of plants and wildlife. Here is a comprehensive guide for those planning their first trip to Taman Negara and it is recommended to be included in your itinerary, if you are planning for 2 weeks in Malaysia. So let’s read about Taman Negara travel guide for first timers. 

When to go – Taman Negara travel guide for first timers
 As Taman Negara is a rainforest, it enjoys heavy rainfall throughout the year, and thus one must visit the park during the drier months of March and April. This is the time when you can see the forests at their very best and teeming with life. The monsoon season lasts from October to January and should be avoided.

Taman Negara travel guide for first timers

How to reach – Taman Negara travel guide for first timers
Taman Negara is about 3.5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. There are several buses and vans that take run from Kuala Lumpur to Taman Negara.  You can even hire a private car or cab. One needs to reach the town of Jerantut first, and it is situated just outside the boundary of the park. There are daily bus and van services that take the tourists and travelers to Taman Negara, and the trip takes about 90 minutes. One can also take a boat for a scenic ride, but the tour can be a bit more expensive and lengthier.

What to do and see – Taman Negara travel guide for first timers

 As Taman Negara is a national park, it is a perfect place for nature lovers and ecotourists who can enjoy hiking and bird watching in the jungles. It is interesting to know that the rainforests within the park date back to at least 130 million years!

  • Look out for the hundreds of species of birds in the jungle, and you can spot when you walk through the forests. You may be able to spot endangered species such as the Asian elephant, tigers, sun bear, and leopard.
  • Take the Canopy Walk over the long-suspended bridge at an elevation of 130 feet in the air. You can be much closer to the birds and monkeys in the forests.
  • Ask a ranger about how to identify the right species of tree and smell the sap. If you taste it, it would taste like a cola!
  • Meet the indigenous people, Orang Asli in their settlements that are spread out all throughout the national park. Try different fruit juices and learn how to shoot a blowpipe gun.
  • Stop at the Kelah Sanctuary, which is a fish sanctuary, and you can stand barefooted in the water and feel the large fish churn around you.
  • Enjoin hiking in Taman Negara if the weather is right and take advantage of the numerous hiking trails. Do not forget to take the map.
  • Go for a Night Safari for an unforgettable experience of the Taman Negara jungles and try to spot the nocturnal creatures. 

    Taman Negara travel guide for first timers

What to Pack – Taman Negara travel guide for first timers

Before you enter the park, ensure that you are well prepared and packed the essential items. As you are likely to get wet in Taman Negara, carry rain gear and do not forget to waterproof your electronics and passport. Wear good comfortable shoes as the trails can get slippery. As Leeches are common, wear knees length socks or long trousers. Carry several liters of water and some snacks for the trek.

Taman Negara travel guide for first timers

 Food within Taman Negara park – Taman Negara travel guide for first timers

 While the park may not be a destination for a foodie, still, you can get many different choices. You can enjoy Indian, Western, and local fares within the park at reasonable costs. Those who love fish will find plenty of choices on the floating restaurants near the river.  Fresh juices are served almost everywhere.

Taman Negara travel guide for first timers
Taman Negara travel guide for first timers

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  1. As well as waterproofing for electronics it sounds like we might need something to protect them from humidity too. I’ve been saving those little beads that come in electronics you buy for when I go traveling.

  2. I have always wanted to visit the rainforest in Malaysia! I saw signs for it when I was in Petaling Jaya and it looks beautiful. That bridge in your Pin looks beautiful. I hope to get there someday with my husband.

  3. Well, I’ve certainly never heard of this forest before, but now I’m really wanting to visit! I want to see the birds and monkeys! And ummm – sap that tastes like cola? I gotta try that for myself, for sure!

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