Five Exciting Days with Friends in Bangalore

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Someone somewhere once said that friends who travel together, stay together. Keeping this in mind, me and my two best childhood friends make sure that we go for at least one trip every year. We were planning a trip to Bangalore this time and arrange a reunion with classmates.

While we were searching for a budget accommodation for the trip, I came across a social media contest which was offering 5 room nights at one of the Treebo hotels in Bangalore City . I registered and to my surprise, ended up winning the contest. They offered me 5 complimentary room nights at Treebo Greenwood Premier Suites in Indiranagar. This itself was a great start to our trip.

We arrived at the Kempegowda International Airport at midnight, because we had heard a lot about Bangalore traffic. To our surprise, we reached Indiranagar in no time. The hotel staff was efficient and received us as soon as we arrived. We were given our room and within half an hour we were off to the dreamland. 

We had a lot of things planned for the next morning. First of all, we enjoyed a delicious complimentary breakfast at the hotel. The travel desk at the hotel helped us book a cab service to take us around the city. 

Day 1: Bangalore City Tour

For Day 1 we planned to stay within the city and go for a tour of the city. We were planning to gather all the experience we could. 

  1. Bangalore Palace 
Five Exciting Days with Friends in Bangalore
Bangalore Palace

This majestic piece of architecture is a stunning example of the regal era. The palace is a mixture of Tudor and Gothic architecture with beautiful wooden carvings on its walls. The blue ceramic tiled marble seats, vine-covered walls, a magnificent ballroom and Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings, conjured up a magical atmosphere. 

  1. Lalbagh 
Five Exciting Days with Friends in Bangalore
Lal Bagh

This botanical garden is an oasis in this city of skyscrapers. Spread across 240 acres, this garden is a house to more than thousand species of flora. We spotted Crow, Pond Heron, Myna, Purple Moorhen, Parakeets and Common Egret. The famous glass house was also a visual treat. 

  1. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace
Five Exciting Days with Friends in Bangalore
Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

The entire structure is made up of teak and marbles and is an example of Indo-Islamic architecture. The walls of the palace are adorned with beautiful floral motifs and pillars. The arches and balconies are perfect showcases of the craftsmanship. A room on the ground floor houses a small museum which showcases various achievements of Tipu Sultan and his administration. 

  1. Commercial Street 
Five Exciting Days with Friends in Bangalore
Commercial Street

Our next stop was this shopping heaven right in the heart of the city. Like the other famous shopping streets in India, Commercial Street has its own unique charm. From antique decorative pieces to silk sarees and from silver jewelry to fashionable footwear, this place has something for everyone. 

  1. Toit 

Pub crawls and microbreweries are a popular thing in Bangalore. Toit, in particular, is a microbrewery has been the talk of the town for a long time. That is why we had made reservations as soon as we started planning for the trip. The decor is tastefully done and the ambiance was also upbeat. The food and the crafted beer were amazing. Do give it a try if you are visiting Bangalore anytime soon. 

Day 2: One Day Trip Near Bangalore

thumbnail_Pic 5 - Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills

For the second day, we planned for a cycling expedition to Nandi Hills. Yes, you heard it right. We had already rented bicycles from a store in Indiranagar and began our journey 3 hours before sunrise. Being cycling enthusiasts, this expedition made us enjoy this one day trip to Nandi Hills all the more memorable. It is highly suggested that everyone who travels to Bangalore must experience one sunrise at Nandi Hills. The breathtaking panoramic views from the peak are something that we will cherish for a very long time. 

Day 3: Adventure Sports in Bangalore

For Day 3 we wanted to be adventurous and planned a trip to Kanakpura which is a nature camp in Ramnagar district. We traveled by cab since it is almost 55 km from Bangalore city center. Here, we indulged in various adventure sports and water-sports activities. You can choose the activities according to your budget. Three of us, being adventure enthusiasts, decided to try everything that the place had to offer. We kicked it off with zip lining and then moved to kayaking, rappelling and jumaring. 

Day 4: Unique Experiences in Bangalore

Five Exciting Days with Friends in Bangalore
Bannerghatta National Park

We dedicated Day 4 for some wildlife exploration. After enjoying the delicious complimentary breakfast spread at Treebo Greenwood Premier Suites, our cab picked us up on time. Our final destination was Bannerghatta National Park. It took us around 2 hours to reach this amazing wildlife conservatory, thanks to the Bangalore traffic. One of my friends is a photography enthusiast and she wanted to document the collection of amazing wildlife. We saw various kinds of birds, snakes, turtles and so on. The most thrilling part of this day was the safari. A safari vehicle carried us deep within the national park and we witnessed the wildlife at their best, roaming around in a free environment. We were the caged ones there. 

Day 5: Shopping and Pub Crawl in Bangalore

Five Exciting Days with Friends in Bangalore
Cauvery Emporium

We spent the last day by shopping for souvenirs and packing our last memories with us. At first, we went to the famous Cauvery shop to pick up some fragrant sandalwood which was a special request from my mother. Then we headed to the Blossoms, one of the most renowned and old bookshops in Bangalore to browse through the shelves and added a few books in our travel trunk. From there, we headed straight to one of the well-known silk saree emporium in MG Road to buy a saree for our respective mothers. The reunion was arranged at Tipsy Bull, another popular pub in Bangalore. We had a great time since the pub had a casual ambiance and the food was amazing. Then we concluded the five-day extravaganza with a meal at Nagarjuna. The food and hospitality were praiseworthy.


So this was my five day trip to Bangalore backed by a sheer luck after winning a social media contest. If you have such travel memories with your friends, do let me know. If you are planning to stay in a prime location in Bangalore within affordable range, then you can explore Treebo Hotels in Bangalore.


So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

Note – All expenses of my staying are done by hotel, as I have won the contest of staying in this hotel over social media.  This visit is my personal family visit.  

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  1. Did I read it right? You biked to the Nandi hills three hours before sunrise? Wow I am impressed! It must have been very hard but I guess you girls will cherish this experience forever. And the next day in Kanakpura, you not only did the zip-lining, the kayaking, rappelling but ALSO jumaring! Girl power! I wish I could organize something like this with my girl friends every year! Really looks like you had a five days fun in Banglore and how lucky for winning a stay at the Treebo hotels!

  2. I used to think that there is not much to see in Bangalore. Your blog proved me wrong. I would love to visit Tipu Sultan’s summer palace. Looks like it is in great shape. I would also visit Bangalore palace on my next trip.

  3. That is quite a hefty list of things to see and do. I would love to visit Bangalore, especially the palace and the botanical garden. Love the idea of a pub crawl in Bangalore too. I would add exploring the commercial streets to my itinerary as well!

  4. I have never visited Bangalore but I felt your blog really took me there. I enjoyed the photography especially seeing the architecture on the Bangalore Palace. The Nandi Hills sounds like a fascinating place to visit. As a travel blogger I must put this on my bucket list of destinations to visit and write about in the near future.

  5. Congratulations on winning the five nights at Treebo Greenwood Premier Suites, I never win those competitions. It’s good to see someone actually does! I love visiting palaces so Bangalore Palace and the Summer would be the first places I visited. I didn’t know about the Nandi Hills, I would definitely cycle up there, the view in your picture looks unique!

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