JBR Beach Activities Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai

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JBR Beach Activities Dubai
Sunset at JBR Beach – The Walk

JBR Beach Activities Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai

Dubai’s most popular hangout where the city meets the sea.  The JBR Beach offers white sands with clear turquoise waters, stunning skylines, beach entertainment, adventure, fitness, stylish boutiques, upscale restaurants/pubs, street food, movies, events etc.  and therefore making it a popular hangout of Dubai. JBR – The Beach is spread over 300,000sq.ft of space.  Let’s immerse in total pleasure and relaxation at JBR Beach Dubai.

Best Restaurants in JBR The WALK DUBAI

Have the Best view from the Restaurants in JBR The WALK DUBAI


JBR Beach Activities Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai

The morning starts with free Yoga, open-air Gyming, jogging, walking on white shores followed by a variety of breakfast choices from adjoining restaurants, cafes, food trucks and 5-star resorts.

Afternoons of JBR The Beach are very lively with the beautiful sun shining over the blue waters of Persian Gulf.  With a cooler seaside breeze and laid-back environment, JBR-The Beach gives a relaxing touch amidst a busy and bustling city of Dubai.  There is a mini training park on the beach for physical fitness. Also, there are sports facilities like beach volleyball, cricket area, zip-lining, sky-dive, sea Planes, yachts, cruises, etc, which makes JBR Beach popular among-st adventure lovers.

Evenings are full of live events like fashions shows, open-air cinema on the beach, street performances,  dance with music, DJ’s, etc. Sunset from The Beach is perfect and nature lovers take a good sunset view while getting tan for the whole day on the beach.  Enjoy fruit smoothies, exotic drinks from Food Cart, Shisha at The Smoky Beach with funky vibes accompanied by the vibrant and relaxed atmosphere. There are many side streets where you can find plenty of upscale restaurants/cafes with the outdoor seating arrangement.  Also, there are many refreshing juice bars, Gelato kiosks, surf shops, Roxy Cinemas, Turkish ice-cream bars and The Market at The Beach.  This Market at the Beach is famous for ethnic and fashionable jewelry, antiques, souvenirs, Bohemian clothes, and handicrafts.  You can find some local Bedouins giving camel rides along the beach. 

JBR The Beach is a public beach and entry is free.

Book your stay at JBR as it is one of the most favorite places to stay among tourists.



Public Transport – Get Down at DAMAC or Dubai Marina METRO station and take RTA Tram.  From Tram get down at Jumeirah Beach Residences -1 or JBR-2 stop for access to The Beach. 

Free Shuttle Bus runs from SZR, Al Barsha, Dubai Marina to The Beach. Check schedule on official website. 

FACILITIES ON BEACH – JBR Beach Activities Dubai

  • Well equipped and well maintained Changing Rooms/Shower area.
JBR Beach Activities Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai
Well eqippped Changing rooms/Shower area at The Beach-JBR
  • Sunbeds and Cabanas with Towels available for rent from 100AED onwards
JBR Beach Activities
Sunbeds and Cabanas at The Beach
  • Underground & Valet Paid Parking. Paid Parking is at AED 20 per hour but you can avail 3 hours complimentary free parking if you spend AED 75 in restaurants or shopping outlets at The Beach.
  • Street Performers at specific intervals (refer schedule on official website before going)
  • Music and Open Air CINEMA.
  • Beach Ambulance and Life Guard
  • Open Air Gym on Beach and Beach Yoga
  • Live Events (refer schedule on official website before going)
  • Sports Arena, Kids Play area with swings, Game zones.
  • Lots of Fine Dining Options like Leopold’s of London, Real Madrid Café, Cheesecake Factory, La Duree, P.F. Changs etc.
  • Various street food options, food trucks, kiosks, souvenirs shop, Henna Application, Camel Ride etc.
  • Cycles/Bikes available for
  • Splash Pad
  • Prayer Rooms
  • Mobile Charging Boxes, Free WIFI
  • Walking on Jogging Track, Workout Machines along the beach
  • Night markets – Handicrafts and Food Fair
  • CHECK BEACH MARKET SHOPPING –                                                                                           
  • TUK-TUK services and mini train ride


JBR Beach Activities Dubai  – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai is not only SUN, SAND, AND SWIMMING but it is also for FUN, FINE FOOD & FAMILY FIESTA.

Tour to Stunning beaches of Dubai - Best Beaches in Dubai

Now you can make out why JBR – The Beach is a popular destination for Dubai and on weekends from Thursday to Saturday, you can see many families, couples strolling and relaxing on The Beach.  There is a 1.7 km long strip/promenade adjoining the Beach.  This promenade is famous for fancy and vintage cars. I hope you would love to visit JBR Dubai and check out some JBR Beach Activities Dubai.

Activities at JBR Beach Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai
Fancy and expensive cars at The Walk – Dubai




Many people come here especially for driving expensive cars and bikes.  This promenade is named as JBR – The Walk and has many upscale restaurants with outdoor seating arrangement, kiosks selling funky items, designer brands shops, food trucks and a lively walking area. 

Fireworks shows during special occasions like New Year, UAE National Day, Id-ul-Fitar and DSF shopping festival at JBR the Beach/The Walk.  

So when in Dubai, indulge at JBR Beach Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai.
Activities at JBR Beach Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai
Activities at JBR Beach Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai

WHAT TO SHOP AT JBR BEACH – JBR Beach Activities Dubai – JBR Beach Walk



Whenever you are visiting Dubai, then look out to stay near JBR beach as it has a vibrant nightlife with a lot of activities during the whole day. It is a family beach and there are many luxury hotels and affordable ones also. If you’re traveling from the U.S. save on airport parking by reserving your parking at departure airports. 

Recommended Beach Resorts at JBR Beach 

Don’t forget to upload your fun moments at JBR the Beach on social media with #wowJBR tag. 

Activities at JBR Beach Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai
Activities at JBR Beach Dubai - Most Popular Hangout of Dubai
Activities at JBR Beach Dubai – Most Popular Hangout of Dubai

Free Download – Beach Essentials checklist 

Beach Essentials Checklist for JBR Beach Dubai

 So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Dubai has been on my list for a long time. I plan to go there for a few days this year. Therefore, I would love to use your tips. Such a great guide to JBR Beach. I like that there are various street food options, food trucks, kiosks. I want to try Camel Ride on the beach.

  2. I love Dubai and its JBR! The changing/ shower areas look so cool, there seems to be every type of activity for kids and adults. Dubai certainly knows to entice the beach lovers! 🙂

  3. On our last visit to Dubai we stayed by the JBR Beach and headed that way often. Although I was never there for morning yoga! The strangest thing we saw was camel rides on the beach. We loved the sunsets and all the action at night. And it was awesome when we saw the New Years fireworks from the beach. I would love to go on that Ferris wheel for a panoramic view.

  4. JBR-The Beach offers some exciting activities for the tourists. Though I am not a beach person, specially crowded beaches, but I would definitely love to enjoy open air theatre. This is only thing that attracts me here.

  5. I have been to Dubai twice but unfortunately haven’t got the opportunity to visit JBR beach. The activity on offer sound exciting. I would love to indulge in the open air cinema experience. It is great to see that they have changing rooms and shower area. Will plan it the next time I am there.

  6. As a testament to how little I know about Dubai, I had no idea it had a beach! The turquoise water looks beautiful, though–given how hot Dubai infamously is, I’m not surprised it’s popular! The open-air cinema sounds like a lot of fun, I’d love to check that out.

  7. Wow! The JBR Beach Dubai sounds like a place to be.. with so much to do it is a perfect respite from the bustling cityscape. It’s amazing that the beach holds so many entertainment activities like open-air cinema, street performances, and music along with some mouthwatering food and shopping options. Thanks for this wonderful information we will make sure we don’t miss a visit during our Dubai trip.

  8. I haven’t been to Dubai but if I were to go, this would be on top of my must-see list. I love that there are so many attractions to choose from. I am a beach person but the activities make this a main attraction but not just for the beach alone.

  9. This is a really great beach in Dubai. Sadly the one time I was there, it was mid day on a scorching hot summer day. All the more reason to visit again I guess.

  10. That’s a beach with a lot of vibe. The changing rooms look interesting & very functional. Would be fun to attend an open air event here. That said, its not my kinda beach. I’d rather head to a secluded, romantic one with hardly any people!!! Lolz..

    1. yes you are correct there are many people at this beach when you enter, but when you walk and go far away from entrance, there are hardly any people if you love isolated stuff. But for quieter place, you need to walk a little.

  11. It’s a beautiful beach and looks like so much to do. Hubby was looking over my shoulder and was immediately drawn to the expensive car on the Walk. You’ve really done an amazing job of featuring Dubai and I’m so looking forward to going to see it including this beach 🙂

  12. I actually had no idea that JBR Beach Dubai is the most popular hangout of Dubai! I was walking there while I was there and I was surprise how clean the water was! Dubai is so amazing! I cant wait to go back there one day and explore more!

  13. You had me at open air cinema! We have something similar here in Vancouver too although not as nicely located on a beach. I’m a huge beach bum too so will definitely be adding this to my list of things to do. And I’ve heard all about Dubai’s luxury car scene. The Walk must be eye-opening!

  14. I had no idea that there were so many things to do on the beach in Dubai! It seems like Dubai is a nonstop adventure! Personally, I would like to see those fireworks, though I know they are not every day. I’d like the open-air cinema as well–nothing like seeing a movie at the beach!

  15. It looks like a great place for spending your time with so many activities. I would love to experience open-air cinema and dancing for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I’m completely sold on the JBR Beach Dubai! I’m dying for some sunshine right now, so reading this made me so jealous! Nice to know they offer free yoga on the beach, and that Turkish ice-cream sounds wonderful. Bring on summer!

  17. Fantastic in-depth post. This beach sounds like a fun filled packed beach with many things to do. I’d love to see the fashion show and then take a camel ride into the sunset.

  18. Wow this place has it ALL! Looks like there is something for everyone of all ages. I haven’t made it to Dubai yet but it’s been on my bucket list for years. I pinned this post for future reference, thank you!

  19. Funny how beach is not something I associate with when it comes to the UAE despite it being surround by water! And I’m sure it makes a good respite from the heat. I can see from the photos men with their shirts off and women in bikinis. I guess that’s ok? I was always under the impression that we have to cover up somewhat.

  20. I love it! The exercise equipment on the beach reminds me so much of Venice Beach back in California. There’s a section of the beach called “Muscle Beach” where these insanely ripped body builders work out on the sand. I love the idea of watching fireworks on the beach. I did that once while visiting Lake Tahoe and thought it was a super neat experience!

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