Reviews of ZAFRAN Indian Bistro – Lunch with a View

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Reviews of ZAFRAN Indian Bistro – Lunch with a View

Reviews of ZAFRAN Indian Bistro – Lunch with a View
Lunch with Marina View on sunny afternoon in Dubai

Zafran Indian Bistro located at Ground Floor of Dubai Marina Mall in Dubai, is an award-winning Contemporary Indian restaurant which offers North-Western Indian cuisine.  “Zafran”  is an Urdu word which translates into “Saffron” a most expensive, highly aromatic spice which is used in flavoring and coloring of food.  In this article, I am giving reviews of Zafran Indian Bistro – Lunch with a View. 

Zafran Indian Bistro is located on water promenades of Dubai Marina Mall with magnificent views of Dubai Marina.   Dubai Marina Mall can be easily accessed by Tram, Metros & taxis, and Hop-On-Hop-Off tourist buses.  This restaurant is famous for special authentic flavored Kebabs, Signature desserts, and healthy fruit mojitos and juices.  All the dishes of this restaurant are having flavors of Zafran(Saffron). 

AMBIANCE / DÉCOR OF ZAFRAN INDIAN BISTRO – The sleek, stylish, contemporary interior of Zafran with a great view of Dubai Marina is a great place to eat out with skyline view.  Black walls with bright orange and turqoise blue seatings make the place bright and stylish.  There are all types of seating arrangements like dining chairs and sofas both.  Bright colored contemporary lamps add more romance to this place.

They have an outdoor seating arrangement too with elegant sofa styled seatings in gazebos on deck/terrace of water promenade. 

They have an open glass see-through the kitchen where you can watch chefs preparing signature dishes. 

Reviews of Zafran Indian Bistro - Lunch with a view
See through Kitchen


For Drinks, I ordered –

WaterMelon & Mint Smash  –  Perfect Cooler Drink for afternoons of Dubai.  I enjoy this bright red colored drink with a perfect combination of Watermelon, Rose, Lemon, and Mint. 

Reviews of Zafran Indian Bistro - Lunch with a view
Watermelon Smash

Kiwi Mojito – Perfect Blend of Kiwi & Mint which is also suitable for afternoon lunch. This green colored drink is very appealing to eyes and also tastes nice. 

Reviews of ZAFRAN Indian Bistro – Lunch with a View
Kiwi Moijito

Having drinks with superb views of Dubai Marina, what can you ask for more in sunny hot afternoons?  They also serve complimentary Papadams with Indian dips, pickles, chutneys. 

Main Course – Being Vegetarian, I ordered Paneer Butter Masala(Cottage cheese in Tomato gravy), Bhindi Masala(Okra with Indian spices), Dal Zafran(Black Lentils gravy) and Cucumber Raita(cucumber yogurt).  In Bread and Rice section, I ordered Garlic Naan and jeera rice.  The flavors of curries are highly balanced – nor too hot nor too bland.  Naan size is enough big and also the serving portions of curries are good enough. We were  four adults and the size of servings were well enough for four of us. 


                             FOOD  –        4 OUT OF 5

                             AMBIANCE – 5 OUT OF 5

                             SERVICE –   4.5 OUT OF 5

                             CLEANLINESS – 4.8 OUT OF 5

                             VIEW – 5 OUT OF 5. 

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  • Book the table before for getting your seat with a view.
  • In Evenings or in Winters you can sit outside for eating out.
  • Drinks/Juices are worth trying.


  • Outdoor Seating with View
  • Waterfront Restaurant
  • Can be easily accessed through Public Transport or Private Vehicle.
  • No Alcohol Served
  • Kids Friendly
  • Wi-Fi
  • See through Kitchens – Live Cooking
  • Enjoy Lunch/Dinner with great views of Zipline and Yacht sailing all around you.
  • No Breakfast. It opens at 12:00 P.M.

RECOMMENDED FOR – Couples, Romantic Dinners, Family Get-togethers, Corporate Lunch/Dinners, Parties, and celebrations. 

PRICE –   AED 175 for 2 people approximately. 

Reviews of Zafran Indian Bistro - Lunch with a view
Watermelon Smash

If you live in Dubai or coming to visit Dubai then you can try this authentic flavored Indian food with stunning views of the skyline and Dubai Marina at award-winning Zafran Indian Bistro. 

Reviews of ZAFRAN Indian Bistro – Lunch with a View
Reviews of ZAFRAN Indian Bistro – Lunch with a View

NOTE – I am not paid to write this review as I have dined at this restaurant with my own expenses with three other friends.  All reviews are my personal views.

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If you want to do traditional and cultural shopping then go to Al Fahidi souq in old Dubai. 

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Hi Yukti,
    I really loved this hotel review, best thing is your review is very helpful for those who are going to DUBAI from india .
    Here everything details , which a newbie required !
    Thanks 🙂

  2. That Kiwi Mojito looks so refreshing! I think Zafran received the highest marks I’ve seen you post – and I understand why. With such a beautiful location and delicious menu, you can’t go wrong. Great tip on reserving to get a great view. I also like the window into the kitchen. Worth adding to my Dubai list!

  3. I am craving a watermelon smash now yummmy and the food looks just as equally tasty I love it. I also like the view and the decore within the restaurant. If I every visit Dubai then I will be sure to visit.

  4. Sumptuous food, great hospitality, nice ambience and lovely views – all these elements make amazing dining experience. Zafran Indian Bistro offers all these. I love the architecture and the ambience of the place. Food looks super tempting – authentic Indian flavours in Dubai – wow! The drinks too look refreshing. I would love to try that watermelon smash some day. 🙂

  5. Watermelon and mint cooler looks very refreshing. Drink with a view is absolutely great. The menu looks so appetizing and being a vegetarian I would end up ordering same, the meal looks appetizing and delicious. The pictures looks good, If I visit Dubai I will surely visit it.

  6. Zafran Indian Bistro is one of the famous Indian restaurants in Dubai. I loved the view of the hi-res buildings. The drinks are super refreshing on hot summer day. You have ordered the popular Indian dishes and it looks absolutely delicious, Being an Indian Girl, I am feeling good for that fact that you relished the food. Now I am hungry suddenly 🙂

  7. Zafran looks a lovely restaurant, as lovely as its name which seems to invoke the fragrance of Saffron. Being vegetarian and passionate about Indian food, this is something we would really love. Add to that the ambience and the views from the restaurant, this makes for a good luncheon or dinner experience.

  8. Ah fantastic. Indian is one of my favourite cuisines and it’s mouthwatering to see those poppadums and vegetarian curries. Coming from Manchester in the UK, I’ve eaten a lot of this kind of food. But I still miss it when I travel, so it’s great to know where to pick it up if I’m ever in Dubai.

  9. The restaurant looks good and that view is amazing. Being a vegetarian myself, the food looks appealing to me. And from the two drinks, I think I would pick the Kiwi Mojito. Did the menu offer any Indian desserts?

  10. Ahhh Dubai is on my bucket list and this looks incredible! I was surprised they didn’t serve alcohol, but those fruit drinks look divine. As an Indian food lover, I need to go there! And sit outside!

  11. We love Indian food, and Zafran looks like a perfect place to dine. The views of the city are spectacular. Now I am hungry for some Masala and Naan.

  12. That drink looks delicious! And, wow, that view! I don’t eat Indian food much and I appreciate knowing what to order, what the dishes are, and what the dishes look like. Thanks!

  13. I would definitely book a table in advance for that view. The food does look very good and the drinks seem delicious as well. Imagining outdoor seating at lunch….sounds perfect!

  14. Zafran looks like an amazing place for enjoying the food and drinks. That Watermelon, mint and rose water frosty drink has to be amazing on a hot day for cooling off. And all the food have saffron sounds like a nice touch. Now I’m in the mood for Indian food!

  15. That view. . ☺️☺️☺️ I love the fact that they have an open kitchen. I am always fascinated about cooking (maybe that’s because I don’t do it, myself 😂😂!). I would love myself some of that Kiwi Mojito right now, as I need some energy🙈🙈 great review!

  16. I always like it when restaurants provide smoothies in mason jars. Its just interesting.
    Oh! You’re a vegetarian? Glad to know you too travel with the same food restriction as me! Lolz.
    Being a Bindi fan, I just realized its been ages since I ate some…

  17. Woow, the restaurant and the view look so amazing. The cocktails look so fresh and yummy as well as the food =). I’d especially love to drink the Kiwi Moijito. This is definitely a place I would like to go!

  18. Wow what a great restaurant! You couldn’t have picked a better day to go. The photos are gorgeous. ticks all the boxes for me too. good food, alfresco dining, great view, kid friendly and ability to watch the chefs in action. Thanks for the recommendation Yukti!

  19. I am totally loving this view and would love to check this place out. Havent been to Dubai yet but I heard a lot about it becoming an upcoming city for foodies. So think I gotta get there soon.

  20. This restaurant looks like a lovely place to get Indian food. I really like the look of the mojito against the water. What an amazing view! It’s impressive that the food is good when the restaurant has a view like that.

  21. Sounds like a really nice restaurant, and I love the views you get while eating. Dubai really sets a new bar when it comes to restaurants, it felt like everywhere I went was amazing food. Glad to see it being featured so people can get out and discover new places!

    1. You are correct, Dubai has all range of restaurants and with great options of food. This one is special for Indian cuisine with great views

  22. Wow! What a view! I could just sit there and sip my coffee staring at outside. Portions look great too but I really love the decor in this restaurant. I love it that you have so many really nice photos on this post. It almost makes me feel like I was there myself.

  23. I love when kitchens are open so you can see inside, but the problem with that a lot is that it makes the entire dining room smell like the kitchen as well! What a great idea to place a glass panel in front of the kitchen, so you can still see inside but don’t have to leave with all your clothes smelling like the food! The view here looks amazing and I’m always down for a meal with a view. Great find!

    1. That is special here as kitchens are see-through but not smell coming in the restaurant as there is partition of glass.

  24. Ok, now I want a kiwi mojito! What a fantastic place, I can already picture myself at one of those tables outside in the sunshine, enjoying lentils gravy and naan bread!

  25. Yum, that watermelon and mint smash looks delicious, and super healthy too! I’d take your advice and book a table outdoors; that view is one not to be missed. I’d like to try Zafran for lunch if I ever visit Dubai.

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