Best One Day In Florence Itinerary (Things To Do )

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Florence, the capital city of Tuscany in Italy, is famous for Renaissance art, architecture, and sculpture.  Thus Florence is known as Cradle of Renaissance.  This stunningly romantic city attracts millions of tourists every year, and therefore it should be included in your 10 days Italy itinerary. I will take a Quick Florence Tour – Cradle of Renaissance in this article with one day in Florence itinerary. 

One Day In Florence Itinerary - Quick Florence Tour - Cradle of Renaissance
Quick Florence Tour – Cradle of Renaissance

Florence contains numerous museums, cathedrals, bridges, monuments, art, sculptures, and architectural wonders.  Florence is also famous for Tuscany gourmet, artworks from Michelangelo, handmade jewelry, leather products, and world-famous wine from Tuscan vineyards. 

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Facts about Florence

Forbes ranked Florence as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Also, Florence is a vital fashion city, and for this, it also falls under the top 15 fashion capitals of the world therefore, Florence should always be placed on your Italy bucket list.  

Things to do in  Quick Florence Tour – Florence Itinerary

Santa Maria del Fione / Duomo / Florence Cathedral 

This domed cathedral captivates the skyline of Florence and is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world.  Florence’s skyline is incomplete without Duomo Florence, and it stunningly dominates the panoramic view of this city.  This majestic cathedral was constructed in the 13th century in Gothic and Renaissance styles of architecture. 

This cathedral’s dome is considered the world’s largest masonry dome.  It is famous for its façade of red, green, and white marble, stained glass windows, frescoes, and stunning sculptures.  It also has Baptistery and Bell Tower.  Tourist queue to climb 400-500 steps of the Bell Tower to have incredible views of Florence city.  Entry to this place is very crowded during peak seasons/ summers. 

One Day In Florence Itinerary - Quick Florence Tour - Cradle of renaissance
Florence Cathedral – Duomo
One Day In Florence Itinerary
Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

 A medieval stone arch bridge on the river Arno has several jewelry shops.  This bridge is also famous as Lovers’ Bridge. Ponte Vecchio is among the famous landmarks in Italy which you can consider in your Italy landmark tours.

Palazzo Vecchio

The 13th century Palace was a town hall before and was a center of local government.  This palace has lavish courtyards and ornate chambers.  At present, it is a museum with all preserved artifacts and ancient government details. You can also visit Uffizi Gallery to see the unique works from the Renaissance period. 

Quick Florence Tour - One Day In Florence Itinerary
Palazzo Vecchio

Piazzale Michelangelo

It is located on a hill on the southern bank of the Arno river. This 19th-century square/Piazza is known for having panoramic views of the whole of Florence city with a backdrop of the Tuscan landscape. 

Quick Florence Tour - Cradle of Renaissance
Aerial view of Florence city from Plaza Michelangelo
One Day In Florence Itinerary
Bronze statue of david – replica of Michelangelo famous sculpture

Also, you will find the replica of David, Michelangelo’s famous sculpture, on this hilltop.  It is believed that this statue safeguards the city.  Piazzale Michelangelo is dedicated to Florence’s renowned artist Michelangelo.  This original marble statue of David can be seen in Galleria Dell’ Academia.  You can also get a clear view of Florence’s prominent landmarks like the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, and Palazzo Vecchio.  This hilltop can be reached by car, taxi, or bus(public transport).  It can be visited either during day or night. 

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Pisa is located about 85kms (50 miles) west of Florence.  Pisa can be reached by train, bus, or any other tour service.  Trains run more frequently from Santa Maria Novella Train station to this historic city.  Check Trenitalia official website for train timings and frequency.  Superfast and slow trains operate and take around 1 or 1.30 hours to reach Pisa. 

After reaching Pisa station, you have to take a public bus to get North side of the river as the Leaning Tower of Pisa is located there, and the railway station is at the southern end of the river. 

ATTRACTIONS OF PISA – Florence in One Day Itinerary

Piazza Dei Miracoli (Miracle Square)  is the most famous historical and world heritage site.  This square consists of the Cathedral(Duomo),  Baptistery, Monumental Cemetry, The Opera del Duomo Museum & Sinopie Museum, and Pisa’s most famous Leaning tower. 

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the most recognizable building on earth, which is actually the cathedral’s bell tower.  This slanting/leaning tower was constructed unintentionally, and tilt developed due to the unstable foundation.  You can go to the top of this leaning tower by taking 294 uneven-stepped staircases to have picturesque views of Pisa.  Tickets can be purchased online and onsite.  There can be a massive crowd on ticket windows during peak season. It is better to buy online if you are going in summer.

Quick Florence Tour - Cradle of Renaissance
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Cathedral(Duomo) entry is free.  Other monuments and museums require a ticket, and you can purchase combo tickets, as it is a cost-effective option if you plan to see all. 

Quick Florence Tour - Cradle of Renaissance
Pisa Cathedral

I had 24 hours in Florence. Thus I missed visiting many museums and other attractions.  I would recommend a 3 to 4 days trip to Florence, in which 2 days can be reserved for Florence city and 2/3 days for side-trips to nearby Tuscany countryside and towns. If you are looking for some AirBnB accommodation then check Firenze Airbnb

TIPS – One Day in Florence Itinerary – Quick Florence Tour

  • If you are visiting in summer then purchase tickets online to avoid huge Q’s.
  • To avoid Q’s visit to Florence in the shoulder season. I visited Florence in February which is an off-peak season, and I avoided the massive crowd at tourist attractions and so transit or entry to all places was very smooth.
  • Try to book your stay near the famous Florence Cathedral, as it is centrally located in all places.
  • Florence is famous for Italian street food; therefore, you must go for fantastic food tours here with a historical backdrop.
  • Enjoy Tuscan Gourmet. Read why Florence is for foodies and know more about the Food Guide to Florence. Or you can enroll in some best cooking classes to learn Italian cuisine in Florence.


 Florence is a walkable city, but due to uneven bricked, or stoned pavements, you need to wear comfortable shoes.  For long distances, you can take public buses as they are a very efficient and better way to go around.  Look at their bus timetable on their official website.

HOW TO REACH FLORENCE – One Day in Florence Itinerary

  •  Florence has International, and National Airports are located 5 km away from the city center.
  •  Florence can also reach by trains from major European cities through Euro rail.
  • Italy can be covered by road trip also and this historical city can also be reached through Rome within 3 hours. I would recommend including Florence on your bucket list Italy road trip
  • Read more about Rome in a day.  I visited Florence from Venice. Read more about Italy in 9 days

Now you know about one day in Florence itinerary and can plan your quick Florence tour with this article.

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Quick Florence Tour - Cradle of Renaissance
Quick Florence Tour – Cradle of Renaissance

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Quick Florence Tour

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  1. I have been to Florence 3 times and love wandering around the very walkable city. Beyond the touristy spots I like to get lost in the residential neighborhoods as well – and the food, oh my!

    1. Yes, for next time, I would explore some residential neighborhoods instead of touristic attractions as I would love to see the daily life of Florence.

  2. I love Italy and have travelled a fair bit of this beautiful country excluding Tuscany and look forward to visiting it later this year . I start my travel in Florence and could not think of getting information about it than stumbling across this post of yours. Like you said Florence is a beautiful city filled with art and great architecture that I am looking forward to experiencing . I will be taking a trip to the Pisa as well so thanks for the tips again. Good to know that majority of the city can be done by foot as this is the best way to enjoy a city. Look forward to the food as well and a trip the the Florence Cathedral would be featuring high on my trip. Thanks for this post and helping me plan better.

  3. I have only been to Florence once, but I love this city! The views from piazza Michelangelo are spectacular and unforgettable. We also took a side trip to Piza and loved seeing that iconic building in real life. Great article! Thanks for transporting me back to Florence!

  4. Your post brought back wonderful memories of our visit to Italy. We absolutely loved Florence and think it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Our best memories are of the Academia, Uffizi and the Piazzale Michelangelo . Pisa was a day trip we did and thoroughly enjoyed our time at the leaning tower of Pisa.

  5. I loved the architecture and the artistic focus of the city Florence. I agree, Duomo is probably the first place I’d recommend people to visit as well, it is lovely! Also, Piazza Michaelangelo because that’s where you get the best views of the skyline. Ponte Vechhio is also quite intriguing in terms of its architecture and the fact that its so old!

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    I was so much thinking of Dan Brown as well as I saw the places! Lolz.
    I haven’t been to Bologna yet. Should go next time!

  7. Florence is my kind of place and its been on my list for long. The mention of museums, cathedrals, bridges, monuments, art, sculptures and architectural wonders wants me to pack my bags right away. I would love to see Florence city from Plaza Michelangelo and who would miss Leaning Tower of Pisa. February sounds good for Florence. I will keep in mind.

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  13. You have tried covering so many places in Florence in the limited time you had.. That’s so amazing. The buildings, streets and architecture around the city are so intricate and interesting. I can’t even start talking about the views from Palazzo Vecchio and Piazzale. Leaning tower of Pisa has been in my itinerary list. Florence and Pisa are just my kind of places.

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  19. I feel silly that I haven’t visited Florence, slough I have been to Italy twice. Rome, Milan, Pisa, Bolzano, Venice, all done but not Florence and it looks so beautiful. Ian @ Resfeber

    1. Oh you went to Pisa, but missed Florence… it is so close… Next time plan for it and also Tuscan countryside

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    1. Yes, Florence in Tuscany is worth visiting due to architectural wonders. I am sure, you would love it.

  31. Ohh beautiful Florence full of life and history! Although I quite suprise to learn that Florence is one of the famous fashion city! You really described and captured well the main attraction of Florence like the Ponte Vecchio and Duomo of Florence etc. Although you only had 24h I am glad you were able to have a quick visit to Pisa and visiting the leaning tower. I was hoping to see these funny pictures of people (you) pushing the Pisa bell tower! I have some of myself but this was in 2006 and back then my camera was not up for a good shot!

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