11 Best Tips to avoid Jet Lag on Long Flights for Fun holidays

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Presenting you with 11 Tips to avoid Jet-Lag on Long Flights for holidays.

12 Tips to avoid Jet Lag on Long Flights - Beat Jet Lag
Flying High

11 Tips to Avoid Jet Lag on Long Flights for holidays 

Jet-Lag is flight fatigue caused due to quick traveling across various time zones.  It is a physiological condition causing a disorder of circadian rhythm.  Circadian is the internal biological/body clock that regulates wakefulness and sleep.  Disruption of the body clock synchronization results in JET LAG.  

12 Tips to avoid Jet Lag on Long Flights - Beat Jet Lag
Picture was taken while flying over London during the long flight from Dubai to New York

11 Tips to Avoid Jet Lag on Long Flights for Holidays | Tips to Avoid jet lag on Long Flights for Fun Holidays can be categorized into 3 parts 


  1. Adjust your eating and sleeping patterns a few days before your flight. Shift your sleeping and eating habits per the destination clock before 3 to 4 days before the travel date. 
  2. Wear sunglasses for a few hours before taking flight as it helps to synchronize body clocks because the body clock is set by eyes detecting light.


  1. If your flight is reaching during the night, don’t sleep or nap before 6 hours of running time (arrivals).  And do vice-versa for morning flights – like if you are reaching during day time, then sleep for 5 to 6 hours before going to the destination. 
  2. There are many things to do on a plane that will keep you awake and away from boredom.
  3. If possible, do a break or split journey for 1 or 2 days.
  4. Avoid caffeine and alcohol during the flight. 
  5. Stay hydrated and keep yourself moisturized throughout the flight. 
  6. Wear light, loose and comfortable clothes. 
12 Tips to avoid Jet-Lag on Long Flights
Inside Airplane, while traveling to Shanghai


8. Upon reaching the destination, try to get out in the sunlight and fresh air, as sunlight regulates the biological clock, which helps your body clock adjust to new time zones and surroundings.  Staying indoors after reaching your destination worsens jet lag. 

12 Tips to avoid Jet-Lag on Long Flights
12 Tips to avoid Jet-Lag on Long Flights
  1. Take a bath before going to bed
  2. Avoid short naps during the daytime.
  3. Relax and don’t stress or burden yourself for 1 or 2 days. Many people take some sleep-inducing drugs, but I don’t recommend it and read why you should not take Ambien for Jet Lag

Also, try out for different types of stays during your holidays. Read here for tips on staying during holidays. 

12 Tips to avoid Jet Lag on Long Flights - Beat Jet Lag
Photo Taken during flying over western Ghats near Mumbai

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