Photos of Oman – Oman photography Tour

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Photos of Oman – Oman photo gallery
Road trip in Natural Oman

Oman or The Sultanate of Oman located on the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula in western Asia is blessed with diverse natural wonders, rich cultural and historical heritage, friendly and traditional locals, wonderful Islamic architecture.  So let’s take a visual tour in this exotic land by going through beautiful photos of Oman – Oman photography Tour and check the wonderful Oman photo gallery. There are many Instagrammable locations all over this beautiful country. 

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Going back to Muscat

Let’s check Photos of Oman – Oman photography tour | Oman photo gallery

I visited Oman twice and done all the trips by road and it was great to see all the different places, culture, and many photogenic spots. Therefore I am categorizing my photos into different sections like –

  • Oman Nature Photos
  • Oman Architecture Photos
  • The lifestyle photography of Oman ( which covers housing, special doors, cityscapes, towns, of Oman)
  • People of Oman
  • Flora and Fauna of Oman
  • Cultural/ Heritage Oman


Various photos of fjords, beaches, rugged mountains, blue sea, emerald sinkhole, palms, rocky peaks, deserts and many more.  Ideal for nature photography, model photo shoots, and pre-wedding photo shoots.

Photos of Oman – Oman photography Tour
Taken at KHASAB – Fjords of Oman
Photos of Oman – Oman photography Tour
Rocky Beaches of Oman – Taken near Muscat
Historical Day Trips from Muscat | Oman Sightseeing Tours | Oman Day Tours
Jabal Shams – Grand Canyon of Middle East
Photos of Oman – Oman photography Tour
Date Palms field found all over Oman
Photos of Oman – Oman photography Tour
Dry river bed with rugged mountains
Day Trips From Muscat | Things to do Near Muscat | Muscat to Bimmah Sinkhole Tour
Bimmah Sinkhole
Day Trips From Muscat | Things to do Near Muscat | Muscat to Bimmah Sinkhole Tour
This Shot was taken at Bandar Al Khiran
Photos of Oman – Oman photography Tour
Mountains and Blue waters dominate the nature scene of Oman – Taken at Khasab during dhow cruise
Photos of Oman – Oman photography Tour
Desert tour


Oman has a splendid architecture which depicts the beautiful culture and ancient historical heritage. Arabic style of architecture which are unique in their design, patterns, and decor. Domes, pillars, arches, are commonly found in Omani architectural scene.  A great collection of forts, mosques, pillars, doors, arches are found throughout Oman.  A perfect blend of past cultural heritage is seen in modern days architecture of Oman.

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On the top – Nizwa Fort
Muscat city tour
Royal Opera House – Muscat
Best Things To Do in Muscat City Tour
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – Muscat
Historical Day Trips from Muscat | Oman Sightseeing Tours | Oman Day Tours
Entrance to Bahla Fort

Interiors of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Oman Photo gallery
Inside Royal Opera house
 Oman Photo gallery
Mosque of Sur city
Photos of Oman
The pillared corridors of Royal Opera House – Muscat
Historical Day Trips from Muscat | Oman Sightseeing Tours | Oman Day Tours
Entering Nizwa Souq

Beautiful arches in the Muscat

Historical Day Trips from Muscat | Oman Sightseeing Tours | Oman Day Tours
Bahla Fort
Photos of Oman
Interiors of Fort
Photos of Oman
Me with the ancient architecture of Oman – Taken at Bahla fort entrance


People / Locals of Oman are friendly, shy and traditional. They respect their culture and mostly follow all their traditions.  

Day Trips From Muscat | Things to do Near Muscat | Muscat to Bimmah Sinkhole Tour

Traditional attire of Omani men

Traditional attire of Omani women

Traditional Omani caps with beautiful colored embroidery on white cloth. The most important part of Omani Men’s dress.

****** Due to the respecting privacy – I have not put the faces of people.


Oman has a hot, dry climate with fewer rainfalls and therefore the desert style of flora can be found here. Desert shrubs, desert grass, and Date Palms are found everywhere in this country.  Dolphins and turtles are found in blue waters of Oman with other species of fish.  Goats /sheep are the most common animals which you can find everywhere and even crossing the roads while driving.  Camels are the most important animal of this place. There are many wildlife animals too but can be spotted if you go inside the mountains.

Goats climbing the mountains –

Day Trips From Muscat | Things to do Near Muscat | Muscat to Bimmah Sinkhole Tour

Desert shrubs
Palm plantations
Seagulls in Muscat
Dolphins in the blue waters of Persian Gulf – Taken at Khasab during dolphin sighting cruise.


You will find sugar cubed houses in mud color with arched doors all over in Oman. As the whole country is having rugged mountains some of the clusters of houses or towns are located on zig-zag mountain base. It is like Santorini of the Middle East. Doors are the special feature in the Omani houses. If you love traditional doors or arches, then you would love this country as there are many photo shoot options with them.

Houses with rugged mountains view

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Things to do in Muscat city Tour
Old style houses in the Old Quarter of Muscat city


Mud coated houses
Doors in Oman
Day Trips From Muscat | Things to do Near Muscat | Muscat to Bimmah Sinkhole Tour
Qantab Town
Historical Day Trips from Muscat | Oman Sightseeing Tours | Oman Day Tours
Exploring Mud/ClayTown Settlement near Bahla Fort
Oman Photo Gallery
Me with the carved wooden door – in Nizwa Fort


You can find much cultural stuff in the forts, museums, and souqs of Oman.

Shop selling mud/clay utensils, lanterns, and other terracotta stuff. Clay/mud essentials are a vital part of Omani culture.


Day Trips From Muscat | Things to do Near Muscat | Muscat to Bimmah Sinkhole Tour
Fishermen’s area near Qantab Beach


  • Always go for a road trip in Oman as you can find beautiful nature and various photogenic points.  
  • Check for clear weather before planning for your trip. 
  • Can be done solo or book for a group photo tour.
  • Wear comfortable footwear and carry things to protect you from the sun as it can be hot and humid many times.
  • Mountain drive requires 4 X 4 vehicle.
  • Be respectful to locals and try to dress modestly with not much skin show. Do not take shots of people’s faces without taking their permission.
  • Don’t put your life at risk by taking dangerous selfies at mountain peaks and waterfronts to avoid serious casualties.
  • Do not disturb nature and heritage properties.
  • Read about Oman before planning a trip so that you can select your favorite photography category.
  • Your camera should be full of battery and memory. Google GPS is your best friend and can take you anywhere wherever you like.
  • Take pictures and create memories…
Oman photo gallery
Traditional boars of Oman – Taken at Khasab

Hope you liked all the photos of Oman and I would love to know which one/category is your favorite one in comments. List your choices below – 

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So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Oman is just amazing! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, bringing back memories of our trip last year through this wonderful coutnry with the kindest people. You’ve captured the essence pretty well! Marcella

  2. i love Oman, and I miss it, I did live there for 6 years and totally fall in love with the place and the people. great photos – they show beauty of Oman

  3. A trip to Oman is so high on my bucket list and these pictures are making me want to jump of the first flight! I particularly like the fact that there’s such a varied landscape, from mountains to desert and sumptuous palaces! Also, being a lover of old and traditional doors, I’m pleased to read that I could take hundreds of pictures on this subject there 🙂

  4. I don’t think I would have ever considered Oman as a vacation spot until reading your post and seeing your a-freaking mazing pictures! Wow! The beaches are pristine, the architecture exquisite, and the drive looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing. Definitely on my radar.

  5. Wow!! Oman is so beautiful!! I had no idea! Love the blue water next to the red rocks. And those buildings are exquisite! You really got some wonderful photos.

  6. I have never really thought about Oman as a travel destination. And, come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen photos of it. But wow did you capture its beauty in this post! ~ Sage Scott, the Everyday Wanderer

  7. Oman is a destination I have wanted to visit for some time. Love your photo of the sinkhole and the photos of the mosques. I have heard that the Oman coast was beautiful, but your photos confirmed it.

  8. I loved all your categories of photos so it’s hard to pick a favorite. I think one of the photos that stood out to me the most was the Bimmah Sinkhole. It’s mesmerizing and just so beautiful. Both the scenery and your photos are gorgeous.

  9. See this is why I need posts like this. Even though I knew geographically speaking that Oman had a coastline, I rarely ever imagine beaches and a beautiful seaside there. The Bimmah Sinkhole is simply stunning!

    1. Thanks Rachelle and I too was not knowing that Oman has such a beautiful coast line before visiting this place. The waters of Omani seas are having amazing deep blue colors

  10. Nice pictures Yukti. I absolutely love Khasab’s fjords, I’ve been there several times myself and end up taking so many pictures every time I go. Also, Muscat’s beaches are gorgeous, I love the blue waters. Nizwa Fort is quite iconic too, and the pots and pans market in Nizwa is another fav for taking pictures. Bimmah Sinkhole, however, is my favourite! I absolutely love that place. And Jebel Shams too!

    1. Thanks Medha for reading through, I agree Oman has many photogenic places, it just need to be explored.

  11. Have always wanted to visit Oman and your photos just made me convinced that much more!! Beautiful photographs, and I especially liked how you didn’t just stop at nature photos but also have taken cultural, flora and fauna and architecture photos. It really is a comprehensive view of life at Oman. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Mohana and yes, I love to take various photos apart from architecture because it gives true glimpse of whole country.

  12. What a beautiful destination!! The date palms are beautiful. For us, we always know we’re on vacation when we see palm trees. Date palms are new to me though. Swimming in the colourful Bimmah Sinkhole looks wonderful. I love the architecture and the souks. It’s like nothing we’ve ever experienced before which makes it all the more lovely.

  13. Oman looks like a gorgeous place for a photo tour! There is such gorgeous stunning architecture – the mosques and especially the opera house. I didn’t think about the beaches until I read this post, those beaches look pretty spectacular too. There are so many beautiful lines and textures to photograph in Oman. Gorgeous.

  14. I love photo tours of destinations. It gives me an idea of the personality of the place and what all I would want to see. Oman has recently come onto my radar. It is quite diverse in topography it seems! Most on your list I would want to see the fjords, the sinkhole (wow that color!) and the mosques. I find them so beautiful!

  15. Oman looks so beautiful. Not just the rustic feel of nature but the architecture of the mosque and fort really make me want to plan a trip there right away. Your post took me on a virtual tour and I would save this post to plan my trip there.

  16. I’ve recently visited the Middle East and am now intrigued to see more places like Oman. Your post showed a great variety of landscapes and I didn’t know there were fjords in Oman! Your photos were beautiful and hopefully will convince more people to plan a trip.

    1. Thanks Laura for reading through and yes before visiting Oman, I was also not knowing that there are fjords

  17. I have not visited Oman yet but do have it on my list to visit places and there are s few reasons for this. Your photo tour only wants me to get there sooner and soak in all this new budding tourist destination has on offer for the world. There is natural beauty in those mountains and I am quite a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine so that’s another tick. One of my go to place would be the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque for the grandeur and peaceful aspect it carries I must say. Overall a photographers paradise and you have captured it really well. Thanks for sharing Oman with the world

    1. Thanks Amar for all appreciation. Oman is really beautiful but not known to many people as a tourist destination.

  18. Such beautiful photographs! I had heard about the beauty of Oman, and now I know that it is so true. There is such diversity in landscape, the architectures are also so wonderful. after seeing these pictures, I realy want to make a visit to Oman now!

  19. Some of these pictures are absolutely stunning! I have never visited Oman but you’re making me want to pack and go there right now! I never knew Oman has so much to offer. Thank you for sharing this lovely article and these beautiful pictures

  20. I have always felt that Oman is an underrated destination as compared to places like Dubai and Sharjah. But these pictures burst the myth. The varied natural landscapes that Oman is blessed are really stunning. The architectural treasures too are of course exquisite. Your pictures have captured the best of Oman in vivid detail.

    1. Thanks Sandy, I too agree before going to Oman, I also thought to be non-touristy part but after visiting it twice, I am interested to go again and again

  21. That’s such a treat to eyes. The photos are really enthralling, I did not know much about Oman before, but looking at your pictures, I think I would like to visit it soon. My favorite is the flora and fauna section.

    1. Thanks Shreya, Oman is very picturesque and sometimes flora and fauna of desert are also interesting though it is found very less.

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