Interesting Things to Know for Planning an Exciting trip to GREECE

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Greece is a mountain Peninsula stretched across East Mediterranean Sea  and is the longest coastline of Europe.  GREECE is among the top 20 tourist destinations of the world and millions of tourist travel every year to Greece. Tourism in Greece can be classified into  4 parts – Beaches, Mountains/Countrysides, Ancient Civilization/History and Unique villages with their special white houses.  Read about Interesting Things to Know for Planning an Exciting trip to Greece in this article.  

    • Greece is the most desirable and favorable holiday destination, so avoid last minute booking. Many of the destinations, ferries or airlines are sold out before, therefore plan and Book in advance before heading to Greece.
    • Greece is not only Islands Tour but it has beautiful Mountains, hills, and countryside during Mainland visit. Plan for Mainland tours too through rolling hills and Mediterranean countrysides. You can also do 7 days in Greece with some offbeat destinations.
    • There are many beautiful islands in Greece. Plan for few and don’t try to see all. Avoid rush to all place as relaxing on a couple of islands is highly recommended for enjoying the peace and beautiful nature.
    • On islands, Rent a Car or Bike Riding is recommended as there are very fewer facilities of Public Transport. Take you International License and drive yourself on islands. Even you can take your car on cruise/ferry.   

      10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
      scooters in Mykonos

    • While booking for Ferry to different islands, check the super fast ones or the cruise ones. Super fast ones are faster to reach but the ride is bumpy and you can feel some seasickness. But cruises are very comfortable and the food is available on board.  Also through internal flights or local airlines, you can visit or reach islands.  These local airlines are very strict in the baggage allowance.  Check baggage allowance before booking them.   
    • Book for a stay in Greek styled Home. Many authentic and Greek-styled homes are converted into boutique hotels. Stay in this to feel the Greek style of living.  
    • Vegetarians/ Vegan would love Greece, as there are sumptuous varieties of authentic Greek vegetarian dishes like Stuffed Capsicum/Tomato with the Mediterranean flavored Rice, Spinach Risotto, Spinach Pie, Fava Beans, etc. Greece has many restaurants – Tavern styled(wooden interiors ) which offer a large variety of vegetarian cuisine.  My favorite was roasted eggplant with tomato and feta. Also, you will find a lot of varieties of seafood. Travel to Greece for famous Greek foods.    
    • Greek people are very friendly and happy. They all understand English and can speak also. Language is not a big problem.
    • Greece is hot in summers, so carry a hat, sunscreens, umbrellas, and light cotton fabrics.  

      Luxury Hotel in Santorini - Pantelia Suites
      Luxury Hotel in Santorini – Pantelia Suites

    • Sunsets / Sunrise in Greece is very beautiful. Don’t miss it. Be prepared with your cameras and their manual settings. 
    • Shopping in Greece is not expensive. Go for authentic Greek styled leather sandals, cotton capes, volcanic stone jewelry, Olives, Handmade Olive soaps, Fashionable clothes, bags, Bohemian  jewelry.
    • Get Lost into mazed streets – You will get fun to get lost in narrow streets of islands which are surrounded by white houses and blue doors. They are like a maze. If you don’t carry map or GPS then you can be little lost. 
    • There are many cathedrals and monasteries in Greece which follow Orthodox Christianity. Entering those premises requires to be in full pants(no shorts) and ladies should cover their shoulders and knees.
    • History buffs or museum lovers will like this place, as there are a lot of museums and ancient sites from B.C. era. GREECE has more than 100 archaeological Museums in the world.  
    • Go for a swim/dip in hot water springs or volcanic mud wrap on volcanic islands like Santorini.  There are many hot water springs or natural thermal baths in North East Greece
    • Though shopping and all basic necessities are cheaper in Greece, Hotels, tours, and travels are expensive here. Look out for deals. Before booking, check what does a trip to Greece cost through various research work. 
    • During peak season(summers), Greece is very expensive in terms of Tourism, so go for shoulder seasons like Springs and Autumn.
    • If you finding Santorini or Mykonos out of your budget, then opt to stay nearby islands which are not famous like Santorini but equally beautiful. You will find budget-friendly hotels and other options on those islands. And for Santorini or Mykonos, you can do Island Hopping Tour during the daytime. Try one of the more economical Greek Islands such as Corfu.

      Interesting Things to Know for Planning an Exciting trip to Greece
      Exciting Trip to GREECE

    • In Greece, shops and other places open to 8:00 P.M. – 9:00 M. People walk and do shopping till late at nights.
    • Greek wines are sweet. 

      Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
      Wine with sunset

  • There are many UNESCO listed historical sites and monuments in Greece. For which you have to hike or walk along uneven paths. Therefore wear your comfortable footwear and in many places, strollers and wheelchairs are difficult to be taken around. 
  • Bargaining in the street style of shops is quite common. Use all your negotiation skills. 

    Interesting Things To Know For Planning An Exciting Trip To Greece
    Street Style Shopping

  • Go for a Tavern style of eating with live Greek dance and Greek folk music in evenings.  There are more than 4000 forms of Traditional Greek Dances.  
  • There are few ATM’s on islands and not many restaurants accept credit cards, so it is better to carry some cash.  
  • The contemporary idea of SANTA CLAUS developed from Greek saint St. Nicholas in Greece.
  • Greece receives more than 250 days of sunshine and hence it is one of the sunniest country of world.
  • There are more than 2000 islands in Greece in which only 170 are inhabited. 
  • The blue color on domes, roofs, doors and windows is believed to keep the evil spirits away and hence you find prominent blue color decor everywhere, specially on islands.  
  • Greece has the oldest language in the world that is used today too.  
  • Greece is not an official name of Greece but it is officially known as the HELLENIC REPUBLIC.  

So, go for a sunshine tour in Greece with full of adventures and loads of history. Get Lost into Historical sites or go back to ancient civilization. Indulge into clear deep blue waters of the Mediterranean or the Aegean Sea or go through tower top monasteries.  Indulge into the warmth of delicious Greek cuisine or friendly Greek’s hospitality.  Find yourself or get lost into streets’ maze or hike to volcanoes.  Greece is a place for all like thrill seekers, nature lovers, quiet and history and archaeological experts, religious ones and cultural enthusiasts.  Read more on Natural Wonders in Greece

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    To know about Greece more then check their official Tourism site – Visit Greece.

Till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Greece is beautiful! And you’re right so many islands to choose from! I’ve travelled around last summer and my highlights were Milos island and Xerokampos, an untouched piece of paradise in Crete. Have you heard?

  2. That’s a lot of useful information in planning a trip to Greece. I don’t think I realized that some of the ferries could sell out so booking is recommended. Other than Athens and the islands, you don’t hear much about the beautiful mountains. I didn’t know that it has the largest coastline in Europe. But most of all I love those Greek white houses and wandering through the streets. What a wonderful experience!

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