Guide to Dubai Street Art

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Guide to Dubai Street Art

Dubai is glittering with luxury high rises, gold souks, luxury malls, diversity, and many famous art-galleries. But not only art-galleries, exhibitions, festivals are popping in Dubai city but Dubai Municipality is gearing with many colorful themes to paint the town in vibrant hues. They are now focusing on creating permanent colorful murals on buildings, corners, under the bridges, staircases, public places, parking areas which makes Dubai more interesting.  These permanent colorful artforms comprise of traditional & cultural art, contemporary art, geometric & 3D art, and even sculptures too.  So now whenever in future you are visiting Dubai then look out for vibrant art forms on some walls or corners.  I bet, you will find a perfect Instagrammable spot with these art forms.  Read this post for Guide to Dubai Street art with some of my favorite locations. 

Street Art Dubai

Top Places to see Dubai Street Art | Guide to Dubai Street Art

LOCATION – JBR WALK | Street Art Dubai

GIRAFFES POPPING OUT AROUND YOU – When you descend the staircase from Sadaf(Jumeirah Beach Residences) to JBR The Walk then suddenly you will encounter two huge giraffes popping out and you will feel like standing in a zoo or national park.  Children and even adults love to take funny shots with them like feeding them or patting them. They look very realistic.

PERSIAN GEOMETRIC ART – An Islamic art pattern with vibrant turquoise color shades lies in the hidden street just behind the most popular JBR The walk. It lies behind the Bahar Block near round-about of Roxy Cinemas.


A SEA OF HORSES – It is located on the huge movie styled or palatial styled staircase descending from Rimal (JBR) to JBR the Walk.  You will see colorful horses galloping an ocean which represents Dubai’s famous Horse race held every year by the Dubai World Cup.


Guide to Dubai Street Art
Have photo sessions with colorful background

VIEW FROM SUBMARINE – As the stretch of JBR Walk is on the beach this theme very well co-ordinates with the surroundings.

TWO DOLLS – Located on the staircase of Bahar block. Children love to take pictures with them and from some angles, they appear to be 3D also.

GIRL ON A SWING – Girl on a swing with a Mediterranean background in the painting over the stairways of Rimal block to JBR The Walk. 

Guide to Dubai Street Art

LOCATION – LA MER BEACH | Street Art Dubai


An eclectic beach front of Dubai which is also a paradise for art lovers as you can see a riot of vibrant colors at all places here. The entire walls of this area including shops, restaurants, washrooms, Parking slots are adorned with huge trendy murals. La Mer is the best place in Dubai to find your favorite art on walls. 


Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
Street art and Mural Art are everywhere on streets and boulevards of La Mer Beach


Al Fahidi area is very famous for ancient style Islamic art and culture. Here you can see many traditional and national art forms on the walls of the building.

LOCATION – CITY WALK | Street Art Dubai

Here you can find Dubai’s most famous Instagrammable art – I Love Dxb painting. This is is an upscale shopping district of Dubai but also a great place to watch lovely street art on the external walls of shops and buildings.

Guide to Dubai Street Art


In the parking area, the external walls of the mall are covered with colorful paintings by upcoming local artists. 

LOCATION – D3 | Street Art Dubai 

Dubai’s popular commercial art and architecture district where you will find many art and sculpture installations. 

Explore Dubai’s Flourishing Art Scene – Art & Culture Trip to Dubai 
Dubai Design District – Home of Art / Design Galleries

As you have there are many different unique locations in Dubai with lots of attractions and therefore you must be confused about where to stay in Dubai? So read this perfect guide on which area to stay in Dubai. Nowadays Dubai is getting a colorful twist which showcases many local and renowned talent from all over the world.  There are many more places where you will find huge and interesting mural art on the walls. I always try to explore the colorful and offbeat locations in this vibrant city. If you find something very colorful or quirky in Dubai, do let me know in comments. Experience Dubai Withlocals and enjoy the luxuries, adventures, culture, beaches, desert in this fastest growing city in the world.  If you are in Dubai then enjoy the vibrant food scene here as you can find diverse cuisines from all over the world. Or check out famous Indian restaurants in Dubai and if you love beaches then go for stunning beaches of Dubai. Even you can go for a one day trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai or witness the ancient sites of Iron age in Mleiha.

So, until then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. We loved our two visits to Dubai. But when I looked back, I found that we did not see any street art at all in Dubai. And we do look for it. So I was glad to see your post and see that this art form was well represented in Dubai. And I really can’t believe we missed some of these lovely pieces! Indeed such an eclectic collection.

    1. Actually Linda, Dubai has promoted street arts works recently and now you can find everywhere. May be you have visited Dubai many years before, so you have missed it. Visit again to see artistic vibes in Dubai.

  2. Looking at all that street art is like having a museum on the sidewalks. I LOVE the giraffe and the pipe made to look like a straw. I didn’t realize Dubai had such a vibrant street art scene.

  3. I love murals but definitely didn’t now Dubai had such an amazing street art scene! The giraffe ones are my favorite for sure. I love how they’re 3D and so interactive! The View from Submarine is a special one too. It’s so amazing how art can transform the vibes of an entire place and city!

  4. I never new Dubai had street art too. I always thought Dubai was more on technology that saves the environment, but that Street Art looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all his stuff!

  5. I’ve only had a lay over in Dubai. I tell you what, this is such a different post for Dubai! Really cool, I love street art so much. I never knew Dubai had this edgy cool urban side too it.

  6. Wow, I never realized Dubai had such an interesting street art scene. I will definitely keep my eyes open for it next time I visit

  7. I am in love with the giraffe street art! I’ve been to Dubai twice now and have yet to admire all of the beautiful street art. You’re definitely making me want to return now!

  8. Did Kobra do the horse mural? It is fantastic. He is my fave. Looks like his work. The giraffe pieces are insane! They look so freaking real. Wow! I’m a fan of the gals drinking a bottle of soda myself.

  9. I don’t think street art is one of the first things that come to mind while thinking about Dubai but the city seems to have some stellar murals. I LOVE the giraffes…they are so lifelike! Thanks for showing us this aspect of the city.

  10. I did not know Dubai had such an amazing street art scene and at so many avenues. Each one looks amazing and you have captured it well. I’ll certainly try and catch up on these whenever I am in Dubai next.

  11. What a lovely revelation of a lesser known side of Dubai. Street art always fascinates. but Dubai’s street art has a character all its own. Like everything else about the place, the street art too is larger than life. It is also nice to note that the authorities are encouraging and taking steps to give street art a boost.

  12. Thank you for including the Fahidi Neighborhood, I’m always disappointed when folks visit Dubai and only check out the glamorous side. This post just makes me want to jump on a plane and head back to Dubai. Love the photos!

  13. I absolutely LOVE street art and finding it everywhere I travel. My top three favorites on your list in Dubai are the Sea of Horses, the I love DXB sign and the D3 area. I would have to find those for sure. And Dubai is a bucket list city of mine!

  14. Street art is always a great way for cities to offer visitors (and locals) an excuse to get out and really notice their urban surroundings.

    I especially like the use of the drainage pipe as a drinking straw – perfect!

  15. This is a beautiful post Yukta. A different perspective of Dxb. . From the usual burj and malls. The giraffe is my favorite and I love your expressions there. Loved the girl. On the swing Too. Another favorite would be the kid with the straw.

  16. I had no clue that Dubai has such amazing street art. I had been there before but haven’t come across this. I would love to take pictures with the rich street art that you have shown here. All these are must-see places for me in Dubai.

  17. You cut your hair??? When did you cut your hair?? You look so different and so hip!!!! Love this new look… Mmmmuuahh…
    Ok. As someone who sets aside time to click photographs of and with street art wherever I go, this post is such a delight. I had absolutely no idea of Dubai’s rich street art!

  18. They are absolutely first class street arts, in my opinion. The giraffes are super cute, like they’re trying to get close to you. I would like to take pictures with the two dolls, too. But I think the ones at La Mer are the best of all.

  19. Wowzers! This is lovely. I never knew that Dubai has such beautiful murals. I never heard about it actually. I love the way you explore your own city and bring something interesting about it every time. I particularly loved the two dolls and the swinging girl murals.

  20. Good to know Dubai also has a thriving street art scene. I particularly like Sea of Horses which looked so majestic

  21. OMG!!! Such cool murals and they are all so colorful. Two Dolls is perhaps the best non abstract street art I have seen in quite some time. I didn’t even know Dubai had so many murals! It is all so pretty. Loved your post, showed me a completely fresh side of Dubai 🙂

  22. Street Art makes a place special. In your post in Dubai , these look awesome . if i have a chance i would love to check it out for myself. Penang my hometown also have awesome street art which I absolutely love – kudos to the artists for making it so vivid.

    1. Great Adele and I too have heard about Penang and one day I would love to see them. You too plan for Dubai very soon.

  23. Wow! I just feel so sad for missing these beautiful street art. We have been to Dubai a couple of months ago but wasn’t able to see this. Love the 2 dolls. Brings back great childhood memories.

    Will definitely make sure to check all of these during our next visit.

  24. This is a great post, as it shows a unique side of Dubai. I must admit, when people say Dubai my mind doesn’t automatically go to “street art”, but rather malls and other buildings. I really like the giraffe image, I would love to get to see that in real life.

    1. I too agree that Dubai has got the image of tall buildings and malls, but there are many interesting things to do here for all tastes

  25. I love street art and always look for it whenever I visit a city – I had no idea that Dubai had such great public art. I guess I’m going to have to book a trip there. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  26. Wow! Dubai has changed so much since I last visited 12 years ago. There was no street art and definitely no fake giraffe, which I thought was real for a hot second lol. I need to re-visit.

  27. To be honest, I never thought there are so many street arts in Dubai, this is definitely mind-opening for me. Thanks for introducing this side of Dubai to me!

  28. I love the giraffe and the dolls! Did not know Dubai had such a vibrant street art scene, thanks for writing this and sharing where exactly we can find them! And love your tights (slacks?) btw!

  29. I didn’t think Dubai would be big on street art but they have some amazing ones! The sea of horses on the staircase is my favourite, they look so majestic!

  30. This is amazing. Dubai what a great idea! I love the giraffes and they do look so real. I cannot even pinpoint a favourite – they are all so good and clever. Thanks for sharing!

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