Diverse Food Choices in DUBAI – Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai

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Dubai – Dubai has a  multi-cultural society because of its heavy expat population and tourists visiting every year.  Being diverse, Dubai offers lots of food choices from all over the world.  Dubai is not only place for malls or theme parks but it is a great destination for foodies/food lovers with uncountable varieties from each and every part of the world.  In this article, let’s check diverse Food Choices in DUBAI – Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai

Presenting you Diverse Food Choices in DUBAI – Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai

Arabic Cuisine at OPERATION FALAFEL-

True Place for Arabic Street food with authentic flavors in a warehouse decor restaurant.  Very cost effective.

Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai
Falafel platter
Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai

COST FOR TWO – 75 – 100 AED approx

Recommended Dish – Falafel, Manakeesh

Settings – Warehouse styled regular lively and crowded restaurant.

Lebanese Cuisine at ZAATAR W ZEIT – 

Lebanese street food with authentic flavors providing many kind of wraps, Lebanese styled pizza and Halloumi cheese.  Lebanese cuisine consists of whole grain, fruits, fresh herbs, vegetables, fresh fish , seafood and a special spice called Zaatar. Located at JBR and other main locations.

Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai
Lebanese pizza with Zaatar

COST FOR TWO – 120 AED approx

Recommended Dish – Vegetarian Pizza and Baked Falafel Wrap

Settings – Comfortable and Casual styled Dining place

Chinese Cuisine at YUAN – 

Yuan is the favorite Chinese restaurant of Dubai.  Yuan is a luxury dining place with stylish interiors and dim lighting.  Known for authentic Chinese cuisine and innovative cocktails. Extremely helpful and friendly staff.  Yuan is located in Atlantis- Palm Jumeirah.  Yuan is one of the Dubai’s hottest and exclusive nightspot.

Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai

COST FOR TWO – 250 to 300 AED approx (without cocktails)

Recommended Dish – Mapu Tofu and Braised Egg Plant with black sauce.

Setting – Romantic & Luxury

Tip – Reservation is Compulsory. Formal dressing.

Thai Cuisine at BUSABA EATHAI – 

Located near the sea at JBR and have a modern dark interior and square communal tables.  It is a modern Thai eatery.  Perfect essence of Bangkok style food in Dubai.

Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai
Pad Thai Noodles at Busabaethai

COST FOR TWO – 250 AED approx

Recommended Dish – Crunchy Pad Thai Veg. Noodles and Pumpkin Green Curry

Settings – Modern style like Youngsters seating.  Good for Parties.

Indian Cuisine at PEPPERMILL

Located at Dubai Festival City named after spice called “Pepper” which is known crown of spices.   Peppermill’s cuisine reflects evolution of  food journey in contemporary Indian Cuisine.  The food of Peppermill consists of regional classic dishes which were actually cooked in royal kitchens of ancient Maharajas & Emperors of India.

Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai
Chaat Platter at Peppermill

COST FOR TWO – 175 to 200 AED approx

Recommended Dish – Chaat Platter, Paneer Butter masala and Soya Chaap Curry.

Contemporary European Cuisine at APRES – 

Located in Mall of Emirates with a views of Ski Dubai.  This place takes you to a surreal journey from heat of Dubai to the snow of Europe with live football matches on big screen.  Specialty of this place is pizza is roasted on natural wood.

Beetroot Burger at Apres


COST FOR TWO – 200 to 250 AED approx

Recommended Dish – Authentic wooden fired Italian Vegetarian Pizza and Swiss cheese Fondue.  

Settings – Sophisticated Sports bar, lounge and restaurant.

American Cuisine at Sugar factory – 

Located at City Walk.  It is mainly known for ice-creams, sundaes and confectioneries.  This is a celebrity favorite American Brasserie. 

Food & Gourmet Tour in Dubai
Classic Sundae at Sugar factory

COST FOR TWO – 300 AED approx

Recommended Dish – Classic Sundae

Setting – Casual Dining, American styled interiors. Perfect for birthday and hosting parties.

Discover the chocolate world at FUZZIWIG’S CANDY FACTORY – 

It is located at The Walk, JBR, and Riverland.  Over 700 varieties of Candy which includes chocolate, Fudge and vintage sweets.

COST FOR TWO – 80AED approx

Recommended Dish – Salted Caramel Fudge.

Settings – Amusement Park style sweet store.

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  1. Love these amazing foodie options in dubai. would love to check out the chocolate caramel fudge in candy factory. Nice to see so many different types of cuisine specialty restaurants are available

  2. Wow! I never knew Dubai has so many diverse food options with tantalizing flavours. The food looks so mouth-watering. Falafel platter and American desserts is something I would love to try. I feel hungry after reading this post! 🙂

  3. Dubai is indeed a wonderful destination to try international food. Since so many expats live here, the dining scene is really exciting in Dubai. Manakeesh is one of my favourite. I ate more of falafel and Indian food though when I was in Dubai.

  4. This is such a great post for people like me who spend more time on searching for places to see than eat. You seemed to have covered all my favourite cuisines. I am a big fan of Arabic cuisine and absolutely love falafel. I knew Lebanese cuisine consists of whole grain, fruits, fresh herbs, vegetables, fresh fish , seafood but didn’t know about the special spice, Zaatar. Now i can brag in front of my friends about my food knowledge.

  5. Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see so much ethnic cuisine on your list, but that’s awesome! I love trying local dishes when I travel and would probably stick with the local foods like falafel, but if I stayed for more than just a few days I’d love to try the other options as well! Really hope to make it to Dubai one day 🙂

  6. I never knew that Dubai was such an intricate patchwork of different cuisines. I love the sound of the Manakeesh but I do like Lebanese food. It is always so fresh and vibrant x

  7. I’m not vegetarian, but I have a vegetarian family. This is a good share of those who come and have difficulty choosing the food.

  8. I always hear about Dubai, but never the food! Thanks for making this post, it’s super useful for those traveling to Dubai. I hope to visit one day and can’t wait to indulge in all of these places, that ice cream sundae looks insane! We have Sugar Factory in Washington DC but I don’t think they offer that.

  9. Wow Dubai looks like the place to eat! I’m a big foodie so would love to go here, I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai but now more than ever!!

  10. The food looks delicious <3 I have always wanted to visit Dubai just for the food. I know Dubai might not be the best place for unique food lovers as they Carry the same international chains there. I have always wanted to eat at some of the famous restaurants here in Los Angeles but unfortunately couldn't as they are not Halal. But in Dubai the good thing is the meat would be Halal all over the Dubai and I can just go eat whatever I want unlike here.

  11. Having grown up in the Middle East, I drool over Middle Eastern food. The cuisine is nothing short of marvelous! Nice to see the variety you have tried over the days/during your stint. Cheers!!

  12. Dubai is somewhere I would really love to go! I had no idea that the food would really be something to go for though, with so much to try. I love that there are so many options and different things. Not what I expected at all!

  13. I’m not a traveler. But when I see other travelers visiting different parts of world and sharing different traditions and recipes. I feel like this is one good thing to be interested in. All these Arabic cuisines looks so amazing although some of them looks like Indian foods but they sure would be little different.

  14. Wow! Wow! Wow! You’ve given me so many new options to try out in Dubai. I love Arabic cuisine and one of my favourite place to enjoy it is Al Hallab…we go there every other week!

  15. I was just speaking with a friends last night who went to Dubai this year. They said how it felt a little like Vegas, only more opulent. The foodie tour Dubai seems like a great way to visit the world without leaving the country.

  16. Well given how super developed and cosmopolitan Dubai is with so many expats living there, it makes sense that they would have such a broad variety and diversity of cuisines. I just love the choices you decided to include here and the photos also illustrated your points very well. Everything looks so delicious and I can’t wait for your next post! Another compelling argument why people must visit Dubai.

  17. Looks like you definitely had a good time eating your way through Dubai! Of course the American place was heavy on the sugar lol–but that sundae does look delicious! It doesn’t surprise me that Dubai is home to a bit of everything.

  18. I didn’t realize Dubai had so many food options. It seems this city caters for everyone. The Beetroot Burger sounds very interesting, I love burgers and beetroot but have never had them together. The Thai restaurant interests me too as well as the dessert restaurants!

    1. Dubai food is Arabic cuisine only because Dubai is an integral part of Arab. Option no 1st is typical food from ancient streets of Dubai. Falafel, manakeesh, shawarama and all are Duabi food only. Read again.

  19. I have a very fond memory of Dubai and its food! I got a flight upgrade and got to enjoy the first class lounge in Dubai airport and it was the middle of the night according to Indian timings and I was crazy hungry and hogged like hell!!! Lolz…
    Operation Falafel looks interesting. Hope I’ll get to enjoy the food there…

  20. What a yummy post! I didn’t know that there’s such a diversity of choices for food in Dubai. I think I’m more into Chinese and Thai food, but all looks delicious 😋

  21. That is such a variety of cuisines! I’m sure that expats and folks who have been traveling long-term would love a little taste of home. I think I’d stick more towards more regional foods myself. They all look so good though!

  22. Wow Dubai really has everything for every taste and cuisine! I like the look of all of them, but will choose Lebanese and that sickly American dessert! Thanks for also including the prices, very useful to know.

  23. Hi Yukti – Woah, a lot of dishes! You can find a wide variety of plates from different places in here, fascinating. I am traveling to the Emirates Arabs this upcoming Friday and this post makes me less nervous about the food I am going to encounter during my trip. (I am a very picky eater :/ ) But with so many dishes to choose from and different flavors to try, It sure makes an interesting culinary adventure to remember. Thank you for sharing! I’ll bookmark your post for my trip. 🙂 All best, Mariella

  24. I don’t normally associate Dubai as a destination for foodies. But you have shown me otherwise with these great foodie options. I have a penchant for exotic flavors. so I would love to try Indian cuisine. I haven’t tried Lebanese cuisine so I would love to give that a try!

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