Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal

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Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, BhopalA quirky themed with unique food options is now attracting foodies and has become the major hotspot in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (India).  RAW the Restrobar is the idea of Chef AJ to innovate and experiment Indian and continental food with unique combinations and presentations.  Chef AJ has previous experience with luxury hotels like Taj Hotels, JW Marriot and Courtyard Marriott – Bhopal and he has now come up with his own restaurant which offers signature dishes by him. Let’s go for Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ in the biggest mall of Madhya Pradesh (India) at Bhopal.

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, BhopalLet’s take an overview of RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal

RAW Restrobar has a quirky menu with rustic flavors of many places from India, the Far East, and Italian. The unique fusion of Indian and foreign foods make it a perfect choice to dine in Bhopal. A perfect combination of home flavors with a blend of western flavors and on top of it, they are served in a very interesting concept to your tables. Now I am taking you to a virtual tour of RAW the Restrobar by Chef AJ with many flavors all around the world at one table.

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal
Interiors of RAW the Restrobar

AMBIANCE / DÉCOR OF RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal

As the name of this restaurant is RAW and so is the interiors. Wooden walls with unique ceiling lamps hung by ropes, bold colored couches make this place an Instragrammable spot.  Raw wooden furniture, brick walls with chandeliers made up of vehicle registration plates makes this place a quirky and unique in Bhopal. There are many types of seating arrangements like high dining – bar styled, couches, Lounge styled sofas and regular wooden dining tables. All seating arrangements have peculiarities and innovative decorations. You can choose your dining style according to your mood and group style.

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal
High Chairs with back drop of wooden and brick walls
Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal
Sofa styled seating with colorful cushions and paintings for sale

One of the walls is adorned with quirky kitchen items like wooden spatulas, aprons, tongs, frying pans, and other necessities. 

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal

This Restrobar also has a big open bar with bartender making your drinks time extra special. Lots of options and innovations can also be seen in Mojitos, alcoholic drinks, and Fruit juices too.

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal

You can also select your seating near the big window which has a view of busiest crossroads of Bhopal. Even you can select a cozy lighted area with soft lights or bright area with ample sunlight and many lights. This restaurant has a special lighting ing arrangement all over the restaurant.

And there is the funky type of music beats playing in the background all the time when you enter which keeps the environment very energetic and vibrant.

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal
Chandeliers made up of Vehicle Registration Plates

So let’s get soak into the quirky vibes of this place which has wooden interiors with many seating styles, colorful couches, and lovely innovative food at RAW the Restrobar by Chef AJ.


I chose my chair styled seating near the glass through which I can see the activities outside and tapped my feet the vibrant music playing in the background.  Also, I took many time-lapse pictures from this location of the busy streets of India with many vehicles moving around the crossroads.

We were welcomed by one of the staff members and by Chef AJ  who took our order very patiently explaining all the details of the menu.

  1. For STARTERS – I ordered Innovative style of Mexican Tacos filled with Indian Chick-peas – This is a very big starter with the Indian style of chapati/roti filled with Tacos style of filling. Instead of kidney-beans, this one has been innovated by filling chick-peas(chana in Indian language) with Mexican condiments and toppings. Though they are served in 2 pieces they are very big and are great fillers.  Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal
  2. Veg Burmese Khow Suey – It is a Burmese dish made up of gram flour, coconut milk and many condiments which is served with hot rice. 20181217 143436 1 20181217 143421 1 Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal
  3. Penne Arabiatta – A perfect red tomato sauce and spicy Pasta with authentic Italian herbs. It is served with Garlic bread. Portion size is also great. Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal

For DRINKS, I ordered Mint Lemonade without soda and Fruit punch with Vanilla Ice-cream. You can customize your drinks too and the bartender is there to always help you in making your favorite drinks. Also, there is a wide variety of drinks and Mojitos in their Bar Menu. 

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, BhopalYou will get a lemon dipped hot water to wash your hands after finishing your meals and also you can have Indian Mouth freshener which has good digestive properties. 


Ambiance – 5 out of 5

Food – 4 out of 5  (many varieties of food)

Service – 4 out of 5

Cleanliness – 5 out of 5

Presentation – 4.8 out 5


  • Various food with many innovations. You can have North Indian, Far East and Italian style of food.
  • All food and menu are made under the supervision of Chef AJ himself who also owns this restaurant.
  • Organic and fresh ingredients
  • Welcoming and Courteous staff
  • Many styles of seating arrangement
  • Quirky decor
  • Fully Operational Bar
  • Kids Friendly
  • Opens from Noon to Midnight
  • Located on the 3rd floor of very famous Mall of Central India.
  • Many Vegetarian and Vegan varieties.
  • Vibrant and Energetic Music is playing all the time.
  • There are many themed nights arranged by them. Check it on their Facebook page.
  • As it is located in Mall, there is no problem of Parking.  

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, BhopalTIPS –

  • It is a popular and quirky hangout of Bhopal, so book your table in advance.
  • If you are celebrating your special occasions like Birthdays or Anniversaries then let them know in advance so they can prepare a special seating for you.
  • Take the window seating as you can have the best views.
  • Try something new which you had never before.
  • Take lots of pictures with rustic interiors of wood and bricks. This restaurant is Instragrammable.
Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal
Interiors of RAW the Restrobar

PRICE – INR 600 – 750 approximately for 2 people

GOOGLE MAP LOCATION – Click here to reach this location. 

PHONE NO:– +91 755 6644876

ADDRESS – DB city mall, Third Floor, Arera Hills, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Bhopal

RECOMMENDED FOR –  Romantic Dinners, Energetic Parties, Date Night, Family Dinners, Youngster Eat-out, Kitty Parties, and also check out their special Weekend or Festive nights  

Enjoy your special Date night or family time at authentic & rustic RAW the Restrobar which is located in the most famous Mall of Bhopal, India. The taste of the food which prepared uniquely by Chef AJ’s supervision, quirky ambiance, hospitable staff will win your heart and satisfy your appetite. If you are visiting Bhopal in central India or living in Bhopal then bookmark this restaurant for perfect meals. 

Quirky Dining at RAW The Restrobar by Chef AJ, Bhopal

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  1. I loved the ambiance of Raw the Restobar. Bhopal indeed has some really cool places. I am already drooling over the pasta in arrabbiata sauce and the mexican tacos with Indian chickpeas inside it. I have to visit these places when in Bhopal.

  2. I was in Bhopal two weeks back for Adventure Next’s first ever event in Asia and I really loved visiting the city and its different cafes. Wish I had read your post before then i would have definitely tried to visit the RAW Restrobar. I am a digger for quirky menu and rustic flavors. The potpourri of the Far East, and Italian seems like a match made in heaven. Maybe next time!

  3. Back in the UK I would never look for a vegetarian or vegan place as our food is too bad not to have some meat! However, when I was in India these were the kinda dishes that I ate all the time! Restobar looks amazing! I have bookmarked for when I return to India. The service seems really good and the place looks so chill and vibrant!

  4. I have been to Bhopal a couple of times, I wish I knew about this quirky restrobar. The rustiness of the restrobar makes it quite unique. I liked the idea of different seating area where people can choose according to their preference. The food looks delicious, especially Veg Burmese Khow Suey. Next time I am n Bhopal, I am definitely going to pay a visit.

  5. I like the interior and the tacos. That’s such a cool idea to mix two culinary worlds! Although I never eat in the shopping malls, I would visit RAW and chef AJ for its food concept

  6. I love fusion restaurants! The chickpea filled tacos look yummy. And the decor of the restaurant looks so funky and cool.

  7. Being from Madhya Pradesh and having lived my college life there, I am elated to see this blog post. In those days, life was concentrated at New market and MP nagar was catching up. I cannt forget Manohar dairy and Indian coffee house there.RAW looks cosmopolitan with its fusion dishes. Thanks Yukti for thi post on Bhopal.


    1. Even I can understand you as lived in Bhopal for few years and always used to hang out at Manohar dairy and Indian coffee house, but now the food scene here is changing.

  8. Love the fun decor and choice of seating arrangements, and the food you ordered all looks super tasty. I’d want to try the Veg Burmese Khow Suey as that is something I’ve never had before.

  9. Looks like an interesting place to eat out.I love to eat this kind of fusion food rather than food from just one locale. I would always go for the window seat too – I like to watch the world go by!

  10. Love it! I absolutely adore the design of this restaurant, so colourful and creative. Good interior design is really important to me at an eatery, I love that comfortable, cozy feeling you get when you´re somewhere so warm and welcoming. And those vegetarian tacos look absolutely MOUTHWATERING. Would love to eat hear.

  11. I love creative restaurants like this! What an eclectic food selection though – I would usually expect Italian Penne to be on the same menu as mexican tacos and Burmese dishes! The decor is fun – love the spatulas hanging on the wall!

  12. I love quirky themed restaurants and Restro bar looks totally my type.I really loved the decor and the food sounds so amazing. I love Mexican Tacos and I instantly fell in love with them when i had them in Mexico for the fist time. have tried them in all different flavors(Indian too). I would really love to go here to try those mouth watering tacos.Thanks for recommending this place.

  13. Right off, I’m drawn to RAW the Restrobar. All of that color in the interior! I love how it pops against the wooden walls (and how your drink does too)! I thoroughly love visiting unique and quirky places to eat when I travel so this would definitely happen for me! LOL at the sign in the pic that says what do people do with all the extra time they save by writing K instead of OK! I would be all about those tacos and mint lemonade and the fruit punch with vanilla ice cream! And how cool that you get lemon dipped hot water to wash your hands afterwards? That should be in every restaurant. This is one of the coolest restaurant experiences I’ve read about in a long time!

    1. Yes, in India mostly all restaurants give lemon dipped in hot water to wash your hands. I too loved the quirky interiors of this place.

  14. What a fun and modern place to have a bite to eat. I love Indian food but when travelling you do sometimes crave something different than just the local food and quite often it can be hard to find somewhere that does it properly, so this place sounds perfect!

  15. This looks like a fun vibrant place to eat and I love all the vegetation and vegan options . The drink options look endless, I love that the bartender is there to help you decide.

  16. I love places with such quirky interiors, it gives a great vibe. The menu sounds delightful, the tacos with chickpeas looks yummy. Certainly a great place to hang out in Bhopal city. Thanks fpr the share.

  17. Wow now Bhopal has these amazing food joints like this makes me think that I have no reason not to visit Bhopal. And what raw interiors . The name is quirky too. I am sure the food you tasted is as delicious as it looks

  18. Wow what amazing interiors! Your choice of seating is perfect. I love the variety of food available here – from Mexican Tacos to Italian pasta. The tacos look so unique, I have neever seen something like that before. Great review

  19. I love quirky-themed restaurants with unique food options. I visited MP before but had no idea I could find a restaurant like this over there. The interior looks really appealing and so does the food. I would love to visit it when I come to India again. Thanks for the recommendation.

  20. I really liked the raw interior in the RAW restaurant. Wood really fits and the kitchen stuff on the walls are gorgeous. I would love to order the same started as you! I think I would not need much more then that 😀 Nice place to recommend!

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