Visit to Strasbourg from Paris – Best Things To Do In Strasbourg (Itinerary)

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Strasbourg is 2 hours away from Paris by rail.  Read this to learn more about a Visit to Strasbourg from Paris and the best things to do in Strasbourg France.

Best Things To Do In Strasbourg - Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Cycle Around

Strasbourg is the capital city of the Grand Est. (Alsace) region located at the northeastern tip of France, bordering Germany and Switzerland.  It is an official seat of the European Parliament. 

As Strasbourg lies on the border of France & Germany, its culture and architecture reflect French & German styles.  Also, Strasbourg is known as the French Home of the European Parliament.  

Best Things To Do In Strasbourg - Strasbourg itinerary - Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Visit to Strasbourg from Paris

Book your stay in Strasbourg- Things To Do In Strasbourg


Best Things To Do In Strasbourg

Let’s read about some cool and best things to do in Strasbourg France and plan your Strasbourg Itinerary.


  • SUMMER – May to August. July is – Hottest month, and May – the Wettest month.
  • SPRING – March to April – Cooler evenings and early mornings. It can also be rainy many times.
  • AUTUMN – September to October – Not too crowded. Harvest Festival Celebrations. The weather is pleasant and beautiful.
  • WINTER – November to December – Freezing and also lesser crowds. You have one of the world’s famous Christmas carnivals and street markets in December.

How to reach? – Visit to Strasbourg from Paris

  • Strasbourg is France’s most charming fairy-tale city, surrounded by the famous Black Forest.  This city comprises medieval-styled half-timber houses covered with fresh flowers, cobbled stoned street squares, and elegant mansions. 
  • In summers, cafe tables take over all open spaces making it a lively place to visit. 
  • Snowy Strasbourg looks like a wonderland with the best Christmas markets in Europe in winter.
  • There is a 3 to 3.5 hours train drive from Paris to Strasbourg. Let’s explore not to be missed places while Visit to Strasbourg from Paris.


  • Zurich – 2 hours 20 minutes by train
  • Frankfurt  – 2 hours by train.
  • There are also many domestic European airports near Strasbourg. 



This magnificent 15th-century Roman Catholic church is made of rose-colored sandstone and is one of France’s most iconic places to visit.  The highlight of this church is a medieval astronomical clock with a daily performance at 12:30 PM. 

It hosts one of the most beautiful winter markets in the square.  

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg


It is the core of Strasbourg, surrounded by Gothic architecture, and floral displays full of lively cosmopolitan vibes.  

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Centre Ville de Strasbourg


The central and largest square of Strasbourg is the heart of the city.  It is also Strasbourg’s historic center known as Grand Ille(Grand Island), and so this area was classified as a world heritage site in 1988 by UNESCO. 

There lies the statue of Kleber in the center. 

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Place Kleber


 La Petite is one of the stunning parts of Strasbourg.  Located on Grand Ill between III river and the center of the city.  This area is famous for numerous canals and historic buildings also known as Small France, by French people. 

This area is filled with rustic half-timber houses decorated with flowers and sandstone buildings.  This is also a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988. 

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
La Petite France


In this museum, tourists can glimpse folk art, traditions, and charming replicas of ancient houses depicting the rural life of Alsace.  

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Musee Alsacien


As Strasbourg is an official seat of the European Parliament, this huge glass building has lots of significance not only to France but to the whole of Europe.  It is closed on weekends and public holidays for visitors.


 Also known as Versailles in miniature, this is an 18th-century residence with treasures.  This Palace possesses Hannong ceramics and gleaming silverware depicting the lavish French lifestyle of the 18th century.  

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Palais Rohan


This river canal of Alsace is a western tributary of the Rhine.  Boating and kayaking are preferred to experience the city’s most stunning views.

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Boat Tour in III river


Strasbourg has more than 20 bridges with cute and picturesque parts of the city.  The Barrage Vauban built in 17th century is the most famous bridge.  

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Discover the bridges


Most lively neighborhoods of Strasbourg with old-world charm, trendy restaurants, and art shops.  There is a friendly village atmosphere in this quarter. It is a pleasant area for walking or stroll around.  

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Quarter Krutenau


  • It is the second largest train station in France, which lies 1 km north of the III river in the center of the city. 
  • Very convenient to go to Germany and Switzerland from this place.  There are nearly 14 trains in a day between Paris & Strasbourg, which takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  • If traveling to Switzerland and Germany, it is very convenient.  Basel & Luzern are about 1 hour & 2 hours away from here. 
  • Freiburg and Triberg which is Germany’s highest waterfalls are on the edge of famous BLACK FOREST is just an hour away from Strasbourg. Strasbourg is surrounded by the Black Forest and is recommended highly for stunning scenic beauty. 
  • Many trains are passing from Strasbourg, which can take you to these Black Forest countryside stations.
  • Strasbourg can also be reached by Munich through rail taking 4 hours and 20 minutes.  
Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Strasbourg Railway Station

EGLISE DE SAINT THOMAS – Visit to Strasbourg from France

This is located on the ancient church site of the 6th century. This old church was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt in the 12th century.  This church has a 400-year-old clock, and its bell is heard all over the city.

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Eglise de Saint Thomas Church

List of Annual International Festival and events held in Strasbourg, France

  • Christmas Market (Nov. 28th to December 31st)
  • European Fantastic Film Festival (September)
  • Strasbourg Festival of Music (June).  The annual 2-week festival focuses on classical composers.
  • Festival of Musica of Today’s Music (Sept-Oct) Three-week festival with musicians from all over the world performing modern music and new styles of music.
  • Street Arts Festival (mid-August)  Street performers perform in the city center, making the whole of Strasbourg more lively.


Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
Cycle Around

Feel the poetic city of tiny rivers and narrow alleys adding rustic charm to the town.

Visit to Strasbourg from Paris
The decor of houses in Strasbourg

WHERE TO STAY IN STRASBOURG – Paris to Strasbourg day trip

Near III river (river view hotel), near Grand ILLE with historic city view or LA PETITE area in a rustic boutique hotel.  View of Strasbourg city and river from my hotel room. I stayed in Novotel Strasbourg Centre Halles near the river with a picturesque view.

Strasbourg is a relatively safe city in Europe.  So let’s do a Visit to Strasbourg from Paris.

strasbourg: Get Your Guide

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING…………………………………………………… 

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Strasbourg tour from Paris

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  15. I’ve been wanting to visit Strasbourg for a long time, but I didn’t realize there are so many cute neighborhoods — such as Quarter Krutenau and La Petite France. I also didn’t realize that it’s only two hours from Paris by train — so convenient for a Gothic getaway! I hope to get there soon, and I think it would be fun to bike around or kayak the river, as you suggested! Thanks for the tips and travel inspiration! 🙂

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    So charming! I might actually throw out the day trip and stay a couple of days 🙂

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