Visit to Dubai International Cricket Stadium – IndiaPak ODI Match

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Visit to Dubai International Cricket Stadium - IndiaPak ODI Match

Cricket – a game, but Religion to many Sports Lovers, and also it holds special respect in the World of Games/Sports.  Cricket is popularly known as “Gentlemen’s Game”. Cricket enjoys a Jam packed stadium full of cheering spectators/audiences from all parts of the world.  Played in 3 formats – 5 Day Matches, One Day, and T20; this game is not popular only for the game but for its beautiful oval or rounded huge stadiums and lush green grass fields with an open sky. In this post, read about a Visit to Dubai International Cricket Stadium for the India-Pak match in Asia Cup


Visit Dubai International Cricket Stadium - IndiaPak ODI Match
India Pak ODI Cricket Match

These beautiful stadiums all over the world which are having much historic importance in Cricket’s history are worth visiting, though if there is no match being played there.  Cricket can also be watched from your homes on Television screens, but the joy of traveling to a place and watching the live Match at beautiful stadiums with cheerful crowds is unmatched.  You would feel the thrill and excitement of the game with the live audience. 

Recently I visited Dubai International Cricket Stadium to witness the iconic India-Pakistan Asia Cup ODI Cricket Match.  This is my first visit to International Matches, though I have seen stadiums earlier but without any games. Many of you must be knowing that in cricket’s history, The India-Pakistan matches are the most exciting and interesting ones in Cricket History.  It is always a thrill to watch for the cutthroat competition between two teams.  Not only do Indians or Pakistanis watch these matches, all crickets players of whatsoever nationality is watching India-Pak International Cricket Match.  People specially flew from far-off destinations to witness these live cricket matches.  India-Pak Game tickets are always sold much before in advance. 

Visit Dubai International Cricket Stadium - IndiaPak ODI Match
Cheering for Indian team Orange Stand

About Visit to Dubai International Cricket Stadium –

It was formerly known as Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium which is a multi-purpose stadium. It has the capacity to hold 25,000 people with unique floodlights arrangements. 

Check the video of India Scotland ICC T20 match in Dubai International Cricket Stadium

The rim of the stadium’s roof has around 365 floodlights arranged in series which stands bold and bright in the Dubai skyline.  This special arrangement of floodlights on the roof of the stadium looks like “RING OF FIRE”.  Being UAE a hot country, mostly all the matches start from late afternoon and stretch till late at night. 

Visit Dubai International Cricket Stadium - IndiaPak ODI Match
Night view of the cricket match

The stadium is bowl-shaped with lush green grass, very well maintained even in hot weather.  Every seat is arranged specially, so that person seating there gets an excellent and unblocked view of the ground. 

Also, the players changing rooms are the most luxurious ones compared to other cricket grounds in the world. 

Dubai International Cricket Stadium lits up the evening sky with its “Ring of Fire”

LOCATION – Located on Emirates Road End in Dubai Sports City End

There are mainly two levels of seating – Ground level and top level.

I chose Ground level seating as it is very close to the fielders, players, cameras and excited people.  You can go for a top-level seating to take the full view of the stadium but players and game would look tiny.  I did not carry big cameras and taken all shots from my mobile. 


  • There is a big unpaved area for parking. I paid around AED 20 for full match parking.  It takes around 10 to 15 minutes after parking the car to reach the entry of the stadium by walking on foot. 
  • Parking is huge and not numbered as they are expecting 25,000 people, so it is better to take a picture of the car or location, so it is not difficult to figure out your car in the late
  • You can also catch or Book Dubai Public Taxis, Uber and Careem to reach the venue.
  • Bag-packs, huge purses, eatables, and Outside drinks are not allowed inside the stadium as everything is available inside.
  • If you have a small lady’s purse then you have to open it and get it checked through Security gates.
  • Bring the printout of tickets with you.
  • They were not checking the Photo-Id proof, so I don’t think so it is mandatory to carry photo Id proof. But check before going.
  • You can carry flags, mascots, Charts, posters, and Masks from home with you. 

    Visit Dubai International Cricket Stadium - IndiaPak ODI Match
    Cheering for India

  • Outside the stadium, there are many vendors who sell flags of the playing teams, quick face paint.
  • Food and eatables are available inside but in Cash. Bring enough change to purchase water bottles, food items, ice-creams, or Icy Sodas.
  • This was an India-Pak match so all local food of respective countries was available like Samosas, Vada Pav, Chaats, and Biryani. But you can also opt for International food brands like Pizzas from Pizza Hut, KFC stuff, and Baskin Robins Ice-creams.
  • The match starts in the late afternoon and for around 2 to 3 hours it is a lot of heat. Carry good sunscreen suitable according to UAE weather, a scarf to cover yourself, sunglasses, and Hats.
  • There are designated areas for both countries. Look out for that, for example, India was designated Orange stand and Pakistan as Green stand. Your ticket must be showing that and this thing you can choose while booking online tickets or purchasing tickets in hand.
  • Carry a fully charged mobile, as there are no charging points near your seat. Or you can carry battery power Banks to charge your mobiles.
  • Be prepared for lots of noise, excitement, dance, and thrill.
  • Food vendors come to your seat and deliver all your eatables and drinks. No need to leave your seats.
  • There is a VIP seating area with a VIP parking facility.
  • Respect the sentiments of the Opponent Team’s fans or audiences.
  • When leaving the venue, be prepared to face the crowd. Don’t panic while taking out of the car, as you may be stuck in jam for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • A very Safe venue without any nuisance of the crowd. No pickpocketing or unusual behavior inside or outside the stadium.
  • If you are a tourist then plan your next morning easygoing as you would be very much tired after an exciting Late night Match. 
  • All tickets of different matches are priced differently. For finals the price of the ticket is different. Check the rates of tickets on the official online booking website.  

There are many beautiful and Historic Cricket stadiums which are worth visiting though you don’t go for live matches-

  • The Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Lord’s London
  • Wankhede Mumbai
  • Sydney Cricket Ground
  • Eden Gardens Kolkata
  • The Oval Ground, London
  • HPCL Stadium in Dharamshala – India
  • Queenstown Center, New Zealand

Dubai International Cricket Stadium is very new and has been recently launched in 2010.  The unique feature of this stadium is the “Ring of Fire” Light system which minimizes the shadows of objects. Other ancient-styled Cricket stadiums have only huge Towers to support floodlights because earlier Cricket used to be only a Day affair, but now it has been transformed to Day-night matches so that people can work in the mornings and witness matches in late evenings.

Visit Dubai International Cricket Stadium - IndiaPak ODI Match
Night view of the cricket match

If you are in Dubai then, go-go for this Stunning Beaches tour to La Mer or JBR Beach. Also, you can go to Al Fahidi Historic area for souq style of shopping with local handicrafts.  Dubai has diverse food options from all around the world.  Check for it.  There are many nearby destinations that are good enough for a day trip to Hatta, Liwa Desert, Al-ain, Mleiha deserts, Fujairah, and many more.

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Being from India, I know the craze especially when there is a India vs Pakistan cricket match! Unfortunately I have not been to a live match before. The Dubai International cricket stadium is pretty huge and it’s crazy that you had to take a picture of the car to know where it’s parked. Also love that they were serving samosa, biryani etc. I have visited HPCL Stadium in Dharamshala (not during a match) and seen Wankede stadium from outside. You are lucky to have visited during Ind vs Pak. Hope I can too someday!

  2. We didn’t manage to make it here when we visited Dubai but we’ve visited some great stadiums around the world, including Melbourne Cricket Ground, so it would have been amazing to see another incredible stadium like this.

  3. I am currently living in India and I have to admit that I really don’t get cricket. My boyfriend it obsessed and we have to watch just kids playing in the street, right the way up to going to an indian pakistani match. It looks like such a great experience, I bet it was hot watching it in Dubai though!

  4. Being an avid American sports fan, I didn’t have much exposure to the rest of the world’s sports. Now with television being more global I have become more of European football and Formula 1 racing fan. A lifelong baseball fan, I’ve never seen cricket actually played. Knowing how World Cup soccer is, I can only imagine how the fans are at these national matches. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. Im an American so I doubt I’d ever get to experience the inside of a Cricket stadium, as Cricket isnt really played in my country. However I enjoyed the tour of this famous stadium. Thanks again!

  6. Being a big fan of cricket myself nothing better then some quality time on a match and with India playing tops it. The stadium itself looks best to none and includes floodlight matches which I find quite interesting. Seems there is a big indian fan following and you certainly had a great time. Being a very new stadium it certainly has some of the best facilities it seems.

  7. We’ve visited a few European soccer games with the kids and I know they’d love to see a cricket game. I’ve wanted to visit Dubai for awhile now. Great post!

  8. It is always a dream for cricket fans like us to watch a Indo-Pak match in a packed stadium. I had seen a match at Eden Gardens in Kolkata and it was total craziness. I am sure you too had a wonderful time there!

  9. This was a nice read, I am not really a fan of cricket, which is strange since I can spend like 3 hours watching a baseball game, but of well to each their own, this was still a nice read, and glad you had fun 😀

  10. It was an awesome match and India was played really well. I watched and before match i bought the indian team tshirt first time from Souq and it was very cheap because i used Souq coupons to buy this. When i entered in the stadium all the people chearing up for Indian team but many people supporting Dhoni.

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